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Does the head of the family suspect that Lelouch holds something within him?

Find out now!

Chapter 4

Rebirth of the king

It was the evening and Lelouch was reading a book to keep his mind occupied. After finishing his day with Ada he decided to loaf around in his room for the evening.

This was his second year at Lutwidge academy and all he felt for everything he was doing was boring and he didn't even understand why!

It's like something is missing in his life! Ever since he was found three years ago by Duke Barma, in a state of amnesia, he's been trying piece together his lost memories. Living in a life of nobility seemed easy for him as well; it was like it was second nature to him.

Did I live like this before? Lelouch thought on the matter.

He didn't grasp why this happened. When he finally awoke he saw his father's valet, Reim Lunettes, and he explained how Lelouch would be adopted into the Barma dukedom and become Rufus Barma, current head of the family, adopted child.

"As my master says it 'If the Nightray's can adopt some riff-raff off the streets then certainly someone of my status can as well!' end quote." Reim mentioned to Lelouch, he spoke in a hesitant voice trying not to offend the teen.

The black-haired looked surprised for a second; his first thought was his new father sounded like an arrogant ass-hole!

So after that day his name became Lelouch Barma. He went to parties and other social events to get him up and running with the aristocrats. To everyone's surprise he was a genius when it came to chess and other mind related materials and was a good cook!

His father also made him a part of Pandora as well. Lelouch knew about basic information regarding the abyss and chains. He also knew about his father's own chain as well however Lelouch didn't care much for the power that chains could offer.

Lelouch grimaced at what he was thinking. It's not like I care about that…it's strange that I have all those skills though…

Every time he tried thinking about his past his mind would go black. The skinny teen found it curious on why he was found that way. Could it be he had a past that was full of sorrow?

Pressing his fingers against the bridge of his nose he figured he'd been to cooped up in his room and decided to head outside to get some air. Even though there was a curfew on when students had to be in the dorms Lelouch, being a tactical expert, figured out a secret path to take to get him outside campus and experience the night life! He had done that as soon as he entered the academy.

Lelouch wore a red jacket with a black sleeveless shirt underneath, blue jeans and black shoes. Sneaking out of the bedroom and into the hallway he went to the far end of the area and looked for the door.

It took a second and pressed. The door opened and headed down the stairs. It's amazing the stuff they have around this place, He thought smiling. I doubt even the teachers know about it.

Upon finding the exit he headed out and breathed in the night air. He wondered what he was going to do tonight. He could head to the bad part of town and see if there was any illegal gaming going on? Nah, Ada would nag him about doing stuff like that.

As he thought about the pretty blonde another image came to his head; the face was blurry but he could make out orange hair and could tell it was a girl. The image left as quickly as it came.

What in the world was that? That seemed to have happened lately where he would have some random image of someone he never knew!

Lelouch figured it could be linked to his past but that couldn't be. He was found when he was just fourteen years old and the image of the girl looked like she was in high school.

It's probably nothing; I'm thinking too much into it Of course he did have a brief feeling of kinship with whoever that girl was.

A little later at night Lelouch found himself in an underground area where there were aristocrats and other people moving about their business. There were some hookers looking for a good time, illegal matches that dealt with fighting (regular or with chains) or gambling.

No matter what there would always be the underbelly of any society.

Looking on in apathy, Lelouch thought that he should pick something to do to waste some time on. As he looked about ready to screw some people at Black Jack with his highly advanced intellect he saw that there was some trouble in the front of the entrance.

What could be happening now; some guy get locked out of a room wearing assless pants again? He saw it before once and it blinded him for weeks! Well not really but it made him want to start thinking about therapy.

His eyes widened at seeing his friend and classmate, Ada Vessalius in the front trying to get in! Why would she be here, he had wondered and rushed to meet her.

Before he could however a man, as big as a bear, made his way to the entrance. His eyes looked happy as he saw the sweet, innocent girl.

"Hello there, what brings you here little girl?" He asked, voice dripping with fake kindness.

Ada looked positively terrified as the man leered at her. The blonde teen was only here because she discovered Lelouch left his room again and being the kind of person to worry about her friends, she followed him.

The only reason I knew he left was because Vincent mentioned it to me as he came to visit me. She thought as she gathered her courage.

As people crowded the area Lelouch tried to break through them but couldn't. Curse his vitality for not being strong!

"I'm looking for a friend of mine; he came here not too long ago!" She squeaked out to the man.

The burly man grinned. "A friend, huh?"

She gave a firm nod. "He has short black hair and has a look of indifference on his face," She described Lelouch.

Hearing the description Lelouch looked abashed. What does she mean I look indifferent! That's just my usual facial feature, Ada!

Looking at the high school student, the bear man bellowed out a laugh. "I might know where this kid is,"

Her eyes got wide. "You know who he is?"

"Yeah, he usually comes by. He's got quite the reputation; always winning big and some of the female tenants have a thing for him!"

