~The 'Hibari' manual belongs to Cloverfish.~
~Katekyo Hitman Reborn! is not mine!~
~Katekyo Hitman Reborn! is not mine!~

June froze. "Carnivore," Hibari grunted, crossing his arms over his chest. "your herbivore parents annoy me."

"What?" She squawked, taken aback by the android's appearance in the middle of her school day. "How did you even get here?" She looked around anxiously, hoping no one could recognise him, and looked back, lowering her voice. "Why are you here?"

"Doesn't matter." Suddenly, June was tossed over someone's shoulder like a sack of potatoes and, without further ado, carried back down the hallway the way he had come. She passed a few students who merely shook their heads and laughed, thinking it was one of her usual antics, and a few teachers did the same, but nearer to the door a teacher stopped them.

"You can-nnnnn..." If she had been standing upright, June might have laughed at the run-on 'n' sound that came from the startled teacher's lips when Hibari glared at him and kept walking, but she wasn't. So she started to kick and thrash.

"WOULD YOU PUT ME DOWN?" She cried, aiming for his ear. "YOU DIDN'T TEAR OFF MY LEGS, YOU KNOW! I CAN WALK!"

"Debatable." June stiffened at the only voice she didn't want to hear right now, jerking violently and trying to turn around but only getting her hood to cover her head fully. "Stylish transportation as always, I see."

"Shut up, fake Italian!" June growled, still kicking. She tapped the android, "Move closer so that I can kick him or something! Help me out here." And those bossy remarks earned her an up-close and personal meeting with the floor; he dropped her like a used hooker. "OW! That hurt!"

"Good." June made a small sad sound as she got to her feet, hoping and praying to all kinds of different gods that her laptop hadn't been damaged by her unprecedented fall. "Stop whining and get up. Your parents are home and being noisy. They annoy me."

"So, Lee," Toby said casually, plastering on a pleasant smile. "who's your friend? He looks familiar..."

"He's my black lesbian lover." June said monotonously, dusting off her Mukuro sweater with pride. "Who's actually Italian. But none of that is your business, fake Italian, so butt out and screw off." She stuck her tongue out again, pulling down one eyelid to make a mocking face, and scowled.

"So mature." Toby rolled his eyes.

"Suck it." June straightened, even checking her laptop anxiously, and jerked her head toward the street. "We should go, right. I can see the order in your eyes already." Hibari's dark eyebrows twitched, as if he had considered scowling and dismissed the idea, and they hurried toward the street in a brisk walk.

"Hold on," Toby intercepted Hibari, much to June's distaste, and scrutinized him slightly. "you seem familiar. Have we met before?"

"No." Hibari said evenly, staring at him without feeling.

"How do you two know each other?" June stared at the 'Italian' boy, bewildered by the sudden game of twenty questions he wanted to play with the short-tempered android prefect and shocked by how forthcoming -though still acidic and unpleasant- Hibari was.

"We live in the same house." Hibari responded sourly, his eyes narrowing and making Toby sweat a little. "it's unavoidable that she and I would know each other, considering those circumstances, don't you agree?"

June stiffened at the questionable information. "He's family, fake Italian, from my aunt's side." She lied, grateful they were both Asian and black-haired. "He came to see her, but she's in the hospital so my parents had him bunk at our house until she's out."

"Lee, I have to tell you-" "We should go, shouldn't we." Hibari said suddenly, looking down at June with glittering dark eyes. It was not a question; he meant 'We are leaving, carnivore.' and June knew it. His gaze burned hers, shocking her silent, and one raised eyebrow coaxed a noncommittal 'yeah' from her before he turned and retraced his steps back into the school. As they left the other teen outside -June heard him huff in annoyance, but not follow them-, she had the sinking feeling Toby would cause more trouble than good and hurriedly led Hibari to the most secluded place she could think of; backstage of the auditorium.

"What are you doing?" June hissed, slumping back into a shadowy inlet and rubbing he temples. "I'm at school! What did you do to my parents?!"

"They returned a few hours after you left." Hibari told her dangerously, giving her a sharp smack when she wasn't looking. "Watch your mouth, carnivore." June covered the top of her stinking head, blinking back tears, and ground her teeth together harshly to hold back a snarky remark that would only dig her grave deeper. Hibari turned, "Who are you?"

