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Last time Suzaku activated his geass which grants him battle armor that is in the shape of his Knightmare frame Lancelot.

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Chapter 3

That which is forgotten

The blonde, green-eyed teen, Oz Vessalius, with his ever-present valet (and best friend) Gilbert Nightray and the B-Rabbit (bloody rabbit) Alice had come back from Pandora and gave them their report of what happened in the Cheisure Cat's realm.

Well it was more Gilbert explaining the situation to Reim and trying to keep Alice from causing any mischief and Oz was no help since he kept whining how it was boring repeating the same phrase over and over.

Gil placed a hand over his eyes as he wondered how Oz could be immature like that! He gave the blonde a look of amusements however. He knew that he might play dumb but Oz is perceptive when he needed.

He then turned his stare to the long-haired brunette, Alice, as she explained the importance of meat and how the employees at the restaurant should have given her more.

Importance of meat my butt! She's only happy she got something in her damn stomach! And she nearly ate out that restaurant! He complained in his head.

This was the life he was used to (and at times liked) since Oz escaped the abyss with Alice, albeit illegally.

Those dark thoughts were not far from his mind since Oz was on a time limit on how long he could exist in this world. Thanks to him sealing Alice's powers, the clock on his chest wouldn't move but as of lately it has moved regardless.

Wondering why that was Gil decided he'd be vigilant with making sure nothing happened to his precious master

Since it's been a couple of days since they returned Oz had decided to see how Sharon and Break were doing.

"I'm positive Break has missed our presence in his life and needs us to lighten is pessimistic mood!" He explained happily with eyes sparkling.

Gil felt sick at seeing the white-haired "Mad-hatter" character and Alice shared the sentiment as she growled like a rabid animal.

Oz however convinced Alice with a feast of meat, in which case she hopped on Oz's side and denounced the black-haired man by calling him "dunce see-weed head!"

The raven growled at the memory and felt dread in the pit of his stomach as they walked to the Rainsworth estate.

He had been curious though when he felt Raven had a strange reaction to something though and still couldn't determine why. Looking down at his gloved hand, his chain was once again, in its usual fowl but complacent mood.

Maybe it was just a reaction for using his powers by escaping that realm? The long-coated guy wondered.

As he thought that he didn't hear Oz for a minute or two, which made the teen curious. Grinning, an evil smile, he waited for Gil to walk a couple of paces ahead of them.

Gil didn't notice til after he didn't hear any talking and saw that they were gone! "Crap, Oz! Oz Where are you?"

That's when the ball dropped.

"Waaaaaa, our papa left us all alone to fend for ourselves!" A boy like voice cried.

Blanching at that Gil turned to see Oz using his fabled acting skills to draw attention. Alice looked indifferent as she had a piece of raw meat in her mouth and she looked chibified as well.

Gil found it curious how she could do that at times before he walked towards them. "What the hell are you doing Oz!?" He yelled!

Oz's eyes streamed tears as he looked fragile as a puppy, which captured all the girls' hearts and made men look sensitive.

"Papa, why couldn't you wait for us? We just wanted some lunch and you got angry at little sister Alice-chan for spending your money on her birthday?" He whined.

Mouth gaping Gil got stern looks from the ever-growing crowed.

Screaming in his head he nabbed Oz and Alice and ran like the dickens! Getting some space he stopped and dropped them, hard!

"What was that about?!" He yelled.

Oz pretends to get wax out of his ears. "Huh, it's your fault for thinking hard and losing us!"

Pointing an accusing finger he yelled. "How can I lose you when you know where you are going?!"

The teen shrugged his shoulders. "You are the one who looked like he would have a canopies' if I wasn't around! Besides you've been moody!"

This made Gil stop ranting as he gave him a dubious look. Oz gave him one of his see through looks; eyes slightly slanted with a solemn look. His hair blew a little.

"I can always tell when something is bothering you, Gil," He explained to the shocked Gil. "Was it about that strange feeling you felt a couple of days ago?"

Eyes widening he asked how he knew. Chuckling he closed his eyes and said the same thing happened to Alice, she felt something ominous and he felt so too as being the contractor to her.

"You shouldn't keep things to yourself, silly!" He poked his valet's head. "Besides…"

He started giving the adult a noogie. "I am the only one who should make you nervous and moody!"