The poor girl's face had a blush to them. She never suspected Lelouch was into hookers?

As if hearing her thoughts the black-haired teen wanted to sob for a moment. Dammit, I thought I was remaining inconspicuous but I shouldn't be surprised that people would talk! I have to get her out of here!

Before he could however some guys he didn't know stopped him from proceeding! One gripped his neck hard while the other grabbed his arms!

He was about to yell at them but one clamped a hand over his mouth. Struggling he tried to get Ada's attention but the younger sister of Oz ended up after the tower of muscles.

All in her head Ada knew she was doing something foolish but she was concerned with Lelouch's behavior lately. If she could get him out of here she could talk him out of coming to these kinds of places.

Lelouch…she thought.

Don't be foolish Ada, you ever hear about going with strangers? He gripped in his head but he ended up getting punched in the stomach. All he saw was darkness.

"Is this the one?" The one thug asked.

"Yeah this is the chump! Let's take him to the basement!" Second thug mentioned.

They moved him to said place. It felt like a long while before Lelouch woke up and what he saw were the thugs with their backs to him.

Thinking frantically on what to do Lelouch blamed this scenario on him. He usually made sure no one followed him, especially someone like Ada.

He didn't know why but he liked her presence, like a younger sister. He could think of the first time they met as he got introduced to the class and even though he was somewhat introverted the pretty blonde gravitated to him.

She's my friend and I don't want some trash treating her like she's a free ride! He glared disdainfully at his captives. If only he had power to get out of here and get to her!

Lelouch closed his left eye. It felt weird for a while now and he couldn't grasp why it would be wonky! Then a flash of memory went through his head. In this he was in a black school suit in a ditch. A solider held a gun at his head. Then before the shot could be fired a girl with green hair and yellow eyes asked him if he wanted power!

Replying with a "yes" the girl kissed him on the lips and he felt something being born. He snapped out of what he thought was a delusion and the girl's voice echoed saying that "You have the power of the king!"

The king; I like the sound of that! He kept a grin from his face as one of his captives saw him move briefly.

"What the hell wrong, kid?" The man demanded as he got closer to him. "You cursing your luck for coming to this shit hole?" He stuck his face in Lelouch's. "You should have kept your skinny ass home, boy!"

Purple eyes met brown as a red sigil appeared in his left eye. "And you know what I think scum?" He then whispered his command. "Die…"

The man didn't know what happened next. He nodded grabbed the nearest thing he saw, a hammer, and bashed his brains in!

Two men saw what their friend was doing and tried stopping them but the man screamed adamantly at them and killed himself in a matter of seconds. Blood gushed to the ground and he died with his eyes open.

Lelouch looked stunned for a moment at what he did but soon had a sick satisfaction at what happened. His face looked like a devil at the moment.

The thugs looked fearful and looked at Lelouch with hate filled eyes. "What did you do to him, jackass?" One cried adamantly.

Second thug grabbed Lelouch by the scruff of his neck and gave a shake. "Tell us, you skinny prick!"

Smiling with arrogance he looked him dead in the eye. "All right, I'll tell you; you will follow any of my commands!"

With that said the man lowered him down. "By your command, master!"

Telling his new slave to untie him the thug did. The last thug looked on disbelief. "What the hell, stop doing that, we have a job!"

"I only follow my master's command, not you!" He said in a dead tone.

Laughing at this new development Lelouch looked at him. "Don't worry, it will fine…"

A loud scream was heard from the basement.

In the room, Ada tried fending off the grizzly man. She's been avoiding his advances for the pass thirty minutes and as she entered the room Ada knew it was a mistake.

"Stay away from me!" She yelled at him as she covered her breasts. The man stuck his tongue out in perversion as he looked at her milky skin and his view went to her legs.

"Can't do that; with sweet eye candy like you, why should I?" He grabbed her by her arms which she tried breaking from but she didn't have any strength and closed her eyes.

The smell of alcohol was on his breath which made the poor blonde sick. Whimpering out for him to stop, Ada dreaded what would happen.

Her Uncle Oscar warned her of men like this and soon thought what she had to do even though she didn't want to.

As he went to kiss her she kneed him in the jewels! Grunting out in pain the man grasped his crotch. "You little bitch!"

He slapped her to the ground and got on top of her, trying to take off her top. "No one does that to me, I'll make you scream so loudly that all the city can hear you!"

Sorrowful tears came down her face! She didn want this to happen. Images of Oz, Gilbert, Oscar and Vincent came to her mind as she thought about the ones she loved. She also thought of Lelouch. "Lelouch…"

Then the grizzly man felt a blow to his head! Falling down Ada saw Lelouch, with some bruises on his face, with a bat in his hand.

"Lulu…" she whispered as he looked down at the man. Eyes widening in bewilderment the handsome teen why that nickname sounded like home to him?

"Get off of her, you trash!" He seethed as he got her from the ground. He would think about that later.

To her view she saw two guys as they held down the man.

