Paris, France The Green Zone

[Even though the war is over Paris remains a contested zone. The area completly ruled by the living dead is known as the gray zone, the contested areas the red zones, and the zones completely safe green. Jeremy Belpois although not a soldier of France does critical war work with the help of the quantum supercomputer. I go down a service elevator to the most advanced computer I have ever seen. Down in the lab is Jeremy Belpois. There are some blood stains of battles long since fought here but otherwise it is almost like nothing ever happened here.]

My parents were staying in a hotel in Paris when they came to visit me. I remember going into the hotel with my parents. We passed by a chinese couple chattering away as they went down the hall from where my parents where staying. After I helped get their bags upstairs we went and saw Surfer Zombie 8 the best one yet. When we got back to the Hotel there was a Do Not Disturb sign on the room next door we also heard what sounded like moaning and scratching on the otherside of the door. My parents thought nothing of it but I called Frank, and he said not to enter under any circumstances.

He came to my hotel in record time. I called him hung up and he was standing there behind me. Frank was carrying a crowbar (how he got it past security I don't know). He went up to the Room with the noise coming out of it. We found the door wide open, blood on the floor and leading to the service elevator.

Frank's eyes went big as he ran down stairs yelling into his phone. "Mettre en quarataine l'hotel maintenant!" (Quarantine the hotel) now he ran like the devil was after him. And the weirdest part was he was right.

I heard screaming behind me. I truned and saw my first zombie. 2 meters tall. Biting into a woman's arm. Blood and viscera dripping down from its teeth. I stood there in shock not knowing what to do. Sometimes she is my mother and the zombie biting into her is, no used to be my father.

I hear a loud crack. The zombies brains fly out the woman is nursing her bleeding arm then Frank ran up to me. Looking at the woman he apolgises to me and tells me.

"Nothing can be done. She will turn if she is not killed."

Horrified at what he proposed I only stood there as he handed the handgun to my mother she nods then places the pistol in her mouth. And pulls the trigger*

[This was the begining of the Paris outbreak the war had reached France.]