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Chapter 6

Dance of the puppets


Pandora Headquarters

In the hallway of the organization the renowned work place of contractors, a bespectacled man with light-brown hair and a neutral expression on his face, the ever reliable Reim Lunettes.

He has served the Barma family since he was young and had to deal with the current head, Duke Barma's, eccentric behavior. The poor man has gone through what some may call psychological abuse from Duke but Reim has maintained his stance for a long time now.

Reim is a trusted person in all of Pandora as well and what he was doing now is part of his duties. Upon hearing that Sharon Rainsworth was here with Oz Vessalius Gil Nightray and Alice, he immediately went to see what was the commotion about.

I wonder if it has anything to do with those two Sharon-sama and Break told me. He wondered in thought. After the duel Break had with Suzaku, Sharon did indeed tell Reim the news of the mysterious duo showing up at the Rainsworth manor. It wasn't surprising that Reim nearly fainted in shock at what he got told.

Someone could stand up to Break in a swords match and not having the power of a chain? What kind of person? In all the history of Pandora there hasn't been anyone with that kind of power. Sure there were alchemists but someone who could change a form physically?

The tall man also grew concerned with Break when he talked to him about their company. If word eventually got out about this occurrence it will shake the four dukedoms to the core! Reim's concern for future ramifications of this unexpected situation weighed heavily on his mind.

Rubbing his temples he also had to deal with Barma's adoptive son and future heir, Lelouch! He knew of the lean teen's activity at school from gambling to skipping classes at times. The dutiful servant tried keeping him in line but the smart allec was like a scampering cat.

Reim once suspected if Ruth Barma actually had an illegitimate child and just forsaken him given how Lelouch could be just as devious as his red-haired master. Reim had never been spanked before and his left-buttock hasn't been the same since.

Who'd have thought Ruth could somehow read minds?!

A shudder went up his spine. Why am I always cursed with dealing with these kinds of people? Figures of Rufus Barma, Lelouch and Break popped in his head. They all cackled without restraint at a chibi-fied crying Reim in a darkened void.

As he entered the next room he looked amazed on how the size of the party was; Reim saw Gilbert chastising Alice for asking for food. Oz continued begging Suzaku to teach him how to use a sword so he could beat Break into submission and Sharon calmly drinking her tea while sitting down as a lady of the house should.

Keeping exhaustion from his face Reim couldn't help but conclude that every time he saw them like this it felt like he was stepping into a mad world full of upside down coffee tables and Break leading the charge of the madness. .

And he'd do it with that flippant attitude of his to boot! The glasses man thought pushing his spectacles up his face before he addressed them.

They all looked to see him with Oz and Alice leading the charge as the miniature teens hopped around him. Well more like Oz calling him some silly nickname and Alice just giving him one of her irked glances.

After Gil grabbed the duo by their waist Sharon gave one of her smiles to her old friend and surrogate older brother.

"I'm sorry for the intrusion on this, Reim-kun," She spoke eloquently.

"Not at all lady Sharon, it's always nice seeing you!" Reim stated with earnest as he got a good view on Suzaku and became amazed by the young man's stare.

Reim had seen those eyes before, ones that hold an amount of pain that could break someone's spirit completely.

Suzaku gave him a polite bow and offered him a smile. "It's nice making your acquaintance Reim-san. My name is Suzaku Kururugi."

The light-brown haired man appeared impressed with the teen's polite way of speaking. It was nothing like how Break described him! But now thinking on it that could have been Break's broken pride speaking.

That damned clown! He's a big baby! Reim's face showed annoyance which no one missed.

The ever observant chain added her first thoughts. "Hmmm, do you think he's thinking about that belligerent clown again?" Alice bluntly stated.

Oz and Gil froze on the spot given Alice said another big word again. That's been happening a lot lately.

This stupid rabbit, how does she know these words?! The black wearing man wondered with curiosity on Alice's upbringing in the warped world of the chains.

Sharon merely laughed it off. "Here, here, Alice-chan! Your studies are going wonderfully!" Taking a sip of tea she gave a pretty smile to the girl who in turn remembered what she was supposed to say.

"Thank you, oniichan!" She spoke in a cute voice (in Sharon vision) while outside the rabbit sounded like she forced the words. She didn't want to oppose the Ojou-sama of the Rainsworth dukedom.

Everyone in the room gave a sigh which expressed the answer on how the chain knew such complicated words.

"I guess it's assured that Sharon-san has taken up on Alice's teaching?" Oz brought placing hands behind his head. "Maybe you should teach her how to cook, Gil-kun?"

The raven looked at Oz with fright. "I refuse to teach that baka-usagi anything! All she knows how to do is eat!"

A stomach growled at the words "eat" as the petite girl placed a hand over her stomach. "Can we eat now?"

"NO!" Gil yelled out. "We're in a meeting for Kururugi-san!"

