Fuck Fest

A Special Chapter For My Dear Readers Who've I Missed Over My Two-Week Trip


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Lilly was currently making out with one Piper McLean, their tongues sliding and slipping against one another and they were both moaning into the kiss. Piper's hands were underneath of Lilly's shirt toying with the girl's tits and Lilly in turn had her hands caressing Piper's ass. Off to the side rubbing her pussy was Annabeth Chase, her fingers pumping in and out making loud noises and she was also groaning.

Percy was out in New York with his step dad, Paul Blofis, shopping for Christmas for Annabeth. So the three girls, Lilly, Piper and Annabeth were making the best of his absence within his cabin.

Lilly grabbed piper's belt and expertly slipped it undone and then yanked down Piper's pants revealing a pair of white panties. Piper giggled as she felt Lilly's hands rubbing her ass and sliding against her pussy. Piper meanwhile had torn Lilly's shirt into a vest and pulled it off so she could she see what she was grabbing. Lilly was in a lacy black bra with purple flowers on the trim.

Piper grinned, "Cute."

Lilly smirked, "Thanks babe."

Lilly then hooked her thumbs in Piper's panties and slipped them down with one swoop to the girl's knees. Piper squealed in surprise as she felt the cold air hit her wet pussy.

Piper quickly regained herself and shoved her hands into Lilly's pants and ripped them off, panties included, so there stood Lilly wearing only a bra and Piper with only her shirt on. Annabeth was completely naked and she now had three fingers pumping her pussy and her other hand was playing with her right tit and she was groaning at the two hottest girls at camp making out and taking off each other's clothes.

Piper unclasped Lilly's bra and left the girl's naked breast open to the cold but they were not given the chance to enjoy it for long as Piper quickly covered them with her mouth and hands. Piper sucked, bit, licked, twisted and pinched to her hearts content. Lilly kept her hands on Piper's ass but they had stopped moving so that she could enjoy the pleasure she was getting fro her glorious tit teasing.

"Motorboat me!" Lilly moaned.

Piper nodded and shoved her face between Lilly's tits and the girl proceeded to shake her tits while piper licked and shoved her face into it enjoying the feeling that only made her wetter.

Annabeth stopped fingering herself once she saw an opening, she hated being left on the side, and she always liked being in the middle of things. She crawled over to between Piper's legs and promptly shoved her face into the girl's pussy and started shoving her tongue into Piper's pussy and swirling it around. So as not to leave Lilly out Annabeth used her right hand to start fingering Lilly's pussy so that she was eating out one girl and fingering the other.

Piper pulled her face out of Lilly's tits to let out a loud gasp and then a low moan as she felt a long and slim tongue shoved into her pussy and making her shake with pleasure, Lilly also moaned as she felt three fingers pumping in and out of her. Lilly kissed Piper full on the mouth and the two girls continued their make out session while Annabeth went to town on their pussies.

Annabeth puled back so she could blow on Piper's pussy then slap it with her free hand causing the girl to squeal and buckle. Then Annabeth slipped her fingers free of Lilly's pussy but quickly filled it again with her tongue. Annabeth pushed Piper back onto her ass and then pulled Lilly to the ground so she was lying on top of black haired girl. Annabeth kissed Lilly and slid her tongue into her mouth and with her other hand started to finger her. Piper was a little upset about being thrown aside so she kneeled behind Annabeth and rubbed the girl's sexy ass with one open hand, then pulled it back and brought it back with a loud, smack. Piper spanked Annabeth a few more times causing Annabeth to groan. Lilly grabbed ahold of Annabeth's tits and started to massage them and also began to grind into Annabeth's fingers.

Piper continued to smack Annabeth's butt leaving red marks as she brutally punished the girl.

Annabeth pulled back from her and Lilly's kiss to say, "Mmm, fucking spank me Piper. I've been naughty. Punish me, make me your bitch!"

Piper smacked harder, Lilly grinded faster and Annabeth could no longer control herself and she climaxed hard. Hard. Her juices practically exploded from her pussy and squirted over Lilly's body. Annabeth rolled over onto her back panting from her huge orgasm. Piper grinned triumphantly and pressed her pussy against Lilly's and the two began to rub their pussies together.

