I watched as all hell Broke lose. Mom and Nightwing were tag teaming to take down a mammoth sized villain who was swing at them with a lamp post. Starfire was. fighting a villain who looked like an elementary schooler and was using gadgets of all kinds to attack her. Cyborg and Beast Boy were tag teaming a girl with blonde hair and was controlling the earth. "This is crazy. Why am I here? I'm not cut out for this at all." I looked around and say destruction and I just wanted it to stop. But I didn't know how. Suddenly I spotted Francis cowering under the balcony of the Pizza Corner.

I watched as the mammoth was man slammed into the only pillar holding up the balcony and I realized that, even though I hated Francis with everything in me, I didn't didn't want him to die. I took a deep breath and yelled "Stop fighting. PLEASE. JUST. STOP. FIGHTING." I watched in shock as everything was enveloped in a black aura similar to moms and then everything stopped.

I walked over to Francis and pulled him out of the way of the falling balcony.
I then made my way through the frozen heroes and villains until I was standing in front of mom. I placed a hand on her forehead and she unfroze. She looked around confused I looked her in the eye and said "I don't know what happened mom? I wanted the fighting to stop and then the world just froze. I'm scared. Really scared."

I watched mom look around and then back at me. She walked around tying up the villains and then she said "Azerath...Metrios...Zentois." and time restarted. I was still scared out of my wits. I watched as the frozen villains and heroes fell to the ground. Cyborg, Nightwing, and Beast Boy fell to the ground while Starfire fell about ten feet before catching themselves and beginning to fly again.

I watched mom exchange glances with Nightwing and they both nodded as Nightwing began to collect the now detained criminals. Mom walked up to me and said "Reagan we're going back to the Tower." I wanted to collapse into moms arms but when I fell toward where I assumed she would be and felt myself falling into oblivion.

I stood on a chunk of rock floating in the middle of what looked like space. I was surrounded by eight hooded figures. Each figure was wearing a different colored hoodie. From left to right the colors were Pink, Grey, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Brown, and Red. They all had the same height and skin tone as I did. The figure wearing yellow pulled down his/her hood and I was shocked to see that it was like looking into a mirror except that she was wearing glasses.

I watched as the other eight figures pulled down their hoods to reveal copies of myself were the only difference was the expression on their faces. "What's going on? Where am I? Who are you people?" The one in yellow stepped forward and said "Reagan. We are your emotions. We have been lying dormate inside your mind waiting for your powers to awaken which they have. You are in your mindscape. I like to call it Evermore." I shook my head and said "I'm dreaming. I don't have powers." The glasses wearing me sighed and said "We wouldn't be here if you didn't. I am Knowldge. And they are Happy, Timid,Rudeness, Humor, Fear, and Anger."

Knowldge gusetured to each of the figures. Happy was smiling and waving. Timid bowed and said im sorry. Rudeness burped and began picking her nose. Humor laughed and fell to the ground. Fear hid behind rudeness. And angry just stood there arms crossed. I looked back to Knowldge when she said while adjusitimg her glasses "As you can see I do most of the talking when we have guests. Also your sense of humor could use some work. I'm tired of hearing the same old jokes over and over." I took that to offense. "Hey!" I said in unison with Humor. "My jokes are hilarious. Your sense of humor is just stiff." Knowldge looked me over and said "You may look like your mother but personality wise your more like your father."

I cocked my eyebrow and said "You know who my father is?" Knowldge gave me a confused look and said "And you don't. If I know who he is then you must have at lest an idea of who he is. My names Knowldge not foresight. I can't see into the future." I sighed and said "I do have an idea. Mom was getting all angry when ever Beast Boy was in the room. I figured they had a history but I didn't think about it to much." Knowldge and said "And that was where I came in. You were right in your hypothesis they did have a history and Beast Boy is your father."

I stood there shocked and was about to ask something when Knowldge said "You need to return. The Titans are worried about you." I watched as my emoticlones dissapered and I blacked out.

I woke up in a completely white room with all sorts of beeping electronic machinery. I tired to sit up but couldn't. I looked at my arms and saw all sorts of probes and wires sticking out of them. I then noticed the mask on my face fogging and clearing with each breath. My heart rate sped up and the heart rate monitor began beeping erratically. I was now officially freaking out. I began struggling against the wires, probes and tubes tiring to sit up. The door opened and Cyborg followed by mom entered. They were saying something to me but I couldn't hear anything.

I watched with panic as Cyborg rushed around typing thing into the computers and looking at the printouts. I was still struggling when I heard mom's voice in my head say 'Rea, you need to calm down.' I looked to my right and saw that she was kneeling next to the bed 'Great now i'm hearing things.' I thought as I tried to sit up once more 'No. Reagan i'm talking to you telepathically. Now you need to stop struggling and calm down. You're completely safe.' I took a deep breath and nodded. I calmed down and stopped struggling. I let my breathing even out and I was finally able to hear Cyborg and moms conversation.

