Hamburg, Germany

[We are on the coast of Hamburg Ulrich Stern, with a Japanese katana by his side scans the sea for sea-born ghouls. Along with his wife Yumi Ishiyama-Stern. They contribute to keeping Germany safe. Although he was in Paris at the beginning of the Great Panic he hasn't returned and neither has his beautiful wife. Despite of the numerous invitations of the French government.]

I hope you're not going to ask me about the Great Panic, the Schaeffer Plan*, or the liberation of Paris 'cause I left long before any of that if you want information about that ask someone who was there. Before Israel came out with the self-quarantine, before the American Alpha teams, and long before the first outbreak in the Parisian hotel. I was just a teenager hanging out with my friends. We were the group that existed to prevent Xana from taking over the world.

You're a Lyoko Warrior?

Were! [He emphasizes and for the first time looking me in the eye] the Lyoko warriors became no more after the Great Panic. We don't know why but Xana just seemed to stop existing. But back then he was our primary focus. Jeremy noticed one night that Xana had spent a lot of energy trying to decode secret messages in China.

Did you know why?

Not back then. All Jeremy found out was a very decrypted message. Whatever it was Jeremy couldn't crack it and neither could the supercomputer.

Do you know why?

Jeremy gave me a long complicated explanation I couldn't understand. Aelita then explained that the Supercomputer could crack, Latin, and Greek based languages but was useless against Mandarin. Then that was the end of that for a while. A couple of weeks later on Frank was talking to Milly Solovieff I only heard part of the conversation.

"But are those reports fake?" Milly asked Frank. Frank having Asperger's syndrome betrayed no real emotion. But he also was ridiculously intelligent and had years of Confederate training. Which later proved to be useful in saving countless French lives.

Frank responded with imperceptible emotion which resulted in a really neat monotone.

"I'm afraid so members of the Texas regiment reported seeing living dead in the the state of Deseret. I'm not sure if what they are saying is accurate, they said it was Chinese nationals." Once he said Chinese nationals I told him immediately that Jeremy needed help from him on a project. Our secret code word for Xana activity. I brought Frank to Jeremy and explained what I could figure out. Jeremy then reluctantly showed Frank the encrypted message.

Frank took one look at it. He decrypted it in less than 3 minutes then he shows us the decrypted message.

"Huh Frank we can't read Mandarin." Jeremy told Frank he takes a look at the message then reads it in French.

"New disease found in Three Gorges Dam area, infection kills the human body before resurrecting the body as a flesh eating madman. Under direct order of the Politburo all infected citizens are to exterminated." The rest of us looked at Frank disbelieving what he was saying.

Frank merely turned around looking at us. He just sat there not doing anything. Having Asperger's syndrome* he couldn't do anything without clear instruction. One of his many idiosyncrasies. Aelita finally spoke

"Frank please leave this room go back to Milly and don't tell anyone else about it unless we bring it up." Frank nods and leaves without saying good-bye. Usually he remembers to say good-bye unless he is stressed out. Clearly he was stressed even if this was the only clue. I remember turning to Jeremy, Yumi, Odd, Laura, and Aelita. After hours of discussion it was finally put to a vote to investigate any further. After all this encrypted message was the last time we've seen any Xana activity. We put it to a vote to see if we should do anything further. Odd, Jeremy, Yumi, and myself all voted to leave it be. Laura and Aelita voted to investigate further. If I knew then what I know now. I would have done more I could have been able to prevent all of this [he gestures to the surrounding landscape] I could have done something I could have saved my father, my mother, countless lives. [the man who was previously stoic starts to tear his wife embraces him trying to calm him down]

I could have done something.

* Schaeffer plan is the French version of the Redeker Plan named after Aelita and Waldo Schaeffer who made Redeker possible for France.

*Asperger's syndrome: Mild Form of Autism causes social awkwardness, hypersensitivity, and advance intellect.