England. It was a noisy place yet it seemed…friendly.

That was what was going through Annabeth's head as she and her friends left the airport in search of the giants who had stolen Aphrodite's scarf.

Percy was with her and she felt awkward with him, she felt horrible after hearing she'd cheated on him three times in one night and didn't even give a damn. Percy had told he forgave her since she was fucked up with drugs.

Afterwards she'd talked to Leo to see how he felt and he said he felt horrible and wished he'd never gone inside the brothel. Annabeth tried to cheer him up saying at least he got some pussy. He smiled weakly at that but he still felt guilty.

Now as they were all, Kayla and Tori with them were walking not bothering to finding a hotel this time wanting instead to find the giants as soon as possible. They had a lead, Big Ben. Annabeth knew where it was so they decided they'd head there first.

So they made their way, Kayla and Reyna were walking with Leo both flirting heavily but he was too depressed to notice. Tori walked with Nico who kept leaning into him giving the obvious thought patterns that's he wanted his cock in her pussy. Annabeth held hands with Percy while Piper walked with them not noticing any of the others.

"Hey Annabeth you don't feel guilt do you?" Percy asked her suddenly.

Annabeth shook her head, "Pfft. Nah. Why would I?"

Percy frowned, "I don't know it's just ever since you fucked Kayla, Leo and that other chick you've seemed…off."

Annabeth almost cried, "Three?"

Percy glared at her, "I knew it you do feel guilty! I told you it's no problem. Hey Leo!"

Leo looked up, "Yeah?"

Percy punched him in the face and Leo fell yelling Annabeth screamed at Percy but he ignored her and glared at Leo.

"If you feel guilty anymore I'm going to kick your ass!" Percy shouted.

Leo held his face and nodded, "Yeah! S-sure."

Percy turned to Annabeth, "You too! Stop feeling guilty!"

Annabeth nodded her head, she felt a little warm feeling in her that Percy was this mad just because she felt guilty. He was a great boyfriend.

Percy turned to everyone else, "Now let's go get this fucking scarf. I'm tired of this quest."

Once they finally got to Big Ben Annabeth couldn't help but admire the way it was built, it was gorgeous. It must have taken forever to make it then add the eccentric detail to the stone. Percy suggested half stay down here while half go up to check for the giants. Everyone agreed and Lilly, Will, Percy, Nico and Piper went up while Annabeth, Kayla, Reyna, Tori and Leo stayed down.

Literally after about two minutes after the others had disappeared Kayla and Reyna started to flirt heavily with Leo.

"Hey Leo does this dress make my tits look big?" Reyna asked.

"Leo, I think I spilled some water on my breasts, can you lick it up?" Kayla asked.

"Oops. Leo there's something under my skirt, can you check?"

"Oh my gods! Can you ladies please stop flirting! We have a job to do you know," Annabeth said flustered.

Tori smiled at Annabeth in understanding and then it was quiet as they waited for Percy and the others to get back. They waited for almost twenty minutes and Kayla and Reyna started to get with Leo again simply because of boredom.

"Leo? Can you touch me in my dirty places?" Kayla asked.

"I want you inside me Leo baby," Reyna said.

Annabeth rolled her eyes and looked back to see Kayla practically hugging the boy while Reyna had her face inches form his. Leo's face was priceless, he wasn't used to this kind of attention.

"Hey Leo I'm so-"

Kayla was interrupted as there was a loud scream and then the sound of breaking glass and Annabeth looked up to see a very large shape crash through the face of Big Ben and plummet to the ground and falling with it was a young boy with black hair and screaming his lungs off.

"PERCY!" Annabeth screamed.

Percy didn't hear her and instead he said, "AHHHGHGHUFFUUUUUWAGDGDSFAH!"

Annabeth's phone rang suddenly and she answered it as she ran in Percy's direction.

"Hello?" She said.

"Annabeth! I don't know if you've noticed but Percy is falling to his death from the top of this giant ass clock!"

"Of course I noticed Nico!" Annabeth shouted.

"Ok just checking. Anyways we need to stop his fall or he's probably not going to get back up," Nico said.

"No shit Nico!" Annabeth shouted again.

"Well what should we do? Maybe a pool…"

"Nico! We don't have time to go and buy a pool!" Annabeth shouted again.

Just then Kayla shouted, "I know! Cushion arrows!"

Annabeth turned to her, "What?"

Kayla shrugged and grabbed a peculiar arrow that was a little thick and was patterned with teddy bears for some reason. She drew back her bow and let loose and it landed on the ground in front of Big Ben and exploded in a cloud of white and blue and Annabeth screamed as Percy disappeared in the smoke.

As the smoke faded away it slowly revealed a giant sea of teddy bear pillows and on the pillows was Percy still screaming his eyes wide and looking around in shock. Next to the giant pile of pillows was an ugly ass giant.

Annabeth ran forward and jumped Percy who was STILL screaming and kissed him full on the mouth,

"Stop jumping from high things seaweed brain!" Annabeth shouted at him.

Percy nodded, "AHHH! Ok. AHHHHH!"

Kayla looked smug as she saw her handiwork, "Hey Leo we should try these pillows out ourselves. What do you think baby?"

The door to the stairway leading up the clock burst open and Nico, Piper, Will and Lilly ran out. Lilly was screaming and Will was hopping up and down like something extremely insane just happened.


Everyone crowded around Percy who had finally stopped screaming and was panting heavily.
"Other…giant?" he asked.

Will nodded, "He scrammed dude. But we go this fucker."

