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She was gasping for breath when he pulled away. As their lips parted Jenny sighed and leaned her forehead up against Jethro's keeping her eyes closed. God, she had missed this so much, she missed him so much and she had barely realized it until they'd kissed again. "Jethro." She breathed, suddenly crashing back to reality. He hummed in response, his arms still wrapped around her and holding her firmly against him. "Jethro." She said again except this time sternly and his eyes opened as he pulled away just enough to look her in the eye. She sighed and looked at him. He looked so hurt by just saying his name that she considered just damning it all to hell and letting him kiss her senseless. But she had responsibilities now; a child to take care of that she didn't want hurt if anything were ever to happen between her and Gibbs and job expectations that did not allow for an affair with one of her agents. People already thought she slept her way to the top. But she really wanted to kiss him again and her heart ached just thinking about being with him again, something she hadn't allowed herself to do in a long time. Her mind was already a jumbled mess and she didn't want to think about all of this right now, they had a dinner to eat and a little girl to entertain. "Let's talk later okay?" She asked making no promises but not shooting anything down either. He nodded curtly.

"Alright." He whispered hoarsely, tracing a pattern with his finger in her back. After she realized she had been relaxing into his touch she started squirming away and looking down. Before she could escape he pulled her back and kissed her, slowly and tenderly unlike the last one which was urgent and demanding, almost harsh. Slowly Jenny ran her fingers through Jethro's hair before pulling away, albeit reluctantly. Finally putting some distance between herself and Jethro she took a deep breath, leaning on the kitchen table. Neither said anything right away, they just stood there looking at each other as Lauren came bounding into the room.

"Are you guys ready to go?" She asked with a bright smile. Both heads turned to the happy redhead and Jenny smiled, partly because seeing her daughter always put a smile on her face but also because she had just kissed Jethro. At the moment she was disregarding all the reasons they couldn't be together and focusing on the present and that meant grinning like a lovesick teenager.

"Yeah sweetheart we're ready. You have your shoes?" She asked pushing herself off of the table and walking with Lauren to the door, Gibbs on her heels.

. . .

Throughout dinner Jethro kept sneaking glances at her which she tried her hardest not to return but it felt like his gaze was penetrating her very thoughts. Lauren kept talking about how excited she was to go back to NCIS because apparently she had a really fun game to show Abby. Jenny smiled at her, pushing the thoughts of Jethro from her mind and focusing on her wonderful daughter. Gibbs seemed to also relax more and then focused on Laruen as well knowing that they would have to talk after dinner.

. . .

"How about a movie?" Lauren asked as they were cleaning the table and Jenny glanced at Gibbs who shrugged. Lauren smiled. "I brought one along." She said bounding into his living room to her backpack. Gibbs glanced at her questioningly but Jenny just shrugged and shook her head. That girl somehow snuck so many things under her nose it didn't seem possible. A silent agreement had been established that they would talk about this while the movie was playing so as they cleaned up the table they didn't speak but somehow the silence wasn't awkward at all.

About halfway into Beauty and the Beast Lauren was drifting off to sleep. She was leaning up against Jenny's chest, clutching onto Jenny's shirt while her feet were on Gibbs's lap, his hand draping protectively over her legs. She glanced at him discreetly, wondering how he was handling being a father. To her surprise he seemed completely relaxed and content. She was so thankful that he wasn't freaking out, yet knowing him he could be and would never show it. She sighed softly and looked back at the screen. It was strange to think that the two of them had created the sweetest little girl alive and it warmed her heart and put a smile on her face just thinking about it. Jenny looked at Lauren, really looked at her and smiled placing a loving kiss to her temple. The sleeping girl did nothing just sighed contently. Figuring that this was the best time to talk she turned her head to look at Jethro. He noticed her stare and looked at her. "Talk?" She mouthed and he nodded. Though she didn't really want to talk about it she knew she had to. Jethro stood up first making sure not to disturb Lauren and slowly but surely Jenny slid Lauren off of her. She shifted in her sleep but didn't wake up and Jenny sighed in relief as she walked into the kitchen ahead of Jethro. She leaned up against the counter and watched as he shoved his hands in his pockets and looked at her. Neither wanted to start and this time Jenny was going to let him make the first move. He was the one who just found out he has a daughter after all, not that that really had anything to do with what they were going to talk about though she liked to use that excuse. He sighed and opened his mouth, about to speak.

"Are we gonna to tell Lauren?" He asked. This caught her off guard. She thought they were going to talk about the kiss, apparently not. She didn't know the answer to this one however so she stayed silent for a few moments.

"Do you think we should?" She asked quietly and he cocked his head at her.

"Up to you." He said shrugging but she furrowed her brow, suddenly annoyed.

"No Jethro it's up to both of us. You are her father and I'm her mother. That means we both have to make decisions." She said sternly, unwilling to have him stand idly by anymore now that they knew the truth. He nodded and smirked. She furrowed her brow. "What?" She asked hesitantly. He shrugged and walked a little closer to her.

"I like how that sounds." He responded, a smile playing on his lips and for a moment she didn't realize what he was talking about. Then she smiled.

"I like it too." She admitted shyly, feeling a blush creeping onto her cheeks as she sighed. She felt like a large weight had been lifted off of her shoulders however they weren't out of the woods yet. "We really need to talk." She said after a moment of silence and he nodded.