Cyborg walked over and exclaimed "This is amazing. Reagan's readings are almost exactly the same as the ones we got from the last examination you had with the Titans." mom glared at Cyborg and said "And what's that mean?" Cyborg smiled and said "It means that she's inherited all of your powers. Aren't you happy?" Mom stood up and she said "Not in the least. I didn't like it when I found out Reagan was an empath. And I absolutely hate that she inherited my other powers. She deserves a normal childhood." I coughed and said "Why are you talking about me like I'm not here?" Cyborg laughed nervously and said "I didn't think you could hear us." I looked to mom and said "My nose itches. Can you the mask off and itch it?" Mom nodded and smiled. she took the mask off and scratched my nose.

Just as she was about to put the mask back on Cyborg said "No leave it off. She dosent need it any longer." Mom nodded and then the door burst open and two boys walked in. One had ear length dirty blonde hair and green eyes while the other had neck length blue-purple hair and blue eyes. The dirty blond threw his hand up and said "Yo! Cyborg what's up?" He looked at mom and said "So you must be the elusive Raven? My names Clay and he's Alter." Mom stood up and threw them a cold glare as she said "I know who you are, Idoits." She walked out of the room and Clay looked to Cyborg as he said "What's up with her?" Cyborg sighed and said "She's just really worried about her daughter." Clay furrowed his brow in confusion and said "She didn't look worried." Cyborg put something into a filing cabinet and said "She's really good at hiding her emotions."

Just as Clay was about to say something I cleared my thought and said "What am I chopped liver? And I really hope that I'm not." I laughed at my joke but no one else did. No one ever found my jokes funny. I sighed and said "Come on. That was funny. I mean, I'm a vegetarian so I don't eat meat. So then I wouldn't want to be meat." I only got blank stares from all three members of my adiunance and I gave up and said "Fine but I found it hilarious." Cyborg rolled his eyes and said "You definently have BB's Sense of humer. Thats for sure." Clay gave me an odd look and said "Who the hell is this chick?" Cyborg opened his mouth to answer but I butted in and said "Allow me to answer that. The names Reagan Roth. And I would be very happy if I could learn you name as well." I let a big goofy smile spread across my face and when he finally said "My names Clay. No last name." My smile faded and I said "Cyborg when are you gonna take these things off of my arms. I want to do something other than lay here."

Cyborg began taking the wires off of my arms and legs and said "And BB's attention Span." I watched as me pulled off the last of the wires and I jumpped up and out of the bed. I looked to Cyborg and said "Where's my mom? I need to talk to her." Cyborg shrugged and said "Try the roof." I nodded and ran out while saying "Thanks Chrome Dome." I zoomed through the tower and found a staircase.

I ran up the stairs until I reached the door leading onto the roof. I opened the door and ran out. I looked around and saw mom meditating near the edge. I stormed over to her and yelled "Why didn't you tell me!?" She didn't move and simple said "I need quite please." I took a deep breath and yelled "HELL NO. WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME!?" I could see her eyebrow twitching. I smirked and said "I can keep this up for hours." She slowly lowered herself onto the ground and said "Why didnt I tell you what, Reagan?"

I swallowed and said "Why didn't you tell me that my father was Beast Boy?" Her mood suddenly changed from calm and collected to angry and agitated. She Stood up and said "Because that bastard is a no good dead beat. Who didn't even care that he was going to be a father. He didn't care. He just up and left me for some blonde bimbo." Her mood changed once again to said and worried. She sat down and said "And now I have to train you to control your powers by myself as well." I walked up and sat down next to her. I wrapped my arms around her shaking body. I'd never seen mom cry before. "Your not by yourself. You have me. And the other Titans. Your friends."

I don't know how long we sat there but the sun had begun to set when Starfire opened the door and flew onto the roof. She flew over and said "Raven. Reagan. Nightwing wishes to see everyone in Main Operations." I nodded and said "We'll be down in a minute." Starfire nodded and flew through the door. I stood up and said "We should go. Nightwing is waiting." Mom just sat there and said "I know this sounds childish but I really don't want to. I left the titans 16 years ago so what obligation do I have to follow Nightwings orders any longer." I sat back down and said "You sound like a really smart five year old." I watched her as she said "How'd you find out?" I cocked an eyebrow and said "Huh?" she sighed "How'd you find out who your father is?"

I struggled to find the right words to discribe what happened in Evermore. I ended up saying "I told myself. Well it was more like a part of me that was way smarter than I actually am told me. She called herself Knowldge. And she had no sense of humor." I watched moms eyes widen and she said "When did you meet Knowldge?" I crossed my arms behind my head and said "When I was unconsicnce I had this really weird dream. I met these...Emoticlones. Yeah that's the word. They were like parts of my personality but personified. I like Humor the best. I sound completely crazy, don't I?" Mom shook her head and said "No. This is good. Really good. If you've already had contact with your emotions then controlling your abilities will be much easier."

She stood up and started pacing back and fourth. I watched her start mumbling to herself and rubbing her temples. I stood up and grabbed moms shoulders stopping her pacing. I looked her in the eyes and said "You mumbling again. And I think I could learn to control my powers much faster if I joined the New Teen Titans." She gave me a wary look and said "You're right. But on one condition."