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Chapter one. Falling apart

I groaned to myself in frustration, how did everything fall apart in just a couple of days? My mum and dad were in a coma, Oscar was living with my auntie carol and bianca. Me and abs had been told we were going to have to live with some family too, we just didn't know who yet.

I didn't see why we couldn't stay at home by ourselves we were old enough to look after ourselves.
"Why not?" I asked. "Because your mum and dad would hit the roof if they found out I let you girls stay here alone" auntie carol argued. "I don't see the problem I'm 19 and abs is 17 we can mange by ourselves" I said
"Not exactly the most mature of 19 year olds though Lauren" auntie carol said.
Yeah she was probably right but it wasn't gonna stop me from arguing with her. Abi giggled at auntie carols comment but soon stopped when I glared at her.
"Oh charming!" I said. "Look Lauren I know this must be hard for you, both of you but I've made my mind up, your not staying here alone" auntie carol said.
"So we gonna stay with you then?" I asked. "No sorry, not enough room with bianca, the kids and Oscar too" she said back. "What? What are we supposed to do then?" Abi asked. I sighed rather dramatically and fell into the back of the sofa.
"If you think I'm stopping with Derek, your out of your mind" I told her. "Come on Lauren, he's hardly ever in the house so it'll be peaceful" auntie carol said.
"No! No way" I said. "Lo has her reasons, they don't get on" abi said smiling at me. I was greatful of her help, abi knowing what Derek did to me. Well there was only um dad and abi that knew oh and uncle jack.
"Please?" Auntie carol asked. "Are you serious? He'll have us working on the streets by midnight!" I protested. Abi giggled as auntie carol snapped at me, she obviously didn't find my sarcasm funny like abi did. "Lauren!" She snapped.
"Okay sorry, ill stop anywhere as long as its not Derek's" I said.
Auntie carol rolled her eyes at me and kept quiet for a few minutes, I could tell she was thinking were she could send us because there was no way I was stopping with Derek.
"What about your auntie kathy?" Auntie carol said. I giggled whilst looking at abi "she's lost it, we don't have an auntie kathy" I whispered to abi who also giggled. "Lauren!" Auntie carol snapped.
"Oh sorry" I said, obviously my whispering skills aren't as good as I thought.
"Kathy is Alice's mum" auntie carol said.

Alice is my cousin, Derek's daughter. Fortunately for us and everybody else Alice is the complete opposite of Derek.
She was sweet, kind, caring, loving and friendly, all the things Derek failed to be. I'd never met kathy but she must be one heck of a nice woman because one things for sure Alice didn't get her personality from Derek.
Me and Alice had grew up together and we were really good friends. She came to the square every weekend to stay with Derek from when she was a baby up until about a year ago, that's when everything fell apart.

Ispd always told Alice what a low life Derek was but she only ever saw the good in him. One weekend a year ago Alice came to see Derek and she ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time, getting caught up in one of Derek's dodgy deals and she ended up in hospital after she had been shot in the shoulder. I haven't seen Alice since then, we just failed to keep in touch. I guess life just got in the way. Most of last year I didn't have a social life anyway, I was at home looking after my mum as she had cancer, I was running our house and looking after her too. So even if I wanted to catch up with Alice I wouldn't have had the time to.

Alice had a brother joey too but I'd never met him because he didn't want nothing to do with Derek, Alice said he hated him. I don't know what happend there and by the sounds of it neither did Alice. I'd never met kathy either she also shared the same thoughts on Derek as joey did, now joined by Alice. I'm sure they'll be pleased to know I can't stand him either, mind Alice already knows that. We often fell out because I didn't have a filter between my mouth and brain and I'd end up telling either Alice or Derek what I thought of him, I wasn't one to hold back, I guess I just said aloud what was on my mind.
"Okay" I said. Auntie carol smiled at me and abi squealed while squashing me with a hug.
"We'll stay with Alice then"

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