Author's note :

Summary : Sakura Haruno is a prisoner to the Uchiha Clan. Once Sakura discovers what Sasuke Uchiha intends on doing to her, the kunoichi escapes and sets on a quest to reach the Hidden Leaf village, the only village the Uchiha cannot reach. Along the way, she meets mysterious man who appears to have an agenda of his own.

Rated M for: Cursing, gore, and sexual content. You have been warned.

Pairings: NaruSaku

Genre: Adventure, Romance, Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort

Even though in most of my stories I attempt to follow the Japanese lingo, like honorifics such as kun, sama, san, etc. and adding the last name at the beginning, in this story I'll be sticking to English terms. I feel as though it's distracting, at least in this fanfiction. The only Japanese you'll be seeing here are the jutsus, the dōjutsus, and possibly some other things. Sorry if this upsets you.

This story takes place in an alternate universe; so many things have been switched around. But the concept of ninjutsu and chakra remains intact.

Clans are treated like royalty in this universe, and rule over specific villages. The Hidden Sound, unlike in the manga/anime, is an actual village.

Sakura looks exactly as she does in Shippūden, wearing the same clothes and all. The only difference that her hair is waist length and instead of wearing the Hidden Leaf forehead protector as a headband, she wears the Hidden Sound forehead protector as a headband.

This story… is very different from what I normally write, but I hope you can still enjoy it anyway. I have more of this story written down, but I want to hear your feedback first. It can be dark at times, so be warned.

Chapter 1: Linger

Sakura hesitantly opened the door, and once leaving her bedroom, tersely shut it. She was incredibly tired, but she knew that there was something else of greater importance. To her relief, nobody seemed to be awake. Hastily, though gently, she began running through the hallway.

It had been three years now since she and her friend, Ino Yamanaka, were captured by the Uchiha Clan and forced to live the rests of their lives as slaves. Sakura was once a kunoichi of the Hidden Leaf village, in the Land of Fire. She was known for her immense strength taught to her by her mentor, Tsunade Senju, by building up chakra in her fists and then releasing it at a precise moment. Expanding on her superb chakra control, the pink-haired kunoichi was also brought up as a talented medical-nin.

Because of Sakura's skills as a ninja, she was appointed at the age of 14 to become a member of ANBU, a group of skilled ninja who performed special high-level missions.

The Uchiha Clan, leaders of the Land of Sound, were sworn enemies of the Land of Fire's leaders, the Senju Clan.

The Hidden Leaf disagreed with the Hidden Sound's new creation; the chakra concealer. The chakra concealer was a device that resembled handcuffs that disrupted the flow of chakra, and thus, disabled the wearer from manipulating chakra. The only people able to release the chakra concealer were the Uchiha, though Sakura didn't know how. Her former village also disagreed with their concept of keeping slaves.

The Hidden Sound insisted that they were doing it for the better of humanity. As a result, this culminated in the Third Shinobi War, with the Senju Clan fighting viciously against the Uchiha Clan.

During this time period, Sakura Haruno was appointed, along with Ino Yamanaka, her first ANBU mission; to infiltrate the Uchiha headquarters and uncover the secrets of the Sharingan.

Unfortunately, this mission resulted in failure, with Ino and Sakura ultimately being captured by the Uchiha. The Uchiha leader at the time, Fugaku Uchiha, initially intended on killing them, but, for unspecified reasons, allowed them to live. In order to ensure their obedience, they were given chakra concealers to wear, and slated them to serve the Uchiha for the rest of their lives, a punishment for their actions.

The Third Ninja war ended shortly after this, with the Land of Fire admitting defeat. Fukagu Uchiha kept the knowledge of two ANBU ninja being their slaves to themselves, and the Hidden Leaf presumed them to be dead. Sometime later, Fukagu died, and his first son, Itachi Uchiha, was appointed the next leader.

Sakura and Ino were not the only servants within the Uchiha Clan; many other servants were dwelling there, captured from other Lands, forced to live under the cruel dictatorship of the Uchiha.

The servants were treated terribly by the Uchiha Clan members, but were given their own separate rooms and the doors were not locked. The rooms contained only a bed and a bathroom; though a very filthy one at that. They were allowed to wear their own certain type of clothing, though where they'd get it was a different story.

Each day, they were given tasks by the head woman, Karin Uzumaki, a former kunoichi of the Land of Whirlpools, which was now destroyed. Karin was the only servant whom the Uchiha trusted, due to her genuine loyalty to them, which was why Sakura didn't trust her.

