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Chapter 2


"Back your bag boys. All of you" Haymitch says looking at all wall over their shoulders.

"Why?" Peeta asks him. Hazelle takes Posy back, knowing her sons temper is rising. Gale crosses his arms over his chest and glares at the old man.

"Where are we going?" Rory asks curiously from behind Gale. Peeta glances over his shoulder to see Rory and Vick looking excitedly. His eye catches that of his younger two brothers Parker and Pax soon join them hearing the conversation. Parker has four year old Prim in his arms. Gale keeps his eyes on their so called uncle, waiting for an answer.

"Home" he simply says.

"What do you mean home? We are home" Gale ask gesturing around to the house. Haymitch sighs and shakes his head.

"No your real home. Where you were born"

"I don't understand" Peeta says. He looks at Gale who is turning red with anger.

"Why do we have to leave? We can't leave Ma. She can't handle all the chores on her own and we can't afford to hire hands"

"Were losing the ranch" Hazelle says quickly. Gale and Peeta spin back around.

"What?" Gale asks unsure if he heard right.

"Were going to lose the ranch" she repeats a little louder. Gale sucks in a breath.

"How? Why?" Peeta asks in shock. This has been his home for as long as he can remember. He loves it here. His siblings love it here.

"We've been struggling for a long time now. Even with Haymitch helping we can't do it anymore" her voice sounds so small. Gale looks at Haymitch who nods to confirm what she said.

"It's not worth keeping any longer" she then whispers. A few tears run down her cheek. Posy tries to wipe them away. Gale walks to them and wraps his arms around them. Peeta drops into a kitchen chair rubbing his eyes. Parker comes and pats him on the back. Prim reaches out and rubs his cheek. He smiles at her and takes her from his brother. He sits her on his knee and kisses her head, her matching blue eyes looking up at him. The others join them in the kitchen.

"How much do you remember of your childhood?" Haymitch asks the boys. Peeta shrugs.

"Hardly anything" he says. Gale scoffs.

"That's because you were being beaten the crap out of every other day" Gale mutters. Hazelle's head whips up to look up at him.

"Gale!" she snaps at him. He shrugs.

"No it's true" Haymitch defends him. Peeta looks wide eyed at him. He holds Prim closer to him as a protective reflex. She snuggles into his chest as he plays with one of her braids nervously.

"I remember" Gale says. Haymitch studies him for a moment.

"How about before your father died?" he asks.

"No not really. Who can remember their childhood?"

"Believe me some people can" he says taking a glance at his sister. Hazelle nods meeting his eyes.

"Gale, Peeta" Hazelle begins "Before your...before we lived here, we were in a small town called District 12"

"What kind of name is that?" Rory asks laughing. Gale throws him a look telling him it isn't the time for jokes. Rory smiles apologetically.

"It's a small mining own, not really important to people so it wasn't a big deal to have some fancy name" Haymitch tells him.

"It's where Haymitch, Emily and I were born and raised"

"Is that were you met Pa?" Vick asks finding his voice. Hazelle nods to her youngest son, smiling down at him.

"Yes. He was a couple years older than me and was a miner"

"You like the rugged type?" Parker asks his aunt. A few of the other kids chuckle too. Hazelle chuckles glancing at Gale. He gives her a smile.

"Yes I did. He was quite the looker and a ladies man. I was swooned with the rest of them. Somehow I caught his eye. Our daddy gave him a hard time when he wanted to date me. But he eventually won him over with his personality"

"You look just like him" Haymitch says softly. Gale looks up at his uncle. Hazelle nods her head.

"That's why it was so hard after he died. I was always reminded of him when I looked at you"

"I'm sorry Ma" Gale says wrapping his arms tight around her. Hazelle shakes her head at him.

"Don't be. I'm so happy you came out like him. Don't ever be sorry. He would be so proud of you"

"What about us?" Peeta asks after a moment.

"Your parents met in the town too"

"Your father was engaged to another woman before he met your mother" Hazelle tells him. Peeta's eyes widen.

"He was? Then why did he marry her?" Peeta can't help but sneer at the mention of his mother.