"I think we should just see how it goes until you get custody." He suggested and she nodded in agreement.

"No set plans yet." She added and he nodded. "Can I ask you something?" She asked hesitantly and he cocked his head at her curiously, willing her to go on. "How's the whole being a father thing going on?" She asked quietly, but never breaking eye contact with him.

"I like it." He admitted and her face lit up.

"I'm glad." She responded through a bright grin.

"I want to spend as much time with my daughter as I can Jen." He admitted and her heart began to flutter. It felt so good to hear him say that, everything about that sentence felt good for that matter.

"I'm taking Lauren to NCIS again tomorrow. If you don't have a case maybe she could hang around with you?" She asked and Gibbs smiled.

"Sounds like a plan." He said and she bit her lip and nodded, fighting another smile.

. . .

Gibbs walked them to the door before the two red heads left that night and Gibbs happily swooped Lauren up and relished her delighted laugh as he hugged her and pressed a kiss to her curly hair. She giggled and hugged him back before he set her back down. "'Night Gibbs, see you tomorrow!" She giggled, waving to him and he smiled then turned to Jenny. She couldn't help it and before she could think twice her arms were around his neck as she too pulled him into a hug. He sighed into her shoulder and then whispered in her ear.

"See you tomorrow Jen." Before pulling away. When they were in the car just a few minutes later Lauren worked up the courage to ask Jenny about the hug.

"So you guys really like each other huh?" She asked fiddling with her back pack. Jenny glanced in the rear view mirror and fought a smirk.

"Well I hugged him didn't I?" She asked back and Lauren giggled.

"And he hugged you back! See I told you he likes you!" She pointed out and Jenny shook her head feigning annoyance.

"Well he gave you a hug too didn't he?" Jenny asked and Lauren nodded eagerly.

"Yeah and he gave me a kiss too did you see it?!" She exclaimed pointing to her head. Jenny chuckled.

"I saw it kiddo."

"Aunt Heather says that only really, really, really special people are allowed to give me kisses. Is Gibbs really, really special Mommy?" She asked as Jenny turned onto their street. Fighting a smile she thought of something to tell Lauren but just decided on the truth.

"Yeah, Gibbs is really, really special honey."

. . .

The next morning Jenny and Lauren walked into NCIS and for once as Director she had no idea what was going to happen today. The first thing Lauren did when she walked out of the elevator was direct Jenny to the bull pen to see Gibbs and the team. They all said good morning to her and she responded happy as she walked to Gibbs's desk. Jenny smiled and hung back by Ziva's, watching almost dreamily as Lauren talked to her dad explaining all the things she did since they had last seen each other and him listening intently. Though at first the whole team's attention had been turned to the sweet little girl they had welcomed into the NCIS family soon they were all looking at Jenny. She didn't seem to notice any of their stares but it was her expression that had them curious. She looked so relaxed and extremely happy, unlike the Director they had always known. Finally Jenny snapped out of her daze when she realized Ziva was looking at her with an expression in between curiosity and happiness. Swallowing she glared at all of the other agents that were staring at her before clearing her throat in Jethro's direction. The two looked at her expectantly. "I have some work to do, Jethro would you mind looking after Lauren for a while?" She asked and Lauren grinned as she looked at Gibbs who just nodded. Jenny said goodbye to Lauren, telling her that she'd be just upstairs knowing the little girl always got a little anxious when she wasn't around. Finally she glanced at Gibbs before walking up the stairs to her office.

"How about some lemonade kid?" He asked and she nodded eagerly as Gibbs led her out of the bull pen without so much as a glance to his agents. Once Gibbs and Lauren were safely out of sight the three of them glanced at each other.

"Do you smell something fishy?" Tony asked furrowing his brow, deep in thought. Ziva audibly sniffed the air and pursed her lips, shaking her head.

"No, it's more musty then fishy, we really need a dehumidifier. Though, when I came in this morning a man was sitting right by the door eating something that smelled of fish but did not look edible. It was disgusting." She cringed shaking her head and Tony sighed in exasperation as McGee stepped in to explain.

"Ziva, I think Tony means that something isn't right." He explained and Ziva raised her eyebrows in realization and sighed in understanding.

"Oh, thank you McGee." She responded with a smile. Tony rolled his eyes and continued.

"Did you two see the Director's face just now?" He asked pointing upstairs and they nodded slowly.

"Yes, that was very unlike Jenny." Ziva supplied.

"She was like in a trance." Tony said widening his eyes and waving his hands around for effect. McGee rolled his eyes.

"Tony, you do realize that she was watching Lauren right?" The junior agent asked and Tony sighed.

"Of course I realize that McObvious," He began, glaring at Tim. "But she was watching Gibbs too. She was watching both of them, together." He pointed out poking two of his fingers together. Ziva narrowed her eyes at him.

"What are you thinking?" She asked and he looked at her.

"She called him Jethro." He supplied as an answer.

"So what, that's what Ducky calls him." McGee pointed out. Tony growled under his breath knowing that Tim was right but unwilling to admit it.

"Something's up and I am going to get to the bottom of it." He said quietly and Ziva-unable to grasp the idiom-looked up before McGee took pity on her and explained it.