Paranoia started to engulf Sakura as she continued running. They were not permitted to be wandering around without doing work, and especially not at night. Sakura didn't know why the doors were not locked, but part of her wondered if it was because it was a test, to see if any slaves dare leave their rooms at night.

But she couldn't stop and turn back; no, because her world was about to change.

For months, Sakura and Ino had been formulating a plan to escape once and for all. They would discuss it casually while they worked, being careful to do so when they weren't being watched by Uchiha Clan members or by Karin. The final stages of their plan were coming into place, and Sakura knew if she backed out now, she'd never have a better opportunity.

She slowed down, nearing her destination. She panted, her long hair irritating her. Cautiously, she knocked the door three times, a signal to Ino that it was her, and entered.

Sakura was glad to see her friend standing next to the door.

The blonde kunoichi sighed in relief. "Thank goodness… I thought you might have gotten caught."

Sakura smiled. "Me? Never."

Ino's smile faded. "Okay, now let's get to the plan." Ino sat down on the floor, and Sakura did as well.

"So, you know what's going to happen so far, right?"

The pinkette nodded. How could she forget? The plan was set deep into her mind.

Karin, in a week, would be going on a mission to serve as a medical-nin. Because of this, Suigetsu, her subordinate, would be taking her place as the head of the servants. But, Suigetsu would ultimately betray Karin and lead them through a secret passage to freedom. Without a chakra-sensing ninja to sense their escape and alert the Clan, it was the perfect plan.

But with one flaw. The chakra concealers would still be cuffed to their hands, which would render them unable to escape before the Uchiha Clan noticed them. Chakra enhanced speed, and they couldn't afford to be running slowly. Suigetsu didn't know how to unlock them, so their efforts would be in vain.

Ino leaned in closer. "Okay, Sakura. I think I've figured out how to get rid of the chakra concealers!

Sakura tipped her head. "How?"

Ino grinned. "So, I overheard Itachi talking to one of the members of Uchiha on how to release its grip, and guess how!"

Sakura stared at her. "Are you stupid or something? What if you had gotten caught?"

"Be quiet, Sakura. Listen. You see those three dots on your chakra concealer?"

She took a look at them. "Yeah. Isn't energy stored there to prevent the chakra concealer from breaking?"

"Well, basically, they're also a code embedded in the chakra concealer. If an Uchiha uses their chakra directly in a certain order onto the 'red dots', then the chakra concealers will fall right off."

Sakura eyed her friend curiously. "That's good information, but… how are we going to find an Uchiha member who'll willingly betray their Clan?"

Ino's shoulders slumped. "You're right… but even so, I overheard the code."

"What is it?"

"An Uchiha has to release chakra on the first dot, then the last dot, then the middle dot, then the last dot."

"Okay… do you think it's possible that chakra from a non-Uchiha could work too?"

Ino looked thoughtful for a moment. "I don't know. I'll ask Suigetsu to try it out when Karin's not looking."

Sakura could've sworn she heard a footstep in the hallway, prompting her to stumble to her feet. "We'll discuss this more tomorrow," she murmured to the blonde. "I'd better go."

Ino gave her a short nod, and Sakura departed immediately.

As Sakura sprinted off, terror arose in her mind. She couldn't tell anymore if the footsteps she was hearing were hers or somebody else's'. All she knew that if she was caught, she'd be in massive trouble; who knew what they could do to her.

Sakura had heard rumors that the slaves who had attempted to rebel were forced to endure Itachi Uchiha's Mangekyō Sharingan; an advanced form of the Sharingan that placed the victim in an agonizing genjutsu. While Ino deduced that they were just stories fabricated to scare servants into obeying, Sakura chose not to take chances into discovering whether or not the rumors were true.

Sakura halted, reaching her bedroom. She looked over her shoulder to see if anyone had followed her trail, and when she didn't see anybody, she entered her room and closed the door, sighing in relief.

But when she looked up, her eyes widened with horror.

In front of her stood an infuriated Karin, who was adjusting her glasses calmly, in contrast to her usually angry expression.

"Lady… Karin?" Sakura mumbled stupidly, mentally slapping herself. How could she forget that Karin was able to sense one's chakra?

"Sakura Haruno…" she hissed, mouth dripping with venom. "Do you know what trouble you are in?" Sakura thought that for a moment, she saw Karin's mouth curve into a smirk, but it was too quick for her to tell.

