"Alright Gardevoir let's see that thundershock one more time!" Dawn said.

Gardevoir nodded and built up enough raw energy before she fired a single bolt right at Luxray.

Luxray however didn't look like he felt a thing.

"The was great Gardevoir!" Dawn said happily.

Electivire and Pichu were there with the rest of the pokemon and when Gardevoir's eyes fell on the two he gave her a covert thumbs up and a cute smirk.

"Cute? Where's that coming from?" Gardevoir thought.

"That was pretty good!" a new voice said.

Everyone turned and saw Riley walking towards them "hi Riley." Dawn said as walked forward and embraced her.

"Hey Dawn. How's the training going." Riley asked as she hugged Dawn back.

"Great! Gardevoir's been learning how to use electric attacks. She hasn't gotten up to a thunderbolt yet but she's getting there." Dawn said.

"Who's been teaching her?" Riley asked.

"Well I only have two pokemon who know how to use an electric attack so it was probably Luxray or Buneary."

Hearing that Buneary hopped over to Dawn and shook her head 'no'.

"What? You didn't teach her?" Dawn asked as she picked up her fluffy rabbit pokemon.

"Buneary." she said shaking her head.

"So it was you Luxray." Dawn said.

"Uh Dawn? Remember Buneary wouldn't let Luxray move until he was feeling better." Lucas said.

"Then who taught her?" Dawn asked.

Everyone's faces turned to Electivire, who was throwing the giggling Pichu up into the air and catching her. However when he noticed everyone staring at her he snarled.

And almost dropped Pichu who was still giggling.

"Dawn? You don't think?" Lucas asked.

"No. The only one Electivire likes is Pichu, and that's just because she's a baby." Dawn said.

"So you somehow managed to get to the finals?" a cold voice said.

Everyone's heads turned and saw Earnest walking towards them.

Lucas's face contorted to one of anger and he started to clench his fist.

"So? What of it?" Dawn asked.

"Nothing, just surprised beyond belief that someone like you managed to get this far." he replied.

"Your a real jerk you know that?" Riley said with an angry look on her face.

"Either tell us why your here or leave." Lucas said.

"Just here to ask my next opponent to use her Darkrai." Earnest said.

"Oh so you want to be utterly destroyed when battling someone who's 'pathetic'." Dawn said with air quotes.

"No, I just want you to know that just because you have a legendary that doesn't make you special."

Lucas had enough and started to walk forward but a new voice said "children."

Everyone turned and saw Sylar walking towards them with his cane clacking with every step.

"Hello Sylar." Dawn said.

"Dawn, Lucas, Riley." he said with a nod to each of them then stopped at Earnest and said "ah, the other finalist. Earnest I do believe."

"Yes sir." he said respectfully.

"Well since your here I won't have to go looking for you, I just wanted to wish the both of you good luck. I've heard from my grandson that every elite four member's going to be there along with Cynthia."

"Really." Dawn said nervously.

"Yep. Seems that they've taken an interest in the two of you." he said.

They continued talking for a while before Earnest excused himself "bring Darkrai." he whispered before leaving.

Dawn walked onto the field after Earnest did and listened to the rules from the referee.

"Are both trainers ready?"

Dawn and Earnest both nodded and grabbed there pokeballs.

"Alakazam stand by!" Earnest said.

Dawn remembered this pokemon from the boat, it was strong, able to take down her Gardevoir and Floatzel. She threw her own pokeball and said "let's rock Umbreon."

"Predictable, you go for a type advantage." Earnest said with a scoff.

Dawn huffed and said "so what? Now Umbreon dark pulse!"

"Block it with your spoons!" Earnest said.

Umbreon fired a powerful dark pulse that went swirling towards Alakazam, who crossed it's spoons in front of itself.

The dark pulse hit the spoons and sent Alakazam sliding back but didn't do any damage.

"Now focus blast!" Alakazam threw it's spoons into the air where they stay floating and brought both hands close together and formed a blue sphere.

