October 31, 1981 Godric's Hollow

The darkest lord in the world, Lord Voldemort, walked down the street of the village of Godric's Hollow. It was cold, windy, and wet, the result a rain that morning. Yet, despite the weather, dozens of children of various ages ran throughout the village, greedy for candy. Voldemort sneered; the foolish muggles, worshiping something they didn't even know existed, never aware that only feet from them, was the one who would lead an army of wizards to oppose, kill, and enslave them. A small child dressed in a pumpkin costume ran up to him.

"Nice costume mister!"

Voldemort turned his head slightly and he saw the child's smile turn into a look of horror when he saw what was beneath the hood of the black cloak he wore. The child ran, back to his mother. Voldemort gripped his wand; with one simple movement he could prevent the boy from ever reaching his mother. It would be easy, easy but unnecessary. It might even prove dangerous. The green flash from the killing curse could alert either of his intended victims and warn them or could alert the meddlesome Ministry that dark magic was being performed in a heavily populated muggle neighborhood. As easy and amusing as killing the boy would be, he had more important work to do tonight.

As he continued his journey, Voldemort thought of what had brought him here, to this muggle village. Fifteen months ago, one of his informants, Severus Snape, had been following his greatest adversary, the muggle loving fool Albus Dumbledore. Snape had learned that Dumbledore was going to interview a potential teacher at Hogwarts. Preparing to take his role as a spy there, Snape had followed to get hints and ideas for his own interview, as well as check out the competition. What he had found that night was something far more valuable than a position as a spy in Hogwarts.

The candidate, a descendant of a famous seer, hadn't shown much talent, until the prophecy. Snape had overheard the woman go into a trance-like state and speak in a strange voice. He was discovered before he had heard the full prophecy, but it was enough. All that concerned Voldemort was that it mentioned a child who would have the power to defeat him. The only characteristics were that they would be born at the end of July to parents who thrice had defied him. It took a couple of weeks but he had eventually discovered which couples who had defied him three times had given birth at the end of July; the Potters and Longbottoms.

The Longbottoms were Aurors and members of Dumbledore's Order of the Phoenix. They were also purebloods. The Potters however, had the answer. The father James Potter was also a pureblood but had married a muggle-born, making their children half-bloods, like him. They had also given birth to twins. Twins were rare in the magical world and were the sign of powerful magic, as such; they were destined for great things. The Prewett brothers had proved that, they had killed five of his best Death Eaters before they themselves were killed. Twin half-bloods were a major threat, so it was the obvious choice that the one to destroy him would be one of the Potter children.

When he at last had discovered his targets, he began to pursuit them. Voldemort had acted alone, he did not want any of his Death Eaters to get in his way and he didn't trust them fully with this. That and he wanted the pleasure of killing the twins himself. Unfortunately, Dumbledore knew the prophecy as well and knew that the two would be valuable to him and had hidden the whole family. Months of careful research and looking had led to the discovery that the Potters were using the Fidelius Charm, a spell that hid a location inside a person, only the Secret-Keeper would be able to reveal the Potters location to him.

Once Voldemort had discovered the use of the Fidelius, he began looking for the Secret-Keeper. It was advisable for the Secret-Keeper to be a family member or close friend, so he begun looking there. As the mother was a muggle-born, her only family would be muggles. The parents were dead and the sisters didn't get along well. Her only friends were Alice Longbottom and Stacey Smith, both purebloods, yet Voldemort didn't think it was either of them. That left the father's side. Like his wife's, both parents were dead. His friends were Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. Lupin was a werewolf, so he was out. Black however, was Potter's best friend, best mate at his wedding, godfather of his eldest child, and brother in all but blood, he was the perfect choice.

Voldemort had spent a couple weeks looking for Black when he began to really think. Rumors were that Potter liked to play pranks, could this whole goose-chase be one large prank on him? Black was the perfect Seeker-Keeper, maybe too perfect, Potter had claimed that Black was his Secret-Keeper. But what if he found Black and it was revealed that he wasn't the Secret-Keeper after all, he would have wasted months and work and the true Secret-Keeper would disappear. He then began to think of who would be the most unlikely suspect.

Peter Pettigrew was an average wizard who had surrounded himself with stronger wizards for protection. Unremarkable in his own right, he was the perfect decoy. It had taken him only a matter of weeks to find him. Under the threat of death, Voldemort had managed to persuade the timid man to switch sides and reveal the Potter's location. Now, armed with that information, Voldemort was on his way to remove the only threat to his power fifteen months after it had been born.

Turning onto a new street he reached his destination. He could easily see the house a couple of feet away, the Fidelius broken, though only two knew it. There was no one on the dark street, no one to see him disappear as he entered the warding. The curtains were open so he looked inside to see where his targets were, if was foolish to enter a building and not know where anyone was. There, he could see the black haired father entertaining his two children with his wand, making different colored smoke appear. The mother entered, picked-up the twins and disappeared again, most likely upstairs to put them to bed. The man threw his wand on the sofa and stretched, yawning. This would be easier than he thought.

