Title: Lost Without You

Author: Wincesteriffic Kaz

Info: Sam hits a new low and makes a confession. Post 8x06 "Southern Comfort" a little angst and a lot of cheerful naughty. Dean/Sam

Author's Note: Always with the shower scene additions. LOL But what my Pimp Momma demands, my Pimp Momma gets! :D Wincest, bottom!sam

Graphic depictions within.

Disclaimer: I don't own 'em but if I did…they'd never get dressed. Heh heh heh

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Dean leaned up so he could look at Sam's face and smiled. "But how about from now, we don't keep shit from each other anymore?"

Sam gave a watery laugh and nodded. "Yeah." He leaned up and bit softly at Dean's chin. "In that case, I have a confession to make."

Dean nodded and smiled, trying not to fear what it might be. "Lay it on me."

Sam licked the spot he'd bitten and moved around to his ear. "I've always wanted you to bend me over and fuck me in the shower until I scream."

Dean's entire body shuddered and jerked while his dick hardened just thinking about it and he groaned a laugh. "Oh, you…get up. We're showering."

Sam laughed and let Dean pull him out of bed. "Love you, Dean."

"Shut up and get in the bathroom, bitch." Dean grinned and slapped his bare ass.

Chapter 2

Sam chuckled all the way into the bathroom, rubbing at the cheek Dean had slapped and flicked on the light. It was the first time he'd been in there since they rented the room and he sighed. There wasn't a bathtub; just a shower stall that he hoped would be wide enough. Sam smirked. It damn well would be wide enough no matter what for what he had in mind.

"One side, sasquatch," Dean said with a smile as he came in behind his brother and then scowled. "Why…is there pink everywhere?"

Sam's eyes widened. He hadn't noticed it but all the trim in the bathroom was bright, Barbie pink. Even the shower stall had pink trim around the glass. "Barbie decorated in here. Clearly." He slid the door open and leaned in to turn on the water and another laugh bubbled out of him as he turned it on and ducked away from the cold spray.


Sam adjusted the temperature and moved to let Dean in first. "Dude. You have to…look."

Dean put one foot in the shower stall, looked down and glared at the bottom of the shower. It was covered in those little, no-slip decals. They were pink or white, sparkling in the light and each and every damn one was a little unicorn. "Oh, HELL no." Dean made to take his leg out but Sam was behind him laughing, and gave his back a push. "What the hell, dude?"

Sam shook his head as he got in behind his brother and slid the door closed. "At least they're not farting little rainbows, man."

"Not funny, Sam!" Dean growled and purposefully stomped on the little unicorns. "You may as well just get out 'cause we are not rockin' the nasty in a shower that My Little Pony threw up in."

Sam watched Dean cross his arms, the look of disgust on his brother's face as he stared down at the floor and laughed again. He grabbed the soap from the little shelf and lathered his hands and then moved in to his brother. "I think I can take your mind off them."

Dean snorted. "Not damn likely. I'm standin' on sparkly pink horses with ho….holy crap!" Dean tossed his head back as Sam put a soapy, slick hand on his cock and squeezed.

Sam chuckled and bit the underside of Dean's chin, since he'd put his head back and slid his hand up and down his brother's cock for a minute while Dean's hands came up to grasp at his shoulders. "How'm I doing?"

Dean sucked in a breath with his eyes closed, just letting himself experience the feeling of Sam's hand pumping his cock so damn expertly. "I think…I don't…" He brought his head back up with a goofy smile for his little brother and managed to pull off a shrug. "Might have to try…you know, harder."

Sam snorted and turned them so the shower sprayed down his brother's chest. He licked his lips, loving the way Dean's eyes fell to watch his tongue so openly. "Smart-ass." Sam leaned in and kissed him. He brushed his tongue over Dean's full, sensuous lips and decided the next chance he got, he was going to spend a good hour just kissing his big brother and exploring his mouth. He didn't pull away until was making breathless noises into his mouth with Sam's hand keeping its steady rhythm on his cock. Sam leaned back a little, smiling at Dean's closed eyes and the urge to truly 'taste' his brother overcame him. He went to his knees before Dean even realized and licked the underside of the cock in front of his face.

