Fic Challenge

Supernatural and The Big Bang Theory crossover

The Winchesters are on a Hunt.

Sheldon is caught in the middle of it.

The challenge is to figure out how Sheldon would react in the middle of the Hunt. Then work out a way the rest of the BigBangTheory gang is included in the mix.

Some recommendations/request would be:

1 – Penny crushing on Dean and Sam, majorly before she goes back to 'Leonard is my Hero' when he accidentally does something brave in the face of some supernatural fugly.

2 – Raj also harbors a crush on the Winchesters.

3 – Howard is in utter awe of the Winchesters.

4 – Dean has the 'leave this to the real men' attitude but our loveable nerds show him up and the end by ingeniously coming up with some complicated uber-nerd way of taking out the fugly.

5 – Sheldon is his usual condescending self with the Winchesters, especially Dean and his brain power.

Good luck and leave a review which ever one of you takes up the challenge.