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Chapter 1

Harry POV

I have clashed with Him so many times that now in our final moments of live it feels so unrealistic, like a horrible dream. I have always known that one of us would have to die, it is like the proficy says "nether can live while the other survives".

I follow his every movement and counter his spells with my own. "Potter, its time to meet your end" he smirked as he spoke these words. With a fast flick of his wrist he yelled," Avada Kedavera". I barely had enough time to dogde the green beem of light, to throw up a shield to protect me againts the anslot of curses and hexs he threw at me after the killing curse. This continued for a few second when I felt a sharp pain in my back and saw a green light travelling past me heading towards Voldemort. He had no time to do anything to protect himself against the stray curse.

The last I saw was him falling to the ground when my world turned black.

Normal POV

Everyone came to a stop as they saw the Dark Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Live, fall to the ground with a tud - dead. On seeing their masters death the few Death Eaters that survived, escaped Hogwarts. All exept a blond male with teary grey eyes. The light side was shocked. The light side did not move to stop the Death Eater. The relieve and sadness froze them where they stood, joy for their victory and pain for the loss of their savior and friend.

Draco Malfoy started to walk hetitantly, wich quickly turned into a run towards Harry's body. He stared a the lifeless shell wich had been the love of his life. Tears of heartache spilled over his pale cheeks. The beautiful boy with sparkeling green eyes and a soul so pure you cant help but love him was now gone. The only thing that gives him hope is the thought that Harry is with Hermione and Ron.

Draco knelt down to take the youth in his arms but when he touched him he started to glow and disipear slowly untill he not there anymore. It felt to Draco as if his very soul was taken from him. The silence was broken with a sharp cry, as the blond fell to his knees.

~ 000000000000 ~

Somewhere in the forest of Washington State a bright light appeared causing nature to come alive and cocoon the newly appointed spirit of the forest. All over this cacoon grew lilies and roses while the beautiful spirit slept within waiting to awakend.

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