Everyone looked over to the other giant who was a nasty green color with red hair and red dragon feet. He smelled like sewage and he did NOT look cute sleeping.

"How do we kill him?" Leo asked.

"We need to power of a god," Annabeth said.

"Fresh out of god like powers, my bad," Will said.

Annabeth stood up, "I got it!"

She closed her eyes and chanted out, "Aphrodite. Aphrodite. Aphrodite!"

A cloud of smoke appeared with a loud "BANG!" and within the cloud stood Aphrodite. She was wearing a high dress with an insane amount of cleavage and it was skin-tight and her nipples were hard and they showed themselves to the world.

"Hello children," She said.

Annabeth turned to her, "Quick Aphrodite we got one giant but we need you to kill him!"

Aphrodite turned to see the ugly thing and she sneered, "Ugh what an ugly fellow. Very well I shall kill the monstrosity."

She walked over to him and carefully prodded him on the forehead with her fingertip and he exploded in a cloud of pink smoke and faded away.

"That looked…incredibly easy. I mean we fought that douche for a long while and you just pricked him on the head. What the fuck?" Will said flustered.

Aphrodite shrugged, "Whatever. Where is the other one and where is my scarf?"

Percy sighed, "The other one got away with your scarf. Sorry."

Aphrodite pursed her lips, "Ugh. Ok. Well keep searching. I believe Lilly knows where the giant went."

Everyone looked at Lilly who blushed, "I heard them talking about something called the C.N Tower."

Annabeth nodded, "That's in Toronto Canada, we can work with that. But I don't know about you guys but I'm tired let's leave tomorrow. Let's hit the town today and then we can make out way to Canada tomorrow."

Percy nodded, "Sounds nifty. I could use some food after falling that far onto a sea of pillows, very comfortable by the way."

Leo jumped and fist pumped the world, "YEAH!"

Will furrowed his brows, "Why'd you do that?"

Leo shrugged, "I don't know."

"Okay, anyways let's meet back here tomorrow at like eight," Percy said.

"But we can't go alone. We need groups of at least two," Will said.

"I GET WILL!" Lilly shouted and hugged his arm.

Percy loomed at her in a scared way, "O~kay. Lilly gets Will. I'll take Annabeth."

"Dibs Nico," Piper said.

Everyone looked confused at that but simultaneously they shrugged and decided to roll with it.

Kayla smirked, "I want Leo."

"Hang on! I'm with Leo!" Reyna protested.

Tori sighed, "You can both hang with Leo. I'll stick with Annabeth and Percy if that's ok?"

Percy nodded, "Sure. Just…be good Leo. Be good."

Leo waved his hand at Percy, "I'm an angel…from hell. Let's go with that."

Leo winked before walking off with his two ladies.

"I worry about him," Will said.

Percy nodded, "I think we all do Will. I think we all do. Anyways me, Annabeth and Tori are going to head off catch you guys later."

Nico nodded, "Okay! Piper let's go get drunk."

Piper smiled, "Sounds like a plan."

Those two also headed out whilst Percy, Annabeth and Tori walked off in the opposite direction.

Lilly smiled, "Let's go sight seeing."

Will nodded, "Sure sounds sweet."

They too left leaving Aphrodite standing there in total shock by the fact they'd practically forgotten her and after scoffing at their backs she disappeared in a cloud of pink smoke.

After that the evening/afternoon became hectic and full of excitement. This chapter will star the POV's of Leo, Annabeth/Percy, Nico/Piper and Will. Have fun!


Leo walked with Kayla on his right and Reyna on his left. It felt good to have ladies trailing after him because normally they trailed in the opposite direction so naturally it made him feel better after kind of helping Annabeth cheat on Percy even though Percy wasn't mad because he'd been drugged by a sexy lady.

Anyways he had the sexy purple and black haired Kayla who looked incredibly sexy wearing her torn clothes. Then he had the beautiful Reyna with her long black hair and sexy eyes.

He knew he could get lucky if he wanted but who to pick first. He wandered with them both trying to get him horny but after giving so many pick up lines he knew every single one so they didn't really affect. He had to admit though Kayla forcing him to put his hands in her pants made him a little hard. And the fact that Reyna in turn she made him feel her bare tits under the shirt also added a bit of excitement. Kayla had a tight pussy whilst Reyna had large tits, about 32D.

They passed by a small hotel and Leo had an idea spark in his head.

"Hey I'm tired you girls want to get a room and just relax for the day?" He asked.

"YES!" Reyna shouted.

"Just the suggestion makes me so wet!" Kayla also shouted.

Leo grinned and led the girls over to the motel the sign said "Mermaid's Cove". Leo entered the lobby and booked him and the girls a room and then they headed over to room 69 (HAHAHAHA) and entered it. The second he closed the door hands were on him. Kayla's groped his crotch while Reyna's were on his chest and he was practically dragged to the bed and thrown on it.

Once on it Kayla shoved Reyna aside and tore off Leo's clothes and Reyna shouted in protest but Kayla ignored her and quickly stripped herself so she was only in her panties while Leo was completely naked his eight inch cock nearly fully erect.

Kayla winked at him and lowered her head and took Leo in her mouth wanting to suck him off before they fucked. Her mouth bobbed up and down on his length deep throating every time and her tongue flickered all over his tip making him moan.

Reyna took her chance and sat over top of Leo

S head, she was now naked, and sat down on his face and forced Leo to eat her out. Leo happily obliged and shoved his tongue inside of her and fiercely sucked, licked and ate her pussy. All the while Kayla was choking hard as she deep throated Lee slobbering all over his cock and making gurgling noises.

