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Last time the story shifted to Lelouch and explained (somewhat) about his circumstances and discovering his geass once again.

Vincent Nightray was involved with that and met by one of the Baskervilles and has knowledge that Lelouch can use geass.

C.C. also learns of her contractee powers activating.

What do the Baskervilles and Vincent have in stored for the adopted son of Barma and what other mysterious will unveil in this tale?

Chapter 5

Time once pass.

It's been a day since C.C. had her psychic link with Lelouch established and confirmed that the boy was in this world.

The green-haired girl was now in her room contemplating how to go about this information. She had informed Suzaku, who looked surprised by what she told him.

They then informed Oz, Sharon and the others the day after the event. The group went over that if Suzaku and C.C. wanted to see their friend; they would have to infiltrate Lutwitge Academy.

With that the small ragtag group began making preparations in how to do just that. Sharon suggested that C.C. and Suzaku would need an identity to set up a family background to go there.

So Suzaku went with Gilbert, Oz and Alice and Sharon, down to Pandora to get that done. They would explain the circumstances (with some "persuasive" measure from Sharon) which left C.C. at Rainworth manor.

Making the choice that she needed to explore the city for a bit, C.C. changed her outfit to something fitting her personality. She liked the dress that Sharon lent her but she found it hard to maneuver in, even though it came natural to her.

She looked in the closet to see nothing but high Victorian dresses, to her annoyance. C.C. was about to just walk with what she had until she saw a couple of golden butterfly's circle about the clothes and changed to attire she's used to.

Rolling her eyes C.C. pulled out a black sleeveless shirt with a dress that split four ways and white high-heeled boots. Seeing that this was a good outfit, along with letting her hair loose from that bun she had it in for a couple of days, she headed for the main door downstairs.

As she made her way she noticed a certain white-haired man looking at her from the down the hallway.

A small smile dawned on her face as she didn't turn around. "Now, now Break-kun, glaring is rather uncouth for a gentleman like you?"

Footsteps could be heard and the one named Break stood a couple of feet behind her. "And when did you ever think of me as such, C.C.?" He retorted mildly.

Her face met his as she gave him one of her smiles. "I believe it was when you swore virility to the Sinclair house, Kevin Legnard."

Break's face casted a scornful look at C.C. "And you were part of that house through adoption!" He walked up to her with a cold stare which didn't falter the green haired teen.

"I find it surprising that you haven't changed in all this time, C.C.? Of course I always felt something was off with you," Break continued staring her in the eye. "You, who came out of nowhere and had an air of secrecy about you. My master thought you could have been a child of misfortune but you don't have red eyes!"

She gave him crafty smile. "Ah, that tale is still going on I see? I have been gone long but it has been a century in this time since I was last here!"

The white-haired man only scoffed. "I'm surprised that you are here though! I saw my master's family slaughter all those years ago with your body lay dead! So how is that possible that you are alive now?"

The immortal teen gave him an indifferent look. "Why are you asking all these questions? I don't have to tell you. And while we are on the subject, shouldn't I ask why a certain scenario changed in this history 'Red Spector'?"

His eyes widened at that name. C.C. knew he did that? How is that possible, they were all dead when that chain came to me but looking at her now, she very well could have been in the background somewhere.

As if reading his mind she answered hi. "I only know that much since I was there when you met that horrendous chain. I knew my time was over in this place and decided to 'go back home' thanks to an acquaintance help."

The red-eyed man gave her a look. "Why do I figure that this home isn't in Revile?"

She gave him a mocking giggle as she caressed his cheek gently. "Hmm-hmm, are you upset that you are just getting to know this, Kevin?" C.C. went by his real name. "I'm not one to show anything about myself. Even after all the 'pillow talk'".

The yellow-eyed girl tried moving a part of his hair that covered his left eye but he slapped it away, to her surprise.

Break looked like a ravaged beast for a moment as his eye widened at the intrusion. "You don't touch me."

C.C. looked bored at him. She knew that he would never hurt her; get mad, yes as he was displaying at this moment but she knew he could never outright kill her. And it wasn't just because of her inability to die.

"Kevin, I won't disturb this new life you have with Sharon. One would say that she is like a little sister to you as I've noticed." She mentioned.

