Hey guys! I'm so excited that you guys like this fanfic soo much! So Derek and Penelope were able to last one day in Texas, let's see how they handle the next one :)

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I was sleeping comfortably in bed when someone shakes me awake.

*Baby girl it's time to wake up.* Derek tries to get me up.

*Let me sleep...* I mumble.

*If you don't wake up, I'm going to have to pour a glass of water on you, ice cold water.* I shoot up in bed, not wanting to have water poured on me.

*I'm up, I'm up!* Derek chuckles.

*I wasn't going to pour water on you.* He tricked me.

*Thanks for scaring the crap out of me by doing that.* I mutter as I get out of bed.

*Your welcome. I'll be downstairs waiting for you.* He walks towards my door and opens it.

*Try and not kill my father.*

*I'll try my best.* He walks out of my bedroom. I swing my legs over the side of my bed and get out of bed. I walk over to my dresser where I put on a basic white sundress and a pair of basic brown sandals. Then on my way out of my bedroom, I grab a hair tie and put my hair pony tail. I walk out of my bedroom and head down stairs. When I get to the bottom of the stairs, I go towards the dinning room, where Derek is talking with my mother, and my father is reading the paper.

*Good morning Mom, Dad, Derek.* I walk into the kitchen where my mom is.

*Good morning sweetheart.* She looks up from what she was doing.

*I love the dress Pen.* Derek looks up now, and looks at the dress.

*Really?* I ask them.

*I have to agree with mother, that dress looks fantastic.* Derek smiles.

*Thanks Derek.*

*Penelope watch out, he's just saying what you want to hear, he doesn't really mean it.* My father warns me.

*I have more respect for your daughter than that sir, I actually mean it.*

*Well sweetheart he's also a flatterer, he's a keeper.* My mother whispers to me.

*Mom, we're just best friends.*

*Sure you are.* I can't help myself from smiling.

*Ohh by the way honey Stella and Jack are coming by later today.* There we go, the smile fades off my face quickly.

*Ok mom.* I force a smile and walk out of the kitchen, and I go into the back yard where there is a brown bench in the middle of a beautiful yard with flowers surrounding the bench. I walk towards the bench and sit down, where I put my head in my hands a take breather.

*Everything all right Penelope?* I take my head out of my hands and turn around to find Derek standing behind the bench.

*I guess.* Derek takes the seat next to me .

*What's up with Stella and Jack? Why don't you like them?* Derek asks.

*It's nothing.*

*Come on baby girl, you know you can tell me anything.* Derek pushes me to answer.

*Ok. Stella and I haven't exactly seen eye to eye. Stella has made it her mission to make my life a living hell since we we're in middleschool. Doing everything she could to make my life horrible breaking my glasses so I couldn't see, getting me in trouble every chance she could, sleeping with every boyfriend i had in highschool so they'd break up with me for her.* I take a breath and look at Derek.

*Go ahead, continue.*

*Anyway, it was while my dad was making me go to law school to become a lawyer when I met Jack. We had started dating, a couple months later he had proposed and I said yes.*

*You were engaged? How come you didn't tell me before?* Derek asks as he turns on the bench to face me.

*Because it was a long time ago. Anyhow, about 3 weeks he had proposed, Stella had somehow convinced Jack to break off the engagement and they've been together ever since.* I look at Derek, who's still in the same posistion as before.

*I'm starting to see why you don't like them.*

*Tell me about it. And the last time I saw My parents Stella was here, and she constantly put me down, even cut a part of my hair out while I was sleeping.* Derek's eyes go wide.

*Well Stella sounds...*

*Like a total slut?*

*Yeah that sums it up. Look Penelope I'm here for you, I promise i will not let her treat you like that, and if she does, I will be talking to her about it.* I get up from the bench and start walking towards the house.

*That's why Your my best friend.* I call back towards him. I walk into the house with my head held a smidge higher than before.

