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~Katekyo Hitman Reborn! is not mine!~

With an eerie silence to follow, June barely had a moment to prepare herself for the explosion of wood shrapnel that had been the box that came next. June shrieked, throwing her arms up to protect her face, and she threw the first thing she'd grabbed in front of her to defend herself. She winced as something scraped along her upper arm, raising a welt or breaking skin, and held her grip firm as her shield took a harsh blow. A chunk of board knocked her legs from beneath her and she fell heavily, but was up and rolling behind the couch for cover quickly.

"Let's play, Kyoya-kun~," Mukuro taunted, making June raise her head and peek over the top of the sofa. Mukuro emerged from the crate like he was the Messiah, his arms at his sides in a 'hug-me' gesture that was all lies. His dark blue hair spiked back in the signature style, the longer locks ruffling in a non-existent wind, and June couldn't help how her jaw dropped as his red and blue eyes swept around the room casually. He caught sight of her, practically cowering behind the furniture and ruffled by the bursting crate, and his smirk grew on one side mockingly before he turned to Hibari with his trident at the ready.

"I'll bite you to death," Hibari growled, diving into the illusionist's space and beginning the attack. They clashed in a flurry of sparks and blows, neither making a decent hit. They parted just as quickly and, to June's surprise, they were grinning like the madmen they were- Mukuro's smile barely flashed teeth, but his eyes glimmered just like Hibari's did.

Both units knew the pleasure of dueling one another -whether by program or memory- and they wouldn't stop until one android tasted blood.

As Mukuro dove forward with his trident's prongs out, June caught the way her house lighting glinted on his red studs and gasped; the collision of forces between the androids was dazzling to watch, violent fireworks exploding to dazzling life between trident and tonfa. Hibari blocked, locking the pitchfork in place as he brought up his leg and aim a swift kick toward his opponent. However, when the foot came close, a beam had blocked its way and Mukuro abandoned the trident to retreat and dive over the prefect's guard for an attack.

Hibari took it to side of the face and, as he turned back to the pineapple-haired android for retaliation, June felt a sudden surge of protective instinct. Hibari's face was red on one cheekbone -he'd taken the blow without flinching back- and it would have been one hit that would bruise any normal man.

She stood: "HEY! YOU CAN'T-" When June's voice had finally started to draw attention from the dueling duo, her doorbell chimed cheerfully and took all power from her. The androids continued to duke it out while she dove for the door.

As she made it to the door, the sounds of the fighting faint but discernibly violent, the doorbell rang again twice; June scowled at the audacity for someone to keep pressing the button like that. Didn't their mother tell them good manners?

When she opened it, she nearly slammed it. "Hello, Toby." She said stonily,

"Hello, June," With a courteous smile plastered on his face, Toby was standing between his parents and pulling his finger away from the button semi-guiltily.

His parents, standing like bookends beside their beloved son, were impeccable as always; his mother was luxuriously decked in well-done cosmetics and glittering earrings, his father was not a hair out of place and trimmed like a new haircut. They seemed so foreign and out of place on her doorstep in their polo shirts and dress pants, and June felt sloppy in her pajamas when she looked at his mother's classy attire.

"Can I help you?" June asked awkwardly, crossing her arms over her chest and rubbing the backs of her arms. "Is there something wrong?"

"No," Toby's mother stepped forward charmingly, her dark eyes big and bright in her child-like face. "but we wanted to check up on you, June. Your father and mother left us to drop in from time to time."

"And make sure you're not doing anything you shouldn't be." His father added softly, raising an eyebrow at her sleep clothes and glancing behind her at a short crashing sound. "What was that?"

"My karate video!" June lied slickly, smiling and tilting her head in a way that had always gotten a reaction from her aunt. "I was just doing my morning practice." She straightened her posture, giving the Italians on her doorstep a precise karate bow, and said, "I give honor to my guests/spectators."

"Doe-mo are-e-gateau!" Said Toby's mother enthusiastically, failing when she tried to replicate the gesture and grinning like a small child. "That was beautiful, June! What did you say?" June let her shoulders drop as she stood up again, feeling a half-smile tug at her cheeks at the older woman's innocent enthusiasm.

"I said 'I give honor to my guests.'" June told her gently, trying not to glance back as something crashed together. She saw the way Toby's father was watching her and felt a sweat break out on her back as she nervously tried to think her way out of this mess. "Could you give me a minute to clean up my equipment mess? Then we can sit down and chat over tea or something," She tried to be as charismatic as she could, keeping the smile and the loose posture under the older man's scrutiny until his wife gave her consent and June took that opportunity to close the door and dive back into the house.

'Shit, shit, shit!' June panicked, running back to her living room to find the two androids still locked in close combat and crate debris everywhere. They were staring each other down from opposite ends of the couch and, raising their weapons slowly, they began to circle like the predators they were.

June saw the board sitting on the floor by her feet and stared at it for a few minutes before her brain clicked and she grabbed it determinedly as she hurried between the launching adversaries. She ducked at the last second, holding the board between the weapons, and flinched as they all caught together with a sickening crunch of splintering wood. When she glanced upwards, the trident's spikes were stuck through the board and Hibari was deterred for the moment.

"Please, Hibari, beat him up in the basement! My neighbors are here!" June yelped quickly when his angry dark eyes turned to her demanding an explanation. "If they see this, we are all in deep shit!" His eyes flickered to Mukuro, though hers did not, and he glanced back the way she'd come before he spoke.

"You owe me, carnivore..."

"Twenty hamburger steaks!" June nodded frantically, rising from her knees unsteadily and letting go of the board. She waited fro Hibari to nod, sweating profusely, and quickly turned to the illusionist android with panic rolling through her. "Please, Mukuro, I'll explain everything later! Just stay in the basement until these people are gone!" Yamamoto had gone somewhere while she'd been at the door, which made her a little anxious, but he'd turned off the TV and he wasn't exactly the character to run around her house smashing things so she would have to be grateful for what she had.

Unfortunately, before Mukuro could actually agree to her terms, June heard the door click open and she squeaked faintly; she shoved at them both toward the back hall and the basement stairs, grinding her teeth with effort until they moved on their own, and sprinted back to collect the crate wood into some sort of order. She had just piled the fragments beside Yamamoto's crate and straightened the coffee table when Toby's father came striding in eying everything critically.

"Hi..." June said awkwardly, unable to explain the mangled piece of board she was clutching in both hands.

~Katekyo Hitman Reborn! is not mine!~
~The 'Yamamoto' manual, however, does. ;)~
~The 'Hibari' and 'Mukuro' manuals belong to Cloverfish and , respectively. Check 'em out!~