June jumped when Hibari's voice rose slightly, carrying to the figure standing in their open doorway. There were a few kids settled in the far corner, but June didn't care about them; they were probably high out of their minds anyways. That's why most people came here.

"June?" Called the figure, wandering in a few steps.

"Alex!" Hurriedly wiping her face, June moved into the android's line of sight and held up her hands peacefully. "This is Alex, a friend of mine. He was on the phone when you woke up, remember?"

Hibari grunted, the glinting weapon disappearing into his sleeve again, "Herbivore," and sat down without any introduction. He stared at June expectantly, scowling. "Carnivore, I'm hungry."

"I don't have any food right now," June sighed, rubbing her eyes tiredly. "I barely had breakfast!"

"I gave you half."

"Here!" Suddenly, Alex produced a ziplock bag from his backpack, one that bulged oddly in the backlight, and he tossed it lightly to the android.

"What are these, herbivore?" Hibari asked, eying the bag dubiously.

"Teddy Grahams!" Alex grinned, approaching slowly as if Hibari would spook and take off running. Much to June's surprise, he hadn't been attacked yet and Hibari didn't look violent enough to do so... yet. "The chocolate chip kind. Try one; they're fantastic!" Hibari was silent for a while, making June really nervous, but suddenly the bag was opened and the android tossed an unsuspecting Teddy Graham into the cavern of his mouth.

Chew once.



"Well done, herbivore." Hibari muttered, digging into the little bear-shaped cookies with more enthusiasm. He traded the 'one-bear-at-a-time' method for twos and threes at a time, slowly eating his way through the bag as the two teens watched.

"How did you do that?" June asked, her voice hushed reverently as she clung to Alex's arm. "Whenever I do anything, he hits me! Why are you unscathed?"

Alex shrugged and smiled: "It's a gift. How do you think we became friends?" June groaned at his response and pushed his shoulder, complaining that he was too mean to her and bemoaning how she could have so cruel of a- Suddenly, June's mouth was full of Teddy Grahams and there was a pale hand covering her mouth.

"Enough." Hiabri growled dangerously, making a few of the weed-stoked teens across the stage look up from themselves. He glanced at them, his eyes guarded and hidden in the dim lights of the backstage. "Tease my carnivore again, you herbivore, and I'll bite you to death." He told Alex, flashing the end of a tonfa that was hidden in the sleeve of his jacket. "And you, chew."

June jumped when the android finally addressed her and began working her jaw vigorously. The Teddy Grahams tasted great, especially on her less-than-filled stomach, and soon her mouth was covered but empty. "Good." She let her shoulders drop, feeling like a puppy that Hibari was training with all the blows and food rewards, and sighed against his hand. He bumped her face, tilting her head back, and stared coolly at her. "Take them."

'What the hell is he talking about?' June wondered, but then something bumped her hands and she took hold of the plastic. Hibari's hand came away and she looked down at the half-full bag of Teddy Grahams in her hand quizzically. The had obviously been eaten slightly, but the majority of the bear-shaped biscuits were still there and staring up at her blindly, their little cookie smiles eternally fixed on their faces.

"For me?" June asked, dumbstruck by the uncharacteristic gesture from the android.

"Yes." Hibari met her eyes levelly, unflinching in the face of her awe, and glared at Alex when he chuckled behind his hands. "Did you say something, herbivore?"

"No," Alex smiled, crossing his arms over his chest. "Nothing." His smile, wide and toothy, seemed to hint that he knew something she didn't, which made June a little edgy. He watched them, his eyebrows rising, and just kept smiling.

"What are you smiling at?" June demanded, quickly stuffing the bag in her pocket and smoothing her clothes nervously. The hoodie sleeve caught on a fold and, when she moved, she bared her right forearm and all its bruises. Alex's smile dropped.

"Not those." Alex gasped, "Jesus, June, what happened?" He took hold of one hand, pushing the sleeve higher, and he made a face at an especially dark bruise from the other day. "Aren't you in pain? Are there more of these things?"

~Katekyo Hitman Reborn! is not mine!~
~The 'Hibari' manual belongs to Cloverfish.~