"I know what your thinking. If he was engaged then why would he marry a witch of a woman?" Haymitch asks him.

"Well yeah" Peeta shrugs.

"Alex was dating a girl we grew up with. Lavender I think. He was smitten with her for years before he got the courage to finally talk to her. She was a lovely little thing, all the boys liked her but she was more reserved" Hazelle looks to be remembering her younger days.

"Why did it end between them?" Rory asks looking between them.

"Easy she fell in love with another"

"A baker" Haymitch says chuckling.

"She ran away with a baker?" Pax asks.


"Jacob Everdeen. He was also something to look at, like Liam. He had all the girls coming to the bakery just so they could see him lift heavy bags of flour"

"Were you one of them?" Vick asks softly. Hazelle chuckles at her son for figuring it out.

"Yes I was but I had my eye on another"

"Why would she leave a future doctor for a baker?" Parker asks confused

"Simple. When he would sing, even the birds would stop and listen" Hazelle says dreamily.

"Once she heard him sing, that was it, Alex lost her. And as the respectable man that he is he let her go" Haymitch says with honor for their father.

"Poor daddy. He lost the girl of his dreams" Pax says sadly.

"Yeah. They still were friends and so were we. But then he had and ruin himself by meeting our sister"

"Ma" Gale laughs. She rolls her eyes at him.

"Hey we grew up with her. We can say whatever we want. The only reason you kids came out so good was because of Alex. If not you would have been just as bad"

"Wait so if we are originally from District 12 how did we end up here?" Peeta then asks confused. He knows why the Hawthorne's are there but not why they are.

"Hazelle was having a hard time adjusting being in the town where they met and when we found out Emily was beating you kids we decided to take you away. Give you a better life"

"So dad just let you take us away like that?" Parker asks angrily. Haymitch places a hand on his nephews shoulder looking him in the eye.

"He did it to protect you. There was no stopping your mother. She put Peeta in the hospital multiple times. Did she ever tell you, you have two older brother above Peeta?"

"What?" Peeta asks shocked

"Yeah. She ended up getting pregnant at seventeen. That's why she married your father. A year later they had another son. She thought Peeta was supposed to be a girl and was furious he wasn't. Then came Parker and Pax but since they look more like her she didn't hate them as bad"

"But she had five boys"

"It still didn't make her feel better. Your mother isn't right in the head. We've know it for years" Hazelle says harshly.

"That's why for the past sixteen years you have been here away from them. It is a promise I made to your father both of them. To keep you all safe"

"Then why are we going back?" Gale asks confused. Haymitch gestures to the table and they all sit down.

"There's no future for you here. I know growing up it was good but I don't want you to work like this for the rest of your lives" she tells him.

"But if we go back them we'll see her" Peeta states worriedly.

"No. She isn't allowed to come anywhere near you. Plus I don't think she would want to. She's still angry that you were taken away. Just keep an eye out for Prim. If she finds out about her she would be the only one Emily would want to try and get close to"

"Where are our older brother?" Pax asks quietly. He has always looked up to Peeta as the older brother. Haymitch takes a deep breath and rubs his stubbly chin.

"Bannock is twenty-eight and married while Rye...who knows" he says shaking his head at the end. Gale laughs to himself. Everyone looks at him.

"What?" Haymitch asks him.

"Nothing" he says still chuckling. Haymitch raises an eyebrow at him.

"No it's something. Spit it out" he tells him annoyed.

"It's just Uncle Alex's first three kids have bread names. Was that on accident?" Gale asks holding back another laugh. Haymitch raises an eyebrow as he thinks it over.

"Never thought of that" he says shrugging. Hazelle seems to be thinking it over too.

"And it just so happens Prim is named after a flower" Gale states.

"I wasn't in on that" Peeta reminds him.

"How is Jacob and Lavender?" Hazelle quietly asks after a moment. Haymitch looks up at her for a moment. Pain flashes in his eyes.

"Oh um Jacob died some years ago" he tells her somberly. Hazelle gasps. The kids watch the conversation now between the two of them.

