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Chapter 7

Harry POV

I felt a breeze on my skin. It has been along time since I first fell a sleep. Mother told me I would become a spirit, now I shall begin my new live. All this time I was sitting alone in my mind waiting to wake up.

Then a few night ago, I met someone in my mind meadow. He was very tall and well built. But it was his eyes that stole my heart and I knew he was one of my chosens. It wasn't until day or so ago that I first learned that his name was Jacob. At first we only talked to each other but it changed when kissed me the first time. It felt like I was in heaven.

Jacob was the first and only visitor I had. I would sit and wait for him to come to me in him dreams. We usually talked most of the time and just a few minutes before he has to go, he would kiss me and try to do more before disappearing.

I felt my mind brush conscience. I was waking up. There were sounds of life all around me, the air smelled sweet and fresh.

My mouth and throat were very dry, like being in a coma and suddenly waking up. The realization hit me like a ton of bricks; Jacob must have found my other chosen and came and woke me.

When I opened my eyes they were assaulted by a range of colors. My first sight of a person as a spirit was of my Jacob leaning over me with a concerned face. I smiled up at him and he looked red in the face. Is he sick, I hope not. I pushed myself up on my elbows and looked into his eyes. I softly said," Hello Jacob".

Jacob POV

"Hello Jacob", said my Angel. So beautiful. I struggled to find the words I wanted to say to him. He looked up into my eyes with his striking emerald green ones. My Angel was waiting for me to respond. Here goes nothing. "Hi...umm...nice to meet you again...I...don't know your name", I said scrambling over my words.

My Angel smiled at me and said, "Harry, my names Harry... Thank you for waking me up." My Harry tried pushing himself up on his arms but was to weak and fell down on the bed again. He looked up at me with pain filled eyes, "Can you please help me out of this bed?"

My body moved on its own the comply to my imprints wish. I put my arms around his back and under his legs, just barely brushing his tights. I was cradling him bridal style, when someone namely Edward cleared his throat. I turned around with my Harry in my arms.

When Edward saw my Harry his eyes widened. "Who is your friend Jake?" , a soft voice asked me. Looking down I said, "This is Edward Cullen, a new friend". Harry turned his head to Edward and said, "Nice to meet you". My Harry flashed him a smile and the fucking vampire walked closer, took my Harry's hand and kissed it, saying, "Nice to meet you to, Harry".

Edward POV

He is the most beautiful creature on this planet, with his raven locks, pale white skin and emerald eyes. When I looked into his eyes, all the pain caused by Bella cheating just disappeared. Kissing his smooth skin was like tasting pure sin.

He smiled at me. That innocent smile when straight to my nether regions and my pants became extremely tight. "HE IS MINE, KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF", Jacob snarled in his mind.

I realized he could smell my problem and became embarrassed. I have to leave for now. " Good-bye Harry, Jacob, I have to go" and with saying that I ran.

Jacob POV

That fucking leech, how dare he try his luck with My Harry. Harry placed a hand on my chest to calm me down. My shaking stopped and I came to a sudden realization; I could have fased and hurt my Harry.

It felt like stab wound to my heart to even imagine him hurt like that because of me. "Don't worry Jake, you could never hurt me" Harry said as he moved his hand from my chest to my cheek. He gave me the biggest smile I ever saw on his face. "You are mean to much to me" I said and lowered my face. I gave him a soft kiss on the forehead. "You to"was his soft reply. My heart swooned at those words.

My Angel yawned and looked at me sheepishly, "I guess, I am still tired". Clearing my throat I asked, "Is it okay if I take you home with me, you can sleep there". Harry's eyes were almost closed but he nodded in a 'yes' motion.

Pulling him closer to my chest I started running. No one is going to take him from me.

Edward POV

My pants were extremely tight and Alice and Jasper are probability laughing their asses off at my current problem. It just didn't want to go away. Having a hard on was embarrassing because of someone I don't know. But he is so beautiful, so other worldly and so not my. That last thought was so depressing.

Now about my hard on. I guess there is just one thing to do...

Visit the bathroom.

Jacob POV

It late when I arrived home with Harry in my arms. I opened the front door with my one hand while balancing my Harry in the other.

All the lights where out meaning Dad is asleep. I sneaked to my room and closed the door. Harry can sleep in the bed and I'll sleep on the floor. I laid him down on the bed and removed his shoes. Next I removed my own shirt and shoes.

I laid down on the floor. After a while I was almost asleep when, Harry said, "Jake you can you hold me as I sleep please, you keep the nightmares away".

My Angel is having nightmares, I'll kill who ever hurt him. But first I need to get up there next to my love. Standing next to the bed, I pulled back the comforter and got in. My bed isn't very big so I had to pull him on top of me.

I was in heaven. His body fit against my perfectly. I drifted of to dreams filled with emerald green eyes.

The next morning

Harry POV

I woke up on something hard and breathing. When I opened my eyes I saw it was Jake. It felt so right laying on him with our body touching nearly everywhere. Speaking of which, little Jacob was poking me against tight.

I just got an idea...