~Chapter 1~

You've heard a lot of sappy love stories, true or false. The romance is always a strong boy meeting a sweet girl. Pfft. That kind of thing could happen to anyone, anyone at all! Me? No, I wasn't a sweet girl, I was a Goth girl. I've had all my friends tell me I'm beautiful and shouldn't mask myself behind thick eyeliner. They said I should "let myself shine". But keep in mind that this was coming from the actual girly-girls. I was definitely not a girly-girl. I was a literature girl. I did what I did, and that was that. So what if I liked reading over shopping? I loved the arts, so kill me.

Sadly, Goths were supposed to like darkness and gloomy poetry and whatnot. I...well, I... I had a little secret—I adored romance novels. I usually hid that secret because let's face it, a girl like me caught reading sappy "I love you!" stories? Yeah. Kind of embarrassing.

Ugh, and if my friend Jazz knew about this...! Oh, I would never hear the end of it! And Jazz wasn't very good at keeping secrets; she would blurt it to the world if I let on to my secret love of romance reading. I was extra cautious around her.

I sighed lightly and smiled as I propped myself up leisurely in my bed to get more comfortable reading my book. Jared was one of those "knights in shining armor" to Kelly. I couldn't believe Kelly wasn't interested in him! He was both strong and sweet. He also happened to protect her from all those experiments gone wrong. Like when Atrophy came in and tried to attack Kelly with his blades, Jared kicked that stupid half-bio machine aside and finished him off. What did Kelly do? She thanked him and walked away! And then poor Jared was left standing there sighing in the battle scene. What would it take for her to realize that he was her Mr. Right? Crazy...

"Samantha!" I heard my mother call from downstairs.

"It's Sam, Mom!" I shouted back.

"Come down, it's time to go!" she told me.

Oh...right. I was supposed to go to the mall today—of all days! I wanted more than ever just to sit back and read, but no...

And I so didn't want to go to the mall right now... See, there was this boy working at the mall in one of those open stands, so that he could see everyone around him. I caught him, with his brown hair and green eyes... I knew he kept checking me out whenever I went there and I really didn't like getting ogled by some random guy I didn't even know!

But...the sooner the better...


I'm sick of trying to keep up 2-3,000 wpc so this will fluctuate, but I'll TRY to keep it around 2,000 at least. And no, the guy at the stand isn't Danny.