"What? How?" she asks in a hurry. Posy squirms in her arms. Gale takes her again and sits her on his knee.

"There was a mine explosion. He volunteered to help go down and dig out any survivors. The ceilings collapsed on them"

"Oh poor Lavender. Did they have any children?" she asks quietly. Haymitch nods his head.

"A daughter who is nineteen, and three boys fifteen, thirteen, and eleven"

"How did she handle it?"

"Not good. No one seen her since. She locked herself in her room or so everyone says"

"And the kids?" she asks worriedly. No matter whose kids they are Hazelle always worries.

"The oldest takes good care of them. See her all the time. She is just like Jacob. She's a survivor" Haymitch says with a slight smile. It almost seems to be some kind of pride in his eyes as he thinks of her.

"That's good then"

"Well that's enough reminiscing for now. Go get packing. We have a long trip and I do not look forward to being stuck with eight kids" Haymitch announces after a bit standing. The kids chuckle knowing he is saying the truth. Gale stands from his seat with Posy in his arms, Peeta the same with Prim. Hazelle puts a gentle hand on both of their arms. They stop and look at her. She stares at Posy and Prim.

"Gale. What are you going to tell Andy?" she asks slowly. Gale stares at the child in his arms. Her matching blue eyes stare back at him. They stand out against her black hair.

"Ma, she made it clear she wanted nothin to do with me or Posy. So the answer is nothin. She has no rights to her. She gave them up a long time ago"

"Alright" she answers with a nod. She had liked Andy. She hoped she would have changed her mind after she gave birth.

"What about you Peeta?" she asks turning to her nephew. Prim is a mini copy of him, from his blonde hair, crystal blue eyes to her pale skin. Even the freckles across her nose are like his.

"Lavinia has rights to see her but she hasn't even made an effort in months. I don't think she really cares, not after the divorce" he tells his aunt with a sigh. She looks down at the floor. She feels bad for her son and nephew. So young and already divorced and with young kids to take care of. Hazelle wishes they could find someone who really loves them and their girls.

Gale touches her shoulder as she sighs. She looks up at him. He gives her a sad smile.

"Are you going to be okay being by yourself?" he asks. She puts on a small smile for him.

"Yes Gale. I'll have plenty to do here"

"I'll send money once I find a job" he tells her. Peeta nods in agreement.

"I'll be helping ya with that" his uncle says from behind him. Gale nods to him in thanks.

"Just be good and look after you siblings and cousins" she says patting his cheek. Posy giggles and copies touching his other cheek. He smiles at her.

"I'll be back before ya know it" he tells her. Hazelle shakes her head.

"Give the place a chance. For me, please" she begs. He is about to argue but she sends in a look. Gale breathes out and reluctantly nods. She smiles at her son and kisses his cheek and Posy's.

"Come on Pos, let's get you packed" he tells the toddler in his arms, after he blows raspberries as he walks up the stairs. Hazelle smiles sadly at hearing the girls giggles fade.

Okay to clear something up if you're confused.

Haymitch, Hazelle and Emily (Mrs. Mellark aka the witch) are siblings. They grew up in District 12, a small mining town

Liam (Mr. Hawthorne) was a miner and wanted to date Hazelle but had a hard time because of her father. Eventually he won him over and they got married.

Alex Mellark dated Lavender (Mrs. Everdeen) when they were younger until she met Jacob (Mr. Everdeen) the baker. Jacob and Lavender got married right away. Alex then married Emily when she got pregnant with Bannock. A year later they had Rye and four years Peeta but she was mad he wasn't a girl. Parker, Pax and Prim followed.

When Gale was nine, Liam was killed in a mining accident. Jacob volunteered to help dig them out but it collapsed and he died too (but they don't know that yet). Hazelle was devastated so she moved away with the help of Haymitch. A year later when Peeta was six Haymitch found out Emily was beating him. He and Alex agreed to take the kids away so they could live with Hazelle.

Oh and in this story Posy is Gale's daughter and Prim is Peeta's. Both married right after high school. Peeta's wife became pregnant right away while Gale's two years later. Gale's wife left after she had Posy and Peeta's divorced him. More into that later