Leo moaned into Reyna's pussy in turn making her moan and then his hands grabbed Kayla's head and he began to forcefully bob her head up and down fast making her gurgle on the cock and Leo groaned into Reyna's pussy as he came all over Kayla's face making her squeal in delight. The groan into her pussy sent Reyna over the edge as well and she came all over Leo's face making him splutter and laugh as she screamed.

Reyna slipped off of him and lay on her back panting and Kayla took her chance as well and slid on top of Leo and grinded against his cock.

"Mmmm I want this big bad boy inside me Leo baby," Kayla whispered in his ear.

Leo grinned, "Then let's get it in there!"

Kayla moaned as he slowly pushed into her and then once she was used to it Kayla began to bounce up and down on his cock cowgirl style, sweat began dripping down her body and gleamed in the light making her look incredibly sexy. Her hands went to Leo's shoulders for support so Leo decided to use his hands as well and began to fondle the purple haired girl's large tits.

Kayla moaned loudly, "Mmm fuck me Leo! Fuck me good!"

Leo laughed and thrusted up every time she slammed down, their pace picked up and soon she was riding him like a cowgirl would a horse and she was loving every second of it.

Kayla was screaming hard as Leo filled her up with every thrust and soon she was trembling form the orgasmic pleasure and then suddenly she gave a shrill piercing scream.


Kayla came hard her juices exploding out onto Leo and then she slumped on top of him and nearly passed out. Lucky for Leo that last movement pushed him over the edge too and he came inside of her as she lay on top of him and he hissed in pleasure.

"That was awesome!" Leo said.

Kayla giggled and sat back up straddling him and then she turned to face the other way, "ready for round two big boy?"

Leo didn't even get a chance to respond Kayla immediately started to move her ass up and down taking in Leo's cock and Leo just went with it and thrusted up every time she brought her sexy ass down. His hands move to her ass and Leo began to squeeze and spank her cheeks making Kayla squeal and moan.

Kayla bounced her ass as fast as she could but she was losing control and her eyes rolled back and she started to drool and soon her bouncing slowed down due to her body trembling and shaking from the orgasm waves that hit her hard. Her juices flowed out continuously soaking the bed and then she slumped forward again and Leo finished himself and came inside of her once more.

Leo sighed at Kayla as she lay there with a look of pure bliss on her face. He knew she needed a break and gave a pout but suddenly a new face came into his vision, Reyna's.

"Hey Leo," She said.

Leo smiled, "Hey Reyna."

Reyna blushed, "You know I've liked you for a while now, like a lot. So I was wondering can this be a little more than just a fucking?"

Leo blushed too, "I've kind of liked you a lot too, and this can be way more than just a fucking. Come with me."

Reyna gave a look of confusion as Leo helped her to her feet and led her across to the other room of their two-room motel. Leo closed the door gently so as not to wake Kayla then he picked up Reyna and kissed her hard on the mouth.

Reyna gladly accepted the kiss and allowed Leo to lift her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist and they kissed like that, their tongues sliding together and Leo's hard cock lightly rubbing against Reyna's pretty pink pussy.

Leo carried Reyna over to the bed where he flopped down so he was laying on top of her and they continued to kiss but Leo was now grinding against her his cock sliding against the wet lips of her pussy and making squelching noises and Reyna moaned into their kiss.

Leo pulled back and grinned at Reyna, "You're hot as hell."

Reyna smiled, "Thanks. And Leo?"


"You can fuck me now," Reyna said.

Leo grinned, "Sounds like a plan."

Leo plunged his cock inside of Reyna and then began thrusting in and out of her missionary style holding her shoulders and moving his body up and down hers so his cock could slide easily making Reyna moan and Leo grunted as he felt her warm tightness.

Reyna rocked back and forth with Leo, his cock filling her so good that she wanted to scream.

So she did. Loudly.

"MOTHER FUCKER THAT'S GOOD! FUCKING FUCK! RIGHT THERE BABY! YEAH!" Reyna screamed so loud it made the people staying next-door look up and look at each other questioningly then shrug and go back to their 69 fucking.

It was almost twenty minutes before Leo felt his orgasm coming so quick it made him queasy. Reyna continued to scream and move her hips before she too felt the burning sensation of a climax in her groin.

"Cumming!" Leo grunted.

"CUMMING!" Reyna screamed.

Together they pressed close and let their orgasms hit, Leo's load spurted deep inside Reyna while her juices flowed out onto the bed.

Leo rolled off of Reyna and then lay next to her panting like crazy, "One of the best fucks I've had."

Reyna smiled, "Good, because we're going to do it a lot more. And I mean a lot."

Leo grinned, "Like right now?"

Reyna nodded, "Oh yeah."

Meanwhile with Piper and Nico…

Nico's & Piper's POV

"I mean come on! Clearly Jennifer Lawrence is the hottest actress of 2013!"

Piper shook her head as Nico's statement, "No! No! What about that other chick, Emma Watson?"

Nico nodded, "Okay. Okay I can agree. Emma is a total babe. But we're talking about the hottest actress of 2013 not 2012. Emma wins 2012 by a mile but this is Jennifer's year, let her have it. Personally I'd fuck either of them."

Piper giggled, "I would too. At the same time."

The two of them were sitting inside a bar, neither 18 but that's life kids, and were drunk as they could get. Empty glasses nearing the number of twenty lying around them and they stank like good beer.