Voldemort withdrew his wand and pointed it at the door, which exploded inwards. James Potter was through the door leading to the living room, he shouted a warning to his wife, telling her to take the children and run. Voldemort blasted him across the room easily; the man had not even gotten his wand. He then moved towards the stairs and climbed up them. One of them creaked, alerting the woman to his position. Upon reaching the top of the landing he turned towards the nursery, which was proudly labeled, how convenient. The door was closed but whether it was locked or not didn't matter, it too was blasted inwards.

The woman stood in the middle of the room, her arms wide as if to shield the twins from his sight. She too had no wand with her. How foolish they had been, thinking that they were safe here, trusting their friends and abandoning their weapons. She begged, she pleaded, asking for him to take her own life instead of her children. Annoyed, he blasted her aside like her husband, but not after giving her the choice of living or not. With the last obstacle removed, he turned at last towards the Potter children, the ones it was said that could defeat him.

They were in separate cribs; one white, the other blue, with their names at the top. He knew their names; Peter had told him and given a description in case something went wrong, which it wouldn't. On the right, in the blue crib, was the youngest. A crying baby with dark red nearing black hair and killing curse green eyes like her mother; Ivy Marie Potter.

On the left, in the white crib was her older twin brother, Harry James Potter. Black hair and the same Avada Kedavra eyes as his mother and sister. He was the opposite of his younger sister as she was crying, but he was silently starting back at him, which was a relief for Voldemort as he hated crying babies, it reminded him too much of his time in the orphanage.

Now came the problem, which baby to kill first. In all of his months of planning he had never thought once of which child to kill first, he was too focused on finding the Potters to give it any thought. Now that he was here it seemed like a major flaw in planning. He would have to remember this in the future, the best laid plans can come undone with even the smallest detail over looked. The answer was given a few seconds later; the girl still would not shut up and was starting to give Voldemort a headache. The brother reminded him too much of himself and he would grant this with a small honor.

Voldemort pointed his wand at the youngest, in her face, which only caused her to cry even louder. He would end this as quickly as possible. He spoke the words of the Killing Curse, Avada Kedavra, and laughed as the sickly green curse flew out of his wand towards the child. Then something unexpected happened. The Killing Curse bounced off of her. Before Voldemort had time to blink, his own curse hit him and blasted him back. He felt his body being destroyed, his soul being torn from it as his five Horcruxes fought to keep him alive.

The strain became too much and Voldemort felt his fragile soul start to splinter. He screamed a terrible scream as one little part of his soul broke free from the rest. It floated about before feeling the life presence of the twins. It went towards the youngest as she was closer, but the barrier which had protected her from the Killing Curse also stopped it. It then went to her brother, who was unprotected. The soul fragment touched a spot on the boy's forehead and entered, creating a lightening like scar where it did. The baby screamed in pain as the fragment entered and then he collapsed.

Voldemort fought to keep his existence going as he felt his soul weakening even further, being pulled at from many different directions by his many Horcruxes. For a split second Voldemort had hope as the world seemed to still. It was shattered in an instant as he felt his memories and magic being pulled from him and into the direction of his Horcruxes.

He had known it was dangerous to create Horcruxes as they literally tried to pull you into whatever item they were being stored in order to save the soul from death. It was only someone with iron-clad will that could overcome the pull and stay remaining as a shade instead of being locked away with the Horcrux.

He fought as hard as he could, but it simply wasn't enough. Even against his will the five Horcruxes were still ripping his soul apart and trapping the two things he treasured just as much as he did his very life...his memories and magic. Voldemort only had a fleeting moment to wonder just how everything had gone downhill before a small blast erupted as his soul burst into a miniature explosion and he was no more.

But that wasn't the end of the twins ordeal, however. A piece of the ceiling, broken loose from the backlash, fell onto the younger twin. The wood cut a mark on the girls cheek in the shape of an X, drawing only a little blood. The wood then bounced out of her crib and into her brother's, the bloody tip pointed right at his scar, which was bleeding. The girls cut, amazingly, barely bled at all. Throughout this, the girl kept crying.

Outside, a small, rat-like man watched the whole thing. He had felt guilty about betraying his friends and, in a rare moment of bravery, had run to Godric's Hollow to warn them. He had arrived in time to watch Voldemort walk up the stairs. Ever scared, the man slowly crept into the house and up the stairs. He entered the nursery just a few seconds to late to see Voldemort get destroyed. He then picked up the wand and thought hard. When word got out that it was he who had betrayed the Potters, it would be a life sentence in Azkaban, and he didn't want that. He thought how he could turn this to his advantage. Then, the answer came to him. He would have to work quickly if his plan was to work.

