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Chapter 1:Introductions

Joann's POV

If you had asked us at the beginning of the war if we thought both of us would make it through unscathed, we would have said no in a heartbeat. I would have said that I wouldn't make it past day one of boot camp, and she would have said the same of herself. But by some miracle we both made it through boot camp, and then D-day, but only one of us would live to see VE day. Her story shouldn't have to be one I have to tell, yet I'll take the burden none-the-less.

We were sisters, fraternal twins, who varied just as much in looks as we did in personality. Charlotte was tall, nearly 5'8", and had long, wavy, light brown hair that she usually kept in a bun at the base of her neck. She was, and always will be, the responsible one. Countless times I have relied on her to get me out of the messes I had created. I, on the other hand, was short, barely reaching 5'4". I had dead straight dark brown hair that was always in double French braids. We both shared one attribute: our blue eyes.

But there was a third, older brother. His name was Herbert, and Charlotte and I followed him into the paratroopers and Charlotte even followed him to Officer Candidate School. Of course if you ever brought up OCS, she would sigh and shake her head and change the subject. I never did learn much about what had happened, except for the few things she wrote in her journal while there.

So I guess that means I can no longer put off telling our story any further.

""Miss Sobel, I hope you realize that enlisting a woman is not something I should take lightly. I understand that with your brother in charge of Easy Company you'll be in capable hands. However, you have no qualifications that make you a necessity for the 506th, or even the 101st." Colonel Sink was attempting to reason with my request to join the 506th.

"Major General Lee did approve my request sir; I know fluent German and French, and basic medical care." I replied with the same information I knew Major General Lee had already told him.

Colonel Sink sighed, "Your brother is training what is going to be the best company in the Regiment. I hope you can live up to his standards as well as mine."


"I'm placing you in Easy Company, Private Sobel."

"Yes, sir."

"Send your sister in."

I saluted and walked out, nodding to my sister, who gave me a tight smile before heading into Colonel Sink's office herself. I could eavesdrop on their conversation inside from my seat just outside the door.

"Miss Sobel, it says here that you went to OCS, but were denied the ability to graduate as a Lieutenant. Care to explain?"

"Yes, sir, I was denied the title of Lieutenant solely based on the fact that I'm a woman, and while they entertained training me despite this, they didn't see it fit to actually reward me for the work."

"So you did complete Officer Canidate School?"

"Yes sir, I met all the qualifications required to graduate."

"Well, I'm making you a second lieutenant, in Easy Company with your brother and sister. That won't be a problem, will it?"

"Oh no sir, thank you, sir."

"Good, Private McGerter will show you and your sister to your barracks. She'll be with the normal enlisted men, and you'll be with the officers."

"I'm sure we'll be fine sir, thank you very much."

I started cheering in my seat. If anyone deserved to be promoted to lieutenant, it was Charlotte.

"Please remember, and remind your sister, that despite the fact that the commanding officer is your brother, he is still to be treated like any other officer."

"Of course, sir."

She then came out, a smile on her face, and looped her arm in mine while Private McGerter led us to our barracks. He took us to where she would be staying first, and then left.

"Um, hello, I'm 2d Lieutenant Charlotte Sobel, and this is Private Joann Sobel, we've just been assigned to Easy Company." My sister said, speaking out to the two men in front of us. One of them had dark hair and eyes, the other was ginger, and had very bright blue eyes.

"Well, if it isn't little Charlie!" The dark haired man said.

"Lew!" My sister ran to the man, giving him a hug. "I didn't know you joined the paratroopers!"

"So they made you a lieutenant after all?" The ginger said, and my sister pulled out of the hug.

"No, Sink gave me the promotion. Oh, I'm being rude," she turned her attention to me, pulling me by the arm out of the doorway. "Joann, this is Lewis Nixon," she gestured to the dark haired man. "And this is Richard Winters." She said pulling on the sleeve of the ginger. They both shook my hand. "We went through OCS together."

"She was a little feisty one." Lewis added.

"My sister? Feisty? Since when?" Charlotte blushed after Lewis's comment.

"I really wasn't. He's just joking."

"She did give the higher-ups a tough time, though." Winters commented. "Charlie, you can leave your stuff on the cot over there, and then I'll take you two to where Joann and the rest of the men stay." Charlotte dropped her bag off on the bunk, nodding once to Winters before he led us out of there. I caught the look on Nixon's face as we walked out. Oh god, he's gonna be trouble.

We walked a short ways, weaving in between buildings as Winters pointed out a few things: the mess hall, showers, etc. We finally reached the barracks the men were staying in, and he pushed through the door.

"Listen up," He waited for all the men to quiet down.

"This is 2d Lt. Charlotte Sobel, and Private Joann Sobel. Please treat them with the respect due to them. 2d Lieutenant Sobel will be in charge of First Platoon when Lieutenant Matheson leaves next week." He then turned to face me, "the last cot on the left should be empty, Joann, come to me if you have any problems. Did Sink give you a platoon or squad yet?"

"No sir, he did not."

"OK, you'll be in second platoon with me. I'll put you with the mortars." He turned back to the men. "Guarnere, Malarkey, come here." I watched as a man with dark hair and an under bite, and another with ginger hair came up to us.

"Yes sir?" The ginger asked.

"Joann, this is Donald Malarkey," the ginger one putting out his hand to shake, "and Bill Guarnere," the dark haired one just nodded. "They will be assisting you with learning how to take care and fire a mortar, since you've missed that part of training. I'll talk with Lieutenant Sobel about a time and place for this and get back to you on it. For now I'll leave you two to get to know the men." He nodded before ducking out the door.

All eyes were on us. "So, hi." My sister started.

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