For some odd reason, Karin had always been particularly irritable towards Sakura. True, she treated everybody terribly, but for unknown reasons, Karin would always give Sakura the most difficult tasks, always humiliate her, always… be more condescending towards her than anyone else.

This, made Sakura loathe her in return.

The redhead pointed to the door. "Open the door, Haruno."

Sakura did as she was told, and the moment she did, Karin pulled her hair, dragging her out of the room. Sakura yelped in alarm.

"Shut up, bitch!" Karin growled. As soon as they stood a couple feet away from her door, Karin released her grasp.

But the chakra-sensing kunoichi wasn't finished with Sakura yet. She pulled Sakura's shirt towards her, and snarled, "Now you better give me a good explanation why you weren't in your room like everyone else!"

Well, now Sakura was technically dead. While the pinkette was a capable actress, she was terrible at lying on the spot, and worse, there was literally no credible excuse she could think of.

So, she just said the first thing that came to her mind.

"My… hand hurt. I was out searching for a medical-nin, but I couldn't find one, so I returned here, and when I did, it stopped hurting."

Karin scoffed. "Do you take me for a fool? Like I'll believe that!"

"It's-It's true!" Sakura insisted.

"Fine," Karin released her grip on Sakura's shirt, but the kunoichi noticed Karin's lips contorting into a grin. "I'll just tell Lord Itachi and see what he has to say about it."

Panic flooded Sakura's mind. "You—"

"And if you're lying, Haruno, let's just say that… well… Mangekyō Sharingan will be lots of fun!"

Sakura couldn't deny her feelings. If she was exposed to his Sharingan, she'd be emotionally scarred for the rest of her life. Her whole life, her plan… It was all over.

She wished that she could at least see her mentor and her friends at the Hidden Leaf, at least once more. But she knew that it was just a wishful fantasy; one she had dreamt of too often.

A masculine voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Karin. What's going on now?"

Sakura didn't have to look to her right to figure out who it was; judging from Karin's reaction, she could tell who it was in a heartbeat. She looked at the ground, frightened.

Sasuke Uchiha.

Sakura hadn't ever seen Sasuke in person; she had only heard about him from Karin and from other servants. Apparently, Sasuke Uchiha was next in line to lead the Uchiha Clan, since Itachi had no children of his own. Karin frequently mentioned how charming Sasuke was when he coldly rebuffed her advances, or how cool he was when performing his ninjutsu. On the other hand, the servants held him in regard far less favorably.

Sasuke, according to rumors, wasn't as powerful as Itachi, but was still definitely a force to be reckoned with. And Sakura certainly did not want to get on his bad side, especially as vulnerable as she was now. But, unfortunately for her, that seemed to be the case.

Karin, unsurprisingly, instantly took off her glasses and moved toward him.

"Oh… Sasuke!" –her voice had prominently changed from harsh and demanding to sweet and smooth. "I found one of the rats wandering around! But don't worry… I'm handling it."

Sakura subconsciously clenched her fists, repulsed by her degrading comment.

There was a moment of silence, and Sakura wondered what was going on. She got the feeling that he was staring at her intently, which made her confused and scared, though she wasn't sure.

What's his deal? She thought privately to herself.

After what seemed like decades, Sasuke began to speak.

"Karin. Go to sleep. I'll deal with this one." He commanded monotonously.

Judging from Karin's angry scoff, Sakura presumed that Karin was less than thrilled that he had subtly rejected her efforts and decided to take care of things himself. With one last angry, "Hmph" at Sakura, she marched off.

In any case, Sakura would have been relieved for Karin to leave so nonchalantly (well, by her standards), but now, she was up against somebody far more dangerous. She didn't know if Sasuke had the Mangekyō Sharingan or not, but Sakura knew that even if he didn't, he could easily take her life.

Sakura gulped, but managed to remain composed. She didn't know what Sasuke intended on doing to her, but if it was something dreadful, she prayed it would be quick.

Her eyes remained fixated on the ground, unwavering. She didn't even know if she had the right to look at him. It was possible that the Uchiha considered them to be so majestic that they refused 'scum' like her to look at their 'beautiful' selves. If that were the case, then Sakura was disgusted by such vanity.

She waited for him to do something, but he remained silent. It was apparent that he was examining her carefully, which made Sakura self-conscious.

After a minute or two of sheer stillness, Sasuke asked, "What's your name, slave?"

She suppressed to urge to spit in his face for such a remark. For a moment, she thought of making up a name, but after realizing that she'd most likely be in even more trouble, she chose not to.

"It's Sakura Haruno." She answered dryly.

