A/N: My second drabble for the lola's ten topics, ten drabbles challenge – for the pairing of Lily Luna and Scorpius. I hope Lily doesn't come across too Manic Pixie Dreamgirl-esque, I've tried to make her more real. Not likable, but I love her all the same. Constructive criticism/other types of reviews much appreciated! And I obviously don't own Harry Potter. Xo


(black and white and red all over)

Scorpius trailed behind Lily, like he always did, while she skipped on ahead, drowning in the black duffle coat she had commandeered from him, long copper-coloured hair against the white, white snow, eager to get to the art gallery. She, who loved to poke fun at those who took part in what she deemed 'childish behaviour', was catching snowflakes with her tongue. As if the universe was noting her hypocrisy, Lily slipped and fell on a patch of ice. What's black and white and red all over?

Scorpius took his time walking over to Lily and kicked her lightly in the side.

"You gonna get up or what?"

"Honestly," she said, red hair strewn on the snow underneath her. "You are the rudest gentleman I have ever met."

"I deny those horrid, horrid accusations of my being a gentleman," he paused. "Tits. Firewhiskey. Quidditch."



Scorpius didn't care for fine art. All the famous works around him may as well have been finger paintings.

But Lily, amidst the sculptures and paintings and drawings, was radiant. Marble skin carved by Michelangelo, wild copper hair painted with the dramatic brushstrokes of Van Gogh.

But she wasn't perfect, he knew. She was fickle and self-absorbed and at times downright spiteful and would often leave you with the distinct feeling that she'd nicked your wallet. But he was no Adam, and she was no Eve, and they definitely weren't obligated to be good.

They weren't two perfectperfectperfect human beings created by God to lounge around in gardens. Eden had been cut down to make space for a car park, and neither of them believed in God.

Watching Lily examine the painting in front her, that was all too easy to forget. With her signature impish half-grin firmly in place, Lily could have very easily blended in with the wood nymphs, dancing underneath the stars.