The waitress came by and smiled as she laid down two more mugs, she was very pretty with bight blonde curly hair and blue eyes and a voluptuous body that made both Nico and Piper drool.

"At the same time? How?" Nico asked.

Piper smiled naughtily, "I'd use a strap-on. Jennifer rides me cowgirl while I eat out Emma. Maybe finger her ass at the same time."

Nico grinned, "That is cool. I'd be that guy watching and masturbating."

"If you were there baby I'd make Emma suck you. Then we'd alternate positions randomly so you'd fuck every single one of us in all of our holes. It'd be a long night but it'd be fun as hell."

Nico grinned, "This sounds too fun."

Piper smiled, "I know. Ok anyways get ready."

Nico nodded and grabbed his mug, they'd been having a contest on who could drain their glass the fastest and they kept count by carving a new tick on their side of the table each time. So far it was eleven to nine for Nico and Piper really needed to catch up.

The two lifted their mugs and counted to three, 1-2-3! Nico chugged as fast as he could, the delicious ale sliding down his throat and he felt confident in this round and in about a total of eight seconds he had successfully drained his glass and brought it down only to frown. Piper sat there smugly holding her empty glass and carving in a new tick using Katoptris. (I don't think the knife would like it's new position. Fancy mirror for beautiful princess to table carver for teenage drinking contest.)

"I win!" Piper shouted gleefully.

Nico just sighed and pushed his glass aside.

"Okay new question until waitress comes back. Katy Perry or Taylor Swift?"

It was nice talking to a bisexual girl who liked it with girls just a pinch more than with guys because that way Nico could talk about girls with a girl he wanted to fuck really bad actually.

Piper scoffed, "Katy Perry no duh! I mean sure Taylor is a sexy goddess herself but Katy seems like she has a more freaky side when she's in bed and it's fun to get kinky."

"Okay fair point. But at the same time, don't you want to violate someone innocent. That's hot too, so wouldn't Taylor be more appealing that way?"

Piper shrugged, "Yeah. But I still would rather shove my hand up Katy's pussy than Taylor's."

Nico laughed, "Okay."

The waitress popped up again carrying two mugs with the rich colored liquid and lowered it to the table.

On a whim Nico spoke up, "What's your name?"

The waitress smiled, "Jennifer."

Nico looked at Piper and raised an eyebrow then turned back to Jennifer, "Do any of the other bartenders have the name Emma?"

Jennifer thought for a second then nodded, "Why yes there is one girl working tonight with me. Why?"

"Oh nothing, just something me and my friend were talking about," Nico said.

Jennifer smiled before walking off again leaving Nico and Piper to stare at her ass before she rounded the corner.

"Piper, this has to be a sign. We need to fuck those girls," Nico said.

Piper rolled her eyes, "Oh please. It's not like we can just walk up to two girls and say 'can we fuck?'"

Nico frowned, "Um…yes we can."

Piper face palmed herself, "You are so drunk Nico."

Nico smiled, "It's awesome. Ready?"

They raised their glasses and then on the count of three Nico chugged back his drink and this time a record five seconds and triumphantly looked at Piper still drinking as he lowered his glass.

"I win," he said.

Piper stuck her tongue out at him.

"That's a nice tongue," Nico told her.

Piper blushed, "Wh-what?"

Nico nodded, "That's a nice tongue. Long for deeper penetrations yet thick so you can give a good thorough licking. Bet it does wonders when you suck a cock as well."

Piper blushed deeper, "That's not what I thought you'd say."

Nico shrugged, "I'm drunk."

Piper looked at him, "Are we going to make out?"

Nico shrugged, "Maybe."

Piper grinned, "I hope so."

Nico leaned forward and kissed Piper lightly on the lips before pulling back and licking his lips.

He smiled, "Mmm cherry."

Piper grinned, "We need to go somewhere and we need to have sex. Right now."

Nico was about to say something when suddenly Jennifer popped up again holding two new mugs and smiled at them.

"Hey I brought you some more beer. And I also brought Emma with me, she's the one you wanted to meet right?" Jennifer asked.

Another girl was with Jennifer she had long brown hair and gorgeous brown eyes and tits Nico would suck the fuck out of and Piper noticed she had a very nice ass and she practically set their next words into motion.

"When do you guys get off?" Piper asked.

Jennifer gave it a thought, "Actually in about twenty minutes. Right Emma?"

Emma nodded, "Yeah about that. Why?"

Nico smiled, "You guys want to hang out with us?"

Emma smiled, "Actually that'd be great. I'm new here so it'd be awesome to hang with someone."

Jennifer nodded, "Yeah I'll come too. Should be fun."

Piper grinned, "You have no idea."

About a half hour later Piper and Nico found themselves in the back of the bar in a small break room with Emma and Jennifer. Jennifer was straddling Nico and had her tongue down his throat as they made out, his hands planted firmly on her ass and groping it. Emma was getting her tits felt by Piper as the Cherokee girl motor boated her glorious set of breasts.

Jennifer was grinding into Nico's crotch, she could feel his large cock pressing against her and she knew he was big and she was looking forward to what was coming next. Jennifer stood up in front of Nico who was seated in a large, black leather chair and she slowly began to sway her hips as she played with her dress straps sliding them on and off her shoulders. Slowly she let them slip until her dress was barely on and being held up only by the hardness of her nipples and with one tiny shrug it slid to the floor revealing her braless body with a pair of lacy blue panties covering her pussy.