Gil somewhat gave a girly scream as Oz continued his torment. Not knowing what was going on but it looked fun; Alice placed her white high-heeled boot on his forehead.

"Finally succumbing like the runt you are, eh sea-weed head?!" She gloated as her eyes turned demonic as an image of a bipedal rabbit with a scythe appeared behind her with hellish flames. "Don't worry I, Alice-sama will make your punishment not as painful!" She started laughing.

Oz acted innocent and Gil groaned, not about the boot to his head but to how she acted like a certain aristocrat when angered. Gil grabbed Alice by the collar and hollered at her. "Will you stop sounding like you are better than me; stupid rabbit!"

"Don't call me stupid sea-weed head!"

They bickered like that for a couple of minutes before Oz calmed them down.

Giving each other a glare they scoffed and turned around from each other.

"I think we will figure out what that feeling was when we go see Sharon!" He enthusiastically mentioned. "She might know and I'm positive that nothing gets through Break so we can ask him!"

Gil felt better at the plan. Sometimes he wondered on who the adult was really and who the kid was.

They soon parted for Rainsworth. It took them another twenty minutes to arrive and as they turned a corner Alice narrowed her eyes.

"Hmmm, what's up Alice?" Oz asked.

Not taking her eyes off their destination she answered. "I think the clown is fighting someone!"

Gil and Oz looked surprised at this. Taking off Oz rushed ahead of the duo as they yelled for him to stop but he didn't pay them any attention.

The illegal contractor saw flashes of light coming from the backyard and when he arrived he saw Break fighting a machine guy?!

Shock was an understatement at what he was seeing. He thought for a moment if it was a chain?

He opened the fence to the yard and called out to Sharon. The aristocrat teen turned and had a surprised look as she and a girl with green hair came towards him.

"Sharon what's going on here?!" He asked frantically. "Why is Break battling…" he took a moment to think. "That man-machine."

Before she could answer they saw a burst of light appear as the swordsman and armored man clashed once again.

Gil and Alice soon arrived and looked at the sight of Break fighting. For the raven-haired man, he was amazed that whoever was fighting Break could keep up with him.

Alice on the other hand felt a power she's never sensed before and looked at the yellow-eyed girl. Sensing the girl's glance C.C. looked at her with a cool expression which made Alice somewhat uncomfortable.

I don't know who she is but I'm getting a vibe from her? The brown-eyed girl thought both in wonder and suspcion.

Suzaku held his two swords in his hands and was getting winded. He had been at this for ten minutes and still Break wasn't giving an inch.

This guy is good! Even with my geass he's easily keeping up with me? Of course I'm still learning how much I can do in this form! He thought in amazement.

Break had been thinking similar thoughts as he was going all out trying to beat Suzaku and gain whatever information he could.

It wasn't no surprise that he was suspicious of him, especially with the girl known as C.C. He had a hunch if he met before?

Holding out his sword-cane Break gave an easy smile. "My, my I wasn't expecting this going on as far as it did, Suzaku-kun!" He complimented with indifference. "Do you really not want to tell Break-sama your little secrets?"

Suzaku-Lancelot frowned at what he called him. "Sorry but I'm not in the mood to tell you anything!"

"Oh poo, I thought we could not settle this violently…." He dropped his weapon to his shoulders and casted his view down to the ground.

The brown-haired teen grew suspicious until he saw Break snap his head and felt a mysterious vibe coming from him.

"Of course I'll do anything to win so you'll excuse me if I leave you knocked unconscious for a while!" A figure appeared behind him and Suzaku got a good look at what he called out "Mad Hatter!"

It was Break's chain; Mad Hatter, a being whose power could erase any chain from existence that is linked to the abyss. It appeared as a floating eye with a black cape that was its body and a top hat that had some feathers jetting out and a silver chain linked to a pendant floating around the body.

Sharon, Oz and Gilbert looked surprised that he would use his chain for a battle like this; the Rainsworth heir got them up to date while C.C. looked concerned for her companion.

It appears that Break has changed for the most part? She looked at his chain with interest. Suzaku might not last long as he is reaching the end.

Suzaku also noted that his Geass sigil was lessening and glanced at his hand; it was coming undone! Thinking that he could only keep up this for a half-hour he would have to try to end this!