*Pen Stella and Jack are here.* My mother says. I go towards the window by the front door and look out the window. A pickup truck comes down the driveway, then stops infront of the house. Jack and Stella get out of the car and walks towards the front door. Moments later, the front door opens and in comes Jack and Stella.

Stella is basically a stick-thin blonde bimbo who can't think for herself and thinks beauty can get her everywhere. With her wearing the shortest skirt possible, a shirt showing alot of clevage, and six inch heels, she tosses hair over her shoulder and looks at me.

*Penelope it's good to not have seen you in six years.* Stella snickers.

*Hello to you too. Hey Jack.* Jack on the other hand does not look like he's going to a strip club in vegas. He's wearing shorts and a t-shirt with sneakers.

*Hey Penelope, it's good to see you, it's been a while.* I look back at Stella, who's mouth suddenly turns into a smirk.

*Who's that handsome Devil?* Stella continues to smirk. I'm going to take it Derek just walked in. I turn around to find Derek walking in the house and walks right to my side.

*That's my best friend Derek, Derek this is Stella the one I was telling you about.* Derek smiles.

*Nice to meet you guys.*

*I'll be right back guys.* I say when I see my dad motioning for me to come over to him. I walk away from them and go towards my dad.

*Yes dad?* I ask my dad.

*I told you that fool is just using you, did you see the way he smiled at Stella? I'm warning you stay away from him or you'll get betrayed by that human disgrace.* My dad practically growls.

*You know what? Can you at least try to treat him like the rest of us? * I ask my dad harshly.

*He's not pumpkin.*

*His skin's a different color so what! It's not like he a freaking serial killer!* I yell at my dad, everyone turns to look at us.

*He probably is.*

*If you can't treat him like everyone else, we're done talking.* I tell my dad before I run out of the house. I went to the only place that felt secure, that I've been going when I needed to be alone. I went to the run down barn on the land. When I get to the barn, I climb up to the second level, and sit down against a bale of hay. I lean my head back against the hay and just close my eyes. I listen to the soft sound of the birds chirping, the crickets clicking away. I hear someone open the barn doors.

*Penelope? Are you here?* I hear Derek call out. How did he find out where I would be?

*Yeah I'm up here.* Moments later, I see Derek climb up the ladder to get where I'm at. Derek walks over to where I'm at, and sits down next to me.

*What happened with your dad?* Derek questions me.

*Let's just say he called you a human disgrace and said you are possibly a serial killer, maybe it was a mistake coming here anyways.*

*Hey, it wasn't a mistake coming here, it just has been a lot tougher than we thought it would be.* Derek puts his hand on my upper arm.

*How did you even find me?*

*Your mother told me.*

*You want to know something?* Derek asks.


*The minute You left the room, Stella started flirting with me it was pathetic.* I started laughing.

*You're serious right?*

*I'm dead serious. Why she was doing it, I don't want to know.*

*I going to get back to house, you coming?* Derek get's up and offers me his hand.

*Sure* I take his hand and helps me up. He walks up to the side of the 2nd floor and jumps down to the floor of the barn.

*Show off.* I mutter as I go down the ladder.

*Come on let's just get back to the house.* Derek slides his arm along shoulders, but when we get to the house, he takes his arm off his shoulder. When we walk into the house, My dad imediatly looks at Derek.

*What the hell were you doing with my daughter alone?* My dad asks him.

*I was asking her what was wrong with her, I was there for her, cheering her up.* Derek manages to stay calm.

*I don't need your help with my daughter, stay away from her, I don't want my daughter to be hanging around with a disgusting waste of life.*

Derek finally loses his cool. *You rascit ass.*

*Enough! Can you guys stop fighting for ten minutes?Or are you guys incabable of that?* I shout at both my dad and Derek. I then run up the stairs to my room, where I enter and slam the door closed, then locked the door. Why can't they stop fighting?

Well that day was certainly eventful, that's for sure. Hope you guys like it!

Thanks for reading.


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