Jennifer hooked her thumbs in the panty straps and began t sway her hips once more sliding the panties down and pulling them up teasingly. Nico was massaging his erect cock through his jeans as Jennifer put on a show; his eyes fixed on her perfectly perky tits and nicely placed nipples.

Finally Jennifer slowly slipped the panties down to her ankles leaving herself naked in front of a man she'd met about two hours ago. Nico stood up and grabbed her hips and kissed her hard and she put her hands on his neck and they kissed hard, their tongues mashing together. Nico pulled back panting and let Jennifer remove his jeans and then pull of his shirt so he was only in his black boxers.

Jennifer smirked at him and lowered herself to her knees and slipped down his boxers and his large, eight inch cock, flopped out and actually smacked her in the face making her giggle. She grabbed his shaft and began pumping his erectness; she spat onto his dick to lube it up and increased her speed by the tiniest bit. Nico sighed as he felt her small hands stroke him and he moaned when he felt her lick his tip. Jennifer licked him from his tip to his balls and then right back up and when she hit the top she tipped her head over swallowing him into her mouth. She began to bob her head up and down sucking loudly on his cock, choking slightly when he went down her throat a slight, she made slurping noises as she drooled all over his dick and soon she was bobbing her head at a high speed. Every once in a while she decided to stop and push her head down as far she could go deep throating him and choking loudly as his largeness filled her throat. She'd pull back, a large strand of saliva following her gasping as she coughed.

Nico moaned as he felt her throat constrict around his member and in the moment he gasped and grabbed Jennifer's head and shoved it down his length shoving his entire length down her throat and continued to thrust erratically into her throat making her choke hard as he throat fucked her raw. He felt his orgasm approaching and shoved Jennifer's head down once more and held it there as he came hard, his cum flowed out into Jennifer's throat and she struggled to swallow it all down but she couldn't stop some from leaking out and dribbling down her face onto her chest.

Once Nico finished he let Jennifer yank her head back and gasp for air panting from the hard throat fucking she'd received.

"Jesus Nico that was rough…it was fun," She said winking at him.

Nico smiled, "No problem. Where do you want it?"

Jennifer got onto her hands and knees and pointed promptly at her sexy ass and Nico grinned and got up behind and rubbed his hard and wet dick between her ass cheeks making Jennifer shudder. Then he rubbed it against her butthole before slowly pushing it inside of her ass and slowly entered her until he was full buried inside her ass, the tightness insane on his dick.

Nico grabbed Jennifer's ass in his hands and squeezed the cheeks as he slowly thrusted in and out of her tight asshole. His balls lightly tapped against her pussy as he brought himself forward, Jennifer moaned as she felt him fill her up in such a dirty place, it made her feel incredibly naughty.

Nico spanked Jennifer's cheeks as he picked up his pace, thrusting faster now his balls slapping loudly against her belly and his grunts became louder as his cock began to throb inside of Jennifer.

Jennifer was moaning like crazy, Nico's cock felt so good inside her it was crazy, he was filling her up like crazy and her pussy burned form the intense orgasmic pleasure she was getting.

"H-holy sh-shit! D-don't s-stop!" Jennifer moaned as she was brutally penetrated.

Nico grinned, "Don't plan on it."

Nico grabbed Jennifer's legs and lifted the off from the ground and began to plow into her wheelbarrow style, unfortunately when he did that her face dropped onto the floor and she groaned in pain but she couldn't say anything as she had gone numb form the intense pleasure.

Nico grunted feeling his release coming soon and he picked up the pace up one more notch and that was more than enough for the guttural moaning Jennifer.

"Ungh! Cum!" She grunted.

Nico nodded, "Me too!"

Jennifer's pussy clamped shut on the rigid cock of Nico and her juices squirted out onto the floor where it made its own puddle. Nico pulled his cock out and let Jennifer fall (gently this time) and he sprayed his load onto her back it spurted out covering it in globs and she sighed as the warmth hit her.

Jennifer flipped herself back over exposing herself completely, "That was fucking incredible."

Nico laughed, "I'm not done."

As they were fucking over on the other side of the room Emma was sitting on a chair while Piper sat in her lap with one hand stuffed into Emma's pants and her face sucking on the now naked breasts.

Emma was moaning quietly as Piper fingered her and sucked on her breasts, she nibbled on Piper's ear and sucked the Cherokee girl's neck.

"Mmm Piper baby that's good," Emma moaned.

Piper didn't answer and instead continued to finger the girl and suck hard on her nipples. Piper then slowly licked all around the nipples before moving her head lower kissing Emma's stomach, then just above her crotch moving to her inner thighs which she nipped and licked with her teeth and tongue making her new friend moan and sigh. Piper continued to tease the girl getting so close but not quite touching Emma's lower lips.

"Piper…please," Emma hissed.

Piper smiled and drove her face into the soaking wet pussy of Emma shoving her tongue into her insides as deep as it could go swirling it around all over sucking loudly while her hands gripped Emma's thighs spreading the legs apart to allow deeper penetration.

"Yes that's it Piper baby! Eat me out. Fucking tongue that pussy bitch!"

Emma's words made Piper blush but she didn't stop, she liked being called a bitch it was kind of hot. She pulled her tongue out and started to flick it over top of Emma's clit with incredible speed and Emma grabbed Piper's head and pushed it into her moaning loudly.

"Mm! Mm! Mm! Awwn! Ung! Yea! Yes! Yes! Don't fucking stop! You dirty fucking bitch, eat out the fucking pussy you naughty slut! Fucking fuck!"