"Is that so?" he responded.

Is that a rhetorical question?


Apparently not. "Y-Yes." She stated quietly.

He started to approach her, causing her to panic. Well, now she really was dead.

"Why weren't you in your room?" His tone had substantially darkened.

"I—my hand hurt. I went to search for a medical-nin, but I couldn't find one."

"Is that the truth?"

"Y-Yes." He was now standing in front of her, though Sakura still couldn't bring herself to glance at him.

She hadn't even noticed how close he was until he whispered into her ear, "Look at me."

The kunoichi hesitated for a moment, worried that he would utilize his Sharingan, but she dared not defy him and, reluctantly, returned his gaze.

She was genuinely surprised.

She had constantly heard Karin raving about his good looks, but… this was unbelievable. Sakura's eyes widened.

He had fair skin and a perfectly proportioned face; his bangs hung on both sides of his face to roughly frame his cheeks. His eyes were a dark shade of onyx which complimented his charcoal hair. He was wearing the traditional Uchiha clothing, though Sakura didn't pay much attention to it, mesmerized by his appearance. He was…


"Is that really the truth?" He questioned menacingly, "Do you know what happens to those caught lying?" With each sentence he got closer and closer to her face. The pinkette instinctively took a step backwards, but realized, to her dismay, there was a wall behind her.

Uncertain if it was a rhetorical question, Sakura replied. "N-No."

"Would you like to know?"

Sakura found herself becoming more and more agitated.

"I-I'd rather not."

He grasped her chin, still staring intently at her. "I could show you."

Sasuke closed his eyes for a moment, and once he opened them, his eyes were a dark shade of crimson and had three black tomoe swirling in them.

So this was his Sharingan.

Sakura, despite being several moments ago unable to look at Sasuke Uchiha, now found herself unable to look away. It was almost as though the Sharingan had hypnotized her to stare at him blankly, but Sakura wouldn't be surprised if it had. Somehow, it felt as though Sasuke was probing through her mind, attempting to decrypt if Sakura had lied.

"So, tell me again what happened." He ordered.

She gulped. "My hand hurt, so I—"

"I know you're lying." He said softly.

She flinched. Had the Sharingan detected her lie, or was he just bluffing?

He grabbed her throat, prompting Sakura to cry out in pain.

He smirked. "Perhaps if you tell me the truth, and beg me to let you go, I'll convince my brother to give you a quick death." He tightened his grasp.

Sakura was suddenly reminded of her hatred toward the Uchiha Clan. She could be their slave, she could do their work, but she would not beg for mercy.

Her hatred was unable to be conveyed in words. She wanted every single Uchiha to die.

She glared at him, unable to contain her anger. "Why ask him?" she snarled, "Why don't you finish me off yourself, since you're so powerful?"

He narrowed his eyes. "Remember your place here, Haruno." Amusement tinged his voice.

But Sakura continued. "Have you even awakened your Mangekyō Sharingan? I suppose you haven't, considering you haven't used it on me yet."

Immediately she regretted her words, because the second she had recklessly voiced them, his grip on her tensed, nearly suffocating her. She coughed in agony.

She expected him to show rage at her insult, yet he remained calm.

"Don't take me lightly. I could break you easily if I wanted to."

Sakura could barely hear what he had said. She was about to lose consciousness from lack of air. Yet, Sakura still felt obliged to fight back.

She stared at him evenly, a challenge in her eyes. "You won't ever break me." She choked out. She felt stupid for recklessly challenging an Uchiha, yet her suppressed rage from the years of constant abuse had finally built up and unleashed itself.

Sakura saw a devious smile creep up his lips and immediately released her, prompting Sakura to plummet to the ground, gasping aggressively. Her need for air was so great that only after a moment she noticed the Sasuke had deactivated his Sharingan.

Despite her relief, she couldn't help but feel uneasy. Something wasn't right. Why did he let her go? It baffled her.

He looked thoughtful for a moment, making made Sakura even more puzzled.

Finally, Sakura managed to vaguely hear him mutter, "We'll see about that." After his statement, he began to calmly walk away, behaving as though nothing had happened. Sakura could only stare stupidly at him in awe.

After he had vanished, Sakura suddenly grew deeply afraid. Now she really was in trouble. She had been so stupid. Sasuke's words were incredibly indirect and discreet, but it was obvious that Sasuke intended to punish her severely for her actions.

Sulkily she returned to her room and laid on her bed, but she could hardly sleep. What if she was executed? Worse, what if she and Ino were executed? She'd feel terrible if Ino was forced to suffer as a result of her actions.

