What's this? A new Punklee story? Yes, it is! So, I don't own anything, the Superstars are owned by themselves/WWE. I also will write this fic as if the things in the WWE are real. Hope you enjoy!

June 17, 2013

It was a vow AJ Lee was never going to break. Her plan had many phases, and it involved a lot of deceptions and lies. That got her the nickname "Black Widow". But honestly, it didn't bother her at all. It only drove her to succeed more. These people underestimated her. To them, she was just the little crazy chick. She wanted to wipe that memory away from everyone. She refused to play "Pass AJ Around the Locker Room" anymore.

AJ had vowed to get revenge on every single person who had wronged her in her life. And she had almost succeeded. Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Kaitlyn, to name a few. All of them had fell to her feet. But there was one person who had always escaped her wrath. No matter how hard she tried, he seemed to be one step ahead of her. He was the best in the world, CM Punk.

She watched Punk confront the new World Champion Alberto Del Rio, saying how he took offense when he called himself "the best". AJ sighed as she watched Dolph fix his hair in the mirror. It was killing her that Punk always escaped her grasps. When she was General Manager for Raw, she made life hell for Daniel and Kane. Sure, that ended up with a tag team reign for the two, but it was still fun watching the two argue all the time. And now the two seem to be drifting apart. Vickie tried her best to sabotage her job, but that only drove her closer to the man she claimed she had an affair with, John Cena. AJ admitted it...she loved him. But, like usual, he only used her. That made her cost Cena the Money in the Bank breifcase that belonged to her one enemy, but now boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler. That's when everything fell into place. She took the Divas Title from her former friend Kaitlyn, and she was finally being reconized as the smart, determined, tough competitor she was.

AJ's life was a rose right now. But CM Punk was the thorn in her ribs that she couldn't seem to get rid of.

"I'll be back," AJ said to Dolph. He nodded and AJ left their private locker room, searching the halls. She knew exactly what she was going to have to do. She was going to have to not be so obvious with her plans of revenge. She can't run out there during Punk's match with Del Rio and make him lose. She needed to shock him, knock him off guard. And she knew there was one person who was capable of that.

She stared at the physical specimen a few feet in front of her. The six foot three, two hundred and sixty-six pound beast known as Brock Lesnar. With a deep breath, she approched him ans lightly tapped him on the arm. Wow, those are hard, she thought as Brock turned to face her. "Um...hello," AJ tried.

"What do you want?" Brock hissed, making AJ shiver a little. She hadn't been this intimidated by anyone before.

"Well, I need you to do me a favor," said AJ, getting straight to the point, "I need you to ambush Punk after his match with Del Rio later tonight."

"Why would I do that?" asked Brock with a scoff. AJ saw that coming. And she had an answer.

"Punk said that you need Paul Heyman," said AJ, "Punk thinks he's better than you. I'm positive you don't agree with him. Come on, Brock! You're a beast! And who's being refered to as the best in the world? CM Punk." AJ dared herself to step closer to him, and she did. "Not to mention that I'll pay you."

"Fine," said Brock simply before walking away. AJ smiled as she skipped back to the private locker room to gather Brock's money.


AJ laughed as Brock picked up Punk and nailed him with a vicious F-5. She couldn't help but mentally pat herself on the back. Tonight was definetly a good night. She successfully got into Kaitlyn's head earlier in the night, and she watched Punk lay in a battered heap in the middle of the ring. She got ready to leave the arena, making sure to grab the black briefcase containing ten thousand dollars, Brock's money.

The two met in the back of the parking lot, which was empty. "Brock?" she hissed. She wanted this to be over quickly.

"Here I am," said Brock, stepping into AJ's veiw.

"Here it is," said AJ, handing over the briefcase, "All ten thousand dollars you requeseted." Without another word, Brock walked off. With that, AJ picked up her suitcase and walked over back to the front of the parking lot. Her fun was just beginning.

June 24, 2013

"Last week, did Brock Lesnar attack me on his own, or did Brock Lesnar attack me because you saw the writing on the wall after Payback? Because I told you I don't want you ringside anymore?" The question was killing Punk ever since Punk could think a single thought after that F-5. He was a "Heyman Guy". Brock was a "Heyman Guy". It all made since. Was this Paul's sick way of saying goodbye to him? Punk had to know. Paul stood there in the middle of the ring, sighing. "Come clean, right here, right now and for the first time in your life, Paul Heyman, you tell the truth!"

With a sigh, Paul said, "You deserve the truth. I will tell you the truth straight to your face." He paued before continuing. "On my children, I did not know Brock Lesnar would be here last week." Punk definetly didn't see that coming. He knew he wasn't lying. Practically everything that came out of Paul's moth were lies, but this was diferent. He want on a rant, saying how his dream was to walk down the ramp with him as he challenged for the WWE Title during the main event of Wrestlemania. "CM Punk, I love you," Heyman said. "You're my best friend in world."

Punk stared, taking all of Paul's words in. He's lying, a part of him said, yet another part of him said, He's your friend. He's telling the truth. "I'm sorry I doubted you," said Punk simply before giving him a hug. Everything should've been resolved then, but there was a part of Punk that was nagging him. He knew Brock did that on someone's orders. But who?

Here I go, putting a twist on storylines again. Did you like it? Get ready for a AJPunk interaction next chapter! I promise this fic will be longer than my other one. I'll update every week or so. I'll see you next week! :)