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This wasn't supposed to happen.

This was definitely not supposed to happen.

Every single time they barely escaped a dire crisis.

But that was okay, because every single time they escaped with their lives.

XANA took control of a police officer this time, and one with a loaded gun at that. We were all used to XANA and his weapons. Namely the electricity from our opponent's hands.

Yumi was the first casualty.

She had called Jeremy from the woods inside the school, where the possessed officer had shown up. The girl gave the genius a rundown of the situation before suddenly hanging up as XANA attacked her. The fight barely lasted one minute before she was shot in the knee with a bullet. Yumi's first thought was that a return trip would be necessary and to call Jeremy of the situation. Her next was to escape.

She didn't get the chance as officer pulled the trigger again, aiming at her chest.

Thankfully there were no on-lookers.

The next was Jeremy.

The rogue officer quickly made its way to the factory. As the elevator doors opened Jeremy peered over his monitor, praying it was Yumi. His eyes widened behind his thick glasses as he took in the sight of the officer with a gun clenched in his fist, and a maddened smirk on his face. The genius' mind whirled with possible outcomes to this situation. Odd, Ulrich and Aelita fought four krabs on Lyoko, and even if they were here the chances of at least one life being taken were still so remarkably high. He knew his friends needed him, but if he were to sacrifice himself, he could at least make it worth the while .

Jeremy began to type furiously, not letting his fear for the inevitable blind his concentration. He typed in programs for this specific scenario in record speed, and hoped that his friends could beat the krabs and get to the tower faster in a vain attempt to stop this.

The man casually walked over to the monitor, all the while bringing his gun up level. Just as the boy finished locking down the interface and scheduling a return to the past when the tower is deactivated, the possessed man stood just next to him, with his gun nearly grazing his shirt, just over his furiously beating heart.

Jeremy turned his head and gave him a defiant look.

The last tragedy was Odd.

Just as a gunshot rang out in the computer room, a scanner slid open to reveal Odd. He stumbled out of the scanner and onto the elevator, grumbling about 'that sneaky shellfish'. The elevator stop on the computer room floor, and his blood ran cold. A specter of a cop sat at the computer attempting to type on the keyboard but seemingly unable to for some reason. Jeremy lay at the man's feet facing away from Odd on his side, with a gruesome puddle of blood slowly seeping away from his body.

As Odd begun to realize the situation, the officer turned, frustrated with the locked computer, and caught sight of the boy in the elevator.

With a growl and inhuman speed he raised the gun once again and shot the boy in the neck from his seat.

Odd's back hit the elevator from the power of the shot and he grabbed at his throat. He didn't feel pain. But he was no longer in control. His body slid down the elevator wall and his vision was gone in three seconds. His heart beat in ten.

The final two Lyoko warriors were in the virtual world, Ulrich standing on guard on his overbike in front of the activated tower their princess had walked into. He called out, trying to get into contact with Jeremy, desperate to know how Yumi was doing.

Aelita put her dainty hand against the panel and watched as Code: Lyoko was entered after her name pulsated against the screen. The data on the walls fled downwards as the tower was reset.