She attempted to fall asleep, yet the knowledge that any moment Uchiha Clan members could burst into her room and sentence her for execution was alarming. For a few hours, Sakura fidgeted in her bed, anxious, before eventually succumbing to sleep.

When Sakura awakened, the memories of last night were somewhat forgotten. Casually she began to strip, tie her hair in a bun, and enter her shower, in order to prepare for another day of work. After taking a refreshing shower, she changed into her clothes and adjusted her Hidden Sound forehead protector, something that every servant was forced to wear. Though, she wore it as a headband.

Just when she started putting on her boots, Sakura suddenly remembered what had occurred yesterday, and remembered Sasuke's ominous words;

"We'll see about that."

She sighed. She noted that nobody came to punish her last night, so that may have indicated that Sasuke hadn't intended on doing anything bad to her. But Sakura doubted it. The Clan was known for their Curse of Hatred and their obsession with revenge. So, Sakura couldn't see how in any way she was safe.

She looked at the time. 7 AM. Karin was supposed to be here and feed her breakfast.

Unsurprisingly, Karin entered her room without greeting Sakura. She appeared genuinely surprised to see Sakura there, and Sakura guessed that Karin had expected her to be executed for her actions. The redhead snorted and handed her a bowl of eggs, yogurt and stale bread. She then gave Sakura a piece of paper, which was her task for the day, and then left without another word.

After eating, Sakura read her task.

Sakura Haruno ; The toilets of all the slaves must be cleaned properly.

She resisted the urge to throw up.

Sighing, she stood up to gather her supplies. Karin never gave each individual slave the materials they needed for their job. They were forced to retrieve it at the Supply Room, a room that contained all supplies necessary for the tasks they were given.

She exited her room and began to walk slowly to the room. As she walked, she noticed that several Uchiha inhabiting the palace were staring at her strangely, which puzzled her. They weren't even looks of disapproval… they were looks of interest.

After retrieving what she needed, she headed to the nearest slave's room and began to scrub his toilet.

Things were being… unnaturally normal today. None of the Uchiha spoke to her, which indicated that they didn't seem to intend on punishing her. Did Sasuke intend on blackmailing her, or something?

After spending ten minutes cleaning the toilet, she washed her hands thoroughly. She looked at her hands in dismay when she realized that the stench would not immediately fade and was forced to wash them multiple times in order for it to vanish completely

Just as she finished washing her hands, the door opened. Sakura expected to see the slave of the room walk in, but was surprised when she saw somebody else instead.

"L-Lady M-Mikoto?" she exclaimed. "What brings her Lady here?"

Mikoto Uchiha was a jōnin-level kunoichi who was the mother of Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha and was once the wife of Fugaku Uchiha before his ultimate death. Due to this, she was held in high regard and respected throughout the Uchiha Clan.

"Are you Sakura Haruno?" Mikoto asked.

"Y-Yes." Sakura's suspicion aroused. Mikoto never spoke to the slaves, and if she did, it was only out of utmost importance. Mikoto's tone hadn't sounded strict… though it didn't sound predominantly kind, either.

Mikoto scrutinized her carefully for a moment, and then pulled out board that had a document attached to it.

"How many days has it been since your last menstrual cycle?"

Sakura shifted around uncomfortably, having her personal matters discussed so casually. She wondered why Mikoto asked such a private question, but decided not to question her motives. "It's been… 14 days." She conceded awkwardly.

Mikoto suddenly shot her a dirty look. "Is that how you speak to an Uchiha?"

Sakura flinched. "It's been 14 days, milady."

The mother of Itachi nodded curtly. "That's better." Sakura saw her start to write on the document.

Though, Sakura's curiosity got the best of her and felt obliged to ask her why she needed to know such an incredulous thing.

"I'm sorry, milady… but…"

"Be quiet," Mikoto snapped, and Sakura obeyed. She continued to rapidly scribble something on the document. It felt like decades before she finally put the clipboard away.

Mikoto cleared her throat. "Listen carefully, Haruno, for I do not wish to repeat myself. From now, you will no longer be a slave."

Sakura stared at her in amazement. Was she going to be freed?

"I won't?" Sakura inquired, thrilled.

"No. The life of a servant will put strain on your body, and we can't afford to have anything happen to the next heir."

The kunoichi's face fell. "The next heir…? What are you talking about…?" Sakura was too perplexed to speak formally to the respected Uchiha ninja. She couldn't figure out what was going on.

