Everything was great, it was the morning after Christmas, Terra was heading to the library before Keri tried to drag her to the bar tonight. She just had two more pages in this book and…

And then she had a barrier, literally. She hit a solid force that was unmoving on the sidewalk.

In a quick thinking motion she let her books drop and simply caught herself and bent back straight in a graceful motion, "Apologies, I wasn't watching where I was going." She said in a void tone as she looked at who she had run into.

He was blonde with spiked up hair and, as Terra had felt less than ten seconds ago, very fit.

He also looked very familiar. You know how some people you can go years without seeing but when you do it's like nothing changed? This was not one of those moments. This was one of those strange déjà vu moments, like a flashback and entirely similar to a Star Wars scenario.

The boy smiled warmly and shook his head, "No need to apologize, I am stopped in the middle of the side walk."

The two just looked at each other for a second before Terra shook her head, "I'm sure you have your reasons, I am just trying to get to the library." She bent to retrieve her books and he kneeled to help her.

"You didn't say your name." He commented as he picked up the last of her books.

She was fairly positive his statement was just an invitation to tell him her name and reacted in kind, "Terra, and you would be?"

"Adam." Terra's eyes widened for a fraction before nodding her head whileit seemed to hit him too, "Although I can't say I think this is the first time we've met."

She shook her head, "I would agree." The two looked at each other, sibling separated by the poles of Vulcan, now staring at each other over a decade later unsure of what to say. They were close friends before they got separated, he would help her with nightmares and schoolwork while she did the same for him, but now, they weren't children. Terra smiled a little and raised her hand in a Vulcan salute, "Live long and Prosper."

Adam mimicked her stature and nodded, "Peace and long life." He said in Vulcan. Things had changed, but that didn't mean they were bad. Terra walked past him and he watched her for a second before continuing on his way as well.

Terra told her friends of the encounter and they all responded in interest. Keri wanted to know if terra could hook her up, Spock was wondering what the chances of that meeting were, and Patrick was asking if he was anything like Terra.

That night…

"I don't want to go!"

"Please Terra!"


"Patrick and Spock are going! They'll be here any minute!"

Terra knew she should go out with her friends, after all, what's the worst that could happen when you've got back up (when you grow up on Vulcan you learn to never ask 'what's the worst that could happen), "Fine…" Keri smirked privately, "But do I have to wear these shoes?"

"Yes Terra! You've got to go all out, even if it's just this once!" Keri had been shouting at her roommate for the last ten minutes about the entire plan. She had already compromised on hair and makeup and wasn't letting Terra out of anything else.

Terra dramatically sighed before they heard the door chime and Keri moved to let them in, "Hey guys, come in, Terra's just finishing up. Terra, get your ass out here!"

Patrick laughed but knew the exact reason Terra was still getting ready, "Terra I'm sure you look great!" Spock had been giving him the same shit for having to wear a button down and jeans (that actually belonged to Patrick).

Terra looked at herself in the bathroom mirror; she had a strapless bra on with the white dress and consciously covered her arms and tried pulling the dress down. With the shoes on she was almost six foot and she really didn't think the dress worked on her despite Patrick's reassurances through the door.
She took a deep breath, she didn't care. Fear was illogical and so was humiliation. With a deep breath she opened the bathroom door with blank eyes, resuming the mindset she had kept up for most of her life.

The bathroom door opened and Keri was the only one facing it but let out a giant smile and a small "Whoa!"

The boys turned and Patrick's immediate reaction was a wolf whistle while Spock was actually shocked.

"You look fantastic!" Keri fussed as she moved to fix Terra's hair a bit but her face remained impassive.

Spock could tell by her eyes she was back on Vulcan as she gazed over everything as though it was all numbers but even he was struggling with that. Granted he has seen other girls dressed in clothing as tight or as short as that and has felt very little but then he would remember it is Terra. He's been in her head more than once and knows that she could beat anyone in a fight on Earth (Well maybe besides him, although he did find himself wanting to make that a bet) but he's never seen evidence of it until now. Her legs were toned and she walked with balance (if not hesitance) in the higher shoes. Her stomach was completely flat and hips curved smoothly as she walked.