As the two girls fucked each other Annabeth noticed movement just under the door and then heard a slight scuffle as if someone had been in one position for too long and shifted. Annabeth silently mad her way to the door, butt naked. Quick as a flash Annabeth opened the door and pulled the person in and they hit the floor with a loud, ouch!

"Percy!" Annabeth shouted, "What the Hades are you doing here?"

"I came back early from shopping, I tried to text you but you didn't pick up your phone. Now I see why." Percy explained.

Lilly noticed Percy's entrance right away but didn't want to stop so she kissed Piper hard and continued to rub her pussy against the other girl's. Piper simply rolled with it and the two continued to let their cunts slide gracefully against each other, their bodies slick with sweat and their tits bouncing.

"PERCY!" Annabeth shouted brining Percy's attention back to her.

Percy started to speak but then noticed she was naked. He noticed how, that since she was flustered, her tits were bouncing with each breath, she was slick with sweat and her pussy was gleaming because of her orgasm.

"Stop staring you idiot!" Annabeth shouted.

Percy ducked away from her swing, "Sorry! It's just I can't help it!"

"Come one Annabeth, " Lilly had pulled from her kiss and started to speak as Piper continued to grind, "The guy is-oh shit harder Piper baby! The guy is really excited; I mean how many guys get to enter their cabin-oh fuck-and find three hot naked girls fucking? I'm gonna cum!"

Piper pressed hard against Lilly and also came and the girls' juices mixed and slid down Lilly's hips and onto the floor of the cabin.

Percy's pants suddenly felt very, very tight. Annabeth noticed his little "tent" and decided she agreed with Lilly.

Annabeth dropped to her knees and grabbed Percy pants and practically tore them off revealing his hard cock.

Percy opened his mouth to speak but instead it gave out a surprised moan as he felt Annabeth's mouth on his dick, kissing and licking it as she slowly made her way from the base to the tip. Once there she licked it like an ice cream cone and then slid her mouth over top of it and took him into her mouth.

Percy groaned as Annabeth took his cock deeper and deeper into her throat, she'd gotten very good at this and it was not long before she had him inside of her throat completely. Annabeth started to suck; making loud noises that made Percy's eyes roll back in pleasure.

"Oh fuck Annabeth." He moaned.

Annabeth smirked and sucked harder before starting to bob her head up and down his member, giving Percy a hard blowjob.

Meanwhile Piper had fallen asleep and Lilly was grinding her pussy against Piper's leg not even caring that she was asleep. Lilly kept her eyes focused on Annabeth and Percy as she felt her pussy tingling with orgasmic pleasure.

Percy groaned loudly and forcefully grabbed onto Annabeth's head and shoved her down so she took him fully and unleashed his load down her throat. Annabeth pulled back leaving a trail of drool in her wake and grinned up at her boyfriend's stupid expression.

Annabeth stood up and towered over the sitting Percy who thought Annabeth looked a tad bit intimidating. Then Annabeth grabbed his shoulders and slowly sat on his lap, taking his cock into her pussy fully. Once Annabeth got comfortable she started to bounce up and down in Percy's lap, letting Percy's cock slide in and out at a very fast pace. Percy grabbed Annabeth's back as she rode him and he simply let her do what she needed to do, it was always better that way, Annabeth was an animal in bed.

Lilly continued to grind against Piper's leg and she could feel her orgasm approach once again and she grit her teeth and let out a quiet hiss as her juices flowed out over Piper's leg. Lilly slid off and rested her head against Piper's tits and continued to watch Annabeth and Percy fuck.

Whilst Lilly was cumming Percy flipped himself and Annabeth over so that he was now hovering over top of her and was fucking her missionary style. Annabeth was moaning as she felt Percy fill her up over and over again.

"Ooh Percy! Fuck you're so big!" Annabeth groaned.

Percy was panting from effort, "Yeah? Well, you're tightness really helps you know!"

Annabeth giggled, "Good to know."

Percy continued to plow into Annabeth for quite some time before he felt his cock stiffen and knew he was about to explode. At the same time Annabeth felt the familiar rush and the clenching of her walls.

"Oh shit!" Percy yelled.