"Lord Itachi has the same disease that Lord Fugaku once had. Eventually, Lord Itachi will die, and Sasuke Uchiha needs a successor before he takes Itachi's position."

Sakura suddenly hoped that Mikoto was bluffing. "So… you're telling me…"

"You shall bear a child for Sasuke Uchiha. An heir must be produced before his inevitable death."


Sakura gawked at Mikoto blankly, unable to comprehend what she had just said.

Mikoto continued. "In many respects, you will remain a servant, but you shall now serve Sasuke Uchiha himself. You shall obey his every order and satisfy any desire he may have. Furthermore, his child will be raised by you. "

The kunoichi's eyes widened in horror. Mikoto really wasn't joking. Sakura fell to her knees, shocked. What was going on?



Resentment replaced her shock. The Uchiha… they had treated their slaves as mere tools for their own personal gain. She had only spoken once to Sasuke; and yet now, this woman was expecting her to calmly agree to produce a child and to raise a family with him? Fuck that.

"Do you have any questions?" Mikoto asked nonchalantly.

Yes, can I personally murder every last one of you forsaken Uchiha?

Sakura managed to control her anger and ask, "But why me? Couldn't you find someone else to raise the next heir? Somebody… who actually wanted this?"

Though I can't imagine who would want something like that.

"Sasuke himself requested specifically that you become the mother of his child."

Then it hit Sakura like one of Tsunade's punches.

Sasuke plotted this. This was how he was going to punish her. This was how he intended on breaking her will. By forcing her to become bear his child… she would forever endure the Curse of Hatred that the Uchiha were burdened with.

She hated him so fucking much.

"I'm not doing any of this." Sakura attempted to walk away, but Mikoto blocked her.

"Just try and make me," Sakura growled.

But Mikoto remained unfazed. "Don't forget, Haruno Sakura, what happens to those who disobey. If you attempt to resist in any way, you—and your friend will be executed."

"Ino has nothing to do with this!" She bellowed.

The Uchiha Clan member ignored her. "You will be excused of your duties today. Tonight, you will be escorted to Sasuke's bedroom, where you will engage in intercourse."


"Take a bath before you do. I've already put proper attire in your room for you to wear. The escort will arrive to take you there at exactly 6:30 PM. Be ready until then."

As soon as Mikoto left, Sakura began running down the hallway. Nothing mattered anymore. Nothing did.

Sakura was a virgin; she never even had her first kiss, let alone her first time. She wanted her first time to be with somebody she truly loved and admired, not with somebody she loathed. She doubted Sasuke even had feelings towards her; she even doubted that Sasuke felt lust towards her. She knew that only wanted to show his power over her.

The thought of bearing a child with him thoroughly sickened her. She would never be able to fully love her child unconditionally because her child would most likely be raised to be a cruel psychopath, just like its father. She didn't want a child of hers to have the heart of an evil Uchiha. And she knew it wouldn't be the child's fault; it would be all his fault.

For the rest of her life she'd be standing by Sasuke's side, obeying his orders with a second doubt. No.

She wasn't going to accept her fate.

When she reached Ino's door, and opened it, panting. "Ino!" she called urgently.

Ino was sitting on the floor, still eating breakfast. "Sakura? What's the matter?"

Sakura shut the door. She was now visibly hyperventilating. "Sasuke—he—me—child—servant—" She cried out, shaking.

"Sakura, calm down! I can't understand a word you're saying."

Sakura forced herself to calm down. "Ino, we have to get out of here today!"

Ino raised her eyebrow. "Today? What about the plan?"

The pinkette shook her hair violently. "We have to forget about the plan!"


Sakura bit her lip, and explained the situation to her friend.

The blonde's eyes widened. "What?! Is that really going to happen?!"

Sakura nodded grimly. "That's why we have to leave today."

Ino looked uncertainly at Sakura. "How? Karin leaves next week. There isn't any time to think of a new plan."

"We have to think of something." Sakura looked down at her feet. "Ino, please think of something…"

Ino sighed. "With Karin around, it's nearly impossible for somebody to escape. So, if we're going to think of a plan, Karin has to be out of the picture first."

Sakura jolted upwards in realization. "No… we need Karin."

Ino tipped her head. "What are you talking about, Sakura? Karin is loyal to the Uchiha Clan."

"She is," Sakura admitted, "But that's why she'll let us go."

Author's note : If you're confused about anything, ask and I'll gladly answer. Thank you for reading!