This is my first story so I hope at least someone likes it. I don't exactly know how long it will be as of right now but I'm guessing at least 10 chapters, probably more. I love Spemily and think they would be perfect together but don't worry there will be no Toby or Paige bashing because I like them too. I just think Spencer and Emily would be perfect together. Sorry if people find this a little long winded, if they are I'll try and fix it.

I do not own Pretty Little Liars or any of the characters, I am simply borrowing them for my own selfish, sordid gains.

Soooooo…I hope you enjoy.


It's halfway through the lairs first semester at college. The -A team and the mystery of Red Coat had ended as senior year did, there had been no more texts or emails or creepy messages of any kind since. But that didn't mean it was completely over, it never could be. Everyone who had been involved had to live everyday with the ramifications of all the things that had happened to them over the past few years. They had all stopped flinching every time their phones went off and jumping every time there was a loud bang. But they still lived in fear of the horrors the world was capable of throwing at them. The demise of the- A team saw some relationships that had been forged and strengthened by the drama fall apart. The most surprising was Spencer and Toby's; everyone thought they would stand the test of time. But after they had spent so much time protecting and looking out for one another, at 18 it became too much. They needed a clean break and to put this part of their life behind and unfortunately that meant leaving each other behind too. Both of them knew there would be a part of their hearts that would always belong to the other.

Toby is off traveling, paying his way around the world doing odd jobs and Spencer ended up at an Ivy League school like everyone had imagined. She was studying Law at UPenn, although she understood the prestige of this it was somewhat lost on her. Spencer didn't believe she was doing for the same reasons as the people that surrounded her, not like her parents who craved success or her sister who wanted recognition or the idealised freshmen that thought they could change the world. She studied law because she had been caught on the wrong side of it too many times. In true Hasting's fashion she had to understand everything, she had to have all of the knowledge; she needed to understand her foe from the inside out. Beyond figuring that out she had no plan and that scared her.

Caleb and Hannah, still going strong, had both moved to New York. Hannah was studying Fashion Marketing at Parsons and Caleb was studying Computer Science at NYU. Aria had shocked everyone by deciding to stay in Rosewood and was studying Art and English at Hollis. Although all the other lairs had felt the need to get away from Rosewood Aria felt as though there was still unfinished business for her there.

Emily had dealt the biggest shock, although she had made big plans to go to California with Paige, she had ended up staying a little bit closer to home. As it had gotten nearer to the time for Emily to apply for college she began to question who she was doing it for, was it really for her? Was it for Paige? Or was it because she was running away? She was tired of running. She had to live for her, she had to push herself out of her comfort zone. That meant no more relying on Paige to hold her together if she started to fall apart and no more relying on swimming to define her. So she hadn't gone to California on a swimming scholarship. Instead she had stayed in Pennsylvania to study Criminology at UPenn, she continued to swim but now she got to do it for herself. No one expected it from her, but it felt right, it was the first thing that had in a long time. Criminology allowed Emily the opportunity to get inside the head of the kind of people that had terrorised her for so long. She hoped it would help get one step or even half a step closer the answering the question that plagued her…. why, just why. People had questioned her and tried to talk her out of it but this was the closest she would ever come to knowing and that was all the motivation she needed. Paige had been hurt by Emily's decision not to head East with her, but ultimately she understood. This is Paige she always understood. They had promised to try, they had something too special to throw away. But both of them were struggling right now with a distance that seemed both physical and emotional now.

I know it wasn't very long but I wanted to set the scene. So here is the first real chapter too :)