Patrick looked to his Vulcan friend to see wide eyes and a slightly open jaw and Patrick couldn't keep from laughing which made Terra look to him before she looked away quickly and to Keri who was practically glowing with pride. Leaning over Patrick nudged Spock, "Take a picture, something tells me that it'd last longer." His voice was low enough the girls didn't hear but Spock did as he immediately snapped out of his trance.

"Are we ready?" Terra asked looking to Spock and Patrick catching Spock's stunned look still there from before a bit and she held a smirk.

Patrick made a motion to the door, "Ladies first."

And so they were out. Keri was hopping along excited as ever while Terra looked over the boys. Patrick was in a white shirt with a thin tie and dark jeans while Spock was in dark jeans but with just a black button down and dark purple stripes going down it. To be fair, they both looked very… handsome.

"Excited?" Spock asked Terra as Keri and Patrick discussed Keri's silvery and sparkly outfit.

Terra didn't smile but looked up at her friend realizing that in these shoes it wasn't nearly as high up as usual, "I do not understand any reason for me to be."

Spock had known from the moment she stepped out she had been going Vulcan on them and he smiled at the familiarity, "Indifferent?"

"In attempts."

He frowned. Vulcan lingo was fine, but for some reason coming from Terra now it seemed strange. Speaking Vulcan language he told her so, "You are on Earth remember, emotional differences are praised."

She looked at him before shaking her head, "I-"

"There's the cab!" Patrick pointed out and they all stuffed into the back seat.

The ride over was remarkable silent but as soon as they were out Keri was quick to explain, "Alright, so drink, dance and whatever else you want. The only rule is for Terra, no boys home tonight."

Terra refused to smile and laugh at her friend and instead nodded, and settled for skeptically saying, "Noted."

As soon as they walked in the sound picked up and the temperature rose while Patrick said, "Bit like hell isn't it?" Keri had gotten distracted with some dude already.

"I would think your version of hell to be hotter." Spock said as terra just gazed around and Patrick nodded to her but Spock shook his head.

Sighing Patrick grabbed Terra's arm, a motion she almost stepped back from, "Come on Ter, let's get you a drink."

At the bar the all sat down with Terra in the middle and Patrick spoke confidently, "I'll have a shot of tequila straight up please, and she will too, Spock how about you?"

"No but thank you." He responded kindly much more willing to watch this experiment.

The bartender poured the glasses and Patrick handed one to Terra who eyed it skeptically, "Now, it'll sting so just swallow as quick as you can. On three?" She nodded in response, "One, two, three!"

They both threw back the shot and Patrick slapped his glass on the bar harder than Terra whereas Terra was graceful about it and then coughed slightly while Patrick gave an impressed look until she said, "What is that supposed to taste like?"

"Exactly how it is." Patrick said proudly and he could see her wall dropping a bit, "We'll take another."

After the second one Terra shook her head, "No let's not do that again." Patrick sighed dramatically as Keri sauntered up to them.

"Hey guys, which can I convince to dance?" She pointed to the three before sighing, "Come on Spock!" She reached to grab his hands and he pulled them away with an amused smile at her efforts.

"I see little point-"

"That's because there isn't one, now come on." She grabbed his arm and tried dragging him while Patrick gave the shoo hand wave.

"Go on Spock, you said you'd come." Patrick looked to Terra for support but she had nothing to say and he rolled his eyes, "Spock you go, I already have one temperamental Vulcan on my hands, who ISN'T VULCAN." Patrick glared at Terra.

Terra seemed to be getting hit by the alcohol a bit because she raised an eyebrow, "I don't understand your implications."

Spock mentally laughed at Terra as Keri dragged him away onto a dance floor of sweating inebriated young adults, "Okay now Spock just let go a bit."