Break only turned away from her.

Taking the hint that the conversation was over she opened the door but not before saying one thing. "I have seen many things Kevin, even before you met me. This too might be something more than we can perceive." With that she stepped out and closed the door.

The white-haired man continued looking at the door, his hair covering his right eye this time as well. "You know I don't put much thought into that, C.C."

Streets of Reveille

C.C. walked around the area looking at all the people were selling. It reminded her of the time she was a beggar girl in the old days. This place does go by a different time though, I wonder if this world will enter a technological age down the line?

People moved by her and gave looks tow what she were. It's not every day one sees a girl wearing unique style of clothing or hair color.

She passed by a young girl who tripped on her feet. Bending down she got the girl up and the latter gave her a smile. "Thank you. oneechan!"

This brought a smile to C.C. as she continued running along. The long-haired immortal witch soon started thinking about the first time she came to this world.

C.C.'s past

It was about the first couple of years when she became immortal. She had just finished running from another town and was on the road when she met Beatrice.

C.C. saw a single golden butterfly floating around her. And another popped up until they converged and formed a body. The girl was in shock at seeing such a sight. She thought she finally reached her breaking point.

A rather arrogant laugh escaped the bun haired blonde's lips as she smoked her pipe. "O-ho, it seems that little nun finally passed along that code to you?"

The girl looked at her wary. "Who are you?"

With a flick of her wrist a chair appeared behind the witch and sat down. "I am the Golden Witch, Beatrice; all powerful. And you are the successor to the Geass!"

C.C. didn't know what to think. Was this really happening to her?

Another giggle erupted from Beatrice as she summoned a table with another seat for the quiet girl to sit down. Tea cups and milk crepes appeared on the utility. "Come sit girl, we have much to discuss."

"We are in the middle of the road!" She spoke out.

Raising an eyebrow the Golden witch sipped her cup. "Whatever do you mean?"

"What I mean is…!" C.C. turned around and noticed they weren't in the road but another area entirely.

Seeing the look of surprise on C.C.'s face only caused the noble witch to laugh once again. "Welcome to my meta world, free from any humans."

C.C. sat down and ate the crepes hungrily. She didn't mean to eat it like that but being on the road was hard. After having her fill of the dessert and drink C.C. asked once again what she wanted.

"It's as I said, you've inherited that woman's code and with it granted eternity." Beatrice began. "With it you cannot die, as you've experienced I presume?"

The golden-eyed girl knew it wasn't a question. C.C. had already succumbed to stab wounds and getting shot in the heart!

"I am offering you a chance to become a true witch, C.C." She offered. "You're power can prove entertaining for my benefit!"

C.C. didn't like where this was going. "I would like to decline such an offer!"

Beatrice raised an eyebrow. "You dare say that? I think you aren't thinking clearly; this is a high honor for one such as yourself. You've already gone through hardship, why do you throw my gift away like trash?"

"Because I'm not planning on remaining this way," C.C. declared. "I will pass along my code to whoever makes it to that point!"

Beatrice jeered her. "Bah, you still think human! You'll learn!"

"I am human no matter what changes my body has gone through" C.C. declared.

This unexpected courage surprised the witch. She smiled with a hint of malice. "All right, I'll play with you C.C. I'll let you learn the harshness of reality. How about this proposal; I'll send you to another world for a couple of years until things calm down in your world!"

"You can do that?" C.C. asked.

"My dear, sweet child, that's what I do. I can do whatever I want!" She gallantly declared throwing her hands up.

C.C. had a feeling she got more out of this than anything but it would be nice to see something different. "I accept, Beatrice!"

This caused her to smile. "Good!"

C.C. awoke in the middle of an alleyway. She didn't know her bearings until she remembered that Beatrice sent her here.

Getting up from the ground she walked out of the ditch to see many people riding carriages and the like. It was just like her world?

As she was to move some random guy pushed her to the ground. Holding her head in pain she saw it was a homeless man; practically bald but had some strength to him.

"Give me your body!" He seethed, his breath reeked of garlic.

C.C. tried screaming but he covered her mouth with a hand and feared for the worse. As he moved his hand down her body the sound of metal being drawn came to her ears.

The last thing she saw was a pale man with white hair with a sword slicing her assailant. She slowly closed her eyes.