"Stop it with shadow ball!" Dawn said.

Umbreon charged a black sphere in front of its mouth and fired it seconds before Alakazam, both attacks met and neither overpowered the other.

"Alright Alakazam charge beam!" Earnest said.

Alakazam summoned it's floating spoons to its hands and crossed them again forming a yellow ball that hovered in front of the spoons before firing a beam.

"Dig!" Dawn said.

Umbreon quickly burrowed underground and avoided the attack before quickly emerging in front of Alakazam.

"Shadow ball!" Dawn said.

Umbreon quickly fired a shadow ball that hit Alakazam point blank.

"Fire punch!" Earnest said.

Alakazam's right hand became enveloped in flames before punching Umbreon and sent the little dark type back.

"Dark pulse!" Dawn said.

"Teleport until I say stop!" Earnest said.

Alakazam was gone in an instant and only reappeared for an instant before dissapearing again.

"Now charge beam!" Earnest said.

Alakazam reappeared and instantly fired a charge beam that hit Umbreon in the back making the dark type grunt in pain.

"Dark pulse quick!" Dawn said.

Umbreon quickly spun around and fired a dark pulse that hit Alakazam.

"Kazam!" it cried.

"Now shadow ball!" Dawn said.

Umbreon kept up the pressure and rapidly fired shadow balls at Alakazam.

"Teleport away and use recover!" he said.

Alakazam teleported away and when it reappeared it looked like it was on its last legs but then started to glow white before suddenly looking perfectly fine.

"Dark pulse!" Dawn said.

"Teleport and use focus blast!" Earnest said.

"Dodge!" Dawn cried too late.

Alakazam teleported behind Umbreon and fired a blue sphere at his back making the dark type cry in pain.

"Umbreon!" Dawn cried.

Umbreon lay there for a second before rising back up.

"Great job!" Dawn said.

Umbreon then howled at the sky and Dawn gasped.

There was the moon! In the middle of the day! A white light then shot down and hit Umbreon, enveloping him in a light so bright Dawn and everyone had to look away. When she looked back Umbreon looked like she had just sent him out.

"What?" Dawn asked confused before she grabbed her pokedex.


By drawing on the power of the moon a pokemon is able to heal it's injuries.

"Wow! Excellent Umbreon!" Dawn said.

"Umbreon." he said.

"Alakazam use focus blast!"

"Dodge and fire shadow ball as fast as you can!" Dawn said.

Umbreon waited until Alakazam fired it's focus blast but Umbreon twisted in the air and avoided the blast while charging his shadow ball. When he landed he shot a rapid barrage at Alakazam.

"Alakazam!" it cried.

"Now finish this with dark pulse!" Dawn said.

Umbreon fired on last shadow ball before launching a powerful dark pulse that sent Alakazam flying.

When it landed it tried to get back up but couldn't and fell for good.

"Alakazam is unable to battle! This round goes to Umbreon!"

"Yes! That was perfect Umbreon!" Dawn cheered.

"Umbreon!" he said happily.

Earnest returned Alakazam and thought for a moment before grabbing his second pokeball and said "Aegislash stand by for battle!" he said.

The pokemon that came out was one Dawn hadn't seen before, it had a shield in front of it, with what looked like two thin arms crossed behind it, and behind the arms was a sword.

"Angislash use fury cutter!"

The pokemon suddenly jumped and in its left hand it was holding it's shield and the blade was exposed.

It shot forward and slashed Umbreon with the blade part of its body, making Umbreon cry in pain.

"Again!" Earnest said.

It again flew forward and slashed Umbreon with its blade body.

Umbreon cried in pain again and was sent tumbling to Dawn but managed to get back up.

"Umbreon return!" Dawn said.

"Probably the first smart move you made." Earnest said.

"Shut up! Beside's Umbreon was more than enough to take down Alakazam." Dawn said.

Thankfully Earnest didn't get a chance to reply before Dawn grabbed another pokeball and said "Magmortar let's go!"

