Downward Spiral Part XI: Sequel to The Sins of the Father

A Smallville story by Merrie

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Summary: Sequel to The Sins of the Father. As Lex goes through heroin withdrawal, how will the people around him deal with it?

Characters: Any and all, including Lance Thorne and Dr. Ryan Kendomere, OFCs.

Author's Note: Wow, it's been a while. This is the final chapter for those of you who are still reading this. I appreciate your continued support!! I've considered writing a sequel, triquel?, if anyone has any thoughts on this idea, please let me know. i.e. I should, I should just quit while I'm behind, or I should never attempt to ever write another piece of fanfic ever again. I was just kidding about that last one. Please send me your thoughts!!

Rating: This story is rated PG-13 for language, angst-filled dramatic scenes and drug use.

Chapter Eleven: The Aftermath

Lance looked over at the assembled group of people in the room and couldn't help but bask in the love that emanated from each of them. Once Lionel Luthor had left, almost every negative thought or feeling in the room had vanished along with him. It was now like he had never even been there. For a moment, Lance wondered if Lex knew just how much the people in this room cared for him. Lionel Luthor might be considered family by his blood, but there could be no doubt that the people in this room were Lex's family through their very souls. He could sense that each and every one of these people cared for Lex deeply, no matter what they might say on the outside. Pete and Mr. Kent might at times feel a little distrust at times for the young Luthor, but they were both still him family in their own ways.

And Chloe.God, she was still just as beautiful as when he first laid his eyes on her despite what she had gone through. He knew he didn't have a chance with her though. Even if he hadn't been an empath, he would have to be blind not to witness the strong connection between her and Lex. They were the first couple he had ever seen that seemed to be truly meant for one another. 'Of course,' a tiny, yet jealous part of his mind reminded him, 'you have been wrong about people before. Who knows where things will be between the two of them in the future?' He ran a hand through his spiky blue hair and sighed. 'Now Clark and Lana,' he thought with a small frown, 'that's a completely different situation. Clark seems meant for Lana, but Lana doesn't seem meant for Clark. I don't know what the heck that's all about. I suppose it doesn't really matter though. They're both too blind or too stubborn to admit their feelings for one another, no matter how strong those feelings might be.'

Jonathan Kent couldn't help but sigh with relief when Lionel Luthor finally left the hospital room. For a long while, he had blamed Lionel's actions on Lex, figuring that it was inevitable for Lex to turn out any different from his father. After witnessing the scene between the two of them earlier, Jonathan had to yet again re-evaluate his feelings for young Alexander Luthor. He had to give the man some credit. He still tried very hard to be a good person, despite his obviously less than happy childhood. Jonathan wasn't sure just what a life with Lionel Luthor would do to a person, but he couldn't imagine that it would be good. Instead of giving in to his father's wishes however, Lex seemed to fight him at every turn. This gained him enormous respect in the elder Kent's eyes. He knew from experience that Lionel Luthor was a hard enough man to deal with when you were going along with what he wanted from you. Jonathan couldn't imagine what life would be like if a complete stranger went against such a man, let alone Lionel's only son.

Lana Lang didn't mean to pry into people's lives, it always just sort of happened. Because of this fact, many people over the years had found her both noisy and annoying. The truth was that Lana only wanted to help. She liked being able to make people happy. Unfortunately, not everyone was willing to let her do so. Lex Luthor had always been one of those people. Priding herself on her ability to read her customer's emotions and thereby help them out with their problems, the closed-book that was Lex Luthor annoyed the hell out of her. No matter when she looked at him, he always seemed to have the same emotionless look on his face. Not letting anyone in behind those cold blue eyes of his. That was, until he met Chloe. Lana was constantly amazed at the change that had come over him in the last few weeks. He was smiling more, joking with her and Clark, and seemed overall genuinely happier than he ever had been before. And it was all due to Chloe. Somehow, this made Lana the tiniest bit jealous. Chloe had been about to succeed where she had failed. Not that she was jealous of her and Lex's love, she wasn't. She had never really been the slight bit interested in him, well, not unless you count the incidence involving the Nicodemus flower. She had finally been able to pry the details of what had happened out of Clark. Lana didn't really count that however, since she had not been herself at the time. No, what Lana was really jealous of was Chloe's ability to get him to open up to her. Granted, Lana was sure that he still kept secrets from her, but there was a kind of openness between the two of them that she had wished for all of her life. While she had thought she had loved Whitney, she still hadn't been able to share some of her deeper desires and secrets from him. They just didn't have that kind of relationship. While thinking of relationships, her mind invariably drifted toward the thought of Clark. He knew her better than anyone. He had even picked up on her habit of 'defensive reading.' But Lana wasn't sure whether or not he was interested in her. Sure, sometimes it looked like he was head over heels in love, but he never said anything to her about it. Not a word. No confessions of love, not even a request to go out on a date sometime. Lana sighed, looking over at Chloe and Lex once more. 'Love sure is funny sometimes.'

