Angel in the Attic

Summary: What if Alice saw Bella coming? What if Edward was waiting for her knowing she belonged to him? What he is, isn't the only thing Edward is hiding.



She's there-just thirty feet from me with her radiant smile and eyes so full of love, sparkling with venomous tears -and she's looking at me…at ME.

I am in awe of this glorious creature, standing in a room full of flowers and people. There is silence except for the occasional wayward note, leaking into my consciousness like dewdrops. An errant ray of light strikes the sparkling jewel on her left hand, and I become distracted by the tiny shimmer.

I know with absolute certainty the time, place and occasion. I have intimate knowledge of the heart and soul of the woman of surpassing beauty now making her way toward me, the beaded, white lace trailing behind her. I know the depth of those warm butterscotch eyes better than I know my own.

And yet…

Every member of my family ceased their mundane daily tasks as the last notes from my piano hung like punctuation marks around my words.

"Alice, what in God's name was that?"