"Oh gods!" Annabeth screamed.

Percy groaned as he shot his load deep into Annabeth's pussy, he loved cumming inside her. Annabeth, herself, screamed as she unleashed her juices all over Percy's cock.

Percy rolled off of Annabeth and lied on the ground looking at the ceiling of his cabin with a wistful look on his face. Annabeth snuggled up close to him and rested her head on his chest. Lilly watched them silently before getting up and slipping on her clothes. She shook Piper awake and together the two snuck out of the cabin to leave Annabeth and Percy alone.

Once outside Lilly grabbed Piper's throat and slammed her against the cabin wall and kissed her fiercely. Piper's tongue slipped inside Lilly's mouth and saliva was traded aggressively.

When Lilly pulled away from the kiss Piper kept biting her lip stretching it out as Lilly pulled it away. After she was free Lilly began kissing Piper's neck, sucking on a particular spot that made Piper melt into her and moan loudly.

Once Lilly had left a large purple mark on Piper she kissed the Cherokee babe again and then kissed Piper's collarbone. After leaving another mark Lilly licked Piper's neck form collarbone to chin making Piper shudder from excitement.

As Lilly assaulted Piper's neck and face Piper's hands had found their way to Lilly's fine ass, they were squeezing and rubbing Lilly's cheeks. Every once in a while Piper would give them a hard smack making Lilly jump a little and squeal.

Lilly let her own hand drift downwards into Piper's pants, it found the girl's covered pussy and began to rub it hard making Piper moan. Lilly continued like that for a while, an aggressive make out while fingering. Piper could do nothing but moan and groan she was completely overwhelmed by Lilly.

Lilly smirked at Piper as she unbuttoned her jeans and then slid them down to Piper's knees. Lilly got down onto her knees and then also slid down Piper's panties, the cold air hit Piper's pussy and made her shudder.

Lilly got really close to Piper's lips and gently blew on her pussy, which made Piper moan. Next Lilly kissed just above Pipers pussy, then her inner thighs whilst caressing her ass.

Piper moaned out, "Oh Lilly. Yess. Please don't stop. I want your tongue in me!"

Lilly smirked again as she heard Piper beg so she decided to give the girl what she wanted. Lilly dove right into the delicious pussy before her, her tongue swishing around inside, rubbing against Piper's walls and at the same time she sucked hard making slurping noises.

Piper couldn't breathe properly, she had no idea how Lilly could eat pussy so good. Her hands found their way to Lilly's head and pushed the other girl's head deeper into her pussy allowing Lilly tog o even deeper with her tongue. Piper was now pressed against the cabin wall for support, as she knew if the wall weren't there she would have already fallen to the ground.

"Oh fucking gods! Holy Hera! Sweet Zeus! Fucking YES!" Piper spouted out as Lilly continued to lick her pussy.

Lilly giggled sending vibrations into Piper's pussy making her moan even harder. Piper's hold on Lilly's head tightened, and so did her walls. Lilly felt them clamp onto her tongue and she waited for the flush of pussy juice. It hit hard and covered Lilly's face, the cum covered her eyes and caked her face, some even dribbled down her chin and dripped onto her tits.

Once Piper was finished Lilly stood up and kissed Piper again letting the girl taste herself on Lilly's tongue. Once they had sucked Lilly's tongue clean Piper began to lap at the cum sitting on Lilly's face like an animal. She held Lilly's head I her hands and licked and slicked until Lilly sparkled.

"Fuck. I taste good." Piper giggled.

Lilly smiled, "You have no idea babe."

Piper grinned, "Thanks for that but now it's your turn."

Lilly nodded and flopped to the ground and let Piper slip off her own jeans then let her take off her thing slowly with her teeth which only made Lilly wetter than she already was.

Once stripped of her lower half of clothes Piper kissed Lilly, tongues sliding and slipping, while they did that though Piper also let her hand trail down Lilly's stomach until they reached Lilly's womanhood and the choppy haired girl immediately shoved in three fingers. Lilly tried to scream but Piper covered her mouth with her own and kissed her swallowing the screams Lilly gave out as Piper did magic with her fingers. Lilly was thrashing and screaming from the waves of immense pleasure passing through her body. It took only minutes for Lilly to climax once again that night.