While those two were working things out Patrick looked to Terra, "Alright so, what's going on?"

"I'm sure multiple events are occurring simut-" Patrick kicked her bar stool and it crashed to the floor as she went with it. The clangs and short scream forced the people in the area to back up and gasp at it. Patrick bit his lip and Terra glared at him from the floor as she had fallen uncomfortably.

"Nothing to see, she just lost her balance." He went down and grabbed her wrists. Pulling her up her lowered his voice, "Please tell me that worked?"

Terra smiled a little, "Was it supposed to make me feel like hitting you?" They laughed, Patrick mainly in relief.

"It was supposed to make you feel something." Patrick mumbled as he picked up her chair for her even though he knew he didn't need to, "So what made you go all robotic on us?"

She rolled her eyes and played with the shot glass on the bar, "I didn't think I was that bad."

Patrick was fairly sure it was just the new situation that threw her off, "Well regardless, just relax, and you look stunning."

"Thanks luv." She smiled looking out on the dance floor to see Spock awkwardly dancing while Keri tried to help him while laughing.

With a smirk Patrick couldn't help himself, "And if you didn't see Spock's face, I can tell you that he agrees."

"Not dating."

"Didn't say you were." They smirked at each other before Patrick stood, "May I have this dance?" Terra nodded and they went out to Keri and Spock.

"Spock, girls just do that!"

"Teaching him that sometimes they grind?" Patrick said knowingly and Keri sighed.


Terra knew that was going to be unacceptable to Spock, "Guys, don't try. I understand."

Patrick stopped her, "Wait, you know how to dance right?"

She shrugged, she had her own knowledge but she didn't use it on a regular basis, "Sort of."

Keri narrowed her eyes before twerking and getting a few whistles and then motioning for Terra to try, "Let's see it, twerk it."

Shaking her head she tried to step backwards but found that any line away had been cut off by various other dancers, "I really don't think-"

"You know we can think of worse for you to try."

Although she was fairly sure this was blackmail or prostitution or something that could be a sued for, she performed the dance just for a few seconds before standing straight again despite Keri's look of shock and Patrick's laugh.

They could agree that she knows how to dance, and yes, Spock was in the agreement.

However Spock was not a dancer and soon he made his way off the floor, only to be followed by Terra who wasn't about to let her friend get away that easily, "Spock," She whined out as she caught up with him at the bar, "If I have to suffer it, then so do you."

"As it appears, they seemed to not notice our disappearance." Spock said pleased as he took a seat on the barstool facing out to Terra who also looked through the people to try and see their friends but failed.

"I guess you're right." She took the seat next to him reluctantly, "But then aga-"

"Excuse me miss?" Terra looked to the bartender who smiled and put a drink in front of her, "From the man, at the end of the bar."

Spock looked at the drink, the bartender and then down the bar to glimpse at said man. Before he could give an opinion of the situation Terra spoke, "I can't accept, please take it back." The bartender gave her a puppy-like look and she smiled empathetically but shook her head, "I am sorry."

"Keri would've told you to take the free drink." Spock said blandly and Terra smiled at him one of her reserved smiles he was used to on Vulcan.

With a shake of her head, "Yes, she would've; but I do not know the guy nor am I remotely interested."

Now, even with limited views on Earth customs Spock was quite sure that Terra would be seen as beautiful because even by Vulcan terms she was pleasing to the eye despite the abnormally bright blonde hair, "You are single, and you're not still thinking abo-"

"No Spock, I am not. It's just that," Terra had to think; she really just didn't want to date anyone. Was that wrong? No. She has her boys, and outside of them two, she didn't really need anyone else to understand her. Looking at Spock's nonjudgmental expression she spoke earnestly, "I have you and Patrick, that's all I'll need."

Confused by her meaning Spock opened his mouth to ask but was cut off by Patrick coming at them, "How did you two manage to slip away?" Terra shrugged as a slower song started and the corners of her mouth twitched upwards.