Piper sucked harder and moved her tongue as fast as she could go, her head being pushed in as far as it could go.

"Yep that's it! I'm cumming!" Emma screamed.

The bartender's juices spilled out all over Piper covering the girl's eyes and mouth with a delicious treat. Piper pulled back and licked her lips grinning like crazy at how naughty she'd felt during that, the things Emma had said…

"Hey! Piper. Switch with me!"

Piper heard Nico call out to her and turned to see Jennifer laying on her back her tits and belly covered in cum, her eyes closed and a blissful look on her face. Piper shrugged and thought she'd play with this girl anyways. Emma got up from the chair and walked over to Nico and started to kiss him while Piper smacked Jennifer a few times to bring her to consciousness.

Once the girl was awake once more Piper pulled her to her feet and kissed her once.

"Now it's your turn to make someone scream baby," Piper told her.

Jennifer smiled, "Ok."

Piper went over to her bag and pulled out a large strap-on, she'd used it with Reyna at their last hotel in Paris and now she wanted it inside her.

Jennifer took it and strapped it around her own waist, it was stiff not drooping one bit meaning it was going to be a hard, good fucking. Piper got down onto her side and lifted one of her legs into the air and Jennifer slipped into the proper position allowing the dildo to slowly push into Piper's no longer tight pussy.

Piper bit back a moan as the dildo slithered on into her getting deeper and deeper with every inch a little bit of her juice squirted out and dripped down onto her belly and then the floor.

Once it was completely buried within her Jennifer pulled it back out just as agonizingly slow until merely the tip was in and then she slammed it back in with a loud grunt filling Piper up fast and she squealed at the sudden pain yet incredible pleasure. This girl knew how to use a strap-on.

Jennifer continued like this but every thrust she slowly picked up her pace getting a little bit faster each time. Piper bit back so many moans, grunts, screams she lost count and she was slowly losing her control over this and soon she knew she was going to become rather loud.

Jennifer was quiet as a mouse as she didn't get much out of this but even so her pussy was drenched from seeing the expression coming across Piper's face. The Cherokee babe was biting her lip her eyes scrunched close and a look of pure pleasure residing on her face as if she struggled to keep something for leaving her yet struggling to let it out. It made her so fucking wet.

Piper's inner self was screaming at her to let it out, to say the things her body wanted to say but her pride couldn't. They were too embarrassing. The battle surged back and forth while all the while Jennifer made the same motion with her hips going very fast now pumping the hard dildo into Piper in a perfect rhythm. Yep, this girl knew how to sue a strap-on.

Finally the battle was finished in Piper's mind and she decided to open her mouth and let it all out.

"Oh my FUCKING GOD! Fucking slam that big fucking dildo into my slutty little cunt, fuck this whore until she drops you sexy bitch. I wan it! I want it! I'm a dirty slut; I'm a fucking whore. I'm a cock sleeve. I want to be filled with that big dildo. I want to get fucked every day, in every way. I want it in my ass, I want it in my throat I want it in my pussy! I fucking want it! I'm a dirty cock whore, cum bucket and fucking sex animal!"

Jennifer's eyes widened at the things Piper screamed out the girl's color changing eyes had rolled into the back of her head and was breathing hard dirty words flowing from her mouth.

Piper gave an extra high pitched scream as she finally came, her juices squirting out in front of her making a pool t.

Jennifer didn't even realize but she too had released her own juices and they slid down onto Piper's pussy, all those words spurting from Piper's mouth had affected her more than she thought. Jennifer stepped back the dildo slipping out of the wet, loose and still pouring cum pussy of Piper Mclean. It was impossible to believe this was the daughter of a super star actor, she was so fucking naughty it was almost as if she was just lying about her parentage.

Piper was panting, that had been one intense orgasm and she was just coming down when she spotted feet standing in front of her face and she lifted her head to see Nico standing over her in his naked glory grinning like a madman.

"Wow. That girl must know some moves, you look completely fucked Piper," The son of Hades said.

Piper managed a weak grin, "I went completely overboard didn't I?"

Nico nodded, "Oh yeah. I heard all of it, you what was it? Cock whore?"

Piper groaned and Nico laughed and helped her to her feet. Over by where he was previously Emma was leaning back against the wall Nico's cum pouring out her asshole and pooling in front of her and she was unconscious by the looks of it. This was one wild night.

Piper laughed, "She looks fucked too."

Nico nodded, "Fuck she was a blast. I fucked every hole, she's a swallower, and not a drop fell out. Sexy bitch. Filled her pussy right up and her as sis overflowing. She called herself some nasty shit just like you but more quietly. Ha, ha, ha."

Nico turned to Piper, "But now I think I want all three of you fine ladies."

Piper smiled, "I've been waiting. Jennifer go and get Emma!"

Jennifer rushed over to her friend and patted the girl's face lightly waking her up and half helped half dragged the girl over to Nico.

Piper turned the two of them, "For the finale it's a trio cock sucking tournament bitches. We each get a turn sucking hs dick while the other suck his balls. In the end Nico gives everyone a facial and tells us who the best sucker was."

Jennifer smiled, "Sounds interesting."

Emma moaned, "Cuuum."

"We'll draw pick numbers to see who goes first," Piper turned to Nico, "Pick a number between one to ten."

Nico nodded, "Ok. Give me your numbers."

Jennifer smiled, "Eight."

Emma murmured, "Five."

"Two," Piper said.

Nico nodded, "I picked seven. So I guess it'll go Jennifer, Emma then Piper."