Piper pulled her fingers out and licked them clean, slowly and sensually, as she stared into Lilly's eyes with a sexy smirk.

"Holy Zeus…where did you learn to do shit like that Piper?" Lilly asked.

"A master never reveals her secrets." Piper responded.

Lilly sighed, "Well, as long as I can continued to expect this from you I'm fine not knowing."

Lilly got to her feet and started to pull back on her pants when suddenly they heard a noise from around the corner. Lilly raised her finger to her lips at Piper telling her to be quiet. Piper nodded and slipped her jeans on as fast and quiet as she possibly could.

Lilly made her way to the corner and then listened, at firs there was nothing, then there came a sound. Fap fap fap fap.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Lilly thought.

Lilly flashed around the corner and grabbed the shirt of one Jason Grace. Piper yelped as he was thrown at her feet with his pants around his ankles.

"Jason!" Piper yelled.

"Yeah, Jason! What are you doing here? First Percy barges in and now you!" Lilly shouted.

Jason flinched, "Sheesh, keep it down would you?'

Lilly clenched her fists, "Explain buster or you're going to wish you'd never have been caught."

Jason nodded, "Okay, okay! I was walking back to my cabin after a late night shower when I heard some scuffling and groaning. I came thinking there was a fight going on but then I found Piper getting eaten out by you, Lilly. So at first I was going to leave but then I thought I haven't had anything in a while so I just…entertained myself."

"You mean masturbated to your girlfriend cheating on you with a camp slut." Piper said.

Lilly frowned, "Camp slut?"

Piper shrugged, "Face it Lilly. You're a sexy slut, but a slut."

Lilly sighed, "I guess. But we still have to deal with this guy."

Lilly pointed to Jason who was struggling to pull up his pants like a freaking moron.

Piper grinned, "I know he barged in but at the same time. I really want some."

Lilly grinned back at her, "My thoughts exactly Piper baby."

Piper sat down on her knees in front of Jason and grabbed his hands to prevent him from pulling up his pants. She grabbed his softening cock with one of her hands while the other caressed his balls trying to get him hard again. Jason groaned as he felt how good it felt to have someone as hot as Piper jack you off.

Piper's hands slid down the now hard and glistening cock of the son of Zeus. Piper was very concentrated; her tongue was poking out the side of her mouth like it usually did when Piper really wanted to get something right.

"Okay Piper dear, I think he's ready." Lilly told Piper.

Piper nodded and lowered her head and took Jason inside of her mouth, his tip hitting the back of her throat as she bobbed her head, sucking him off. Lilly sat down next to Piper and held her hair back, kissing her neck as well leaving more marks.

Jason was moaning as he felt the warm, moistness of Piper's mouth around his cock.

Once she saw Jason practically melt into Piper's mouth Lilly smirked and grabbed Piper's head forcefully and aggressively started to shove her head down making Piper deep throat Jason. Piper was caught off guard and choked hard into Jason's cock, she felt it being forced down her throat and tried to pull back but Lilly held her head down all the way for a full two minutes. Once Lilly let go Piper pulled back coughing.

"What the fuck Lilly!" She hissed.

Lilly smirked and kissed Piper, "Jason looked like he needed a deep throat, sorry babe."

Piper frowned, "Just tell me when you do that next time."

"Sure. Promise." Lilly said.

Piper turned back to Jason and began sucking his cock again, deep throating him on her own this time though she could once again feel Lilly's hands on her head brushing back her hair.

"Oh crap Pipes!" Jason moaned.

Piper increased her speed and started to suck loudly as she bobbed her head, every once in a while deep throating for maybe ten seconds, enough for her to choke then she'd pull back and bob her head again.


That was all the warning Piper got from Jason as he shot his load. Piper tried to pull back but once again Lilly held her head down forcing Piper to swallow Jason's huge load.

Once he was done Piper pulled back, some of Jason's cum spilling form her mouth and trailing down her throat.

"Shit! That was huge Jason." Piper said wiping her lips.

Jason had a stupid look on his face, "Yeah…"

Lilly pushed Piper out of the way, "My turn now."