Keri wasn't very far behind Patrick and sighed, "Seriously, we get them out here and this is what happens."

"Well what did you expect?" Spock asked cautiously as he straightened his hair and Terra seriously debated messing it up from where she sat.

"For you to get drunk? Go crazy?"

Terra laughed and Spock looked amused, "Spock can't get drunk off alcohol and I can feel it's effects still from my shots."

The song kicked up a bit and Keri held her chin high, "Alright, then Terra, let's do a round."

Reluctantly Keri and Terra did a round of shots, and then another. At which point Terra actually had to start thinking about how to walk in her shoes when before it came naturally. Spock and Patrick teased her a bit at her she looked down at the ground as though she was expecting it to come up to her.

At the next slower song Keri dragged Spock to dance even as he tried to resist he gave in remembering that Terra had mentioned that they suffer together. While they were dancing Patrick and Terra were rating some guys before Patrick just smiled at Terra, "Wait, if I ask Keri to dance would you dance with Spock?"

Confused Terra said slowly, "Well sure but why would you-"

"Okay good!" Patrick slid off the stool and moved quickly through the crowd to Keri's side and tapped her shoulder to cut in. She agreed, understanding what Patrick was not-so-subtly trying to do.

Terra caught Spock's arm as he was about to walk by her without seeing her, "Not so fast." He faced her with mild surprise as she put her hands behind his neck and leaned on him with just enough pressure for him to instinctually grab her waist, "May I have this dance?"

Mentally laughing Spock nodded, "I really don't think I have a choice." Not that he could say no to her anyways, especially not when she looked like that.

Shaking her head she agreed with him.

Music picked up a bit and when Patrick and Keri believed that Terra and Spock were fully trained in going to clubs for the night they all left, answering the Spock's prayers, and returned to their respective rooms for the night.

Patrick held in all jokes about how he saw the Vulcan dancing with Terra; and Keri did that same. For now, that couple remained not-canon yet to Patrick still an OTP.

Patrick went to visit his family and Spock was secretly enjoying having the room to himself.

Terra had lunch with Professor Pike one day, but arrived there before him. She was still curious about his complete avoidance of the topic she brought up last time. Her questions were quelled by his sitting down and throwing a holopad on the table with a folder brought up.

She threw him a questioning look and he just waved his hand, "Go on, read it."

She turned the holopad to her and tapped the icon to open up over a hundred 'papers' or 'notes' organized by year. She started at the beginning and saw they were medical records; her's.

A human female.

Age two all the way up.

Tri-annual record from Vulcan that had her muscle mass and intelligence increasing substantially that was taken by Sarek.

All of her marks in school, including the fights she's gotten in with Spock (It was twice).

Her meditation difficulties, including her overcoming it. Her occasion smiling and 'moments of humanity' as they were called.

And then there was her name.

Terra Amity Pike.

"You're my father?"

"I was resisting the cliché." Terra raised an eyebrow at him and he saw his mistake, "Right, well there are the facts." He tried appealing to her Vulcan side seeing how she read all the notes and records with a scary amount of passiveness.

Seconds turned to minutes and minutes turned into an uncomfortable silence until Terra asked the one question Pike foolishly hope she wouldn't, "Why was I sent to Vulcan?"

"I made a mistake. Your mother was cadet years ago and we never married. She left Starfleet when you two were born but left you two. I didn't know where you or she had gone. Starfleet higher ups were tossing around the idea of a more capable individual and pushing humans to their greatest potential. I was an advocate of this theory."

He paused and she nodded, "So when two children were suddenly there."

"Exactly. They had me at their disposal, I was a cadet climbing the ranks. I was made professor in exchange to sharing my kids basically. You both were raised in an educational environment and pushed as far as we could. Then Vulcan offered assistance and the offer was taken."

Terra was silent again as she kept swiping through records and letters.

Tapping his fingers he got some coffee all while she just read and skimmed.

