The next morning was torture for Bia. Dr Wily didn't really teach her anything. He just kept babbling on about how his old robots had failed. She just wanted to punch him any time he said something demeaning about his creations. No wonder his robots were so angry. If she had to serve under that geezer, she would be grumpy too.

In all honesty, the lessons were just boring. Later, she had to do chores. All she had to do that day was sweep and dust. She'd seen Roll do it a hundred times and over. She could do it. Although she was getting hungry...

The hours crept by until it was time for her to be done. She stretched and put the cleaning supplies back in the closet. She didn't like doing whatever Wily told her to, but she knew he was insane and could really hurt her. She had to keep telling herself that Megaman was coming.

By this time, Bia was starving. The only problem was that she had no clue where the food is. She decided to take to the hallway she came from. She turned the corner only to bump into a yellow robot about half of her height. She recognized him as Heatman.

"Oh... my... gosh..." She gasped, "YOU ARE SO CUTE!"

She gave him an enormous hug and squealed. Heatman yelped in surprise and became confused.

"You look like a little midget stuck in a lighter!" She squealed, "So adorable!"

"Woah, woah, woah... Back off lady," Heatman said, pushing her off of him, "I don't do that 'cute' thing, kapeesh? I could have burnt you to a crisp if I wanted to."

"But you didn't," Bia said with a smile, "I'm sorry. My robots get mad when I do that too but-"

She put her hands on both sides of his face. She squished his cheeks until his lips puckered.

"Look at that face!"

Heatman quickly pulled her hands off of him.

"Remember Heatman, you aren't allowed to hurt the prisoner," He said in his head, "Man, I hope no one is watching..."

"Something wrong Heat?" A deep voice said.

Bia looked up to see a tall, semi-muscular, blue robot towering above her. She recognized him as Flashman.

"It's just the prisoner." Heatman said.

"Oh yes, Bia right?" Flashman asked.

"How do you-?" Bia asked.

"Bubble and Wood can't stop talking about you," Flash answered, "I suppose we should get to know you better. Seeing as you'll be our master some day."

"Uh huh..." Bia whispered.

"By the way, you have really nice hair." Flashman commented.

"Aw, thank you."

"No, I mean it's really... really nice hair..."

Bia wasn't sure how to respond.

"He's got this thing for hair," Heatman said, "You just have to ignore him."

"Oh, um, okay?" Bia said, confused.

"Welp, see ya." Heatman said with a wave.

Both Heat and Flash started down the hallway before Bia stopped them.

"Wait!" She said, "Do you know where I can get some food?"

For an hour, the three heroes had been searching through the rubble. None of them had found a thing. Megaman in particular was about to yell in frustration until he saw a half burnt paper.

"Hey guys, I think I've found something!" Megaman called out.

Cutman and Fireman quickly ran to Megaman.

"I think it's a world map," Said Megaman, "Do you see that mark up in Greenland?"

"The one that says Gemini?" Cutman asked.

"We need to investigate." Fireman said.

"You hear that dad?" Megaman asked.

"Yes Rock," Said a static-y voice from Megaman's helmet, "I'm beaming you three there right now."

Dr light beamed them to their desired location. When they came, they were surprised to find themselves standing on neon colored glass ground.

"Yep, Wily's messed with this place." Megaman said.

The three robots continued to search the area. They ran into many enemies such as robot penguins and robotic dragonflies.

Cutman was happy that he had support from his brothers. He thought that maybe they would make him stay home while they saved Bia themselves. He had always been hoping that his brothers would need him. Not to change, but to use his skills against Dr Wily.

Suddenly The robots came across a large ravine full of water.

"I think we can use those platforms to get across!" Megaman said.

"They look pretty small." Cutman commented.

"We can't be wasting any more time," Fireman said, "Let's go."

Fireman jumped onto the first platform. Cutman and Megaman both nodded and followed behind. The three robots were cautious and it didn't help that tons of enemies were charging at them.

"Hey!" Cutman yelled, "Who's that?"

All three of them looked forward to see a shining human-like robot grinning at them. The three of them cautiously ventured closer only for a steel door to shut behind them.

"I don't know how you got here, but if you really want to tango…" the robot produced a copy of himself, "the Gemini will need a partner."

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