Lilly bent down to lick Jason's still rock hard cock, once it was clean again she began her own head bobbing, taking him deeper even than Piper could on her own. Once she felt that he had had enough Lilly pulled back with a loud "pop!" and a trail of drool following.

Now that his cock was lubed up Lilly wrapped her tits around him and started to move them up and down quickly. Lilly spat down onto his cock to allow more movement. Lilly had hair in her eyes and tried desperately to shake it away but to no avail, she was about to stop and brush it away when she felt hands touching her neck and brushing it away.

"Thanks Piper baby." Lilly said.

"I'm not Piper."

Lilly turned to see the smiling face of Annabeth as she brushed Lilly's hair out of her eyes. Behind her was Percy fucking Piper hard in the pussy missionary style.

"Oh. Didn't hear you two come out." Lilly said.

"We sneaked." Annabeth said winking at Lilly.

Lilly turned back to Jason's cock, which was now throbbing, Jason himself was moaning like a mad man.

"Like my titties Jason baby. Like how they feel on your big cock." Lilly said in a husky voice.

"Oh fuck yeah!" He moaned, "I think I'm going to cum!"

"Spray it all over me babe! Make me dirty!" Lilly hissed sexily.

Jason unleashed his load, another huge one, right in Lilly's face. His cum covered her eyes, which she closed just in time, and then the rest of her face, some got in her mouth making a pool in her throat while a bunch landed on her its and chest.

Lilly pulled back with her mouth wide open, cum spilling out.

"Hold still Lilly. I've got to take a picture of this." Annabeth quickly grabbed her phone and snapped a picture of Lilly naked with a mouth full of cum and body covered in it, yet smiling like crazy.

Once the picture was saved Annabeth attacked Lilly, running her tongue along the girl's face, licking up as much cum as she could. Annabeth even shoved her tongue inside Lilly's open mouth to lick up cum like a cat would drink milk from a bowl. Once her mouth was good Lilly grabbed the back of Annabeth's head pulling her tongue in deeper, their tongues wrapped around one another and saliva everywhere.

Lilly pulled her close so hard they fell over so that Annabeth was lying on top of her naked and they started to grind into each other, rubbing their pussies together. Annabeth's hands were running up and down Lilly's body, taking a special interest in her cum covered tits. Lilly's hands found their way to Annabeth's ass where they squeezed the tight cheeks hard and smacking each one at least three times.

Jason was stroking his cock as he watched the hot lesbian spectacle before him, enjoying every moment.

A little ways off to the side Piper had her face being shoved into the ground as Percy fucked her doggy style in the ass. Her backside had two red handprints on it form the hard spanking they'd been given by Percy.

"Mmm, fuck me Percy! I'm so wet!" Piper slurred out into the ground.

"Oh I will Piper. I will. Fuck you're tight!" Percy groaned.

Piper giggled, "Perks of being a daughter of Aphrodite."

Percy didn't respond with words, instead he responded with more spanking and fucking her harder and faster. Piper had to shove her face into the soft grass to keep her screams concealed and not wake anyone in the camp. Getting fucked in the open was hot but dangerous too, anyone could see all five of them fucking like jackrabbits.

Piper felt a familiar feeling come upon her again and she decided she didn't care and let out a loud, shrill scream of sexual pleasure as she came, unleashing her juices all over Percy's huge cock. Percy groaned as he also came deep into Piper's pussy filling her up to the brim.

Piper collapsed and lay in the grass watching as two girls fucked in just three feet to her right. Percy pulled out of Piper and walked over to where Annabeth was scissoring Lilly, both girls groaning as their pussies slid against one another. Percy picked Annabeth up causing her to shout in disapproval but quieted down when she realized Percy was placing her so she was on her hands and knees above Lilly. Once he had let go Annabeth dropped onto her belly so her pussy was once again touching Lilly's and resumed her tribbing. Percy got onto his knees behind them and shoved his cock into Annabeth's pussy and began thrusting into her causing her to get fucked and trib Lilly at the same time. Percy thrusted into her for only three minutes before he pulled out, Annabeth gave out a whimper as he pushed into Lilly's pussy. Lilly squealed as she felt his huge member slip into her and Percy began thrusting, it was only four minutes with Lilly before Percy returned back to Annabeth's pussy. He continued this routine, fuck Annabeth, fuck Lilly, fuck Annabeth, fuck Lilly, fuck Annabeth, and fuck Lilly.

