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"Hikaru, have you seen Meester Spock's neck?" Chekov whispered to Sulu.

"How could you miss it?" Sulu whispered back. "Whoever did it must have been really eager."

"Who do you zink it vas?" Chekov asked. "Lieutenant Uhura?"

"Nah. They split up months ago," Sulu replied. "I bet it was the Captain."

"Perhaps. But I zink it vas ze Doctor."

Sulu's eyebrows nearly flew off his forehead. "McCoy?! Really? They hate each other."

"Zey are too obwious," Chekov defended himself. "I zink zey are cowering up for somezing."

Their chatter was arrested by Kirk's arrival on the bridge. He surveyed the crew and stopped as soon as he got to Spock. His surprise was evident on his face. "Exciting nigh, Mr Spock?" he asked.

"I would prefer not to discuss it, Captain," Spock responded. "It is a private matter and not appropriate for discussion here."

"Aw, go on, Spock," Kirk pushed. "Tell us who did it."

No one had seen McCoy walk onto the bridge, but he now cut in. "That'd be me," he said matter-of-factly. "Now lay off my Vulcan."

Nobody dared speak a word. McCoy now went to stand beside Spock. He brushed the tips of his fingers along the back of Spock's in a Vulcan kiss. "I'll see you later, darlin'," he murmured softly. "Love you."