Piper frowned she had wanted to go first but she went down on her knees with the other girls. Jennifer grabbed the already hard cock of Nico and lightly began to stroke it with her hands using both on his large cock stroking it hard but slow yet it seemed to do the trick as pre cum began to come out and she leaned forward to lick it up. As she did this she bent her head farther and slowly slid her head down engulfing Nico's cock with her throat until her nose was pressing deep into his belly, she held that position until she began to choke violently and when she pulled back she was followed by a trail of saliva and coughing fits.

Piper joined her by lying underneath and began to suck on one of Nico's large balls putting it all in her mouth and rubbing it all over with her tongue sucking hard. Moments later she was joined by Emma who did the same as Piper while Jennifer continued her slow deep throating.

Nico began to groan as Jennifer sucked hi off the effects finally reaching his, his cock began to throb violently and suddenly Jennifer choked harder than usual and as she pulled her head back Nico's cum spilled out her mouth and landed flat on Piper's face covering her eyes and globing her mouth full of the delicious substance.

Piper coughed and spit it back up and it dribbled down her chin to drop down onto her large breasts making a mess of her body but she ignored and it and continued to suck hard on Nico's large, cum filled balls. Jennifer released his cock and allowed Emma to take her place and she sucked Nico in a complete different fashion.

Emma held Nico's base with her hand and bobbed her head fast sucking only the first four inches as hard as she could sucking particularly hard on his tip making Nico gasp and groan. Every once in a while Emma would remove her hand and drop her head completely deep throating him and holding it until she gagged a bit then she went right back to sucking a little bit of him while squeezing the base. Emma then removed her hands away from his cock completely and bobbed her head hard and fast shoving Nico's cock deep down her throat hard and fast so Nico decided to help and grabbed her head and thrusted hard and fast into her making her choke hard and gag. As he did that Nico's balls flailed wildly smacking Piper in the face and making her laugh as she tried to suck on it some more with no luck.

Finally Nico released, he pulled his cock out and laid it flat on Emma's chin andlet his cum shoot out onto her face covering it in long white streak causing her to keep one eye close and her mouth to fill with cum.

Once he finished his cock dropped flat to below and Piper sucked his tip clean before looking over at Emma who's face was still covered in cum but that didn't stop her form kissing Jennifer and they began to make out with tongue swapping the cum as they kissed, drops fell out to cover their cheeks and tits as they made out and immediately Nico's cock grew once more.

Piper grinned as she realized it was her turn and she face Nico once more leaving the other two girls to make out, she thought she saw Emma's fingers make their way to Jennifer's pussy before she turned around.

Piper grabbed Nico's cock and started by slowly stroking him with her left hand while she grabbed and fondled his sack with her right. Nico may seem depressing sometimes but the guy was big and he fucked like a machine according to the screams she'd heard from Jennifer and Emma.

Piper picked up the pace stroking him very fast now but she stuck to the lower parts of his cock and let her tongue flicker over his tip while the pre cum came out but went flying form her hard and fast cock stroking. The pre cum hit Piper right on the forehead and trailed down and around her eye and she subconsciously licked it up as it went by her lips and the taster urged her on. She shoved the whole thing in her mouth and bobbed her head as fast as she could wanting more cum in her mouth, she wanted it to fill her belly right up.

Piper sucked ahrd making loud noises as she did and Nico groaned and put his ahnd on her head and Piper dropped all resistance and let the sexy bastatrd fuck her throat raw with his big cock. It destroyed her throat made her choke so ahrd and gag and slobber all over his dick as she fucked her in the mouth. Finally Nico groaned loudly and pulled his cock out and just as he was about to cum Pipre put her lips over his tip and the cum shot out down her gullet, she swallowed as much as she could it filled her mouth pouring out the sides and dribbling down her chin to cover her breasts.

Once Nico finished Piper pulled back and his cock popped out and she gasped for breath and coughed as more cum poured out form her lips making a mess of her tits and chest.

Literally seconds past before Emma and Jennifer yanked her to the ground. Emma leaned her side and began to lick and suck her nipples clean while Jennifer kissed Piper, adding some tongue so they could make out fully. While she lezzed out with the two bartenders Nico got on his knees and lifted her legs up and wrapped them around his back and pushed his cock into Piper's pussy making her moan into hers and Jennifer's kiss.

Nico began to move his hips back and forth going deeper with each thrust and slamming into her harder as well, his balls slapped forward against Piper's fine ass (AU/ No seriously. ?pic=10o20lk&s=5#.UmB0oRb3CHI. this what I've imagined Piper's ass like. So now you know.)

Piper broke her kiss to moan out loud her eyes clenched close and her moans so hot and sexy Jennifer got into the action and sat on Piper's face and began to force the Cherokee babe to eat her tight pussy out, practically humping Piper's face. But Piper didn't mind. She licked the girl out as best she could swirl her tongue around licking into the folds, sucking on the clit and biting it too. Jennifer moaned and the sight of Emma sucking Piper's tits and Piper eating out Jennifer was so hot to Nico his fucking got faster and his cock began to throb hard making Piper moan hard into Jennifer's tight slit.

"Fuck Piper…so hot!" Nico groaned.

Jennifer sighed, "Fuck that's good."

Emma pulled back from Piper's tits to speak, "Fucking eat that bitch you dirty slut!"

Piper began to frantically suck on Jennifer's clit making the blonde girl scream in ecstasy and cum all over Piper's face, the cum got all over her forcing her to close her eyes so it wouldn't get in them and just as Jennifer came Nico gave a loud grunt and pulled out to shoot his load all over Piper's belly covering it in the sticky treat.