Sinclair estate (C.C.'s past)

It's been about two months since she arrived here and she had grown accustomed to the setting. It brought up the time when people showered her with gifts because of her ability so it was nothing new.

She had read up about the things that govern this world and something called "The Tragedy of Sablier" caught her interest.

Hmm, it says it's been a couple of years since it happened. The four houses of Vessalius, Nightray, Barma and Rainsworth got a form of immunity from the government which has given them plenty of power to Sinclair's disbelief.

It was true that the head of the house has been in many meetings discussing those families. After that episode with almost getting raped the person that saved her, Kevin Legnard, took her to the Sinclair mansion where he got her care for any injuries.

Kevin being a loyal vassal to Roland convinced him to have C.C. to live here. The head was hesitant since nobility didn't offer up any kinds of things to people lesser than themselves but his daughter took a shine to her after C.C. got her to open up during her time there and agreed to adopt the latter as well.

Hearing the chime of the grandfather clock she noticed that it was almost tea time. Getting up to head for the dining hall she opened the door to see a man with two red eyes and white hair.

C.C. recognized him. "You are Kevin, correct?"

Kevin regarded her with a neutral glance and nodded. "It is time for tea, my lady." He bowed in a show of respect.

She let him lead her down to the dining hall. C.C. had gotten the feeling that he didn't really care for her. "How is the day going, Kevin?" She asked.

The grim man only gave a so-so answer. He wasn't much for talking.

The inexperienced C.C. grew uncomfortable with the silence. Seeing that he this wasn't going well he pulled a white rose from a vase that they passed by and placed it in her hair.

She looked surprised that he did that. "What is this for?"

"You always look sad when no one is around," He spoke looking at her. "It's as if you are at a distance. My master likes your presence here since you would be a good influence on his youngest daughter."

C.C. could only agree with that. When she arrived at the house, his daughter was awfully quiet before getting to know C.C. She had slowly come to open up to her. Roman Sinclair then took the opportunity to adopt her.

"Try not to be sad, as it's not all bad, C.C." He offered to her. Hearing those words from the knight made C.C. appreciate him. No one had ever said that to her not sense the nun that betrayed her like a thief in the night.

Even if this is a foundation that will break, I will continue going through it. She thought with conviction. Moving next to him she held his hand. Looking down at the motion Kevin held it tenderly.

Reveille (present)

After that, Kevin and I slowly got close to one another and had liaisons for a time. It wasn't anything serious as he had his duty and I slowly became more aware of my situation as time went by until that day he left and the massacre happened.

She was indeed a part of it. It happened unexpectedly and everyone in the house hold ended up killed. C.C. had been the one to store her foster-sister to safety before being stabbed in the gut.

The green-haired teen soon guessed that's when Kevin came in and saw all their lifeless bodies on the ground. She actually revived after he went moaning and left Sinclair's daughter behind.

C.C. wanted to go to the girl but couldn't. It would have been a mistake on her part to give the girl any hope; how would she explain it? She would have been some experiment for the ones at Pandora.

With a heavy heart C.C. made tracks before anyone knew she was gone and went into hiding until going to the funeral of her foster family. She saw the girl there weeping.

After that she waited in the distance for the burial and saw Kevin there as well. Her heart went out to him as well but not before seeing the devil tempt him with sugary words.

C.C. had known about chains but didn't' expect one to come here. She got closer to the exchange and heard that its name was Albus The White Knight.

To her disbelief of what the chain said about changing history by killing people Kevin did so without hesitation.

He had made that deal. C.C. had an epiphany that this is where her time in Reveille was over and Beatrice appeared once again. C.C. and she discussed the circumstances and even though the Golden Witch laughed at C.C.'s attempts at a normal life she thought she won this bet.

But C.C. surprised her by saying that her journey still stands; she would pass along this curse to another but not in this world. Beatrice, even with all her power couldn't kill C.C. due to the nature of the covenant she was protected by gave her access back to where she came from.

And with that I came back and experienced many things in history. I had all but forgotten I was in this world and my knowledge is slowly coming back. C.C. thought as she passed a stand with fruit.

As she placed a hand upon an apple a strange image came to her view; a figure wearing a red robe. That looked surprising given how warm it was.

