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A crossover with Umeniko is part of it but only with Beatrice, she will be a central figure for certain things.

The main characters will be C.C., the eternal witch and Suzaku Kururugi in their search for Lelouch in the Pandora Hearts world.

This story takes place after the first Black Rebellion with a different outcome. What if someone controlled Suzaku to shoot Zero in their final clash in the end of season 1?

While overcome with despair C.C. meets up with an old acquaintance who informs her that Lelouch is alive but in a different world.

How did that occur? What mysterious will the sword and shield unfold to discover the truth? Will they reunite with Lelouch? Will anyone become suspcious of them?

Time to see!

Chapter 1

Baseless witch.

She came back to the water's surface. Her body, mangled from sinking Jeremiah's Siegfried to the watery depths of the ocean.

The long green-haired, golden-eyed girl thought that she wouldn't have made it but remembered the ultimate irony; she couldn't die.

C.C. coughed and realized she was on the island where Lelouch went to save his sister, Nunnally.

He did all of this for her sake; to change the world for benefit. A gentle world without need of oppression for anyone. She thought.

She then felt a disturbance she thought she'd never experience. It felt like that time when his Geass went out of control.

"LELOUCH!" C.C. gripped her chest in pain and went to her knees.

After calming down for a couple of moments the girl sprinted to the opening of the temple, not caring if her legs screamed for her to stop.

He can't be?! He swore to me that he would see my dream realized!

As she was heading to where the black-haired teen was she saw Kallen Kozuki running away from the area she was trying to get to.

The red-haired Zero Squad leader briefly looked at C.C. and had tears in her eyes. Kallen wiped them away and continued running.

What did she see? She briefly thought before concentrating at the situation at hand.

Making a turn she came across a sight she thought she'd never see; Lelouch dead and a despondent Suzaku putting down his gun.

Le…louch…. She walked numbly towards as his blood tainted the ground. The black-haired youth was no longer with the living.

She peered at his best friend and enemy. The brown-eyed and haired teen looked down at his fingers and dropped the gun.

"What…have I done…Lelouch?!" He sobbed and fell to his knees broken.

C.C. looked on at him with no emotion and brought Lelouch's head to her hands. Her heart broke at seeing him like this.

You promised that you would stick with me…now what do I do? She thought in her head in sadness.

Even though she wanted her existence to end and needed him for it since she bestowed the geass powers to him, she began feeling things she thought she lost to the abyss of eternity.

"Suzaku, why did you do this…?" She asked the Knightmare frame pilot.

It looked like he didn't hear anything and she asked him again in a firm tone.

"Answer me, Suzaku Kururugi!" She yelled her voice going hoarse.

That seemed to get him out of his stupor and looked at her with wide eyes.

It's like he just noticed me? "What happened here, why did you kill Lelouch?"

The teen didn't answer at first but he eventually did. "I…found out he'd been lying to me!" The Japanese boy words came out quickly. "To all of our friends, that he was Zero, the terrorist bent on destroying Britannia; the one who killed Euphy!"

Upon bringing up the deceased girl C.C. felt sorry for how that situation had to end. Lelouch also cried tears of regret on what he did to his half-sister.

"I learned that he'd use this Geass on her to kill the Japanese!" He roared pointing at the deceased figure. "His own sister; he caused all this to happen."

C.C. couldn't refute what he said. In a way she had some blame for not telling the specifics of the Geass and what would happen if it got stronger.

The knight continued his rant. "If he didn't have that power Britannia and Japan could be living in peace. And it would have started with the special administrative zone! It could have been the first step!"

Suzaku trembled but then lost all his energy and looked at his deceased friend.

"I didn't want to kill him…I only meant to wound him but…" He looked at the gun.

C.C. placed Lelouch's body on the ground. "It's already been done, Suzaku. You killed your friend. Granted I didn't think it would have ended like this but the black rebellion is over and with it the Black Knights are no more…Britannia has won…"

Wiping some tears that fell on her face she started walking area from the area.

"Where are you going?" He called out to her.

The witch, with an indifferent look on her face turned towards him. "No where you should be concerned with but I will tell you one thing Suzaku Kururugi; Lelouch didn't mean for Euphemia to die. He got careless and his ability activated unknowingly at that off-handed remark about killing the Japanese."

