Giles glared at the two vampires walking next to him. Drusilla danced about singing some warped version of a nursery rhyme while Spike listened carefully for some scrap of information that might prove useful. She darted about and spun like a child, laughing happily.

"My boy will make it right, Watcher." She pulled Giles to a stop and locked her gaze to his. "My boy will make you proud and stand beside you. Oh, my boy will shine so bright."

She nodded and skipped ahead, singing about shining stars.

"You get used to it." Spike nodded his head toward her. "Fifty years, maybe sixty."

"I have enough trouble with Buffy." Giles smiled.

"You sure will later, Watcher." Spike smiled. "Slayer's a hell cat when her temper's riled."

"I wasn't bringing her to confront Angel in her condition." Giles studied the pavement as they walked.

"You'll get no arguments from me. Can't stand to see her at risk right now myself." Spike shook his head. "But she'll be hard to handle when that spell of yours wears off."

"Ethan has to be good for something." Giles snarled. "He has certainly done as he pleased for long enough."

"He loves her. Doesn't want it, but that girl of yours slips under any defense. Reminds me of my sister." Spike shook his head. "Treat her right, or I will kill you. Your hopped up mojo won't stop me."

"Boys stop fighting. Our queen would not approve. Her brother dearest should not threaten her beloved. Neither one of you will steal her tarts, but Daddy is a knave and will try to steal much more if we fail now." Drusilla spun between them and linked an arm through each man's elbow.

Giles clenched his jaw and considered destroying them both with magical fire. It was a simple enough spell, but Buffy would never forgive him if he hurt Spike. Their bond left him baffled. What had happened between them to create it?

He felt the anger surge inside him again. Having Ripper so close to the surface was proving more difficult than he had imagined. Buffy wasn't going to make his life easy either. He shook his head. Fighting Angel would be easy compared to dealing with Buffy when he retrieved her from Ethan after this insane mission was completed.

On the upside, the punishment might be fun. Giles smirked.

The campus buzzed with life. Loud music of different types poured out of dorm windows. Young women and men moved about the darkened paths with no sense of self preservation.

"So many pretty pastries." Drusilla sighed. "The spark doesn't like them. Indigestion."

"Yes, Dru, humans give you indigestion. We are getting the picture." Spike rolled his eyes. "Shall we move on to the rescue mission?"

"The golden slayer needs them free, so in we go, the valiant three." Dru giggled. "Huzzah, my lords. Our hunt awaits."

"She's more than a bit into this valiant three business. Mind you don't pop the bubble for her." Giles glanced at Spike and watched the blond vampire shake his head slowly. "She can get down right squirrelly when her little worlds dissolve."

"This isn't squirrelly?" Giles smiled.

"Nah, this is downright sensible." Spike smiled wide. "For Dru."

They followed her into a building, a science building by decor, and she spun with one crimson tipped finger pressed to her lips. Her eyes wide with mischief, she walked backwards seductively. Giles swallowed and fought his distaste for the vampiress.

Spike sighed and shook his head. His century spent catering to this creature's whims had prepared him well. He didn't raise a brow as she flitted into a janitor's closet. He just lanced back and followed her in.

Giles ducked in behind them, closing the door with a light snick. The glowing light of a hospital like corridor filled the space before them as the back of the closet slid open. Giles watched as the vampires strolled down the hall, seemingly undisturbed by their surroundings.

Giles followed them. The soft whir of the door sliding closed behind them, and he closed his eyes. There was no more room for regret or doubt. His magic would carry him through this, protecting his charges and returning him to her side. No other option could exist.

"Oh, Xander, I'm going to have so much more fun with you." Angel's laughter sounded through the hall. "Hell, I might keep you just for the fun of it. You can whimper like a pantywaist for the rest of time. You haven't got enough spine to go independent like Dru's disaster. Maybe I'll keep you all. I'm sure Buffy would appreciate my thoughtfulness."

Spike sneered silently. Giles touched his shoulder. It wouldn't help if William the Bloody burst into that room with an agenda of his own. Spike glared at Giles, anger and desolation clear in his eyes.

"You are Buffy's now." Giles mouthed at him. "Her dear and valued undead protector, her brother. Don't let that wanker get to you."

Dru smiled happily and nodded her head at them. She smiled and rolled her shoulders back. The small trace of fear in her eyes proved some sanity remained. Going against her sire so blatantly was a huge step into the unknown for her. She took a deep breath and clasped the door nob.

"Daddy, did you play nice with the new toys?" Dru opened the door and sashayed into the room. "I had so much fun. Sunshine's fire still hates me, but I'm a lesser evil now. The fire will have a great deal of wood to burn. It will be so bright."

Spike's eyebrows drew together as he considered her words. His sharp blue gaze locked on to Giles and he shrugged. Giles pointed at the door and touched his watch. The plan at hand needed their attention. Spike nodded and rounded into the room.

"Well, well, Peaches. Got yourself a super duper spy ring, too?"