Hey guys! I'm trying to improve my writing, and I know the storyline kind of sucks, but I will try to make it better Any ideas are welcome! P.S.: I don't know anything about Manhattan or any addresses in the city , so they're probably all completely wrong.

-Back to the time before, of Fin and Rollins in the car-

-Perspective of the Captain, pacing around the precinct, with a police radio next to his ear-

-on the radio-

Fin: Ok, cap'n we got a white van, no plates, just took a turn on 87th and 2nd . Rollins and I are tailing, request for another unit to cut him off

Cap'n: Any visual confirmation it's him?

Fin: No sir, but chances are it's Lewis

Cap'n: Ok, turn on your sirens and cut him off. Munch, Amaro. Head up the street on the other end, so he can't get away. Let's catch this son of a bitch

-End radio—

Cap'n: (takes a deep breath and sighs) "Why? Why her? For Christ's sake, its Olivia! She, she's my daughter, and now…nothing will ever be the same" he thought. He began pacing again, but nothing could clear his head of seeing Olivia in the back of the ambulance, nothing but a blanket on, with bruises and burns all over her. He tried to shake his head but anger overtook him. Suddenly an idea popped into his head. He slowly looked to his office, and walked over. Once inside, he reached to the bottom of the file cabinet, where he kept his bottle. "It'd be so easy. The pain would go away" He thought, as he grabbed the bottle…

-Fin and Rollins-

Fin: Ok, sirens are on, wait a second… (he looks up to see that the van is pulling over)

Rollins: That's weird. She nervously tapped the dashboard as she waited for Fin to pull over. She had a bad feeling about this van, but she couldn't exactly say why. Her mind would just go to that night when she found Liv. Her brain burned the image of Olivia naked, tied to a chair, with bruises and burns and brands all over. She wished she and Fin insisted on drinks. Maybe if they had, Olivia would be fine, and none of this would have happened. "This is my fault. I should have known he would be there" she thought.

Fin: Rollins, Rollins! (he shook her arm and called her name again)

Rollins: Sorry, sorry, I was just dreaming of all the ways I could kill this man

Fin: Hey man, I get you're angry, but we have to keep calm for Liv. If we don't do this by the books, he could get off free again, and—

Rollins: Yeah, I know, I know

Fin: Ok, (he opened the door of the car) Let's go see who's in the van. (they both get out of the car, and walk over to the van, and knock on the door) NYPD, step out of the vehicle! (slowly the man gets out of the van, but it's not Lewis) Who the hell are you?

Man: Just a construction worker! Are you Nick Amaro? The guy told me you would pull me over, and he said to give you this. (he hands Fin a box) He pulled the plates off my van, wouldn't tell me why.

Fin: Let me get this straight. A random man comes up to you, gives you a box and tells you the police would be looking for you. And you do it? No questions asked?

Man: Hey man, he payed me 1,000 dollars, and waved a gun in my face. What the hell was I supposed to do?

Fin: (shakes his head) Call the police once he left! What did this man look like? (pulls out a picture of Lewis, and a couple other guys on a photo array)

Man: (points his hand on Lewis) That was him, for sure! He had all these cuts and bruises on him, looks like he was in a fight

Fin: (nods) Ok, where did he meet you, and where did he go?

Man: He met me a couple blocks west, on 35th, and then he hopped in a different car, and left. He told me he would know if I didn't do as was told. He was a real creep, that man

Fin: Listen, we need you to come down to our precinct for a formal statement. (Amaro and Munch walk over) Amaro! Can you take this guy down to the precinct?

Amaro: Yeah (grabs the guy by the arm and puts him in the back seat) Any other leads to follow?

Rollins: That was it. (shakes her head) Listen, I know we all need to catch this guy, but lets head to cribs or home to catch some sleep.

Amaro: Ok, I guess you're right. But wait, Fin! What's in the box?

Fin: I don't know, but I don't think we'll like it (He opens the box, and shudders) Shit. (closes his eyes)

-Olivia's Apartment-

Elliot: Cassidy. It was a statement. No questions, just his name. He didn't really know what to say. He knew it looked bad, but couldn't help but be annoyed at Brian. Why did Olivia even like him? She sure as hell didn't like him 14 years ago…

Cassidy: Why the hell are you here, and where's Olivia?

Olivia: (walks to the doorway) Oh. Hey Bri. I was just about to call you. Oh my god, this can't be happening. Shit. I don't even know what to say….

Cassidy: Yeah, sure you were. What were you gonna do, call and say sorry I slept with my ex-partner who I'm obviously still in love with despite the fact he's married and has kids? Listen Olivia, I know you're going through more than anyone else right now, but don't lie to me please. Did anything happen last night?

Elliot: (clears throat) Nothing happened, Cassidy. I swear it. Liv, I have to go back to my place. Uhmm, call me if you need anything (squints, and nods) Yeah, bye. (he goes towards the door)

Olivia: Wait, El! Thanks. Thanks for being there. She wanted to say more, but with the way Brian was looking at her, she knew she would have to save it for later

Elliot: (gives a small smile) Partners. For better or worse. He didn't know why he said that, but the quote took him back 14 years, to inside of the precinct. He remembered that day. It was a tough case, because it took a year to solve, and there was so much tension between Liv and Cassidy. He smiled as he remembered that Cassidy and her had slept together and she wanted to break it up. At that moment 14 years ago, he was so happy she didn't want anything to do with Brian. He smiled softly, and suddenly wondered what had changed between Olivia and Cassidy. And then it hit him like a ton of bricks. "I left" he thought.

-Liv's Apartment-

Olivia: (after the door closed) Bri, nothing happened, I swear. I just, I just didn't want you to see me like this. (starts sniffling)

Brian: Like what, Liv? Despite his anger, he brought his hand to her face, and cupped her chin softly

Olivia: Broken. She whispered the word, almost not willing it to be heard. She didn't want to admit it, but she couldn't hold the tears back any longer. She sobbed and sobbed, and Brian pulled her closer, planting his lips on her forehead. She shuddered, and then sighed into his chest, and he silently stroked her back. His hand sent warm tingles down her back, and she shivered involuntarily. She took a deep breath in, but couldn't help but feel empty, as if something was off, or wrong. She tried to shake off the feeling, but when she looked up at Brian, she knew why she felt uneasy. "The wrong person is holding me," she thought, as her thoughts raced back to Elliot, and wondered how to fix the mess she got herself into.

What's in the box? Did Captain give in to the temptation? How does Amaro deal with Liv's old partner, and vice versa? What will Olivia tell Brian? If she decides to say anything at all… Hope you enjoyed.