Dexter came home, hoping to see Deb and Harrison. Jamie had called and said Debra wanted some alone time with her nephew. Dexter said it was okay, hopefully this would help Deb. She had killed Laguarta for Dexter, but the guilt was consuming her. Maybe spending a little time with Harrison could help. But where were they now? Probably out for ice cream, it was just a little odd that she hadn't called him yet. Then Dexter saw the note, in Deb's handwriting. But the messase was not what he anticipated.

"Dear Dex, dad failed you. He saw you were messed up, he didn't even try to help you. Dad just made you into a better killer, to do what he didn't have the gut to do. I'm truley sorry about what he made you into. But I can't let you do the same to Harrison. I'm taking him away, forever. I will raise him to be a good man, someone who will never hurt an innocent. I know you're good at tracking murderers like me, but if you do, I will kill Harrison. I love this little boy more than anything, and I will shoot him in the head to keep you from corrupting him. You and me are damned, but Harrison still has a chance to be innocent. Goodbye."

Dexter read and re-read this letter many times, and still didn't know what to do. He knew Deb wasn't bluffing. He could try to find them, but if he failed to stop her she would murder his son. If he got the police involved, he would have a lot of explaining to do. Even with a convincing lie they could still fail, leaving Harrison dead. Debra knew that this would mean her own death, either by Dexter's hand or the electric chair. Dexter wanted to kill his own sister, and he actually felt guilty about this. And how he'd put his own son in this kind of danger. Dexter felt worse about himself than he ever had before. And he was stuck in this misery, perhaps forever.