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Dawn was sitting in her room watching T.V it was some program about the famous Professor Rowan, Dawn didn't find it that interesting so she turned it off and went to go down stairs when she heard the sound of feet rapidly climbing the stairs to her room. The door burst open and in came her best friend, Barry, he was wearing a green scarf, a striped orange and white shirt, and black slacks. "Dawn! There you are!" He yelled.

Dawn winced, she loved Barry like a brother but his most annoying trait was that he was very hyperactive. "Hey Dawn! Did you see the TV? I know you did! Prof. Rowan's that important guy who studies pokemon right?" He didn't wait for her to answer before he continued "so he must have lots and lots of pokemon right? So if we ask him, I bet he'd give us some pokemon!" He finished.

"Barry, why would he just give us pokemon?" Dawn asked.

"Because... Whoa is that the new PC?!" He asked sounding surprised.

"Barry, focus" dawn said with a sigh.

"What? Oh right! Now let's go see Prof. Rowan and get us some pokemon!" Barry said before he ran out of her room. Dawn barely had time to sigh before Barry came running back into her room and said "oh by the way if your late I'm fining you one million poke yen."

And just like that he was gone again. Another annoying thing about Barry was that he was obsessed with trying to fine people. Thankfully because of his hyperactiveness he didn't stay around to actually back up the threat. Dawn left her room and walked down to the kitchen and saw her mother, Johanna, was watching TV, she saw Dawn and said "oh Dawn, Barry just left. He seemed to be in a hurry."

"And what else is new." Dawn said jokingly and her mother giggled. "True."

And she walked back to sit in front of the TV. Dawn grabbed her coat, scarf, and hat. They weren't for warmth but for style. She wasn't vain but had to admit, she looked pretty cute in this outfit. She left her house, after her mother warned her to not go into the grass, and made her way to Barry's house. She was right in front of the door when it suddenly opened and Barry slammed right into her. "OW!" They both cried.

Barry was up on his feet in a flash and when he saw who he ran into he apologized and helped her to her feet. "Jeez Barry." Dawn said rubbing her backside.

"Sorry Dawn, but I'm on my way to see Prof. Rowan, you should come to, if you make that puppy dog pout then there's no way he'll be able to say no." Barry said before he took off again.

"Does he know the meaning of the word wait." Dawn mumbled to herself.

She went to the edge of town and saw Barry near the tall grass. "Dawn what took you so long? Doesn't matter. Let's get moving!" He said and started to walk towards the tall grass.

"Barry stop!" Dawn shouted.

"What? What? What?" He said looking around for anything.

"We can't go into the tall grass. If we get attacked by a pokemon we're done for, or even worse, if my mom find out." Dawn trailed off with a shudder.

"Ah, your worrying too much. Look let's just quickly run through the tall grass, that way the wild pokemon won't have a chance to attack us."

"I don't know." Dawn said nervously.

"Trust me, have I ever steered you wrong?" Barry said.

"Yes." Dawn said giggling.

"Bah, come on! Just stick with me." He said. He took a step back and said "here goes!"

Before he bolted forward toward the grass but before he even touched the grass a loud mature voice said "Stop!" They both turned and saw a man with white hair and a white mustache, wearing a white and blue shirt walk towards them with a stern look on his face. "Are the two of you insane? Running into tall grass without so much as a single pokemon between the two of you." He said sternly.

"Hey Dawn, isn't this guy the Professor?" Barry whispered to her.

Dawn could hear the professor muttering something to himself but couldn't hear what, she could make out a few words "wanted, tall grass, pokemon." He turned to the pair and said "you two. You truly love pokemon don't you?"

Barry nodded emphatically and said "yes sir."

Dawn just nodded and said "yes."

"I'll ask again, you two truly love pokemon don't you?" The professor repeated.

"Yes, yes ,yes! Ask me a hundred times and you'll get the same answer." Barry shouted before he turned to me and said "right Dawn?"

This time Dawn said with more enthusiasm "yes!"

"But to entrust pokemon to these two, who were seconds away from foolishly walking into a dangerous situation." Professor Rowan said out loud.

Barry was, for once speechless but he regained his composure and said "what? Look fine don't give me a pokemon, but my friend is the kindest person I know, if anyone deserves a pokemon its her."

Dawn was surprised to hear that from him and apparently so was the professor. "Well maybe I misjudged you after all young man, if you are willing to give up a chance at being a pokemon trainer for your friend here." The professor paused for a moment before he clapped his hands together so suddenly that Dawn gave a small gasp and jumped. "Very well then! I'll entrust you two with pokemon. I apologize for putting you through that exercise but I had to make sure that the pokemon I give you will be going to a good home. However you both must promise me that you will never recklessly endanger yourself's again." The Professor turned and seemed surprised that there was no one behind him and said "where is that boy?"

Just then a boy, about the same age as Barry and Dawn came running towards them. He had a red hat, a blue jacket, red shirt, white scarf ("geeze why is everyone copying me" Dawn thought.) And he way carrying a brown satchel. "Professor you forgot your bag back at Lake Amity." The boy said, letting Dawn notice that he was pretty cute.

"Ah Lucas, excellent work. What I was about to do was entrust these two with their own pokemon." The professor said.

"Wha?" Lucas looked dumbfounded "these pokemon are crucial and your just giving them away?"

"Are you saying that these two shouldn't know the joy of working side by side with a pokemon of their own?"