Suzaku had to wonder how this changed to a slap-stick comedy. These guys remind me of how my life at Ashford academy was like. Before the anarchy that the Black Rebellion caused.

Images of his former classmates, Milly Ashford, Rivalz Cardemonde, Nina Einstein, Shirley Fenette and Nunally, appeared in his head. He greatly missed the ones he called friends.

Even though he was Japanese, the Britanian teens eventually accepted him as one of them (somewhat due to him becoming the late Euphemia's knight).

As the banter continued going on Sharon and Reim noted the brown-haired teen's face which turned sad. Seeing that was enough Reim clapped his hands to get the younger teens and Gil's attention.

"It's nice Oz-sama and Alice-chan have that energy but Gilbert, I think we should move on to important business?" He addressed Gil.

Appearing embarrsed by his own escapades he gripped a hand over Alice's mouth before she could say anything. Oz also noted it was time to stop playing around.

"Now, Kururugi-san, I want to hear with my own ears how this all came to happen. It's better to hear this from the actual person." Reim began as he sat at the table.

The Japanese teen wondered if this was a good idea given his situation; being thrust to a strange world where his best friend/enemy was in by a mysterious girl who gave him the power of geass.

As he conjectured in his head Sharon placed a hand over his which made him pause and look at her.

"Please don't worry, Suzaku-san, I have known Reim since I was a girl and he is very trustworthy." She explained as Suzaku could give in to it. "He will help us."

For an instant Suzaku saw Euphemia's image in her stead and could see her smiling face. Snapping out of the trance Suzaku had to remind himself that she was dead. Getting a handle on his feelings Suzaku nodded.

After some minutes of discussing how Suzaku and C.C. got their Reim thought about it for some minutes as he started processing what he learned.

"We can't continue to hide Suzaku-san's appearance any longer. Some in the hierarchy will become suspicious of the Rainsworth family if they are hiding something, even though the family is royalty.

Suzaku answered. "I don't want to cause everyone here trouble. C.C. and I are only here to find a friend who is allegedly here."

All eyes went to him.

"You mean Lelouch Barma?" Reim answered to which the teen nodded with hesitancy. "I have to say the story you just said is rather farfetched." But if he is from another world and knows details about Lelouch-sama's real heritage, that could explain his amnesia.

"It is hard to comprehend at first Reim-kun," Sharon broke in the conversation. "But I believe Suzaku-san's plead,"

All eyes turned to her. "Not only did he appear under dire circumstances, the very factor he has a mysterious power, which is not a chain, is grounds to believe him." She pleaded his case with formal talking.

Reim nodded. "I don't doubt his claim. I believe I can give him and his companion some identification but…"

"Is it about Duke Barma again?" Oz spoke. The blonde knew all about the figurehead of the Barma dukedom; his ways of gathering information, it wouldn't be possible for Reim to do anything while under the eye of the red-haired man's view.

"I think it could work to an advantage; Barma-sama has mentioned he is curious about his adoptive son. If I do this I don't think he'll interfere with this…" Reim brought up the Achilles hill of his master.

Alice scoffed. "That balloon fool and his declarations of knowing things! Just give me ten minutes with him and I'll make him plead to Alice-sama!" She boldly stated!

"I don't think we need you running off your leash, rabbit!" Gil promptly spoke.

"I think you should go along with it," Sharon stated with a serious expression. "If he comes to push I can always use my grandmother's word as a tether against him!"

Oz, Gil, Alice and Reim froze in place at what she said. Suzaku gave them a confused glance not knowing about the matriarch of the family.

"Umm, who is Sharon-san's grandmother?" He asked?

No one spoke as they clearly remembered the spry wheelchair duchess Sheryl Rainsworth putting the screws to Rufus at one point and her handy-dandy harisen fan!

"We'll tell you later, Suzaku-san…" Spoke Oz who gave a laugh.

Reim made his decision. "All right, I'll make the registration. I'll say that you two are a lower-branch aristocratic family from the west."

Suzaku didn't know what to say by this. He didn't think it would be this easy. "Thank you very much, Reim-san," He gave a bow to which the latter only smiled.

"It should be a day at best so I think you and your companion stay low for the time being," Reim mentioned.

Just as he was about to get up Suzaku asked him a question. "Do you think I can see Lelouch?"

This stopped Reim as he looked at him. "Lelouch is away at school for the time being and I dare not take him out of it due to him already skipping classes from the reports I get!"

Hearing this Suzaku smiled of remembrance. "Always doing that no matter what," In his mind however, he was glad he didn't have to face Lelouch at this time. Suzaku still couldn't comprehend his own feelings of betrayal for what he did to Euphemia.

"I think that should settle matters then," Sharon began to get up before a random Pandora officer rushed in the room.

