A musty blonde man fell onto a bench, dropping his instrument case with a loud "thud" by his feet. As he sighed he reached into an inside pocket and revealed a lighter and a packet of cheap cigarettes. After lighting a said cheap cigarette he threw his head back and looked up into the belly of greying skies.

"Ah, fucking perfect" he thought

This man was in fact, Syo Kurusu. Now a humble adult of 27 years and barely 170 cm, he had retired from his exciting life style a couple of years back, resigning himself solely to his violin, hired into odd orchestras or various variety shows as the sober days slowly went by. He ran his fingers through his dirty locks and let out a long, slow puff; it had been yet another slow, tiring day.

At the same time, another man, a few years younger, with a placid look about him, was casually strolling down the grey pavements near a renowned music studio. The unusually cyan coloured haired man had recently finished a recording and was on his way back home to his apartment when he noticed the worsening weather. Rain was not good if you weren't prepared for it. He quickened his pace, his shoulder length locks notably bouncing with his strides. Not too soon, heavy cold drops began to splash on the pavements, staining the patterned bricks darker shades. The bluenette picked up his pace, now jogging to seek shelter. He noticed passing people were doing similar actions as he ran past a bench with an, what seemed, annoyed smoker who didn't bother to move with the brisk surroundings. The bluenette finally came across a small coffee shop, not too far from where he first started to seek shelter, and dove into its warmth and dryness, only then checking that his work papers had been safely secured in his bag and had too avoided the oncoming rain storm. After the younger man had done this he glanced out to the street he was previously jogging down, watching the lazy smoker stroll just as casually as he had been, down the soddening paths, seemingly oblivious to the onslaught of rain battering down. The older man seemed familiar, but the younger one thought nothing more of it and proceeded to sit near the counter and order a warm tea.