~The 'Hibari' and 'Colonnello' manuals belong to Cloverfish and Lulu-ichigo, respectively. Check 'em out!~
~Katekyo Hitman Reborn! is not mine!~
~Katekyo Hitman Reborn! is not mine!~


One very-angry teenage girl kicked the box before her in annoyance, cursing when her foot began to throb. The crate was hard, heavy, and its label clearly marked it as a 'V.10 series Guardian (Cloud)/Hibari, Kyoya2'. Now, the box may have been quite the thing to have, but this girl was unsatisfied.

She had specifically ordered a 'Colonnello', and this seemed –at least to her- like a poor substitute.

"I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS OUTRAGE!" She bellowed, sounding slightly psychotic. "JUNE LEE WILL NOT BE MOCKED BY A CREATION OF-"

"SHUT UP, LEE!" June's neighbour shrieked, piercing her rant and snapping her out of her tirade. She looked around sheepishly, glad her parents were workaholics, and took a few deep breaths.

'Alright, calm...'June thought, trying her mother's meditation technique. She tried her very hardest to picture a blooming lotus, but she immediately got sucked into an anime montage. 'Damn it!' Now she was ready to-

"Midori tanabiku namimori no/ Dai naku shou naku name ga ii/" June groaned as her phone went off in her pocket. It was her 'improved' ring-tone that a Hibari fan had programmed for her after getting June to sing it. Apparently she had sung it "so purely and lovingly, like a true Namimori girl" that the fan had felt "the true spirit of Namimori Middle School" was needed every time she got a call.

"When I get a new phone...!" June threatened, flipping it open to see her friends crowding close to the video screen. "Oh."

"Say it!" They cheered, grinning. "Say it! Say it! Say it!"

June rolled her eyes. "... Ciaossu." Scowling, June waited for their giggles to subside, and then turned her camera to the label. "Look at this rip-off! Does it say Colonnello to you?"


"Exactly!" June said grumpily, "I ordered the Arcobaleno soldier, not some crazy hall-monitor!" Her friends were laughing, giggling and squealing too much to comment snarkily, so June asked: "What?"

"Shhh!" they hissed, "You're scaring him!"

"Him?" June looked around in confusion. "Him who?"


"Piyo*!" The cheerful chirp coming out of June's hair made her jump and cry out. She felt little bird talons graze her scalp and angled her phone to take a picture. She ignored how her best friends' squealing at its cuteness made the bird antsy and took a snapshot. "Pi-Piyo*!"

"Sorry," June grunted, clicking 'view'. It was Hibird! Nestled in her hair sat a round, fluffy canary bird with a blank expression caught in mid-chirp. "What the hell?"

"Pi-Pi*!" Hibird chirped, flapping its little wings. "Piyo*!"

"He's so cute!" June's friends cooed, and June snapped,

"How do I get him out of my hair?!"

"Sing." Leered the fans. "He may think you're Hibari and obey you."

June frowned: "You just want me to sing it."

"That too~!" Weighing her options, June looked at her friends uneasily and then glanced around her. Turning back, she held up a warning finger.

"I will not be recorded." She said, quickly singing the anthem as casually as she could. Unfortunately, the song's beat always made her smile a little, and the smile made her voice more in tune.

"Well done, herbivore." Said Hibari, and June snorted.

"Very funny, girls. The 'herbivore-carnivore' crap doesn't-" June paused when she saw the awe on her friends' faces. "No way..."

They nodded mutely, mouths open.

~Katekyo Hitman Reborn! is not mine!~
~The 'Hibari' and 'Colonnello' manuals belong to Cloverfish and Lulu-ichigo, respectively. Check 'em out!~