Finally Terra declared, "I have thought on this and believe I should be thanking you."

Unsure of where he stood at the moment Pike cautiously replied, "For what?"

Setting the holopad down she pushed it back across the table. With hands clasped on the table in front of her, she explained, "I love Vulcan. And I loved growing up there. It was different and it was," She paused thinking of a word, "Arduous but it was also befitting. I was deprived of humanity but compensated with Vulcan, and honestly it was wonderful."

Pike was at a loss for words. He was prepared for anger or sadness or acceptance but this… it actually made him feel strangely proud and still a bit guilty, "I really was in no position-"

"To argue, I know. And I am telling you thank you." She stood from the table and nodded to him, "I have lost any appetite however and must get going, good day Prof-… Chri-… Da-…Christopher Pike." She stuttered on her words as she battled over what to call him, "Good day." She settled on before walking out without another word as Pike watched.

Well… one good thing about her growing up on Vulcan was that he didn't have her crying or screaming. He sat there for another minute and thought about what life might have been for the family if he had just been enough to support them without getting Starfleet involved. They would've been happy, and twins would've been best friends who hated each other at the same time and they would've been able to choose whatever future they wanted.

Can't always get what you want huh?

Terra had received enough Family information for the break and promptly locked herself in her room and sat down to meditate. Keri had come home before to the silent and seated Terra so today was no exception as she just went about her day quietly.

When dinner came and passed Keri began to get worried, usually Terra wouldn't meditate for more than a few hours. She went into the hall and called Spock on her holopad, "Spock?"

"Keri. Why are you calling?" Spock was sitting in the library doing over-break work and spoke in a lower decibel.

She rolled her eyes, "Nice to hear from you too, and Terra's meditating."

Spock raised a quizzical eyebrow, "In same, and thanks for the status update?"

Okay, Keri had long ago realized that sassy Vulcan moments were the worst, but to be honest they could only blame themselves, "You're welcome, and no she's been meditating for six hours."

He paused and remembered Terra's general meditation sessions barely ever lasted as long as that, "I admit that is unusual, did anything potentially stressful happen today?"

Keri had come home after Terra had already been in this state and she shook her head, "No I hadn't gotten the chance to ask about her day."

Logically, in such circumstances, Terra may be in need of assistance. If something stressful had happened and she was unable to clear her mind after such an extent of time, then she would most likely be in a stalemate for the next couple of hours without outside interference, "I'll be right there."

In minutes Spock was standing outside the girls' apartment and Keri was quietly swearing 'Not dating my ass' as she opened the door and put her finger to her lips. Spock already knew to be quiet but nodded anyways as he walked in. Terra sat on her bed, cross legged and breathing steadily with her eyes moving just slightly under her eye lids.

Spock sat close to her on the bed with her legs hanging off of it and studied her face for a minute, her pale skin that frowned to her black lashes that twitched with her eye movements and to her tied back blonde hair. Looking back to Keri he gave a hand motion meant to be reassuring before he raised his hand to Terra's face and placed his fingers accordingly. His own eyes shut close at the contact.

This wasn't the first time he had been in her mind. Actually he had gone into it once a month for over a year or whenever her nightmares were too bad for her to forget them. He would just file them away in her mind or put her to sleep. There were times that if one focused they could actually feel the other in the room or area, rarely thoughts could be said but it wasn't an official bond by any means and therefore not as strong.

Her mind was a mess. After the first level of calmness it was a pool of emotions and Spock was shocked before he composed himself to try and help her. She had mostly confusion, some surprise, some self-anger, some actual anger and just a hint of hope and pride.

He tried to take in the self-anger, and most of the confusion knowing that confusion just made it harder for either of them to work through the pool. Taking his time, he took the confusion into himself and dispersed some of it in his own confidence, 'Terra?' he called softly, hoping that with confusion gone she could figure the rest out herself.

With no mental response he dug a bit deeper into memories, if he could find the center of this he coul- FATHER: Christopher Pike. The words were in type and seemed to be on a document of some sort.

