Civil Wars Aren't That Civil

KK: I recently got into Hetalia (curse you, Len!)... And most people know (if you don't then... um...) that America had a Civil War. I know other countries have had Civil Wars, but America's just seems so much more... dramatic XD.

P.S.- Sorry to any Americans who feel offended. Or anyone if they feel offened... Um... Yeah... ONTO THE FIC (chapter one)!

P.P.S- Dark fic! There aren't very many Civil War fics, and though there are quite a bit of darker fics out there, I feel I need to do that.

Of course England was worried when neither America nor Canada showed up for the rare meeting-of-the-countries. Almost everyone was a little worried. In the rather short time America and Canada had been countries, they'd never missed a meeting.

Okay, America was late for a lot of meetings, but he never missed one. Never.

Everyone was leaving by the time Canada arrived. A few questions (ex. 'Where were you?' or 'Are you okay?') were asked. Mathew was fine, as they learned, and Alfred had caught a 'cold'. But when Canada asked England if he could use some of his tea, the older Country knew that something was wrong. For a fact, he knew Canada rarely drank tea. Or, at least he rarely drank England's tea.

So yes, England was very worried.

"I'm back!" The Canadian called as he entered one of America's many houses. A rugged cough was his reply. Mathew sigh and checked in on his 'older brother'. Unfortunately, the older of the two still looked terrible.

When Canada had said America had caught a cold, he wasn't completely lying. The secession of seven states had started to drive the normally-happy personified country insane. Which is not good for anyone. To make it even worse, the bed-stricken America was starting to show signs-actually, no. He had probably already developed a split personality. It took Canada nearly three weeks to figure this out. The younger of the two was slightly ashamed of himself because he couldn't notice the difference between America and the . . . other person. Ther second 'person' was obviously a knew country. But what Canada was worried about was what was this new country. The rebeling states? Only time would seem to tell.

And so, with nothing the quiet personified country could do, he went to boil the tea for his older, usually louder brother.

He hated it. Which is surprising, America hated hardly anything. So when the first state-South Carolina-seceded, everything took a turn for the worse. Other southern states agreed with the way the people of South Carolina had acted. America could practically feel the immense dislike (hatred) towards more recent events. Lincoln being elected. Trying to end slavery. The Tariffs... Just... Everything.

And then six more states followed.

But that wasn't the worst part. Or, it wasn't one of the worst parts. Every time a state left the union, Alfred felt like he was being shot. And so far, he hated that feeling. He knew he should despise it, through and through, but one part of him was laughing. That one part obviously found the whole ordeal hilarious. The shocking truth revealed itself to him at those moments. He enjoyed his own pain. But it wasn't really him. There was a second voice... in his head. At first Alfred thought it had been Canada or Mexico playing a prank on him. But no, it wasn't.

...He wished it was.

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