A few minutes later, a pop sounded as an old man appeared. He was tall, with long purple robes, and silver hair and beard that reached his belt. Albus Dumbledore entered the house of his former students. He had set up a ward that let him know if dark magic was performed in their house and the alarm had sounded just a few minutes ago. The Potter's house wasn't connected to the floo as a safety precaution so he had to run beyond the wards of Hogwarts before he could apparate to this location.

The headmaster found James Potter unconscious with a large bump on his head. Before he could wake him, he heard crying and ran up the stairs. There he found Lily, also unconscious but relatively unhurt, a sleeping Harry, and a crying Ivy. He also noticed that remains of Voldemort and knew what had happened. It was immediately clear that Lily had tried to protect her children and been removed by Voldemort. She was only alive due to the pleas of his spy Severus Snape. Looking closely he was able to determine which of the twins had done the deed. Ivy was awake and crying while Harry slept. There was also the fact that Harry's cut had come from a piece of falling wood while Ivy's was clearly from dark magic.

He heard Lily stir and moved to help her.

"Easy my dear, you are hurt."

"Albus? James! Harry! Ivy!" The woman launched herself up off the floor and ran to her children. She grabbed them out of their cribs and began rocking them with a well-practiced hand. "What happened, where's Voldemort, where's James, is he alright?"

Dumbledore placed his hand on the worried mother's shoulder comfortably. "He's fine, unconscious, but fine. But we must get you four to St. Mungo's as quickly as possible; you need to be looked over."

The woman then allowed herself to be lead downstairs where her husband was stirring. With a cry, Lily Potter flung herself on her husband, nearly knocking him over, and began crying in his shoulder. Dumbledore allowed them to have their moment, they had just nearly lost their lives, but repeated how necessary it was to get to St. Mungo's.

Later that night, at the hospital, James and Lily Potter waited for news about their children. Dumbledore had told them he was concerned about their health as no one had ever survived the Killing Curse before. Both parents had been shocked at his statement about surviving the Killing Curse but had consented to allow their children to be examined, they cared equally for them. They also waited on news about Peter Pettigrew as they had warned Dumbledore about him, who in turn warned the Ministry, who now had all of their Aurors out looking for him. Nearly a half hour after the children had been given to the healers, one of them came out.

"Are they alright, are my babies going to be alright?" Lily Potter had all but demanded of the healer. The healer looked uncomfortable for a few seconds before speaking.

"Both of your children are in good health, expect for one thing. Ivy's magic is low, too low. Accidental magic among children younger than four or five is really dangerous as their core is still developing."

Lily was too frozen to speak so her husband did it for her. "What does this mean for Ivy?"

Once again the healer hesitated before speaking. "If it isn't corrected, there is a seventy percent chance that she could lose her magic forever and become a Squib. If this happens, there is another fifty percent chance that she could die."

Lily burst into tears at this point. James was not happy. "Isn't there anything you can do, Ivy just destroyed Voldemort!"

For the third time the healer was silent before speaking. "There is one thing; there is an ancient ritual that we could use that would transfer Harry's magic into Ivy. We haven't performed this ritual in hundreds of years because in order to work, the subjects need to be younger than two, really close in age, and share almost matching magical signatures, in other words twins. Most families aren't willing to risk one child's magic and life to save the other child's and twins are rare enough as it is. The Ministry has also heavily restricted this ritual as it is seen as dark."

Lily was still crying, not paying attention to anything the healer said so James turned to Dumbledore. "Is Voldemort gone for good Dumbledore?"

Dumbledore sighed. He hated when such choices came down to his decision, it reminded him too much of his youth with Ariana and Gellert. He saw all children as equal and never believed in favoritism but Gellert's old slogan came back to him, the one he himself created, 'For the Greater Good'. How he hated that slogan after his sister's death but now it came back in full. He didn't have a choice, when Voldemort came back (Dumbledore truly believed he would, he had studied Tom too much not to believe it) he would hunt down Ivy. When Voldemort did come back, she would be the only one able to finally defeat him. With a heavy heart, Dumbledore made his choice.

"No James, Voldemort isn't truly gone just yet. He will come back, and when he does, only Ivy will be able to defeat him."

James nodded and turned towards the healer. "Do the ritual, the Ministry won't care because she just defeated Voldemort."

The healer nodded, turned, and entered through the doors he had left previously. James went to put his arms around Lily, who turned into his embrace and cried. Dumbledore watched them and hoped to Merlin that his choice wouldn't come back to haunt him as the one he had made back when he was younger.