Pete wanted to hate Lex for what he had done to Chloe, but he couldn't gather up the energy anymore. He couldn't ignore the looks that passed between the two of them. He had to face the fact that Chloe.he had to force the word even in his mind, loved him. And as much as he hated to admit it, it looked as if the younger Luthor returned her love. Pete sighed, trying to push his hatred of Lex aside for his love of Chloe. He had been her best friend ever since she had moved to Smallville, and he didn't want to lose that friendship. He worried that by giving her over to Lex Luthor, the loss of her friendship would invariably come about. He had seen how Clark had spent less and less time with Chloe and him, and more and more time with Lex. But Chloe wouldn't do that to him, would she? She wouldn't abandon her old buddy Pete like Clark had. Or would she?

Clark looked over the people gathered in the small hospital room, both friends and family. It warmed his heart to think that these people were not here for him, but for Lex, despite what he had done in the past. After all Clark's attempts to convince the population of Smallville that Lex was not as bad as they thought him to be, he had finally managed to convince the people who mattered most to him. As for the rest of the town, well that was a matter for another day. No one could do everything, not even a teenage alien with superpowers. Clark was sure, however that Lex would be fine because of this group of people. Because he now knew that whatever he was going through, he wouldn't have to go through it alone. Clark had hoped that Lex had understood that before the events of the past day, but even if he didn't, he couldn't deny the fact now. And Chloe, in Clark's opinion Chloe had been nothing but good for his friend. He had seen the changes her presence rendered in him, and was more than pleased. Sure, at times Lex could still manage to be a little more ruthless than necessary, but those times were becoming few and far between as far as Clark could see. Perhaps Lex was good at hiding things from people; being a master at such secret- keeping himself Clark didn't doubt it. But whatever secrets Lex still kept from them, he had changed. There was no doubt about that. He had surpassed his father in every way. Clark knew that Lex secretly dreaded that he would become like his father, Lex had admitted as much in the past, but as long as he remained with Chloe, Clark didn't see how that could be possible. It was true. Chloe made him a better man just but loving him.

'Will things ever be the same between us again? I don't deserve her. I don't think I ever have. But I don't want to lose her. I can't lose her.' A quiet voice broke in on his thoughts. "What are you thinking about now, Lex?" Chloe asked, moving in even closer to him.

Lex gave his best smile under the circumstances, not wanting to share the fullness of his thoughts. "I was just thinking that I don't deserve you, and that I'm incredibly lucky to have you. Why do you love me? I know, it sounds childish of me to ask, but I want to know."

"Well," Chloe smiled, "the fact that you're incredibly rich and have the sexiest body I've ever seen did play a factor, but what really attracted me to you was your kindness. You don't always show it behind that thick Luthor 'emotions bad' wall of yours, but when you do it melts my heart. I love the way you put your entire being into whatever you're doing. Whether it be taking over a company, or making me dinner. And you treat me like a goddess, don't think I haven't noticed it. You treat me as if I am the only thing that truly matters in the world." Lex opened his mouth to respond, but Chloe held up a hand. "No, let me finish. Now, I don't know what's in store for us in the future, I just know that I want to spend that future with you. No matter what." She smiled briefly, then took stock of her surroundings and her smile faltered a little. "That means that we can't keep any more secrets like from one another. Understand?" Lex nodded. Maybe everything would be alright after all. "Good. Now you concentrate on getting back to normal. None of us are going anywhere, especially me. Besides, I don't have anyway to leave now that you crashed into my car. I haven't seen it yet because I was pretty much unconscious when they pulled me out, but knowing your driving record as I do, I'm sure it's not a pretty sight." She smiled and Lex laughed softly.

"Hey, you know it wasn't entirely my fault, you know. I mean sure, I was pretty high at the time and driving a lot faster than I probably should have been, but you ran that stop sign, don't forget. At least, I think you ran a stop's all a little hazed."

"Oh, so now you're trying to say this is all my fault, Luthor?" Chloe stated sternly. She only called him by his last name when she was trying to reprimand him. The wide grin on her face belied her tone, however.

"Well, not entirely. But you definitely played a part." Lex smirked. His smirk changed into a slight grimace as Chloe punched him in the shoulder.

"You're impossible, Luthor! I don't know why I put up with you!"

"Because you're madly in love with me, didn't you know?" Lex asked, gently rubbing the affronted shoulder.

"Oh, yeah. I knew there must have been a good reason." She leaned over a kissed him deeply. "I love you Alexander."

"I love you too, Chloe."

Gabe couldn't help but give a small smile at the display. However much he sometimes thought Lex wasn't right for Chloe, he witnessed acts like that. He had to admit, they seemed to truly love each other. He didn't think anything could break them apart now. They were in love, and that's how it would stay.

'Good for them,' Martha Kent thought to herself seeing Chloe and Lex's kiss. 'They deserve each other. I've never seen Lex so happy before, Chloe either for that matter.' Glancing over at Jonathan and Clark, she smiled. 'I just hope they always remain as happy.'

The End

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