A/N: I was hoping to get this out yesterday, but I got back home later than expected because I was caught in a storm. It turned out all right though. I'm also trying to make longer chapters, if only by a little each chapter... Hope you enjoy!

Elvish translations:

Ada: Dad/Daddy

Le nathlam hí : We welcome you here. [formal]

Mae g'ovannen! : Well met! [familiar]

Elrondionor : Elrond sons (I tried looking this one up, but couldn't find anything plural for son, so I had to guess based on what plural endings can be used. So sorry!)

The sun was just starting to descend from the highest peak of its journey when several horses made their way to the last stretch of their journey. Two of the riders, identical in appearance, talked quietly to each other so none of the warriors escorting them or Elrond could hear, but the Lord of Imladris had no trouble in deciphering their smiles for what they meant.

Before either could urge their horses into a race to the distant trees, Elrond interrupted saying, "You both can listen to me now as though you never will again…"

"Now, Ada," Elladan pleaded too innocently for the Lord's liking, "when have we ever not listened to you?"

Elrohir moved his horse to the other side of Elrond while adding similarly, "We always listen, even if we do not always… what would we call it, Dan?"

"I believe the word you are looking for is 'heed'."

"Not exactly what I was thinking, but it will do. We always listen, Ada, even if we do not always-"

"Well, you will listen now," Elrond interrupted, forcing the amusement from his voice. Though the twins would know it was there anyway.

"-heed," Elrohir finished.

This time Elrond could not stop a chuckle from escaping, but he quickly went on, ignoring the identical grins on either side of him. "While we are in Lothlórien, I expect you both to behave yourselves. We do not need rumors about how unbecoming the sons of Elrond are. You two could make those in Mirkwood seem civil to strangers."

"Perhaps after we leave, we can head over to Mirkwood for a surprise visit! We can see how far we can get into the palace without being noticed."

Before Elladan could agree, which was plain to see from his expression, Elrond interjected, "I doubt you could make it a step into that forest without every last Mirkwood elf being made aware you were coming, much less the palace. Besides," he quickly changed topics in hopes of those plans being forgotten, "Legolas only went back home a month ago. I do not think Middle Earth could handle the three of you getting together again so soon. I'm already beginning to regret having you meet. Since then it's been even more difficult to keep you out of trouble."

"If anything," Elladan said, "he stopped us from getting into trouble."

Elrohir snorted, "By looking at everyone with his big blue eyes and looking more innocent than ever. Do not be trying to push all the blame on us! He got into just as much trouble as us, but always managed to get out again."

"He does have big eyes…" Elladan mused.

"Please," Elrond rubbed the bridge of his nose and took a tighter hold on his reins, "just try not to corrupt any more elflings while we are here. I am having enough trouble sleeping without wondering how Thranduil reacted to any injuries left on his son."

"Again, you act like we are entirely to blame!"

"The eyes," Elrohir whispered.

The twins grinned at one another and, before Elrond could open his mouth, they snapped their horses into a full on gallop to Lothlórien.

Haldir waited in the trees with the rest of the welcoming procession minutes after a patrol sent word that the Imladris party had been spotted. Even now Haldir could see the figures approaching less than a mile away. As two of them broke off from the rest of the group, it took one try to guess who those might have been. That guess proved itself correct as the pair raced closer. No doubt that the same dark hair, Imladris styled clothing, and weapons were that of the twins.

When the pair was close enough, Haldir signaled for the procession to begin descent. He took a calming breath before stepping onto the path with the other Lórien elves. Normally, Uial would be the one to lead the welcoming procession, but he waited until Lord Elrond and the rest arrived. It would be appropriate for Haldir, as the assigned host, to greet Elladan and Elrohir.

"Le nathlam hí, Elrondionor. The Lord and Lady have been waiting for your arrival. I am named Haldir and shall host you during your stay."

The twins dismounted, one slightly more elegantly than the other, though only elven eyes would have been able to tell. They both bowed, leading their hands from their hearts and forward. "Mae g'ovannen," they said from behind the same smile. Whether on purpose or not, they left out their names.

Haldir wished he could have addressed them individually, but he decided to wait until he was able to tell both apart. "If you wish to wait for the rest of your company, we will. Otherwise, we may head over to Caras Galadhon to show you where your rooms are and give you some time to refresh from your travels."

A look that Haldir, with two younger brothers, did not miss passed between the twins. The one that had dismounted more skillfully answered. "It is likely that Lord Elrond will be sure to take his time. It may be beneficial for us to continue on our way."

The other added, "He would not even need a guide to know where we are."

Haldir kept himself from raising an eyebrow. Instead he nodded, feigning naïveté. A couple other elves took the reins of the horses. "Do you wish to grab your things yourself, or would you prefer them to be brought up after us?"