A/N one of the reviews I got on the Barry vs Dawn chapter was a question. How did Torterra survive a blaze enhanced flare blitz.

My only response to that is how did Paul's Magmortar survive a hydro cannon from Barry's Empoleon?

Now that that's out of the way let's get to Dawn vs Riley.

"You know her! You love her! The blue haired trainer who's captured all our hearts. Give a welcome to Dawn!"

The cheer she received was almost deafening but she was happy that all these people were here to see her.

"And now, the tough as nails trainer we all love. Here's Lorelai Grace Monroe!"

Riley came onto the field with a ticked off look on her face and said "next person to call me that is getting a dragon pulse to the face!" Which made Dawn giggle.

After explaining the rules both girls grabbed there pokeballs.

"Hey Dawn, good luck!" Riley said.

"You too Riley." Dawn said before she threw her pokeball and shouted "Alright Umbreon let's go!"

"Umbreon." the dark type said upon being released.

"Lucario let's gear up!" Riley said.

Lucario came out of its pokeball crouching and slowly stood up and glared at Umbreon.


"Lucario aura sphere!" Riley said.

"Stop it with dark pulse!" Dawn said.

Lucario charged a blue sphere and hurled it with great strength at Umbreon who had launched a powerful dark pulse at the aura sphere to stop it.

"Force palm!" Riley said.

Lucario took off at a blinding pace and was in front of Umbreon in seconds and placed it's palm on Umbreon's side and a light shot from the Lucario's palm and sent Umbreon flying.

"You alright Umbreon?" Dawn asked.

Umbreon got up and shook his head before nodding.

"Alright then use dig!" Dawn said.

Umbreon quickly burrowed underground but Lucario didn't look concerned.

"You know where it is?" Riley asked.

When Lucario nodded she said "then fire an aura sphere!"

Lucario jumped into the air and launched an aura sphere at the ground which sent Umbreon flying back to the surface.

"Shadow ball!" Dawn said.

Umbreon quickly charged and fired multiple shadow balls.

"Deflect them with bone rush!" Riley said.

Lucario clapped it's paws together and slowly spread them apart forming a glowing green bone staff.

Lucario then started to rapidly spin the bone in front of itself, dissapiting the shadow balls before they did any damage.

"Now strike!" Riley shouted.

Lucario rushed forward, staff ready to strike Umbreon.

"Dodge it!" Dawn said.

Umbreon quickly dodged every strike, but just barely. On Lucario's final strike Dawn cried "now toss it away with psychic!"

Umbreon started to glow blue at the same time Lucario did and sent the fighting type flying away from him and slammed on the ground.

"Dark pulse quick!" Dawn said.

Umbreon fired a powerful dark pulse at Lucario while the fighting type was still trying to recover and was sent sliding along the ground again but vaulted back up to its feet.

"Aura sphere!" Riley said.

Lucario quickly formed a blue sphere between its paws and hurled it.

"Send it back with psychic!" Dawn said.

A dark blue glow surrounded the aura sphere, stopping it in its place before it flew right back at the one who fired it.

Lucario howled in pain and fell to one knee.

"Come on Lucario." Riley encouraged.

"Cario." it said as it limped back up to its feet.

"Now Umbreon fire a shadow ball!"

"Rush forward and smash it with bone rush! Then finish this with close combat!" Riley said.

Lucario rushed forward after making another bone staff and bashed the shadow ball to the ground before tossing the staff to the side and started to rapidly pelt Umbreon with a flurry of punches.

"Now send it flying with a force palm!" Riley said.

Lucario pulled back it's right paw and shot it forward placing it right on Umbreon's forehead before shooting a light from its paw and sent Umbreon flying past Dawn and hit the stadium wall.

"Umbreon is unable to battle! This round goes to Lucario!"

Dawn ran over and picked up Umbreon and said "you did great. You really wore down Lucario, my next pokemon can take it down no problem thanks to you."

Umbreon looked happier and licked Dawn's cheek making her giggle before she returned him and grabbed another pokeball and said "Magmortar let's heat things up." Dawn said.

Magmortar came out with a loud cheer, happy to finally be battling again, his flames were billowing.