Percy continued like that for almost a half hour before he felt his orgasm approaching, Annabeth had already came twice whilst Lilly had three times.

"Here it comes girls! Who wants it?" He said.



Annabeth and Lilly shouted simultaneously.

Percy grinned and pulled out of Annabeth's pussy and then unleashed his load in between their pussies. His cum sprayed out getting all over Annabeth's ass, the warm liquid flowing down her backside while it also covered Lilly's pussy and belly.

Lilly sighed as she felt his cum on her, Annabeth moaned as she felt the warm liquid on her ass. Percy stepped back and grabbed his own phone to take a picture of what he had created, two girls with their pussies smashed together and cum covering their bodies.

Once the picture was done he picked up Annabeth and carried her bridal style to his cabin door.

"Sorry Lilly, Piper, Jason but we should head to bed. Night." Percy said.

The last Piper, Lilly and Jason saw of them that night was Annabeth's cum covered body being taken inside with her waving bye.

Lilly got to her feet and picked up her clothes, "Yeah I think we should all go to bed. It's already three in the morning."

Piper jumped to her feet and tongued Lilly's mouth one last time.

"Ok. Keep my clothes Lilly consider it a souvenir, I made sure to wear the black thong tonight." Piper said.

Lilly smirked and picked up Piper's clothes as well and watched the girl walk back to her cabin stark naked and ass swaying.

"I can't believe that just happened." Jason said standing next to Lilly.

"I can." Lilly said.

Lilly kissed Jason's cheek then pushed him towards his cabin, "Bedtime mister. See you tomorrow."

"Yeah. Bye." He said walking back to his cabin pulling up his pants.

Lilly giggled and then headed back towards the Hermes cabin. Just as she was about to open the door a voice stopped her.

"That was a…interesting show."

Lilly turned to see three people, one had blonde hair and was wearing ray bands, the one next to him was a beautiful woman wearing a shirt skirt that showed half her ass and a shirt that showed a shit ton of cleavage, and the third was a pretty woman with blonde hair and startling gray eyes.

"Lord Apollo? Lady Aphrodite? Athena?" Lilly guessed.

"Correct dear. We saw what happened, in fact we've seen all you're playing around." Apollo said to her.

"What do you want?" Lilly asked.

"Well, I don't know about these two but I want in. You're fuck fests look fun." Aphrodite said, shaking her tits at Lilly.

Apollo grinned, "I want in too. Not all the time, but once in a while. I also want some one on one action."

Athena sighed, "Well I don't want in. I came to tell you to stay away from Annabeth. As much as I don't like him she's Percy's and not for anyone else. Those two love each other way too much and having them fall under your influence is wrong. Keep doing what you're dong but leave my daughter, and Percy, out of it. Got it?"

Lilly nodded, "Yes ma'am. I will."

"Good." With that Athena disappeared with a flash of smoke.

"Well now that she's gone. You understand right Lilly dear, I want in. Piper, you, Jason, Leo, me, Apollo, those Stoll brothers I want a part of this too." Aphrodite said.

"Bring in the Katie girl form the Demeter cabin, she's a catch. Also Thalia, I want her in on this action. Anyone else is up to you. But those people have to involved, got it?" Apollo said.

Lilly nodded dumbly, "Um. Sure, sure."

"Good, see ay around bab," Apollo then poofed out of existence.

Aphrodite moved so close to Lilly their tits were pressed against each other. The goddesse's hands found their way to Lilly's tits and gave them a hard squeeze, then Aphrodite kissed Lilly. It was a small kiss, but it had an intense feeling and Lilly had to admit Aphrodite's tongue felt incredible.

"Expect me next time you try and fuck someone. I'll be looking forward to it, " Finally Aphrodite disappeared in a cloud of pink smoke that smelt of flowers.

Lilly was left standing on the cabin porch with her eyes wide, the taste of a goddess on her lips and a wet pussy.

"Crazy night."

To be continued….

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