"I'm sorry for this Ada…" Lelouch whispered as he hugged her. "You are only here because you were looking for me."

She let him embrace him for a second before he unhooked his arms from her. "Now, it's time I ended this."

Ada didn't know what he was going to do and became wary. As if sensing that Lelouch turned to her and back at the men.

"You two take Ada outside and guard her till I'm out there!" Both bodies complied and led her away from the situation.

Looking disdainfully at the person who almost raped his friend and held me captive he uttered his last command. "By Lelouch Barma's command; you will think you are falling to an endless abyss forever!"

The siglil flew to the man's retina and for and instant nothing happened until the grizzly man had a look of fear etched on his face and started screaming. His hands were held up like he was falling.

Lelouch coldly walked off and shut the door.

As he got outside Ada got to him and hugged him. "I was worried, what happened to that man?" She asked.

Smiling at her he said that he left him as he was. She doesn't need to know what I really did.

A flash of pain went through his head as another image appeared; what appeared to be a person in a wheel chair but the face was hazy. It looked like he was caring for the person.

Snapping out of it Lelouch wondered what these flashes were? He soon noted that the men were still hanging around them.

He told Ada to go on ahead, he had to get one more thing. Not liking that he would remain in the seedy place but she acknowledged him and headed back to the good part of the city.

Giving the two a look he told him his last command. "Go kill yourselves!" And he walked off.

Lelouch dropped Ada off to the girl's dormitory. The blonde thought it curious how they got their without hassle. The boy chuckled uneasily and was happy that Ada was a gullible person.

"Before I leave, how did you know where to find me, Ada?" He asked. "I was careful not for anyone to notice me and you know that's not a place for you to go alone too!"

Ada looked sad for an instant. "I know Lelouch it's just I don't want you getting into any trouble with the student council; Elliot already has issues with you for disregarding school rules!"

Lelouch rolled his eyes at the mentioned name. He's had it in for me from day one; I wonder how Leo deals with that idiot? "Don't worry about him, now tell me, who told you?"

The look on Ada's face looked uncomfortable. "While I was heading back to the dorm, Vincent talked with me for a minute and told me where you were headed."

"Vincent?!" Lelouch exclaimed. "As in Vincent Nightray? He saw me; what in the world is that sewer rat skulking around this place?!"

Ada tried calming him down. "Don't say that about Vincent, he's a nice person!"

Lelouch looked at his sister figure with pity. He never trusted Vincent Nightray. If Elliot was a pain in the ass than Vincent surpassed that ten times full!

"You shouldn't have listened to a word says!" His voice angry.

"I was worried about you, I didn't want anything happening to you!" Surprisingly she was being stubborn.

Sighing he relented. "I'll admit I was at fault but you don't have to worry Ada," he gave her another brotherly hug. "I can take care of myself. I'll be happy knowing you are here safe!"

Ada hugged him back. She felt like being in the arm of a sibling. She soon thought of Oz and wondered how he was doing?

"I'm heading back to my room, so I'll see you in class later!" He departed.

"Don't skip this time, all right Lelouch?" She scolded him like a mother.

He gave her a thumbs up and was out of there. Ada closed her door and headed off to sleep.

Lelouch headed back to his room, using that power to get out of any sticky situations and wondered how he got this power. It felt like it was a part of him and for whatever reason he knew that he could only use it once against a person. If he tried it on the same person it wouldn't work.

Resting on his bed he muttered one word. "Geass…" That was the powers name but why would he know that. I'm going to figure this out!

In the Nightray mansion Vincent Nightray, younger blood brother of Gilbert Nightray and adoptive older brother to Elliot Nightray, hung out in his study. His servant Echo, a girl with little emotion, keeping him company.

Drinking a brandy the light blonde haired man with one red-eye and the other golden smirked. He had the interesting night. He had told the fool girl Ada about what happened to Lelouch.

He smiled delightfully at the situation. Thinking on how Ada almost got herself raped excited him but not in a pervasive way.

"To think she was lucky enough to be saved by that brat Lelouch," He frowned as he thought about Rufus's adopted son. "Oh well, that power of his did come to bear fruit so I won't do anything for a time. Speaking of which,"

He turned to see another person in the room; the figure wore a red cloak.

"How is my older brother?" he asked the figure.

The cloaked figure spoke in a feminine tone. "He is fine for the moment; those two from another world came as planned. Now we will be making our move soon!"

"Do what you want but I will have the power that Lelouch wields and soon I will hold the power of the abyss!" Vincent stated.

The figure doubted he would have harness to the power of the abyss but she kept quiet. All she cared about was bringing back their lord.

The light blue short-haired Echo remained quiet as she didn't like the look on Vincent's face. Soon things would take an interesting turn for this world.

Back at the Rainsworth mansion C.C. was in the guest room. She was about ready for bed but not before she gripped her eye! Gasping for a second she knew only one person who could do that and it wasn't Suzaku.

"Is that you, Lelouch?" She whispered.

Third chapter ends!

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