"Keep your distance Lucario, last thing you want is to get burnt." Riley warned.

"Magmortar flamethrower!" Dawn said.

"Bone rush!" Riley said.

"Up in the air and fire a focus blast!" Dawn then said.

Magmortar fired a flamethrower before he flew up into the air and launched two blue spheres from his arm/cannons. Lucario was too busy spinning the bone to deflect the flamethrower that it didn't notice the attack from above until it was too late.

Both spheres pelted Lucario making it cry in pain and stumble back.

"Great! Now get up close and use fire punch!" Dawn said.

Magmortar flew forward and landed right in front of Lucario before he punched Lucario with a fire enhanced punch knocking it down.

After a moment the referee made the call "Lucario is unable to battle! This round goes to Magmortar."

Riley returned Lucario and stood still for a moment before she grabbed another pokeball and said "Aurorus let's gear up!"

Dawn recognized this pokemon from Barry's battle against that girl Emily.

"Alright Magmortar focus blast!" Dawn said.

"Block it with sandstorm!" Riley said.

A wall of flying sand flew up in front of Aurorus, blocking the focus blasts.

"Ancient power!" Riley said.

The sand wall lowered enough for Aurorus to launch a silver sphere at Magmortar, making him cry in pain.

"Come on Magmortar! Turn that sandstorm to glass, fire blast!" Dawn said.

Magmortar placed both of his cannon's close together and launched a blue fire star that hit the sand wall and all blasted through hitting Aurorus, who didn't cry out in pain.

"You'll need more than a bright blue star to take down this girl. Now Aurorus use earthquake!"

Aurorus's tail rose into the air and slammed down making the entire stadium shake and made Magmortar cry in pain.

"Magmortar return!" Dawn said aloud before whispering to his pokeball "I'll save you for later." before she stared at Aurorus for a moment before she said "Sudowoodo let's rock!"

"Sudowoodo!" he said upon being released before doing his little dance.

"Your really using a rock type against Aurorus?" Riley asked looking confused.

"I believe your the one who told me in our first battle that I'd need more than type advantage to win." Dawn said.

Riley laughed and said "well I stand corrected. Let's see if that Sudowoodo can handle this. Aurorus ice beam!"

"Block it with stone edge!" Dawn said.

Sudowoodo stomped the ground and closed his hands together, all of the stones closed together and made a shield that blocked the ice beam.

"Now launch it at Aurorus and then use brick break!" Dawn said.

Sudowoodo launched the crude shield that was frozen together due to the ice beam.

"Stop it with psychic!" Riley said.

Aurorus started to glow blue seconds before the shield would have hit it and the shield stopped and flew right back.

Unfortunately Sudowoodo wasn't there.

Sudowoodo ran forward and leapt up while Aurorus was busy launching his frozen stone edge back at where he was before slamming his three "ball fingers" down on the bottom of Aurorus's neck making it cry in pain.

"Dragon tail!" Riley said.

Aurorus's tail started to glow blue and slammed it into Sudowoodo sending the rock type flying but he quickly recovered.

"Flash cannon!" Riley said.

"Dodge!" Dawn cried.

The twin "sails" on Aurorus's head started to glow silver before two silver beams shot from them and hit Sudowoodo.

However Dawn's rock type was tougher than he looked and without a word from Dawn, the small growth on the top of his head started to glow silver before a bright silver beam flew from it, striking Aurorus and made the blue pokemon cry in pain.

"Excellent! Now wood hammer!" Dawn said.

The green "fingers" on Sudowoodo's hand started to glow as he ran forward and quickly jumped up to Aurorus's face and slammed it's face knocking the pokemon to the ground.

However, while it was down it still managed to fire an ice beam that struck Sudowoodo and made him cry out in pain.

"Quick brick break!" Dawn said.

Sudowoodo quickly jumped to the side and rushed forward and slammed his hand down on Aurorus's head knocking the pokemon out.

Sudowoodo then jumped away and fell to his knees, panting heavily.

"Aurorus is unable to battle! This round goes to Sudowoodo."

Riley returned Aurorus and said "Dawn! That's one powerful Sudowoodo you have there. I haven't met many rock types that could handle Aurorus's ice beam." Riley said.