Out of the pokeball was Dawn's blue flame fire type.

"Still relying on type advantage? Pathetic."

Dawn growled and said "flamethrower!"

Magmortar brought up his twin cannons and launched a powerful jet of blue flames at Aegislash.

"Kings shield!" Earnest said.

Aegislash quickly placed the shield back in front of its body and it started to glow white. The flamethrower hit the shield but it looked like Aegislash took zero damage.

"Rock slide!"

Aegislash raised one 'arm' above its head and rocks started to fall on Magmortar from no where.

"Stop them with psychic!" Dawn said.

A couple of rocks hit Magmortar but he used psychic to keep the rest of them in the air.

"Fire at Aegislash!" Dawn said.

Magmortar threw his arm forward and the levitating rocks shot towards Aegislash.

"Break them with sacred sword!" Earnest said.

Aegislash put it's shield back in its hand and it's blade part started to glow and lengthen as it shot forward and slashed apart every rock.

"Aegislash return!" Earnest said.

"First smart move you made." Dawn said copying Earnest's words.

Earnest just scoffed and said "Rhyperior stand by for battle!"

"Probably his second best pokemon." Dawn though as she remembered how easily this Rhyperior beat Torterra.

"Rhyperior use poison jab!" Earnest said.

Rhyperior ran forward, both arms glowing purple and started to rapidly jab at Magmortar and to Dawn's surprise Rhyperior didn't seem to mind the heat and kept jabbing away.

"Get it away with psychic!" Dawn said.

Magmortar launched a psychic blast that sent Rhyperior flying back but it quickly recovered.

"Now focus blast!" Dawn said.

Magmortar launched two blue spheres from his arms that flew at Rhyperior.

"Protect then use earthquake!" Rhyperior surrounded itself with a green barrier that blocked both focus blasts, then jumped up into the air then slammed on the ground and sent a shockwave cascading along the ground right at Magmortar and made the fire type groan in pain.

"Now use rock wrecker!"

Rhyperior put it's hands together as a small gray rock formed with a red outline. Rhyperior then lunged back and hurled it right at Magmortar.

"Smash it with focus blast!" Dawn said.

Magmortar launched two focus blast right at the rock wrecker. However the rock flew right through and slammed right into Magmortar and sent the fire type straight into the stadium wall.

"Mortar." he said.

"Magmortar is unable to battle. This round goes to Rhyperior."

"That was a good try Magmortar now take a rest." Dawn said as she returned her fire type and grabbed another pokeball and said "let go Buneary!"

"Buneary!" the fluffy pokemon said when she came out.

Rhyperior looked down at the little hair ball for a second before throwing it's head back and roaring with laughter.

"Bun!" Buneary said angrily.

"Your using that weak little thing against something like Rhyperior? Do you want to lose?" Earnest asked.

"Buneary may be small but she's taken on pokemon ten times her size before." Dawn defended.

"Well let's find out. Rhyperior use focus blast!" Earnest said.

"Bounce and use jump kick!" Dawn said.

Buneary quickly leapt into the air avoiding the blue sphere and then shot down, both her feet extended and slammed right into Rhyperior's head making it stumble back.

"Brick break!" Earnest said.

Rhyperior started to punch Buneary but failed as the little pokemon was too quick for the big slow brute.

"Ice beam!" Dawn said.

Buneary back flipped away and launched a powerful ice beam at Rhyperior making it stumble back again and was now starting to look tired.

"Earthquake!" Earnest said.

"Bounce and use ice beam!" Dawn said.

Buneary leapt into the air before Rhyperior slammed its tail into the ground and fired an ice beam that hit Rhyperior right in the chest and made it cry in pain.

"Keep it together and use flamethrower!" Earnest said.

"Dodge it and use jump kick!" Dawn said.

Rhyperior launched a jet of flames at Buneary but the little pokemon started to quickly run around Rhyperior.

"Now!" Dawn said.