Suzaku looked stricken at that. "But…"

She continued on as if he didn't speak. "That was an unfortunate mistake on his part and the only option left to him was to salvage the situation. His geass was powerful and she wouldn't have stopped, no matter what she did! Dying was a kinder fate. If she did survive she would have faced ridicule for that action and diplomatic tensions would have arisen."

She started walking off and continued talking. "These events were dictated by choices which brought about this outcome. I have no reason to stay here any longer."

Suzaku looked shocked at what she said and called out to her once again. "Aren't you part of the Black Knights? What about them?" He asked since his classmate Kallen Kozuki was part of the now defunct group and wondered what her punishment would be?

The immortal girl didn't bat an eye on what she said next. "It's of no concern for me what happens to them. They chose this path when Lelouch influenced them to start this rebellion in the first place. My motives are not based on altruism; it's selfishness that drives me!"

A part of her was happy that loud mouthed man, Tamaki, wouldn't be a problem for her any more.

C.C.'s figure couldn't be seen by Suzaku anymore. It was like the darkness engulfed her and he was left alone.

Suzaku felt numb from what he found out. His friend had made a mistake?

But then why would he do all of this? The battles, people dying, Lelouch why would you do this? He despaired.

He then wondered about that situation he found himself in. He and Lelouch were pointing guns at each other. Suzaku wasn't going to kill him shoot him in his shoulder but he felt someone else manipulating him.

It felt like strings were attached to me, making my anger grow even farther than it already was….

He wanted to say that to the girl but couldn't. It sounded farfetched if he would have told her but now it's too late.

The brown-haired teen looked at his deceased friend. "Lelouch…I'm sorry!" he whispered.

Than to his shock he saw golden butterflies flying around the area. Getting up he backed away until a figure in a Victorian dress appeared. She had blonde hair in a bun and smoked a pipe.

The woman gave a wicked smile at him. "Would you like to see that friend of yours' again boy?"

The boy became wary of her. "What do you mean? Who are you?"

She gave him a smile that didn't reach her eyes. "Beatrice!"

C.C. felt empty as she left the temple. The person she had begun to opening up to lie dead at her feet. This made her start wondering about her own life.

The only reason she looked young was she made a contract with a nun, a long time ago.

From what she could remember she was an orphan girl in medieval times. She had no family what to speak of and had no money. She thought she was going to die until a nun offered her a gift.

That was when my existence changed. She thought.

The gift bestowed upon her was Geass; a supernatural power that is different per person. A sigil appeared on her left eye when she activated it. Her geass was for people to love her.

She was happy for a while but then she realized that it became too much to bear. C.C. grew tired of it all and when she was sixteen and had enough, she spoke to the nun again (since the one who bestows geass are not affected by it) and told her the conundrum.

The nun was ecstatic when she said this and in a state of madness, bestowed her code to C.C., not before telling her how she had lived for a long time and the only way for her to die was to pass the code to her.

That was when life stood still for her. The same things didn't have meaning anymore. She couldn't get close to people and stay in a place for more than a couple of years.

They would have started noticing I don't age. But what does that matter now?

Everything, the war between Britannia and Japan, The Black Knights, it was irrelevant to her. She just wanted to die and used many people to get her way but they never reached that far in the contract.

I would have told him eventually but now… It was unlike her to shed tears but it felt right at this minute. The last moments she spent with him were in the cockpit of the Gawain and giving him a kiss.

That was my moment with him. He will never come back to me…

Reaching the beach once again she stared at the ocean. It looked like it could go on forever. Just like her.

Now with no one in my life, I will forever be alone.

"What is this, the Immortal witch is crying over a silly little boy?" A voice said in a bored tone. "I thought I'd never see the day."

C.C. didn't need to turn around to see who it was. She has heard that voice many times. "I didn't expect to see you here, Golden Witch, Beatrice?"

The vile witch smirked at her while smoking her pipe. "I don't make it a habit of interfering with other people's problems."

C.C. turned to the blonde specter. "How strange, you are playing that game with that boy is interference from my view?"

Brining up Battler caused her to glare at her. "Don't bring up that child at the moment. I am here to tell you something…to my displeasure…"

This caused C.C. to raise an eyebrow. "You are helping someone? It must be the end of the world?"

"I assure you, this world's history has already been changed due to Lelouch dying here." She stated smiling.

