Chapter twenty four - stronger

I woke up in one of the best moods, I felt happy before my eyes even had a chance to open.
I turned over, reaching out for joey only to find his side of the bed empty and cold.
I furrowed my eyebrows together in confusion before a sharp pain cursed through my stomach.

I sighed as I realised my tablets were still in the kitchen from last night, slipping into my slippers I made my way down stairs. Once I had taken the tablets I realised joey wasn't down here either.
A loud knock at the door broke me from my train of thoughts.

"Joe-" I began until I saw Alice and kathy standing there. "Oh hi" I said letting them through.
"He's not gracing us with his presence then" Alice said. I giggled to myself as kathy glared at her.
"Erm he's not in" I told them. "Why? Did you two not sort things out?" Kathy asked. "Yeah we sorted it" I told them looking confused. "So where is he then?" Alice asked raising an eyebrow.
"He's probably had to go into work or something" I said. "Oh so you don't know where he is?" Alice asked. "Alice!" Kathy snapped.

"Look Alice I get your still mad at him after last night but I was in the wrong too, we both said things we didn't mean" I told her. "Exactly" kathy said narrowing her eyes at Alice.
"Yeah but you didn't accuse him of killing your baby did you?" She mumbled.

"What do you want me to say Alice? That he really hurt me? Okay yes he did, in fact hearing those words come from him nearly broke me" I told her. Kathy shook her head at me, clearly still annoyed with me for shouting at joey last night.

"Yes exactly! He hurt you so why would you wanna be with him?" She questioned. "Because I love him and I know he only said those things because he was hurting too, he didn't mean any of it" I said.
"And we know how much he loves Lauren, Alice just look at how much he's changed" kathy said.

Alice sighed "look I'm not trying to be the bad guy Lauren, your my best friend and I just don't wanna see you hurt because I have seen joey hurt a lot of girls" Alice said.

I smiled at her knowing this was her agreeing with me. "That's not me, he won't hurt me because he loves me, I know he does" I giggled pulling her into a hug.

Uncle jack and abi chose that moment to come in too. "So? Everything okay?" Abi asked. "Everything's great" I smiled. Uncle jack walked over to me and pulled me into a hug which took me by surprise. "I'm really happy for you sweetheart, I don't wanna ever see you like that again" he said.

"Anyway that boyfriend of yours is a true branning ain't he?" Uncle jack said nudging my arm. "What do you mean?" I Asked looking at him confused.
"I saw him about an hour ago going across the square with a rucksack, he was obviously going to the gym.

Joey hadn't been to the gym while I'd known him, so why would he suddenly be going now?
I did panic a bit, what if yesterday had got too much for him and he had decided to leave after all?

"Lauren?" Uncle jack said snapping me from my thoughts. "Uh sorry what?" I asked "I only came for some paperwork, ill catch you later yeah?" He said. "Yeah later" I smiled.

Alice raised an eyebrow at me obviously noticing how panicked I was. "He's probably gone to get some things from home, he's moving in with me today" I said. "What? Your moving out? Alice pouted. I giggled at her child like behaviour.

"And if he told you he's moving in with you why would he just suddenly do a runner?" Alice asked.
I rolled my eyes at how over the top she was being. "Probably because he hasn't done a runner Alice" kathy said.

"Right I'm going for a shower, make yourselfs at home" I said while running up the stairs.
Once I got out of the shower and got ready I headed back down stairs, ringing joey on my way but still having no answer.

I headed for the kitchen to make a drink but I bumped into kathy as I walked through the door.
"Oh, uh sorry" I said going to turn around. "Lauren, wait" she said. I turned around expecting a grilling from her but instead her eyes looked sorrowful. "I just wanted to say I'm sorry for last night" she said.

I sighed, I didn't want no more drama.i just wanted to move on from it all. "Look kathy, please don't beat yourself up about it, we all said things we didn't mean and I just wanna move on from it all" I told her.

She smiled at me, hugging me "my sons lucky to have you" she smiled. "I'm the lucky one" I said and then realising how cheesy that sounded. Kathy giggled as I scrunched my face up in embarrassment.

The door slammed and i hoped more than anything it would be joey this time. "Babe?" He shouted through the hallway. Oh finally I thought to myself. "Hey" I said, my face felt like it was literally glowing as he came in smiling at me.

"Hey babe" he said kissing my lips, joey out a lot more passion than I thought he would into the kiss and I almost forgot she was in the room with us, well until she cleared her throat.

Joey jumped back obviously not knowing she was in here while I giggled at him.
"Where you been all morning then?" Alice asked walking into the kitchen. "Well I've been getting things ready for moving in with my gorgeous girlfriend" he said pecking my lips. My cheeks flushed red as he said that in front if them all.

"Joey? I've just got a text of you telling me to be here because you ave an announcement?" Abi said. "Yep" he said taking a sip of my Tea.
I furrowed my eyes together in confusion. "Erm one, that's my tea" I said slapping his arm and taking it back, receiving a wink in return. Abi and Alice giggled at him, Alice obviously have forgiven him. "And two what's this announcement?" I asked.

"You'll soon find out" he said. I pouted at him expecting some more information but got a peck on the lips, not that I minded.
"I want everyone in the living room please, now" he ordered.
We all laughed at how bossy he was being but did as we were told.

After about twenty minutes everyone was here. There was uncle jack, me, joey, Alice, abi, kathy, Oscar, bianca and the kids, auntie carol and mason, Whitney and grandma dot.

"Come on joey some of us have got work to do" bianca said. "Yeah me a sell" Whitney said impatiently. "I've left the cafe and need to get back" auntie carol said. Me and Alice started giggling as joey looked like he was panicking.

"Eh come on give the lad a break he's nervous" uncle jack announced. "Oh so you k ow what's happening then?" I asked raising an eyebrow. "Yes and so will you if ya shut up for long enough" uncle jack said smiling. I pulled a face at him as joey asked me to stand next to him. I looked at him confused.

"Just do it, drama queen" he said as everyone burns into laughter.
I slapped his arm but did as he said.
"Right miss, I was wondering that seen as I love you more than anything or anyone" he chuckled, pecking me on the lips. "Will you Marty me, Lo?" He asked shyly.

My face dropped and I froze up. I definitely wasn't expecting that. "Or not if-" he began. "Of course I do you idiot" I smiled hugging him.

Everyone burst into cheers and applause as we hugged. "I love you" I whispered as he held on to me tightly.
"I love you too Lo" he whispered back.
And if it was even possible I fell a bit more in love with my boyfriend joey branning.

And as long as I was falling in love and not falling apart that was fine by me.

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