When Buneary was out of Rhyperior's head turning range she quickly leapt towards it right as it turned and slammed both of her feet into its face.

Rhyperior placed a hand on its face and groaned.

"Now ice beam!" Dawn said.

Buneary launched another powerful ice beam that hit Rhyperior's chest again.

Rhyperior started to stumble back and forth but still didn't fall.

"Jump kick one last time!" Dawn said.

Buneary leapt up and slammed her foot into its face and that's when the giant fell.

"Rhyperior is unable to battle! This round goes to Buneary!"

"Yes! That was perfect Buneary!" Dawn said happily.

"Buneary!" she said equally as happy.

"What's wrong? No smart remarks?" Dawn asked.

"Aegislash stand by!" was his reply.

The sword and shield pokemon came back out again with its shield in his 'hand'.

"Alright Buneary that's enough for now, return!" Dawn thought for a moment before she said "Umbreon let's go!"

"Umbreon!" he said looking ready to go.

"That may be a good move. Or a terrible one. I'm really not sure." Earnest said.

"Well let's find out. Umbreon dark pulse!" Dawn said.

Umbreon quickly fired a dark pulse that flew straight for Aegislash.

"Kings shield!" Earnest said.

Aegislash jumped in mid air and placed it's shield back in front of itself before it started to glow white and absorbed the damage from the dark pulse.

"Sacred sword!" Earnest said.

"Double team!" Dawn said.

Aegislash placed it's shield back in its hand and shot forward and started to slash at all of the copies that Umbreon made.

"Now shadow ball!" Dawn said.

All of the Umbreon's charged a shadow ball but only one fired and hit Aegislash knocking it to the ground but it was quickly back in the air.

"Rock slide!" Earnest said.

"Stop them with psychic!" Dawn said.

Umbreon's reaction time was quicker than Magmortar's and he stopped all the rocks before any even came close to hitting him.

"Sacred sword!" Earnest said.

While Umbreon was getting use to holding all that weight Aegislash shot forward and slashed Umbreon making him cry in pain but still held up all the rocks.

"Throw the rocks at Aegislash and then use dark pulse!" Dawn said.

Umbreon launched all the rocks he was holding with a look of strain and with a loud shout of his name.

The rocks flew at Aegislash who went back to its, what Dawn's calling it 'defense form'. Most of the throw rocks hit the shield but some hit the sword part which caused a strange sound to emit from Aegislash.

After the last rock hit Aegislash it went back to its 'attack form' but that's what Umbreon was waiting for when he fired his dark pulse and hit the sword part of Aegislash, which Dawn assumed was the weak part of the strange pokemon.

It wobbled it the air but leveled out albeit barely.

"Iron head!" Earnest said.

"Dig!" Dawn said.

Umbreon dug underground and quickly shot up behind the charging Aegislash and launched a dark pulse that flew and hit it's 'back' making another strang sound emit from it.

"Now let's end this with shadow ball!" Dawn said.

Umbreon fired a barrage of shadow balls that all flew at the unprotected sword. Within moments the shield fell and the sword quickly followed.

"Yes! Excellent Umbreon!" Dawn cheered causing the dark type to jump into her arms and snuggle with his trainer.

Earnest returned Aegislash and said "looks like that was the right choice. But still no Darkrai." he said.

"I brought him but." Dawn hesitated.

"Let me guess, you need some incentive? Well maybe this will be enough incentive." he said before he threw a pokemon straight into the air.

What came out was fast. It shot past her and Umbreon and made quite possibly the sharpest ninty degree turn in the history of everything before flying into the air and shooting down and landing in front of Earnest.

"What in the world?" Dawn asked.

The pokemonin front of her looked like a part bird, part dragon mix! The lower half of its body had jet plane wings and fin like feet. The lower half of its body and it's wings were a beautiful light blue, and the upper part was white. There was also a red triangle on its chest.

"What is that?" Dawn asked.

"That is my best pokemon." Earnest said with a smirk.

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