"What do you mean?" C.C. replied instantly.

Taking a blow from the pipe she answered. "Someone not of this world intervened with that boyfriend of yours..."

C.C. frowned. "He wasn't my boyfriend, Beatrice. Besides he's already dead, what do I care?"

This got a sinister smile from the witch. "What if I told you that his life was preserved…?"

C.C. gasped a little. "How would that be possible?"

"It's easy when one has magic," She began. "I took out his soul before that bullet hit him and have placed it in a different world with an exact body."

The long green haired teen looked suspicious. "I didn't think you could do that?"

The witch smiled. "I normally can't but this is unique. Something has changed the rules and I am offering a chance to find the boy while investigating this mystery." Beatrice explained.

C.C. was still reeling from learning about Lelouch and how he was alive. "Beatrice, is this the reason you have appeared before me? I thought it was for you to make me one of you?"

The golden witch sniffed a little. "You are not ready yet for that, dear. But this does play to your destiny along with the white knight…"

"The white knight…you mean Suzaku?" C.C. questioned.

The Victorian dressed witch still looked impassive. "Yes that whiny boy. I am telling you this because only you can do this and Suzaku will be your protector in the world you will go to."

This got a chuckle from C.C. "I have survived a long time without anyone's help. I don't need protection!"

Beatrice gave her a mild look. "Just because you can't die doesn't' mean you can't get tortured. I won't joke with this, that place you will be sent to is fraught with unimaginable situations. You will need that boy's power."

"Suzaku has no such abilities other than his piloting skills." She argued. Granted she found it fascinating that he could do many feats beyond what a normal teen his age could do.

Beatrice rebutted her question, "That world has no such technology but you can sign a contract with him that will help him." The blonde said.

C.C. became hesitant at that. She didn't want to sign a contract with him given that geass worked differently per person and she didn't know what power he would manifest until he did something.

"I can make it that the contract you make works in your favor," Beatrice began.

The green haired teen looked suspicious. "I've known you for a long time and the games you play are not for no one's benefit except yours! What do you get out of this?"

She smiled at her. "That's for me to know!"

C.C. rolled her eyes. C.C. didn't want Beatrice pushing her to this but if she wasn't lying than Lelouch really could be alive somewhere in a different world.

Do I really want to do this? The golden witch is someone not to trust! She rationalized.

The yellow-eyed girl started thinking about Lelouch and how it would be empty without him. We have a contract and he needs to fulfill his share. I'm not doing this out of love for him!

"I will accept the price Beatrice," She told her. "I want to discover why you saw it fit to move Lelouch to a different world altogether."

"Splendid than shall we go?" With a flick of her wrist golden butterflies surrounded the area transporting them to a different plane.

Meta plane

In a white area that looked like a room Beatrice and C.C. appeared as the swirl of butterflies died down.

Taking a look at the area C.C. thought that the area hasn't changed much since her last visit here. "I take it you are still enjoying the endless parties of being a witch of the highest order?"

Beatrice scoffed at the contractor. "It gets boring after a millennia, as you know and I have taken a break with battling my opponent!"

C.C. looked to a table and saw a situation going on. It looked like a setting with people talking at a dinner table and a girl reading a letter.

Knowing it didn't concern her she got to business. "Now that we are here how will you do this?"

Beatrice started chuckling. "You need to wait for the boy!" With a wave her hand Suzaku Kururugi appeared as he looked on in confusion.

The boy looked surprised at seeing Beatrice and backed away. "What did you do to me?" He yelled. "I was in that building before you knocked me unconscious!"

Not caring if he showed her disrespect she brushed it off. "I had too, your constant yapping was giving me a migraine!"

A table suddenly appeared in front of him and a second later found himself sitting on a chair.

C.C. only rolled her eyes at what the witch wanted to do. "Stop teasing him, he's already been through enough!"

Suzaku saw C.C. and looked confused. "It's you; I thought I wouldn't see you again?"

The yellow-eyed girl sat down and poured a cup. "Things change Suzaku Kururugi," She than took a drink.

Beatrice sat on an exuberant piece of furniture. "I'm amazed that you aren't yelling your head off about what I have done? Are you not scared white knight?"