Moving her head the figure swiftly moved away. Glancing around she didn't see the person, was she losing her mind?

Deciding that moving was the better option she continued on her way. Hmm, I know that person is following me, C.C. turned her head slightly and indeed see the same robed figure.

Not liking this she saw a vacant horse. Making a dash the figure saw what C.C. tried to do and raced after her, people started yelling at what was going on.

C.C. got on the horse like an expert and gave a quick motion to the reign. The horse gave a neigh and headed off. She couldn't fathom why the Red Shinigami would be following her! Sharon and the others explained about them when it came to Oz being thrown in the abyss.

Seeing that the predicament was going to get bad she headed for the outskirts of town. The figure started leaping of the walls of the buildings, to the populace surprise.

C.C. made good head way as she was in the outskirts and decided to head for the forest to lose her assailant until a knife nicked one of the horse's legs. It bellowed in pain knocking her off and landed on her back.

The horse took off and she was left by herself. "Oh no," she remarked as she tried getting up until another knife stabbed her leg!

Screaming at the pain that raced through her she saw a girl with medium length pink hair. Her face had a crazed look for a moment before she calmed down.

"You certainly are hard to catch!" The Red Shinigami mentioned as she pulled out her dagger from C.C.'s leg.

C.C. glared at her as she gripped her injured body part. "Who are you?"

Her assailant gave her a smile. "My name is Lottie; and you are the immortal witch C.C., correct?"

The green haired teen looked in disbelief at how she knew her name. Seeing the look of confusion Lottie giggled. "I know of you due to a certain informant of ours that has kept track of you and that other boy."

They know about Suzaku as well? She tried moving once again but another stab stopped that.

"AHHH," She screamed.

"Uh-uh, big sis isn't down yet…" Lottie looked like a sadist on meth. "You seem to be important in the coming of things yet I don't know how! So I will take you from this place!"

C.C.'s breath got ragged as she tried to move once again. Giving her a look like a mouse Lottie smiled. "You can't possibly fight me, sweetie…"

Than the immortal felt a blow to her stomach which pushed her back. A white and black lion appeared in front of Lottie. C.C. gasped in disbelief.

"This is my chain; Leon the Lion!" She cooed at him which made Leon growl in happiness. "And if you don't do as I say I'll kill you!"

C.C. gritted her teeth and chided herself for not staying with Suzaku. Beatrice did warn me that he would be my protector in this world! Another thought occurred to her if these red cloaked fiends would attack Suzaku and his group?

"Haha, give it up," Lottie's voice chirped. "There is no hope or salvation for you!" As she said that Leon got closer to her.

In the distance Break had been tailing C.C. since she left the house. Even though he had his issues with her he wanted to keep an eye on her. Something in his gut was telling him that with C.C. and Suzaku's sudden appearance things would be getting interesting.

He saw the debacle of her getting chased by one of the Baskervilles and got on a horse to follow. Break arrived when the red cloaked figure summoned the chain.

Break was about to step in until he got a little dizzy and held his body by leaning on a tree. "I see, my body chooses to act up now?" His view went to C.C. who just got head butted by the lion.

C.C. groaned as she couldn't do a thing. True she couldn't die but she didn't want them knowing that. Her mind racing she didn't want to get kidnapped by Lottie.

Than a strange thing happened; C.C. had somehow linked up to the souls of the departed as how she had spoken to Marianne. But this voice had a different feel to it.

Is this a…! C.C. didn't know how this happened but it was her only choice.

Closing her eyes Lottie smiled. "Looks like you accepted the inevitable? Good, make this transition peaceful!" Then she saw a red marking appear on C.C.'s head and her hair floating upwards.

"What's this, why is a power coming from her?!" The pink haired Baskerville yelled as Leon growled protectively of his master.

Break saw it too and saw a familiar silhouette. "It can't be?!"

The figure that appeared in front of C.C. had a feline appearance with human characteristics. Long black hair covered his face and part of it covered his right eye. His left eye socket was red. Cat ears stuck on his head. The arms were long with hand claws. A bell hooked around the neck. The clothing was mostly black.

C.C. opened her eyes and saw the chain. By instinct she said its name. "Welcome to the world, Cheshire cat…"

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