Spock was caught between sympathy and reveling that he guessed right, 'Terra?' He tried again.

'Spock.' She had felt him in there since he entered but only now did she realize he expected her to communicate, 'It's under control."

Spock withdrew carefully from her mind at her reassurance and opened his eyes to find thy had shifted closer. Without moving away he observed her carefully as her eyes fluttered open and she suddenly took a much deeper breath and wavered in her stance before coming to. Spock moved away quickly at this point and saw Keri watching them from the doorway before slinking away.

Terra rubbed her head and looked at Spock, "How did you know I needed you?"

He responded, "You didn't need me, it just would've taken you longer without me. Keri called."

Nodding Terra rubbed her eyes and got up stretching her lithe limbs and rolled her shoulders, "I'm sorry I should've had that under control more than I did but…" She trailed off.

Spock looked around the room, Keri had left them and he felt the soft comforter of the bed before bring his feet onto the bed and crisscrossing them with a seemingly emotionless face but Terra could see the twinkle in his eye. Holding back a sigh she mimicked his position on the bed and he began to talk, "Professor Pike is you father."

She nodded.

"You were conflicted."

Again she nodded.

"Are you better now?"

This time she responded with words, "Much thank you."

Once Spock was satisfied that she was telling the truth he got off her bed knowing that her sitting on his bed had more charm and normalcy to it than vice versa, "You're welcome."

Terra didn't tell Keri that day but assumed that she had overheard Spock saying it and just didn't mentioned it out of respect.

New Year's eve came and Keri went out, this time failing to get Terra or Spock to go with her but instead going with girls from one of her classes, "What is the custom of drinking on December 31st?"

Keri threw on diamond studded earrings and was running around getting ready, "It's a way of ringing in the New Year. Toasting to the next 365 days being absolutely fantastic and a new start to whatever you may want from the year. How do I look?"

Terra inspected her roommate in the skin tight blue short dress and gold heels. She had long ago learned that when Keri asked her, 'how do I look' she was looking for confirmation and not analyzation, "Good."

With a smile the red haired girl grabbed her purse, "Oh and Terra, is it alright if you stay at Spock's tonight?" Terra's confusion was evident and Keri spoke quickly to explain, "I just, there's this guy going out with us and if things go well…"

"I'll go out, don't worry." Terra reassured as she understood what Keri was insinuating.

"Thank you so much Terra! You're the best!"

Keri gave her a grateful smile as she hurried out the door, "There's a bottle of champagne for you and Spock if you want it."

It didn't really matter to Terra as she got holo-called Spock.

"Spock here."

"Hello Spock, Keri has just made it clear to me that she intends to bring someone back to the room after her New Year's festivities. I am looking for a place to stay the night."

Spock couldn't see her face on the holocall as she wasn't standing in front of her pad but he knew it was her, "I see no reason why not."

"Thank you Spock!" Terra was putting her things in a bag to carry over there and throwing on a sweatshirt because even walking into the hallway would be colder for her tastes. Ending the call she looked at the counter to indeed see a bottle of champagne. With a shrug she threw it in her bag and left her apartment with a hop in her step. Spock, on the other hand, knew of the many New Year's parties occurring in his dorm building and that neither could be sleeping very well tonight with the noise of parties and fireworks.

He was still questioning the loyalty of Keri if she is pushing her roommate out just for sex but it was of little consequence seeing how Terra could just sleep in Patrick's bed. He heard the knock on the door around eleven thirty and opened it to see Terra with her bag, "I believe Happy New Year is in order?"

Spock smiled a little and moved aside for her to come in, "Not until midnight technically but thank you." Terra stuck her tongue at him in a pouting face that made him half roll his eyes. She threw her coat on their couch and bag as well, "Why did you not go out with Keri tonight?"

She sat down on the couch lounging, "And expose myself to the torture of wearing another one of those dresses?" Exaggerating a shudder she got her point across before remembering that she had brought something.

