EDIT: OCTOBER 17th, 2013

KK: I'M ALIVE! Sorry, school started. And then I got sick. Then I healed and sang karaoke! And then I got sick AGAIN! And then I healed again. So I'm typing this!

Daffodil Moon: *Sigh* Yep, nothing new... FOR NOW XD! MUAHAHAHA!

sparklybutterfly42: I'm sorry this chapter is out so late...Glad you liked last chapter, though ^.^~!

Guester: YESH! And so is-...MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

KK: Sorry to say, but this is not a complete chapter. I'll repost the actual chapter over this in a few days, probably. Also, I wrote a little one-shot that is a side story from this. Just note that it takes place a few months in the future!

(Here's the edit)

I'm back. I may be editing the story, so be warned. Things may appear differently soon. Also, my side-story to this is up. It is called "Sheep Often Escape" and features Confederacy,*gasp* WALES AND SCOTLAND!?

Kasai Shingai: It actually isn't Denmark, but YOU JUST GAVE ME AN awesome IDEA~!