Suzaku scoffed at the nickname she has bequeathed him and drank his own tea. "I have already seen things I can't turn my eyes away from. This is only another part of that…"

Looking like a cat about to pounce on her prey she continued. "The fact you killed your supposed 'friend' who deceived you for a while?"

The teen glared at her and it reminded her of a certain boy she was fond of. "What do you know about that and why am I here along with," He pointed at C.C. "Why is she here?!"

Beatrice pretended not to hear him and finished her cup. "Are you done C.C.?"

C.C. looked bored. "I've been done, now stop misbehaving and tell him what we need to do!"

"You do it, it's not like he will listen to me!"

Suzaku looked miffed. "Will someone answer me or I will leave!"

The two looked at him, Beatrice with amusement, while C.C. gave a frown. "Suzaku, you can't leave this place given that it's part of a different plane of reality. Beatrice rules this area with other people. If you go and not know where you are going you will end up lost and in their clutches!"

He noted the tone of voice she gave. She seems urgent with what she is saying, His gaze than fell of the blonde witch. I get the feeling I shouldn't cross her as well.

Taking her consideration to heart he calmed down. "I don't know if I should trust you but I will agree to stay here…anyway what is your name?"

He had seen her once before but he could have sworn she was dead due to a head shot.

"I go by C.C." Offered the girl.

Suzaku nodded and looked at the hostess of the party. "And you are…Beitrice as you told me earlier?"

She gave him a smile that made him think he was submerged in ice water. "That is correct, boy."

Beatriece than stopped her shenanigans. "I have brought you here since an event has happened which shouldn't have. Suzaku," She looked at the teen. "First know that I am not part of the world you are from. My existence is something higher and I know that there are various realities. I have known C.C. since she became immortal."

Suzaku looked at C.C. and couldn't fathom that she was immortal.

"Don't be surprised on what you hear now Suzaku." C.C. stated with boredom

"I'll take your word but why are we here and what event?"

The Golden witch looked at him firmly. "Did you feel anything strange happen when you confronted that friend of yours?"

Thinking about that Suzaku did remember seeing strings. He thought he had made that up as a coping mechanism but the more he thought he started unraveling the situation.

C.C. turned to him. "Is this true Suzaku?"

He briefly nodded. "I thought it didn't happen and I couldn't tell you where they came from but…"

Beatrice giggled like a child with a secret. "I can tell you that you ended up being manipulated by those strings. It enhanced your already raging feelings at him."

"That means that he didn't mean to kill Lelouch?" answered C.C.

The brown-eyed boy shook his head. "I won't make excuses about that. He killed the woman I loved and even if I wasn't being used like a toy, I would have shot him but not in the heart!"

C.C. turned to Beatrice. "Then you swooped in and somehow swapped his soul and placed it in a different world with an exact body? Now you want Suzaku and me to find Lelouch?"

Beatrice face had a maddening look to them. "That's correct. I couldn't tell you why the person did this but I know that they trespassed to something that didn't concern them. You two have the strongest link to this boy and thought I should offer my help."

The green haired girl couldn't think that her motives were pure but she would deal with that issue later. She turned to Suzaku. "Now you see why you were brought here. We have a chance to save Lelouch and try to discover why this happened."

Suzaku wanted nothing more than to try to talk with his friend. He wanted to ask him why all this had to happen and what his motives were. What would you do Eurphy?

An image of the pink haired blue-eyed princess appeared and she smiled at him. He grimaced in pain and held a hand to his face.

"Have you made your choice child?" Beatrice asked him.

C.C. retained a look of neutral on her face but she hoped he'd say yes.

After a couple of moments he agreed. "I have my reasons for doing this. If I can find out why this happened then I will move forward with C.C.!"

"Splendid, I am happy that you will do this!" Beatrice answered and the tea room setting vanished and they stood near a door.

The knight of Britania and the immortal girl looked at the door in curiosity as Beatrice began to speak.

"This will lead you to a place called Reveille, where you will find the one you want but take heed that place is different." She gave a look to C.C. "As I mentioned the technology that is here does not exist in that place."

C.C. didn't mind that in the least, even though Suzaku became concerned about that. Then C.C. did something unexpected to him that only Euphemia ever did; kiss him.

As the teen's mind became foggy a red sigil appeared on her forehead and Suzaku felt strange. He felt like something was being opened inside of him.

After a moment she broke off the kiss and noticed he was blushing. "What was that for?" He asked perplexed.