While she busied herself with her bag on the floor Spock raised an eyebrow, "It wasn't nearly that bad."

"Gee thanks." She said sarcastically before finding the bottle in her bag and pulling it out, "Earth custom?"

Spock had realized that what he had said probably sounded worse aloud than in his head, "Glasses are in the cabinet and I think you misunderstood."

Terra just smiled at the somewhat confused Vulcan as she moved to their kitchenette area to open the top cabinet to the left, she already knew that was the right one, "No, trust me Spock; Earth clothes rarely fit me very well."

Spock rolled his eyes remembering her dress from the other night and the way it fit her athletic shape trimly and, with honesty, flatteringly, "That's not correct." He saw how Terra stopped pouring the drink halfway and sideways looked at him with an unbelieving look, "That dress fit you well; you're just still unused to the feel."

Mildly surprised at the compliment, that she almost took as being hit on before remembering who she was talking to, she put the champagne put and walked with the glasses back to her friend and handed him one, "Well thank you Spock," She flicked on the flat screen to see a live feed of fireworks and celebrations from all around the world, "It's technically just different."

She sat next to him closer than usual as the couch sunk in and Spock shrugged stiffly, "Different doesn't mean bad."

With an amused smile she looked at her friend sideways and tilted her head, "No I guess it doesn't." They sat like that for a moment, his eyes to her blue ones, before a loud crack could be heard from outside. They both jumped a bit at the noise but Terra stood with a gasp as she almost spilt her drink.

"What the-" She caught Spock's look of suppressed laughter and kicked his foot, "Shut up." She moved to their covered window and peeked through the blinds just in time to see the explosion of color drifting from the sky, "We have fireworks?"

So they pulled up the blinds and sat in chairs watching the fireworks show from the window talking of trivial matters. What classes were tough, what weren't; what classes they would finish shortly and what they think they should take next.

"I miss Vulcan." Terra said it without thinking but even after she said it she just let it sit there as she poured herself a fourth glass.

Finally, after a long while, "That's logical."

She turned to face him and raised an eyebrow, "How so?"

"Well," He began as the ends of his mouth turned up, "You spent the majority of your conscience life on Vulcan and humans tend not to like change. It makes sense that you wouldn't take the change of atmosphere well."

Terra rolled her eyes but smiled nonetheless as a red and yellow firework spelled the year out high in the sky, "It'll be a new year in a few minutes; Vulcan never acted like it was any different." Her cheeks were flushed in the light from the champagne most likely.

"It isn't." Spock said honestly at her sitting on her chair with glass in hand as she was mesmerized with the exploding color out the window. Her face turned to his and he spoke again to amend her smile, "A few key seconds don't make any difference in the long run."

"You're right." Terra could admit that easily, "I think that is one thing I won't miss." She muttered it off and before Spock could question her again she kept talking, "We are going to be on Earth for the next few years aren't we?" Spock nodded taking a small sip of his drink knowing that she already knew the answer too, "Well, at least I don't have to be missing you."

Just then the voices of the building seemed to coordinate as they shouted out "TEN!"

They looked at each other before Terra nodded, "Nine."

"Eight." Spock kept his voice static as he answered.

"Seven." Wait, did she just admit she'd miss him?

"Six." Of 'course she'd miss him, he was a constant in her life and to suddenly be gone would throw her off.

"Five." It's not like he would miss her, Vulcans control their perforations better.

"Four." He wouldn't miss her strange sense of optimism.

"Three." Or her arguments with him when they disagree.

"Two." Definitely not her smile or the way her eyes look like the blue of the sky above them on most nights.

"One." He would miss her too.

Fireworks and people and music all blared in their ears while the two just looked at each other before Terra broke their eye contact to look out the window closer, "It looks so cool…" Her voice sounded far away and Spock shook his head at her.