"Shit!" Dean shouted and looked down, a little frantic with the sensation of Sam's tongue on him. Even the ugly damn unicorns on the floor of the tub couldn't ruin it as his little brother closed his hot mouth around him and sucked. "Sammy…shit! So good!" His little brother was always a fast learner and Dean thought it couldn't have been more than two minutes before Sam had him on the verge of coming. Sam had his cock bumping the back of his throat, swallowing around him and Dean fisted a hand in his wet hair, pulling him off. Sam's laugh was gravelly through a well-used throat and it made Dean moan and clamp his fingers around the base of his cock to stop from coming. "Son of a bitch!" Dean gasped and got his other hand under Sam's shoulder, pulling him back up.

Sam pressed in against his brother, sliding their cocks together with the hot water spraying down between them and thrust his tongue into his mouth. He moaned when Dean slid a hand down his back and over the curve of his ass and dropped his forehead to Dean's with a breathless moan. "Still…still distracted by the unicorns?"

Dean pulled on his brother's hair until Sam's head went back with a whimper of lust and grinned. "What unicorns?" He turned Sam around and put his face to the wall. "Not a whole lot of room in here but…" He slid a hand between the cheeks of Sam's ass and pushed two fingers into him, forcing a shout from him. "…I think I can make it work." Sam was still loose, still open and slick. Dean groaned, putting teeth to the back of his neck in a sucking bite that made his brother shudder under his touch.

"G-god…Dean, yes." Sam leaned into the wall and pushed his hips back, moaning as Dean's fingers left him to be replaced by the head of his cock. He loved that this time, he didn't need any preparation. This time Dean could just push up into him like he belonged there…and he did. Sam cried out with the thrust of Dean's hips.

"Fuck, Sammy," Dean groaned and dropped his head to the back of Sam's shoulders with the overwhelming feeling of being deep inside him again. He couldn't imagine ever becoming used to this…used to feeling like he was…home. When he'd followed Sam into the bathroom, he'd thought this was going to be fast and messy, playing rather than making love, but it was still too new, and he pulled out slowly, shivering with each whimpered moan Sam let out before pushing back into him. Dean pulled him back a little further and picked up one of Sam's legs; propping it on the narrow ledge at the bottom of the shower and it deepened the angle.

Sam had never heard himself like that - whimpers and moans, stuttered groans that echoed off the tile while Dean fucked in and out of him as deeply and slowly as he could. Sam felt every moment of it, and it shook him until he wasn't sure if the moisture on his face was water or tears. Dean laid himself over his back like a blanket under the spray, moaning into his ear with an arm around his chest, and he could tell Dean was just as affected.

"Sammy," Dean groaned into his brother's ear and slid a hand up his arm to tangle with his fingers against the tile, holding his hand while he drew it out as long as he could. He could feel his brother shaking against him and hear the desperate, wrecked tone of his voice over the spray of the shower. "Love you, Sammy." Dean slid his leg under Sam's, sliding his brother's back until it rested on his thigh and Dean propped his own foot on the ledge, balancing with his leg and their intertwined hands on the wall. It sharpened the angle, and Dean could feel Sam jolt with each thrust of his cock.

Sam cried out and grasped Dean's hand from his chest, sliding it down to his cock. Every thrust was hitting his sweet spot now while he balanced with one leg held up and away. The position held him so open, so vulnerable, it took his breath away. Their combined hands wrapped around his cock, and Dean used that same slow, deliberate stroke that he was using inside him. "Fuck!" It built the tension up unbearably until Sam was crying with the strength of it and shouting with each motion of their hips.

"Come on, Sammy." Dean grunted in his ear. He didn't speed up, but he pushed even harder, hearing the wet slap of flesh over the shower. "Go over for me, little brother. Go over."

Sam's whole body seemed to tighten up out of his control. His back arched. His hand clenched around Dean's on the wall and then it broke. He came on a scream of his brother's name while Dean kept up that same rhythm, drawing his orgasm out and out until Sam's vision started to tunnel away.