He put away his swords and pulled out a blaster!

Oz wondered what kind of weapon was that since it didn't seem to need any bullets! Gil gave C.C. a look. She's awfully calm with this.

Sharon grew concerned at how this battle was ending up; she knew that Mad Hatter is considered a powerful chain but it drains the contractor of their vitality!

"This battle is going to end after a last strike, Oz…" Alice whispered to the blonde as Sharon overheard the statement.

Break gave a smile but his body was wracked with pain. Holding out his sword to strike he focused his chain's power to his blade. "Let's see you get outta this Suzaku-kun!"

The Japanese teen had been reluctant to use the rifle but soon discarded that thought with wiping that smug look off his face!

He pulled the trigger and a green sphere fired from it! Break didn't hesitate and sent a projectile from his blade and the two attacks hit.

An explosion happened which knocked back a table and stirred up a whirlwind. Gil jumped in front of Oz and summoned Raven. The black bird wrapped its wings around the entire non-fighters to absorb some of the impact.

After the explosion Raven returned to Gil and they all saw that there wasn't as much damage to the place except for a couple of broken windows.

The blonde looked at the duo to see Break on the ground unconscious along with Suzaku! They had knocked each other out.

"I guess that battle was a tie then?" Oz whispered out.

"Unfortunately," Alice quipped. "I was kind of rooting for him of getting rid of that obnoxious clown!"

Secretly Gil had thought the same thing but saw the look on Sharon's face that he was happy that they didn't hurt each other.

C.C. was also happy that it didn't lead to any form of death. She didn't think that Suzaku would have gotten a handle on his Geass that fast but he was a warrior and she would need him to be on par with the people of this world.

Glancing at Sharon she answered. "Since it is a tie I think we should both give up some information," She offered. "But I will say we are not here for anything heinous."

The tailed-teen looked at C.C. and for an instant she saw that she looked sad more in her eyes then her voice. Sharon gave a nod. "I believe you, but before that let's get these two to bed!"

She called some servants to move the two to the guest chambers. Sharon would tend to them and told Oz and the others to go to the living room.

The blonde saw that C.C. was walking a little ahead of them and rushed to meet her. The yellow eyed girl looked amused at him.

"I'm not sure what's going on but I'll gladly hear what you two are about!" He said. "My name is Oz Vessalius!"

He stuck out his hand which she took. "My name is C.C.!"

The green-eyed boy looked curious. "You don't have a last name?"

"Nope, I am simply known as C.C." She replied with ease.

The ever cautious Gil didn't know what to think of C.C. but he got a feeling that she was more than she seemed. The same could be said for Alice as she got close to her and sniffed her. C.C. somewhat backed away from the chain's behavior which Oz admonished her for!

Giving an uneasy chuckle he apologized. "Sorry for my friend's behavior, she's innocent at best!"

Alice somewhat narrowed her eyes at the witch and C.C. did the same thing.

What does that stupid rabbit see from Sharon's guest? Gil thought to himself.

Pointing at the black attired man, Oz gave his name. "The gloomy guy over there is my valet and worry wart, Gilbert Nightray!"

Springing to life Gilbert grabbed Oz's cheeks! "Don't tell her anything like that Oz!"

C.C. was momentarily taken aback by their behavior but soon giggled at them. The duo looked at her and smiled.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that," She apologized to them which Oz didn't mind.

"Don't worry about it, but now that's outta the way who was your friend battling Break?!"

C.C. told them they could have the discussion in the den where she would offer some parts of the information.

A couple of minutes later Sharon returned to tell them Break and Suzaku were fine. She knew that Break would be out of it but had no clue why Suzaku would collapse like that.

"I think you might know something along that matter," Alice spoke to C.C.

Oz and Gil blanched at her uncouth way of speaking to her but C.C. looked calm.

"You have good instincts on that front, Alice." She spoke as she looked at them. "As promised I will offer on who I am along with my companion. You see I am not like normal beings…"

She explained that she was an immortal girl who offered a unique power called geass and explained how it worked.

It took a couple of minutes and they looked in disbelief at the girl' she was a thousand years old?

"How is that possible? You have immortality; people would kill to have that!" Gil argued trying to wrap his head around it.