"Reim-san, we just heard a report of a Baskerville in the outskirts of town!"

Everyone snapped to upon hearing the words.

"What is a Baskerville doing there?" Gil asked the officer with earnest.

"Apparently fighting a green-haired girl!"

C.C. is in danger! Suzaku thought as he rushed out of the room.

Sharon and the others called out to him but he didn't heed their concerns. He didn't understand why he felt this strongly for someone he clearly didn't trust fully but that was still his companion in this world and their fates were unified by their belief in finding Lelouch!

As he got outside a bright flash of light blinded him as a small figure wearing a red-cloak dropped in front of him!

"Hehehe, nice to meet you again, Suzaku Kururugi-kun!" a child voice spoke with crazed excitement.

Opening his eyes he saw the same figure that made him shoot Lelouch!' "It's you; Zwei!"

Oz, Alice and Gil rushed outside with Reim and Sharon bringing up the rear to see the Baskerville, Zwei in the middle of the Pandora headquarters!

"It's another one!" Alice seethed as she viewed the tiny individual.

Gilbert pulled out a gun while he stood in front of Oz. "We shouldn't dally here though, if that report really is about C.C., we need to reconvene with her!"

"Sorry but none of you are going anywhere!" Zwei stated as she spread her hands and wires appeared from them. They started wrapping around them! Suzaku looked about ready to dodge until his geass automatically activated and soon changed to his Lancelot attire!

Bringing out his swords he cut the wires and stared at Zwei with a determined glare. "You won't be stopping me or the others! I have to settle debts!"

"Hmph, like you can beat me? Let's see you try, Suzaku Kururugi-kun!" she cackled as she called her chain to existence.

The large woman, Duldee, surrounded by chains and wires wailed in despair as it caused them to buckle down due to the noise.

The group stood in awe by the chain appearing in front of them! Oz gripped his chest wondering if he should ask Gil if he could release Alice's powers.

Sharon wanted to fight as well but Reim pulled her back.

"You mustn't fight Sharon-sama, the Baskervilles are not a group to fight without a plan!" He tried persuading the pony-tailed girl who only continued struggling.

"I don't want to let everyone else fight while I'm being protected like a princess!" She pleaded.

Suzaku turned to Sharon. "Believe in us," This stopped the heiress. "Believe in me, Sharon…I won't let anything happen to you!"

As she looked at his armored body the face visor over his head snapped up revealing his geass on the forehead. His brown eyes looked at her with sincerity. "Go with Reim-san!"

A moment past before she nodded and Reim took her back inside the building.

Gil looked surprised by this; only someone like Break could somehow convince the stubborn girl to do something like that. Turning his gold eyes to the battle at hand he pointed a gun at Zwei. "We'll take care of this first before heading to C.C.!"

He turned to Oz. "I won't release the seal, Oz. Just stay with Alice!"

"Come on, stupid sea-weed head!" Alice complained as Gil ignored her and started firing rounds at Zwei, who nimbly dodged the attack! Suzaku leapt in the air as he impaled his blades at her. Another wail ensured as she manipulated thin wires to wrap around his left arm and squeezed!

Suzaku appeared surprised that the material could even damage his armored ligament with ease! These chains aren't like knightmare frames!

Wailing again chains soon mixed with the wires as they tightened around his body which made Suzaku drop his swords to the ground!

Gilbert saw this and cried out to Suzaku! A swift figure dropped in front of him and kicked him in the gut! Zwei gave a sadistic smile.

"Your fighting me, Gil-kun!" She laughed as two blades appeared from inside her sleeves slashing Gilbert! The lanky man rolled away but ended up with a gash on his arm!

"Gilbert!" Oz cried as Alice rushed in!

"That idiot, I told him to release my powers!" The girl yelled in frustration. I'm not going to stay here helpless! I'm the Black Rabbit and nothing will stop me!

Oz soon felt a pain go through his chest as he gripped it. The incuse, it's moving!

A white light enveloped Alice as she soon dawned a sythce in her hands and took the appearance of a 10-foot tall black rabbit wearing a red tuxedo like attire and beady red eyes! Hefting the blade mightly she knocked Zwei away from Gil, surprising the both of them!

Gilbert had to look down at his hand to make sure he didn't release it. To his shock, the seal was still in place!

Alice didn't wait as she soon headed to Suzaku and cut him free from the bindings! Suzaku, under the helmet, appeared just as surprised at seeing how big Alice had gotten. And a rabbit to boot!

Is this why they Gilbert-san and the others refer to her as a rabbit? Dropping to the ground he picked up his swords and narrowed his view at their enemies.

"Hey Alice," the girl in questioned looked down at him. "You and Gilbert take care of this one,"

"Why should I listen to you, mud-head?" She spoke in an arrogant manner.

This made Suzaku pause until he figured that she gave him that nickname due to the color of his hair. "Because I owe that girl!"

