"The Dance of Ice and Fire"

Author's Note: This is my first Fresme FanFiction, so please be easy to the newbie. (Not that you, dear readers, will have to be.) Please review- as I said, I absolutely relish constructive criticism. The only flames allowed for this story are Frollo's Hellfire, sadly. Any bashes against our dear Claude within this story were quite sad to write. This story is based on 1996's version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame; I am still reading the epic novel by the great Victor Hugo. I promise to update if you review.

Disclaimer: I do not own HoND, as much as I'd like to. That belongs to Victor Hugo (R.I.P) and Disney.

Some say the world will end in fire,

Some say in ice.

From what I've tasted of desire

I hold with those who favor fire.

But if it had to perish twice,

I think I know enough of hate

To say that for destruction ice

Is also great

And would suffice.

-Robert Frost

"The time has come, Gypsy. You stand upon the brink of the abyss. Yet even now it is not too late. I can save you from the flames of this world, and the next. Choose me…or the fire."

Judge Claude Frollo leered in to my face, practically purring in his sensuous baritone voice; the voice that always seems to unnerve me. He grasped the fiery torch in his long, spidery fingers-The torch that would mean my life…or my death. His dark-colored judicial cassock swished as he reached to touch my cheek. I growled. If my hands were not bound on this pyre, oh, what I would do to him…I hate that man more than words can express…

My gypsy comrades were maliciously locked up in cages, prepared to watch me burn. Then they would go to prison, and even die when that evil judge said the word because I wouldn't be his. Said judge had already burned down most of Paris in a desperate manhunt to find me and make me his after I charmed him and publicly showcased him for the fool that he was. Therefore, he started a public 'bonfire' in this Paris square to hold my trial and give me a dangerous proviso. Me or the fire? Placing my on this platform, my pyre, was a communal act of pure maniacal psychopathy.

The shadows of the night gave the fire in the torch an ethereal, dancing quality- vibrant red and orange flame licked the air hungrily-Hungering for the burning of my flesh, no doubt. I could not fathom the unadulterated lust in his eyes, yet I had seen that same look on his imperious visage countless times. If looks could kill… Weighing the options of the ultimatum Frollo gave me, I attempted to form coherent thoughts to no avail, until I saw his steady hands completely prepared to send me to where he believes I belong.

Hell. The Fiery Pit. Eternal Damnation. Hades. In the Judge's eyes I was a demon of Hell sent to torture him with my wanton dancing and my heathen gypsy ways.

Damn him. Damn him to fucking Hell.

Do I fear death? I never did until I stared it in the face, as I did now. Frollo's face was the exact embodiment of my fate. Of my death. The mere thought of my impending doom forced me to contemplate my choices.







I do fear death; I've already admitted it, but becoming Frollo's mistress, his wife, his companion, scared me more than death ever could. This man-this Monster- had enforced semi genocide on my people, for God's sake! He had treated every person who crossed his path with his infernal 'holier than thou' attitude, causing every gypsy man, woman, and child to loathe him with a burning passion. Frollo was a sadist, a lustful abomination, I absolutely abhorred him. A pyromaniac. A judge, but that damn self-righteous bastard couldn't judge right from wrong even if it was in front of his abnormally large and crooked nose! I cannot even imagine living with him, nonetheless serving him as a wife is supposed to. Ugh. That thought made me cringe with disgust.

I knew full well that Frollo, now smirking devilishly at my indecision, would only free my friends and family he had trapped before my mock-trial if I chose him. I always had considered myself as unselfish and fairly compassionate, but just for a second I was seriously considered spitting in his face and dying rather than being with him, at the expense of the incarceration and even death of my fellow gypsies by Frollo.

And then there was Phoebus. That golden-haired man had caught my heart and swept me up in a tumble of cliché filled romanticism that, when it left, it left my soul vacant. I fell out of love quickly with Phoebus. Too quickly that I didn't have the heart to tell him. I rapidly found him to be more and more revolting, dim-witted, annoying, and self-centered. Despite this, I didn't wish him harm. I did wish Frollo harm though- a lot of harm. Why couldn't those dark, obscene robes of his simply catch fire and burn him until he was a pile of ash? Why couldn't he just collapse and rage in Hell, where he is destined to go?

"Well, gypsy? What is your decision? Me or the fire? Choose!" Frollo was normally a fairly patient man- not with his women; I suppose it would be in his eyes. I would never be his woman, I silently vowed. Never.

That same indomitable, steel will of mine rose up again, as hardy as ever, as I took a breath to reveal my choice. The choice that would determine the fate of my people, and of me. I was positively certain my face was twisted with undisguisable hatred and stifling fear. As if Frollo would care- that sociopath.

"Well? Well! What is your choice witch?" Frollo's silver hair slipped out of his chaperon as he leaned forward even further to threaten me with the fire- it reflected maliciously in his gleaming obsidian eyes. He faced the crowd. "Will you recant your sins of treason and witchcraft, of which the penalties are death? Or will you let me send you whence you came through the fires of Hell? Decide or I will burn you!"

"Do you even dare burn me, you coward?" I had finally found my voice and I was intending to us it to my advantage. I glared at him devilishly; I tried to smolder him with my 'harlot' gaze that I used when I danced on his lap at the Festival of Fools.

"Do I dare- gypsy vermin? Do I dare? I will show you God's consequences for insolence! I will show you submission! I will show you fire! Hellfire!" his voice rose to new heights; I tried to keep my appearance calm, collected- unfortunately that didn't work.

"Wait! Stop!" cried Phoebus.

"Silence!" screamed Frollo.

"Justice!" Yelled Clopin, who was quickly silenced by one of Frollo's soldiers with a savage kick to his cage.

My friends… my family, in cages- I could not stand for it!

The crowd of townspeople and soldiers erupted into a large roar, a cacophony of angry noise and screams of pain as the guards attempted to subdue the pandemonium. I have waited too long.

"I have made my decision!" I shouted over the pandemonium. Simultaneously, the crowd fell silent, the now silent voices echoing in the night, tense to hear my decision.

"Judge Claude Frollo," I said reluctantly, "I chose you."

I was past the point of no return.