"I have given you a geass Suzaku Kururugi!" she replied to his shock. "It will help us when we go to that place."

She looked to Beatrice. "Will it be something he can use?"

The witch glanced briefly at Suzaku and gave a short nod. "I made sure it would work to his advantage. This is my area so when you did that I pushed it in a way that would benefit the both of you."

Suzaku still looked confused at what they were talking about. Contracts, other worlds, it sounded like something from a fantasy novels he read once in a while.

"Does that mean I have a geass?" He stated.

C.C. gave him one of her indifferent looks. "We will discuss more of it later. Now we should go."

"Go, but she's not even giving us much of anything to go o!" he argued. "Lelouch is alive even though I killed him and now giving me this power! What kind of person does that without someone's consent!?"

She could tell he was upset about that. "I won't apologise for that Suzaku. This is only a partnership to get Lelouch back, isn't that what you want?"

Suzaku didn't say anything for a minute as he thought about it. "It is but this is still suspicious. How will we get back if we find him?"

"You should worry about that when the time is right but now you should move on to your destination, white knight!" Beatrice said easily enough as the door swung wide open and started pulling them in.

Suzaku yelled in shock as his body propelled through the air and C.C. looked surprised as well. After a couple of moments the door closed and Beatrice was alone once again.

Taking another smoke from her pipe she leered at the door with a cunning smile. "This should be interesting. I hope Glen Baskerville will appreciate all that I'm doing for him?"

She then returned to her game.

Rainsworth Estate

In a mansion of the Rainsworth family; Sharon Rainsworth, next heiress of the family was enjoying her afternoon tea.

The girl had medium length caramel colored hair in a pony tail held together by a ribbon, her eye color pink, and wore an aristocratic blue dress. She looked around thirteen years of age but chronologically she was twenty-three due to being contracted to the chain Equus.

She looked on in boredom as there was nothing to do. With Oz, Gil and Alice gone taking care of business at Pandora, the heiress couldn't think of anything to do.

Sighing she took a sip of her raspberry flavored tea.

Nothing interesting has happen for a while after that incident with Oz, Gil, and big brother Xerexes getting lost in the Cheshire cat's dimension…

The girl let her mind wander to various things. With the mystery of Oz growing since he came back to the abyss and with Alice's lost memories they had been on the move constantly.

To her knowledge something else has caught her attention. A boy with ebony hair had made a name for himself for a while now.

He's been around for three years before Oz came back and he was adopted to an established noble family. She thought.

Sharon had seen the boy several times but never has spoken to him. All she knew was that he was smart and cunning and worked with Pandora while attending Lutwidge academy.

What was his name? Le….lu something or another? Before she could think of the name she saw a peculiar sight as a brown door opened and flung out two people.

One looked like a boy and the other a girl.

"Looks like my day has gotten all the more interesting?" She whispered delightfully.

Pandora Headquarters

In one of the training rooms Xerxes Break was practicing his swordsmanship once again. The skinny, white-haired man swung his sword, which doubled as a cane, looked to the window and felt something in the distance. His chain, Mad Hatter, had sensed something out of the ordinary.

He didn't know why but for some reason he felt that things would be getting exciting. Break took out a piece of candy and ate it.

"My oh my; what players have entered this twisted game?" He whispered a creepy smile appeared on his face.

Same deal for another male. Gilbert Nightray, heir to the Nightray dukedom and loyal vassal to Oz, was finishing his smoke break, which he desperately wanted to stop, and clutched his hand.

His chain, Raven, reacting to something strange. It had the same pulsation as when the seal on Oz's chest moves forward due to his contract with the b-rabbit.

The shaggy haired man with the golden eyes felt that his life would be getting more complicated and not in a good way.

Oz Vessalius was in the shopping district of Reveil with an excited Alice as he had promised to give her anything she wanted and that was meat!

The blonde haired, green-eyed boy looked around his pocket to pay for the meal before the long brown-haired girl had a serious demeanor.

"What's the matter Alice?" He asked concerned as he saw that none of her meal, had been eaten. "It's not like you to turn down anything with meat?"

She looked at him and whispered. "I don't know however things won't be the same again…"

Oz had a confused look at what she said. "Alice…"

Alice continued ignoring him as she stared to the blue sky. What is this feeling?

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