Not all the love stories are extraordinary. Some stories occur so suddenly that we forget to realize the possibility of their occurrence.

This is the story of a Bella, who has to work herself and break away from the mundane regiments that she has grown up from. It will focus on growing up, understanding infatuation, realizing the difference between love and infatuation and then finally falling in love. It is not a conventional story and some of you may be surprised with the characters' backgrounds. After reading a lot of fan fiction, I came up with the crazy idea of morphing my personal story into something that everyone can enjoy to read. It is going to be a long journey with more lows than ups and crazy balance.

I hope you guys enjoy it.


Edward and I were gazing at the night sky, which for the first time in my life was filled with bright, twinkling stars. From where I am from, that is Forks; I had never once seen the night sky look so beautiful because it was always cloudy.

He had a green laser light in his hand and was making me see the constellations that adorned the canvas right above my head. I looked at him as he excitedly identified the stars and taught me how to recognise them.

This was the happiest I had ever been in my life. I had only known him for 10 days and he had already become a huge part of my life and the saddest part was that I had to leave him in another 2 days and there were little chances of us being together as he was about to go back to Chicago.

Pushing the gloomy thoughts out of my mind, I made my way right next to him as we waited for the bus to drive the 30 kids back to the Space Centre. It had been an eventful night. We were here to watch a presentation on astronomy and then see the planet Mars through the telescope. We also met a scientist, who was here to view the asteroid belts as it was a specific point where he could view those.

This was my dream come true; learning about space with Edward and then learning from him. Nothing could have ever told me that I would actually be able to do things like this.

We sat on the bus together, neither of us realised the darkness. I looked at Edward and studied his face. His emerald green eyes looked as if they were filled with mysteries, though as the moment they were wild and bright. My gaze fell to his crooked nose. It was the part of his face that I wanted to kiss as it was so adorable. His chiselled jaw and perfectly pouted lips did nothing to control my mind from jumping him and yet here I am. It was dark and he looked just as an angel in the moonlight waiting for me to grant my wish. "Oh, only if it were possible, my love!" were the mantra I chanted in my head.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I almost missed his question.

"Did you enjoy it here?" he asked.

"Of course, I did. You know that space is my whole life. Learning about the night sky and the way you taught me, I am such a goner." I joked.

"Hmm. It is so quiet here" was his remark. We spent a few minutes in that uncomfortable silence in which we were unsure of how to attempt a conversation. Then, suddenly, I realised I had my iPod and played aloud Claire de Lune, one of my favourite tunes.

"Wow, you listen to classical music. You have a great taste in music." Edward said.

"Thank you. Do like classical music too then?"

"Oh, absolutely. I play the piano and tend to lean towards the classical tunes more than urban music."

"The piano has always been a dream of mine but I could never learn it as we did not have the resources to." I shyly replied.

"Well it was only because my grandfather started teaching me the piano at the age of 6 did I learn to play as much as I can do now which if I tell you is not much."

"I am sure you must be very good at what you play. Maybe someday you could play for me. So what is it that you are going to apply to college for, if I may ask?"

"It is going to be a Major in Aerospace Engineering and maybe something in Geology as well. I am not 100 per cent sure though."

"I am going to apply for Aerospace as well, though, maybe with a minor in English because I absolutely love the language."

Time passed and so did our talk. We finally reached our camp site and reluctantly said goodbye for the night.

Looking at the sky, I wondered:

"Did Edward mean something more to me or was I again connecting infatuation to love?"

"How will I know if it is love?"

"Will it ever work out between us?"

These questions swimmed in my head as I gave in to a restless night of absolutely no sleep.

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