The display of fantastic colors had just multiplied by tens as the entire sky lit up and the light flooded through the room as Spock watched from his seat and Terra stood closer to the window. He remembered something Patrick had been saying in his last call, "What's your New Year's wish?"

Curiously Terra turned back to him and slowly re took her seat, "I get a wish?" Logically, wishing was trivial.

"Patrick said every New Year is best celebrated with 'drinks, a kiss and a wish', to be quoted."

Finding that the quote seemed very much like the curly headed boy who wasn't with them right now, Terra shrugged, "That's difficult. I do not know what I want. Do you?"

He was getting an education, food, shelter, and friends. Looking to Terra proved it as his shoulders relaxed, "I've got everything I need."

The fireworks seemed to die off abruptly and Terra yawned, "Me too I suppose."

Terra got changed into pajama pants and a black cami while Spock did the same in his room. Knocking on the doorframe Terra waited for his confirmation to come in, "Can I just say how much I appreciate Patrick's love for sweet smelling soaps?" Spock had noticed the aroma that followed her into the room to be familiar and he fondly remembered Patrick's pride at the hand soap he bought.

"You may, although, it is a known fact." Spock added as he turned over his covers.

Now Terra paused before getting into Patrick's bed for a minute and bit her lip debating an idea in her head, "What was that quote from Patrick again?"

"'New Year's is celebrated best with drinks, a kiss and a wish'?" Spock replied turning to see her looking at him questioningly. Spock was more confused about why she was asking seeing how she usual remembered conversations word for word, even days later.

"Right." Terra nodded with a sort of mischievous smirk that made Spock narrow his eyes.

Before anyone else could speak again Terra went on her toes to lightly peck her best friend on the lips.

It was a little less than two seconds and right after Terra was tinted pink, nervous by the complete stiffness of Spock. She spoke quickly and with a contained smile, "Happy New Year Spock, lights."

Immediately the lights went out and Terra pulled back the covers and laid in the bed, all before Spock moved. He still stood frozen in between the two beds and looking at the girl in the darkness. He was processing what had just happened; Terra just kissed him. She obviously didn't mean anything special by it right? She was just fulfilling the quota of 'human customs'.

In honesty, besides T'Pring he had never kissed anyone and even then it was when he was fourteen, and once. Then again, Terra kissing him was only a peck, and was most likely an obligation. Terra lay with her back to him and he could feel her mind, on guard, as he slowly sat back onto his bed. Technically he had kissed her back on Vulcan by holding her hand but that was… impulse. Maybe that's all this was… impulse. She was becoming more human by the month.

Lying down he hesitantly let his eyes close.

The next morning Terra was up first and meditating on the bed when Spock woke up. Silently he went to the replicater to make breakfast.

Terra snapped awake a little while later and used the bedroom bathroom to get changed before going into the living area, "Morning Spock." He was watching the news and eating cereal of some sort but looked up at her entrance while she got her bag together.

"Good Morning, sleep well?"

"Indeed, thank you. Although I should probably get back and make sure Keri isn't too 'hung over'." She threw the bag on her shoulder and Spock stood, "Thank you for letting me stay over, I'll talk to you later?" She opened the door and Spock held it as she stepped into the hall.

"I'm sure, and Terra?" She was already out the door and a few paces down the hall but turned expectantly, "Happy New Year to you too."

Beaming she nodded, "Thanks!" Needlessly to say that when Keri asked how her night was and Terra said, 'Fine.' She said it with a smile.

…Patrick came back a week later and one of the first questions he was asked by Spock was, "What are the reasons a human would kiss someone?"

To which he grinned and barely held in his excitement as he shouted, "Why, the hell, didn't you tell me in a holocall?"

"It's a simple question; I'm not alluding to anything that may have happened." Spock said which Patrick rolled his eyes at.

Patrick just collapsed on his bed and took a deep breath, "So, when did Terra kiss you?"

"I never said it was Terra."

"You didn't have to." Patrick was smirking, he'd totally be asking Terra about this.


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