"What? No... Your right professor." He then turned to the pair and said "my apologizes."

"Good boy, now open the case." He said and Lucan opened the case and reviled three pokeballs, he grabbed each one and opened them. The first one was a small orange one with a small tuff of hair curling down its face and with a small fire tail. The second was a small blue penguin. The third was a small green one, it had a leaf on its head and a brown shell on its back.

"Now this little guy," Professor Rowan indicated to the orange one "is called Chimchar, he's an energetic little fire type. This one" he pointed to the small penguin "is called Piplup. He's a little stubborn and proud, but once you gain his respect he'll defend you to his last breath. And this one" he pointed to the green one "is named Turtwig. He's playful but a strong fighter."

"Dawn you can choose first." Dawn was surprised at this "what, I'm the older one so I have to do the adult thing." He said.

Dawn stepped up and had a look. Chimchar did a small back-flip that made Dawn giggle, she looked at Piplup who had puffed out his chest so much that he fell backwards causing Dawn to burst into another fit of giggles. The Turtwig however ran up and started to nuzzle her leg which caused her to coo and pick him up. "Have you made your decision?" Professor Rowan asked.

"Yes. I pick Turtwig." She said as her Turtwig snuggled into her.

"Good choice." Barry said and he went up and looked at the remaining two. After a long time of deciding Barry knelt and when he came up, on his shoulder was the Chimchar.

"Barry did you have me choose first so you would get the pokemon with a type advantage?" Dawn asked.

"What? No!" Barry said.

"Sure." Dawn said sarcastically.

"Splendid! Now listen up you two. The pokemon you've just chosen are new to this world, in a way they're like the both of you. As beginners in this world I look forward to seeing how well you succeed. Now I'll be in my lab in Sandgem town. I'd appreciate it if you two would pay me a visit tomorrow. Now, come along Lucas." The Professor said.

Lucas however wasn't listening to Professor Rowan, he was to busy staring at Dawn. It wasn't until she turned her head to look at him did he turn away and notice that the Professor was on his way back to Sandgem town. Lucas quickly picked up the satchel and ran after the professor saying "Professor! Wait for me!"

Dawn giggled at that before she turned to Barry and they both high-fived. "I can't believe it. We got our own pokemon!" Barry said.

"I can't believe your plan worked." Dawn said.

"Yeah, me either... Hey wait! That's it I'm so going to fine you!" Barry said.

"Come on let's head back." Dawn said.

"Wait! I've waited my whole life to say these words. Dawn, I challenge you to a pokemon battle." He said.

"We just got these pokemon and you want a battle?" She asked.

"Yep! Now come on before I fine you." His Chimchar leap off his shoulder and got ready for battle.

"Fine, Turtwig." She looked at the pokemon in her arms.

"Turtwig." It said before she released it.

"Chimchar scratch!" Barry commanded."

Chimchar leapt forward quickly with its fingers ready to scratch, Dawn quickly yelled "get out-of-the-way Turtwig!"

Turtwig nodded and jumped back causing the scratch to miss and then Dawn said "Turtwig tackle."

Turtwig quickly ran forward at tackled the chimp pokemon causing it to stumble back. "What! Oh that it!" Come on Chimchar let's show them what we're made of." Barry raged from the side.

"Turtwig use tackle again." Dawn said.

"Use leer." Barry said. Turtwig managed to land the attack but let his defense down and gave Chimchar a perfect opening. "Scratch!" Barry said which Chimchar obeyed and followed.

"Turt!" Turtwig cried in pain as Chimchar scratched across his face.

"Come on Turtwig I know you can do it!" Dawn cried and smiled as Turtwig got back to his feet and charged right into Chimchar as hard as he could, and sent him flying into a tree opposite of him. "Yes!" Dawn jumped in the air at her victory.

"Turtwig." Turtwig said happily as he jumped back into her arms and she hugged him tight.

"Ah man!" Barry said and he returned Chimchar to his pokeball.

"Good battle Barry." Dawn said before she returned Turtwig to his pokeball.

"Yeah oh we'd better tell our parents what happened." Barry mentioned.

"Good point." Dawn said and both scurried home.

Dawn had just finished telling her mom everything that had happened, and was about to get an ear full. "You tried to go into the tall grass!" Her mother shouted.

"Yes but no need to worry." Dawn said trying to calm her mother down.

"No need to worry? Do you have any idea what could have happened if you had gotten attacked by a wild pokemon?"

"But it worked out look." Dawn said as she released her Turtwig.

"Turt?" Turtwig said looking around slightly confused at the new surroundings but cheered up when he saw Dawn and leap onto her shoulder and started to nuzzle his head against hers.

"Oh look at him, he's so cute." Dawn's mother said.

"Well if Professor Rowan gave you this then you should go to Sandgem town and thank him properly tomorrow morning." She said.

"No need to worry that was my plan." Dawn said as she lifted Turtwig off her shoulder and held him in her arms and said "well I'm going to bed mom."

"Ok sweetie." Her mom replied. She walked up to her room and changed into her pajamas. She moved to put Turtwig into his ball but he shook his head no. "What's wrong Turtwig?" Dawn asked slightly confused. Turtwig made his way to her bed and turned a few times before he curled up and lay on her pillow. "Do you want to sleep with me tonight?" Dawn asked and was replied with a nod. Dawn giggled and got into her bed. She could feel Turtwig snuggle into her side. "Goodnight Turtwig." Dawn said before she drifted off to sleep.

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