C.C. shook her head. "It's not what anyone wants, it is a curse. I have contracted with many people they never have gotten close even though there was one…"

"Is this the person who is sleeping upstairs?" Oz asked her.

The witch shook her head. "He is not the one since I gave Suzaku his geass before coming here." She whispered.

C.C. avoided telling them on where they are from only that they are looking for someone. Sharon didn't ask about why they came from a door way for she thought it best to hold off on that for a while.

She knew that people had reasons to not tell people they just met everything. Sharon hoped that she would learn more about them, especially Suzaku.

Oz for the most part accepted C.C.'s story as well and could sympathise with her; she explained the pain of losing people dear to you due to the passage of time and always had to be on the move, never stopping for so long.

Given his unique upbringing with his father not paying him any attention and wanting someone to acknowledge his existence he could somewhat relate. Not with the immortality thing though.

"So who is this person you are searching for C.C.?" Gilbert asked as he poured her some tea.

It took a moment for her to say anything. "Someone dear to Suzaku and myself. I can't explain anything more on that for now."

"Not to worry, we won't pry to anything personal with you C.C.!" Oz replied smiling. "Besides if your friend could hold out against Break then you must not be bad!"

"Oz, he practically destroyed Sharon's house with that attack!" Gil admonished but Sharon giggled.

"Not to worry, Just before the attacks came into contact I had Eques send them to a different place! All that happened was a shockwave."

Gilbert sweat dropped. Yeah, he shouldn't underestimate anyone from the Rainsworhth, they knew how to keep a situation from going out of control.

"So if you two are looking for someone can we help you?" Oz asked.

C.C. eyes widened in surprise. "You don't have to, this is for me and my companion."

"Come on, you might need our help and besides you owe it to Sherry. If she wasn't here and they fought, you'd have been put in jail for causing a ruckus even if you didn't fight!"

Raising an eyebrow C.C. was impressed by the boy's craftiness. "All right, you can help us…"

Oz threw up his hands like he was throwing confetti! "Yeah, we get to help C.C.-neechan!"

Gilbert only shook his head at his friend's antics but knew he was trying to make C.C. smile. Even though he still had his doubts he wanted to help them look for their friend. Since he went through a similar problem with Oz being thrown to the abyss he knew what heartache one could go through.

Sharon and the others soon went to explain about themselves; about chains, the family's they were from and how they worked for Pandora and why.

C.C. was baffled about the stuff she learned. In her head she thought on what Beatrice told her about meeting different things and chains in this world. She would have to eventually tell them the truth on some matters down the line.

"What is this person's name then?" Gilbert asked C.C.

She answered without hesitation. "His name is Lelouch Lamperouge!"

Gilbert's eyes widened in disbelief while Sharon gave a soft gasp.

"What's wrong you two, you know who this guy is?" Oz asked confused.

He didn't say anything.

Grabbing hold of the situation C.C. asked again if they knew Lelouch?

"Everyone's heard of Lelouch because he's been adopted by one of the great families a couple of years back…" Sharon explained.

C.C. thought on the matter. "I learned about that from some books you lent me when I arrived here. If he's not here then which family is it?"

"One other known family; the Barma family!" She answered.

At Lutwidge academy there was a male with short black-hair and eyes reading a book in the library. He looked completely bored at what he was doing.

A girl with long blonde-hair sat next to him also reading a book about an occult. "Lelouch what is the matter?" Ada Vessalius asked her friend. "You usual like it when we have the free period?"

Lelouch gave a shrug. "I do but I can't help but seem bored with this mundane life…"

Ada casted a cute frown at him. "You always think something is missing in your life, Lelouch? Be happy for what you have!"

His heart jumped a beat for a second on what she said. Why would a phrase like that get to him?

Giving him a concerned look she asked if he was all right which he said yes too.

He then said he would get some fresh air and meet up with her around dinner time. Ada gave a lovely smile at him and continued with her reading.

Lelouch walked outside and looked at this academy. He had come here for a couple of years now and he wondered one thing; how in the hell he got here?

All he could vaguely think about is his amnesia and how his right eye had bothered him a couple of days ago.

Looking up at the sky he wondered if his life would change soon.

Lelouch has finally been shown and he is the adopted son of Rufus Barma; more information on that when the story shifts to him.

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