He felt so weak... He stopped training with his brothers because he was always the first to fall. Everyone else has amazing abilities such as super strength or even power over ice. What was his special power? Using scissors...

He remembered the days when Dr Wily would use him for menial tasks such as trimming the bushes or cutting ribbons. Even after he came back to Light, Roll would constantly "borrow" his cutter for her hair.

He was embarrassed with himself... Others would often become frustrated with his puns. He can't help himself from being corny. His I.C. chip was installed with a goofy personality. The taunting and frustrated sighs from others had convinced him that staying quiet and focused would allow him to be accepted by others. Soon, he had stopped smiling and only spoke when spoken to.

His brothers and Dr Light had soon become very worried at his new behavior. They would always ask if he was feeling ok, in which he responded with a nod. Is this not what they wanted? His brother Rock had become so worried that he got Dr Light to check on him.

"Cut Man," Said Light, "Please come with me."

He was surprised at the Dr. He hardly ever was approached by his creator. He hesitantly followed Light into the conference room. Light sat at the end of the end of the table while he sat next to him. It was a few moments before Light spoke.

"Have you had any technical injuries?" Light asked.

Cut Man shook his head no.

"Any viruses?"

Cut Man shook his head again. It was silent for a few more moments until Light put a hand on Cut Man's shoulder.

"Your brothers and I have been worried about your behavior." Said Light, "I want you to tell me your emotions and how you feel."

"I feel fine." Cut Man mumbled.

"All of us are here for you," Said Light, "We don't want you to be upset"

"Leave me alone." Cut Man whispered, turning his head from the Dr.

"What was that?" Light asked.

"Leave me alone!" Cut Man shouted.

Cut man ran out of the room. He heard Dr Light calling for him as he exited his home and headed for the forest. Cut Man was furious.

Everyone wanted him to change and when he did, they wanted him to change back! Cut Man slammed his fist into a tree with a loud grunt. He was not weak! He was not a fool! He grabbed his cutter and threw it through a row of medium sized trees. He smiled as he saw each of them fall one by one.

A thought came to his mind as the last tree fell. He wondered what his attack felt like. He had been punched and kicked but he had never been... cut. He produced another cutter and inspected it. Maybe he could...

"Cut Man, you're crazy" He said to himself.

He took a quick look around him.

"But this could be your only chance to find out."

He wondered where he should do it and his eyes found the area beneath the palm of his hand. He decided to go for his wrist. The blade of his cutter met with the metal as he gently pressed into his wrist. The blade was specially designed to go through metal and it was slowly doing the trick.

Once the blade got through the metal, it quickly cut through his wires. Cut Man winced from the pain and quickly pulled out the blade. The pain surely was different from punches... He didn't like it.

"Well, would you look at that?" Said a voice, "Cut Man's cutting himself."

Cut Man's eyes widened and he turned to see a red armored robot standing a few feet away.

"Metal Man" Cut Man hissed with a glare.

"Who knew that you would go emo?" Metal Man laughed, "I guess you're duller than I thought."

Although armor covered Metal Man's mouth, Cut Man could clearly see a smirk on his face.

"I'm sharper than you'll ever be." Said Cut Man.

Cut Man gasped and a small blush came to his cheeks as he realized that he made a pun. He shot Metal Man another glare and started to walk away from him.

"Hey why are you walking away?" Metal Man shouted, "Are you scared of me?"

Cut Man stopped in his tracks, refusing to look at Metal Man.

"I'm not scared of you," Said Cut Man, "I will never be scared of you."

"Oh yeah?" Said Metal Man as he walked towards Cut Man, "Then prove it!"

"I don't have to prove anything to you..."

"And you wanna know why?" Said Metal Man, as his lips came to Cut Man's ear, "Because you're too weak."

In a fraction of a second, Cut Man had slashed Metal Man's forearm, leaving a huge gash. Metal Man cried out in pain as he held his arm close to him. Metal Man's face turned demon-like as he glared at Cut Man.

Metal Man gave a swift punch to Cut Man's gut, causing him to hunch over. Metal Man then kicked Cut Man's face, making him fall to the ground on his back. Before Cut Man could react, he felt a huge weight on his stomach as his hands were held above his head.

"You are going to regret that." Metal Man growled.

A saw was slashed against Cut Man's chest, leaving a deeper gash than the one on Metal Man. Cut Man Yelped in Pain.

"Now where should I start with you?" Metal Man mused.

Cut Man was panicking and try all of his might to push the attacker off of him. Metal Man's face lighted up as he thought of a good idea.

"I think I'll finish what you started."

Cut Man gasped and his eyes widened. The tip of the saw came to the open wound on his wrist, sending a cold chill down Cut man's body. Cut Man felt weak and pathetic as his movements didn't seem to affect Metal Man in the slightest.

"Don't worry scissor head," Metal Man whispered into his ear, "I assure you that this will hurt a lot."

The saw slowly cut open the rest of the wires. It took everything in Cut Man not to cry out in pain. Whines were replacing screams and his artificial tears were threatening to come out. The blade continued to cut into the metal bone and Cut Man's eyes clenched shut. Was he seriously going to cut his hand off?

Cut Man heard a large blast. The weight on his stomach and the blade in his wrist quickly left. He looked to see Mega Man aiming his Mega Buster at Metal Man, with a look of pure hatred on his face.

"Oh look, the blue dweeb is here to save poor 'ol Cut Man." Said Metal Man.

Metal Man glared at Cut Man.

"I'll be back for you."

Metal Man ran away just in the nick of time as he barely missed Mega Man's blast.

"I swear that if you get anywhere near him, I'll kill you!" Mega Man shouted at the top of his voice box.

Cut Man slowly got up, still in pain. He started to walk away until Mega Man grabbed his elbow tightly. Cut Man looked at him as Mega Man shook his head no. Mega Man was about to teleport home until he saw the defeated look in Cut Man's eyes. Mega Man was silent for a few moments.

"Hey Cut Man?"

Mega Man waited for a reply but got none.

"Would you like to train with me tomorrow?"

After a few seconds of silence, Cut Man answered.


Mega Man gave a small smile and teleported the two of them home.

A/N I'm going to keep this story as incomplete because I may want to add to it later. For now it is a Oneshot.