Hearing the tone of voice Alice didn't have the heart to argue. The way his body smells, he's angry all right.

"Fine, I'll let you deal with the contractor," Alice said and took off to fight Duldee.

Gilbert during this time checked on Oz, who breathed heavily but wasn't hurt. "I'm fine Gil, just help Alice; Suzaku will take care of Zwei,"

"How do you know that?"

"I'm linked to Alice now, I can tell her thought process," His breathing grew haggard but the strong-willed green-eyed teen persevered. "I'm not that weak Gil, I'll fight in my way!"

Gilbert still hesitated. When it came to Oz, he could throw everything away just to make sure his master was safe!

"Gilbert, believe in me!" Oz firmed his voice. Hearing that and seeing Oz's facial expression, Gil couldn't deny that request and headed out to aid Alice.

On the other side of the field Suzaku saw Zwei finally getting up and grimacing at him! "Eyesores, you dare try to kill my chain and me?! You have some nerve!"

Suzaku-Lancelot gritted his teeth in anger at seeing her image in his head. "Shut up," He whispered.

This made her pause at hearing him say that phrase. "What was that?"

"Shut up, I'll be the one to take you out, Zwei!" He stated, hand tightenting to a fist. "I'm not forgiving you for manipulating me!" The glow on his forehead grew brighter as a sign of his resolve. "I've already seen things that I can't deny anymore. And now that I'm close to seeing Lelouch, I won't let you or anyone stop me!"

He screamed the last part before the light grew brighter until he entered the next phase; his armor updated to the Lancelot Conquista. It wasn't as bulky and had a sleeker design frame along with a float unit attached to his back!

His Maser Vibration swords also updated as it merged to form a long kendo sword. Gripping the armament Suzaku-Lancelot stared at Zwei causing her to flinch back.

"I'm not going to hesitate to kill you!" Suzaku raged as he glided to attack the now bewildered and crazed Baskerville!


Inside the building Sharon and Reim saw Suzaku's metamorphosis and they stood in awe at his change.

Sharon grew concerned as Suzaku appeared more like a wild animal going on a rampage then a calm knight that she had grown to like.

"Suzaku…" She whispered which Reim turned too.

Sharon-sama, are you…? He could tell from her posture that she had some feelings for the boy even though they just met some days ago.


Lutwidge Academy

In the room of Lelouch Barma, the anyaltical teen had continued testing his geass around the campus and discovered the limitations. He could think of the many situations he could get out of but Lelouch couldn't be relaxed given it only worked once per person.

Lelouch decided some ground rules; he wouldn't under any cirucumstances use it on Ada. Upon thinking of the light-blond girl he recently got out of a sticky mess the purple-eyed teen couldn't help but wonder why another girl's image popped in his head?

He could see her in a wheelchair along with her disposition appeared kind.

Shaking his head with confusion Lelouch was going to head out once again until his left eye started hurting! Going to his knees Lelouch tried holding back a wail of pain. "What's going on; why does my eye hurt?" He then saw a figure attacking a smaller person wearing a red cloak!

"Isn't that those Baskervilles father warned me about?" He muttered until he got a clear shot of the metal wearing person and he gasped. A shot of pain once again sprang in his head as the lanky teen recalled seeing that before. "Isn't that the Lancelot…?"

Lelouch's memories still clashed and couldn't figure out why he knew the name. Before he could get another whimper out Lelouch collapsed unconscious.


Reville outskirts

Lottie stood surprised at seeing the Chesiure cat standing in front of her target. She didn't know how someone, who didn't have a pact with a chain, could call forth like it was nothing! Placing a hand over Leo, Lottie gave a tiny laugh. "So the eternal witch could pull something like this off?"

C.C. didn't say anything as she too was amazed that this being came to protect her!

In the bushes Break still looked surprised that the Cheshire cat appeared? He thought it died with the fall of its dimension! You never cease to amaze me…


The green-haired teen's mark still shined on her forehead like a ruby as she knew this was a battle she couldn't avoid. She couldn't rely on her protector to save her at this point and clearly the Baskervilles wanted her now!

"I won't be going with you," C.C. spoke as she narrowed her eyes at the pink-haired girl. "Whatever plans you have for me will have to wait!"

Lottie sneered at her. "Like I'd fall to some phantasm; Leon, go!" She instructed the lion as it gave a mighty roar and pounced at C.C.!

Without even saying a word Cheshire cat zipped towards the lion and gave a kick that could crack a boulder in half! Leon landed on his feet, growling in frustration.

Cheisure licked his long paw. "I will protect you my mistress," he stated as he extracted his claws, anticipating the fight.

C.C. smiled with cool indifference. "Then this dance will commence now!"

In her mind however she also felt the effects of Suzaku's geass moving to the next point which surprised her. She would have to end this battle soon!


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