Author's Note: Hey fellow MC fans! This is my first fanfiction and I hope you like it. This Minecraft story is based around a certain mod called Mob Talker, which allows you to talk to mobs obviously. Credit to SCMowns and Flammarilva for making Mob Talker. Credit to Mojang for making Minecraft. Enjoy the story!

I woke up. I still felt a bit weak. I looked around. I wasn't in my room on the computer anymore. I was in a forest. 'W-where…where am I?' I thought to myself. I wondered if there was anyone else here. "HELLO!" I yelled. It echoed. No one came. Then I realized something. Me blacking out, waking up in the wilderness, alone…I was in Minecraft.

I starting panicking a bit. I was inside the game! I had no idea how to get back home to the real world! Soon, I told myself that I needed to calm down and think. Okay, I was in a forest. It was noon at that time. I needed to build a house before nightfall. I started punching some trees.

After I got the wood, I started making a crafting table. After that, I then got more wood. I made the wood into wooden planks and sticks and made some tools. I made a wooden sword, a wooden shovel, a wooden pickaxe, and a wooden axe.

It was nightfall when I finished making my tools. "Uh-oh…" I said to myself. I heard grunts, hisses, and bones. All kinds of sounds. I got out my wooden sword and looked around for mobs attacking.

Author's Note: CLIFFHANGER! See you all in the next chapter! And sorry it's short. It looked longer in Microsoft Word. -.-