"Sam!" Dean yelled it out as the muscles inside his brother spasmed and shuddered, holding him fast, and he tumbled over that edge into his climax. He'd thought he couldn't possibly come harder than he had the first time with Sam. He'd been wrong. He arched his back over his shaking brother, somehow managing to keep stroking his pulsing cock as come shot in hot stripes up the wall and Dean felt pretty sure his entire being was escaping through his dick and into his brother a second time.

Dean's legs went to mush under him and he took them to the floor of the shower on their knees, leaning back and letting Sam slide to rest against his chest as he slipped out of him. "H-hey…Sammy." Dean smiled and pulled their still joined hands up to rest over his brother's pounding heart while he caught his breath and the shower poured warm water down on them. Dean cupped his free hand around Sam's face and rolled his head onto his shoulder and laughed softly, pleased with himself. Sam was out cold. "Damn, I'm good."

He shifted them a little, letting the water run down Sam's chest. Dean reached up and snagged a washcloth then slid it down Sam's stomach. He held him gently while he cleaned his brother up, putting his face in Sam's wet hair and inhaling the scent of him. He tossed the washcloth into the corner of the shower when Sam moaned softly and rolled his head into his neck. Dean cradled his face again and started kissing him softly, smiling when Sam began kissing him back.

"Hey, big brother," Sam said in a voice gone hoarse with sex and smiled into the brush of Dean's lips on his.

"You alright?" Dean asked because, mind-blowing sex aside, Sam unconscious for any reason always worried him a little, but he smiled when Sam started to chuckle.

"Mmm hmm." Sam nuzzled his face up behind Dean's ear and decided he didn't want to move.

Dean snorted a soft laugh and gave his brother a nudge. "Come on, lump. Can't stay here all night."

"Can too," Sam smiled into Dean's neck and groaned when he was pushed forward. "Awww."

"Whiny bitch," Dean said and chuckled, then groaned as he extricated himself from Sam and pushed the shower door open. He climbed out then reached back in and turned off the water. Sam just leaned against the wall of the shower, content apparently to stay there. "Dude, you are hopeless." He grinned and reached in for his brother, hauling him up and wrapped his arms around Sam's chest when he staggered. Dean pulled a towel from the shelf and rubbed it briskly over Sam and then himself, what he could reach of himself with Sam hanging on to him like he was the only thing keeping him standing.

"Bed." Sam mumbled and smiled into Dean's neck again when he laughed. He was loose and spent and exhausted and wanted nothing more than to spend the night wrapped around his brother, safe.

Dean snorted and pulled Sam out of the bathroom. He eyed the bed they'd made love on earlier and aimed for Sam's instead, furthest from the door. Dean tugged the blanket and sheets back and pushed Sam down into it. "Come on, lazy ass. Make room." It didn't even occur to him to get into the other bed by himself and it surprised him a moment, how quickly his priorities readjusted themselves.

Sam slid against the wall to make room for Dean and, once he'd crawled under the covers, Sam went right back and slid in against his chest. He put a leg over Dean's and wrapped an arm over his chest, tucking his head under his chin. He sighed in contentment when Dean wrapped both his arms around his shoulders to pull him closer. He leaned up and placed a wet, open-mouthed kiss over the tattoo on Dean's chest. "Thank you."

Dean brushed a hand into Sam's still wet hair to tangle his fingers, giving a gentle tug and shivering as drops of water ran down onto his chest and Sam moaned softly. He breathed in the scent of him, closed his eyes to savor the warm, living weight of him half on top of him and smiled. "You and me against the world, Sammy," Dean whispered, reaffirming a vow that they had somehow let fall by the wayside. Never again, he promised himself.

"You and me against the world," Sam said it back to him and leaned his head back on Dean's shoulder in a silent request that Dean understood and rolled his own head over, taking Sam's mouth in a soft kiss. Sam fell asleep with Dean's arms around him, with his lips pressed into his forehead and content with the knowledge that, for the first time in their lives, they really knew and accepted everything about each other. This, Sam thought as sleep took him - this is what heaven was supposed to be like.


The end.