Hi again! The story begins…..from the beginning of Bella's history. I wanted to provide the fact that this is a Bella's story and will remain so till the end. I may or may not do Edward outtakes but the fact remains that this is Bella's journey. Please be patient and stick with me, people.

This chapter focuses on the backstory of Bella's family.

Chapter 1

Charlie Swan was born to Alex and Marie Swan. Alex was a history teacher at Forks High School while Marie was a house wife. Charlie did not grow up with money. Rather, he grew up with a lot of discipline and strictness which later helped him during his adulthood when he had to take the responsibility of his pregnant wife.

Charlie had an older brother Eleazer whom he loved very much. He looked up to his brother and most of his friends were his brother's friends. Though his childhood was not filled with toys and games, he still managed to have fun. This happiness of the young boy was smashed when he had to go to a boarding school at the age of 7 years. This school was rougher than home as he had to wake up early in the mornings to run 10 km in a hilly area, wash his own clothes and eat food which seemed like it was made for beggars. Again, he learned to adapt and to live his life to its fullest. He was friends with almost the whole class and life went by quite smoothly for a few years.

It was sometime during Grade 7 when he received a call that changed his whole life and resulted in a butterfly effect of bad events that marred his lifetime. His father Alex was dead. Charlie was numb with grief and pain. Being the youngest, he hadn't spent a large amount of time with his Dad though he had a few moments that stuck in his mind. Eleazer was there to support him and his mother Marie. He was the one who went through and made all the preparations of his funeral that his mother and brother couldn't do. After the funeral, Eleazer became the backbone of this family. Marie, though strong for her children, could not do much as she was only a high school graduate and there were not enough job opportunities for her in the tiny town of Forks. So, it was Eleazer whom Charlie depended on. This loss at such a young age made Charlie tough. Though still as social as ever, he regarded life with a negative manner. He moved back home and finished his studies. He went to college and then finally joined the police department at Forks. By this time, Eleazer was diagnosed with leukaemia and tragedy again struck the family. Soon after, cancer overtook Eleazer and left Carmen, Eleazer's wife, with a 6 year old Jane and about to be born Alec.

Charlie now became the head of the house and took care of everybody's living expenses. He worked well beyond his hours to save money for his brother's children. Then, recession hit America and Charlie lost his job as a police officer. He searched for jobs and did various odd jobs but nothing seemed to be permanent. This brought a bout of depression in everybody's life. Soon after, Charlie began drinking to drown his sorrows. He was drunk all the time. This led Carmen to take away her children to her parents' house. Now, it was only Charlie and Marie.

During this time, followed by Carmen's sudden departure from their lives, Marie realized that it was time for Charlie to marry and only marriage could bring Charlie back to the world of living. And so Charlie met Renee.

So this chapter is mainly about Charlie's life before Renee. This chapter will serve as a base to Bella's story as Charlie, Renee and Marie will be the major influences in Bella's life. I hope you guys enjoy the story and please leave a REVIEW to tell me what you think about the story. It encourages me to write more and faster.