November 1, 1981 London street

It was early morning after the night his master fell and Peter Pettigrew was worried. There had been no sign of his target and he was starting to fear that he would be caught before he found him. The London street had only a few muggles out and about at this time so Peter was able to see who was around him. If any Aurors or Ministry personal showed up, he'd Apparate away and continue his search elsewhere. Suddenly, a loud voice caught his and many of the muggles' attention.


Peter turned around. There, making his way towards him with his wand out, was Sirius Black. Black was tall, well-built, and handsome, his long black hair catching the eye of a couple muggle women further down the street. Black's loud voice was beginning to attract attention and several more muggles came out it investigate what was going on. Good, thought Peter, the more the better. Prepared, Peter began to yet loudly.

"Black! I never should've give you that piece of paper! You lied to me Black, you lied! You said it was for McGonagall but it was really for your master wasn't it? You gave it to You-Know-Who and betrayed the Potters! You're the reason they're dead, you're the reason Harry and Ivy are orphans! You're just like your family Black; cruel and dark! We should've seen it right from the start but we wanted to believe that you were different! But you're not; you betrayed them and now their dead! I'll kill you Black, I'll kill you!"

Peter was crying at the end of his little speech; fake crying. Something he had worked on during his time at Hogwarts to get out of detention, and it worked too. The crowd around them was larger now and muttering about betrayal and death. A couple of women screamed at the thought of a murder right in front of their eyes. Sirius never even got the chance the speak. Quickly drawing his wand, Peter muttered a curse and then cut off one of his fingers. The explosion covered the severing of his finger and his transformation into a rat. Peter then quickly ran down the nearest sewer drain.

A couple seconds later, Aurors, members of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, and many other Ministry of Magic personnel Apparated to what remained of the street. Just behind where Peter had stood was a large crater with the bodies of twelve muggles strewn all over the place. Screams met the wizards' ears and the sound of laughter. Sirius Black laughed, he laughed at how Peter had pulled one giant prank on everyone, him included. Laughed at how Peter had hid his magical talent and just revealed it now. He ignored the people around him, he would explain the truth later and James would back him up. Then the two along with Remus would begin hunting for the little rat and make him pay.

St. Mungo's Hospital

Lily and James continued to waited for the healers to release their children, they hadn't seen them since they had given them over for the checkup. Dumbledore had left a few minutes earlier to check on the search for Peter. Suddenly the doors opened and three healers entered, two of them carrying the twins. Lily, red-eyed, stood up and quickly walked with James over to them. They both grabbed Ivy and peppered her with hugs and kisses, then Lily separated and grabbed Harry. The lead healer spoke up.

"Both twins are completely healthy, the magic transfer was a complete success. Ivy's magic is fine and topped off while Harry is now a complete Squib."

Dumbledore chose that moment to return. James quickly spotted him and proudly held up Ivy.

"Dumbledore! The healers said she is fine, she's not going to be a Squib or die. Isn't that great! What's wrong, what happened?" He had seen Dumbledore's sad face.

"I have some unfortunate news. It turns out that Peter didn't betray you like we thought. Sirius tricked him into giving up a piece of parchment which held the location of the house which he then gave to Voldemort. When Peter heard what happened, he pursued Black, thinking you were dead and hoping to avenge you. Sirius, however, got the best of him. He blew up the street to kill Peter. All that was left was a single finger and twelve dead muggles. It turns out Sirius wasn't too different from his family after all."

At the news of two of hers friends, Lily once again burst into tears. Holding Harry tightly to her, she let James grip her tightly, welcoming his comfort. Dumbledore continued.

"The Ministry had decided to throw Sirius in Azkaban right away to avoid have the two of you from facing the pain of a trial. Unfortunately, I have to agree with them. I had hoped that maybe I could help Sirius change his ways but, after hearing what he did in South London…"

He ended the sentence there. Just hearing about what had happened had been horrible, seeing it was worse. And for Lily and James to know, after they had suffered so much already, it was best not to speak of it. Dumbledore just watched the family of four comfort each other, he could see Harry leaning out of his mother's arm to look at him. He gave brief thoughts about sending Harry off to live at Lily's sister's, but quickly shot it down. He knew that Lily would never agree to it and besides, it was best to leave the little family together. He had learned that with Aberforth and Ariana. He once again hoped that he had made the right choice with Harry.

Later that day, the Potter family moved into Potter Manor, which had been abandoned after it was learned that Voldemort was after them. James immediately started to set up Ivy's own room as he didn't want her and Harry to share a room anymore, after all, Ivy was now the Girl-Who-Lived while Harry was just a plain Squib. Lily had protested at first but relented when James had explained that the two needed to be separated eventually and this was the best time. He knew that there were still protests but she would let up for now. Meanwhile, the Wizarding World enjoyed a time of great celebration at the fall of Lord Voldemort to little Ivy Potter. There was a scandal when it was learned that her brother Harry was a Squib, but it died down in time.

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