"Yeah, Sudowoodo's a real powerhouse alright." Dawn said.

"Woodo." Sudowoodo panted but managed a salute before standing back up.

"Alright that's enough for now Sudowoodo." Dawn said as she returned her rock type.

"Alright time for someone you should remember "go Typhlosion!" Riley said.

Typhlosion came out of its ball and right away purple flames came out of its back, it was pumped and ready.

"Typhlosion eh? Well then in that case let's go Floatzel!"

Floatzel came out of his pokeball and crossed his arms and started to glare at Typhlosion.

But to Dawn's surprise and concern Riley didn't recall her Typhlosion or look worried.

"Alright Floatzel aqua jet!" Dawn said.

"Dodge and use flamethrower!" Riley said.

Floatzel shot off towards Typhlosion but the shiny fire type easily dodged the attack and launched a purple jet of flames at Floatzel.

But to no one's surprise Floatzel was fine.

"Water pulse!" Dawn said.

Floatzel placed both paws together and formed a water sphere and hurled it at Typhlosion who easily dodged it again.

"Flamewheel!" Riley said.

Typhlosion surrounded itself in flames that formed into a wheel and rushed forward.

"Aqua jet!" Dawn said.

Floatzel shot forward while surrounded with water and met Typhlosion head on. Yet somehow Floatzel couldn't overpower the flamewheel and both attacks canceled the other out And both pokemon were sent flying backwards but they both managed to land on their feet.

"Alright Floatzel let's take care of the fire attacks! Rain dance!" Dawn said.

Floatzel started to do a dance that Dawn couldn't help but giggle at, and looking across the field she saw Riley hiding her mouth with her hand.

Black clouds appeared and it started to rain, Dawn saw Floatzel glow a light blue.

"Smart strategy Dawn. Really smart. Unfortunately I've caught up on all your battles and expected something like this and I taught Typhlosion a move just in case this happened." Riley said looking completely serious.

"And what's that? Sunny day?" Dawn asked.

"Even better. Typhlosion use wild charge!" Riley said.

Typhlosion got down on all fours, the purple flame on its back receded back to its body and it charged forward, it's entire body became surrounded with yellow electricity, making it look similar to a giga impact and slammed into Floatzel, sending her water type flying into the stadium wall and fell.

However Floatzel was either to tough, or too stubborn to let one good electric attack keep him down. He got back to his feet and growled at Typhlosion, who shut his eyes in pain from the recoil damage.

"Quick water pulse!" Dawn said.

Floatzel quickly formed a sphere and threw it at Typhlosion while it was still dealing with the recoil and scored a direct hit.

Typhlosion was just as tough/stubborn as Floatzel and shoot his head before yelling his name at Floatzel, who yelled back.

"Aerial ace!" Riley said.

Typhlosion shot forward on all fours and slammed into Floatzel before Dawn could blink.

"Ice punch!" she cried.

While Typhlosion was close Floatzel delivered a powerful ice enhanced punch to Typhlosion's stomach making the fire type grunt with pain, but it quickly recovered delivered it's own punch to Floatzel's snout, making the water type grab his snout in pain.

"Now jump away and finish this with wild charge!" Riley said.

Typhlosion quickly leapt away before charging Floatzel again while surrounded with electricity and slammed right into the water type.

Floatzel fell, but to everyone's surprise he pushed himself up, or at least he tried, he was half way up before collapsed. This time Dawn knew he wasn't getting back up.

"Floatzel is unable to battle! This round goes to Typhlosion!"

Dawn couldn't believe it! She had three advantages, the rain from the rain dance, Floatzel's swift swim, and his water type and yet Riley had used it all to her advantage and beat Floatzel!

"Don't let that get you down. I came out on the field expecting an excellent battle. So hang in there." Riley said to Dawn.

Dawn smiled and nodded before saying "I'm not one to give up! Never have before and I don't plan to now! This battles just getting started!"

A/N in case anyone's wondering the reason Typhlosion's flame is purple is because I chose to base it off of the gold/silver/crystal sprite.

Also I'm glad people liked the Electivire/Gardevoir scene last chapter. I just feel that it would be cute.

And the world needs cuteness!

Now until we meet again.

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