Nico got to his feet and pulled Jennifer to hers as well and Emma sat back on her knees and Piper jumped to her feet her body completely soaked in delicious cum.

She turned to her friends and smirked, "I'm all dirty. Clean me?"

Nico surged forward and shoved one of her tits in his mouth and began to lick and suck it all over while Jennifer took the other so Emma went in between and licked Piper's belly and pussy clean of it.

Once Piper's entire body (including that sexy ass) were glistening from the licking and sucking yet clean of cum Nico stepped back and smiled.

"That was incredible," He said.

Jennifer nodded her head, "Fuck yes. Here let me give you guys my number."

Emma nodded, "Me too!"

In a few seconds both Piper and Nico were loaded with two numbers of two very attractive girls.

Piper and Nico left the bar feeling great and totally horny so naturally they found a deserted alley and Nico fucked her against the dirty wall for the next three hours. Two positions. One with her hands against the wall and ass out. One with him holding her ass suspending her in the air while he fucked her.

After that they went to a small hotel to crash for a few hours before they had to meet up with Percy and the others.

Meanwhile with Percy, Tori and Annabeth….

AU/ I know what you're thinking. Isn't this so long? Well hell (sorry Hades*) yeah! Everyone is fucking in this chapter. It's probably why it took so long. Hmm…

Percy's POV

Today started off bad Percy thought. Long ass plane ride, long ass fight at the top of a giant ass clock, falling from the giant ass clock, and landing on a huge ass pile of pillows.

Yeah. Not fun.

The rest of the day was great! Percy and Annabeth walked around England sight seeing, buying stupid trinkets. Tori was with them but for some reasons he kept getting pulled into alleys by strangers who "wanted directions". Annabeth bought Percy this stupid bobble head figure of Poseidon, it made Percy laugh so he accepted it. But to get back Percy embarrassed her by buying her a neon pink thong and matching lacy bra. She blushed furiously but accepted them.

They were all walking along the nice yet crowded streets towards this nice looking clothing store when once again some tall, muscular blonde guy stopped and ask Tori for directions.

Percy was so eager to know what was happening that he dragged Annabeth with him to follow them secretly. As Percy suspected Tori was lead into a back alley and Percy listened as the two of them talked.

"Ha, ha, ha. No it's fine. You're pretty cute too."

Percy heard Tori giggle and then another voice cut in.

"Well nothing compared to you. Anyways can I give you directions?" The man asked.

Tori giggled, "What do you mean? I thought you wanted directions."

The guy chuckled, "Nah. I wanted to give you directions to this."

Percy heard a zipping noise and then Tori gasping. Next there was a scuffle sound followed by a low moan and a slurping sound.

Percy frowned at Annabeth and peeked his head over the side to look and his mouth dropped at what he saw.

Tori was on her knees sucking off the guy who had a dick that was at least twelve inches. She was bobbing her head on the tip and stroking the guy's base and she was making loud slurping noises as she did slobbering all over it.

"Fuck you're good," The guy said to her.

Percy pulled his head back; eyes wide and Annabeth frowned at him.

"What is it?" She asked.

Percy just moved so she could look too and she pulled her head back as well eyes wide and looked at Percy.

"Oh my gods. Is that happening?" She asked.

Percy nodded, "Yeah."

Ananbeth grabbed Percy's hand and led him into the shop quickly and yanked him to a stop at the front desk.

"Is there a bathroom here?" Annabeth asked the guy sitting there.

"Yeah. Very back."

Annabeth smiled and yanked Percy back rushing to the washroom and pulled him into the girl's with him and he yelped in surprise and protest but she dragged him into the handicap stall and locked the door.

"What are we doing in here?" Percy asked confused.

Annabeth blushed and let her jean short shorts drop revealing her white panties with a large stain on the front.

"I-I got excited seeing Tori and that guy," She told him.

Percy nodded staring at her pussy with his mouth open and Annabeth smacked him upside the head, 'Stop staring!"

Percy grabbed his head in pain, "Ok. I'm sorry. Its just…wow."

Annabeth blushed harder, "Just shut up."

Percy frowned, "Why'd you show me?"

"Because she wants a good fucking."

Annabeth yelped and Percy turned to see Tori smiling down at them as she looked over top of the stall grinning like an idiot.

"Tori! What are you doing?" Annabeth hissed at her.

Tori giggled, "Watching. I enjoy sex. Caught you two spying. If you want to know he came on my face."

Percy looked as Annabeth's stain spread just a tiny bit and he grinned, "You like that?"

Annabeth covered her crotch and waved at Tori, "Will you leave!"

Tori shook her head and climbed over the top and pushed Annabeth against the wall and cupped her breasts, "Nope."

Percy smiled, "This is crazy."

The two girls annoyed him as Annabeth attempted to wriggle free but Tori's grip was iron and she leaned forward and grabbed Annabeth's left tit in her mouth sucking on it through the t-shirt Annabeth had on. Annabeth was moaning lightly, all resistance gone now as she felt her hard nipple get toyed with and her hands grabbed Tori's head pushing it into her chest wanting more.

Tori sucked as hard as she could before pulling back with a loud "pop!" Tori kissed Annabeth slipping her tongue into her mouth and while she did that she didn't forget Percy and with her free hand she reached behind her to rub Percy's crotch bringing him to full hardness. Once hardened she slipped her hand into his pants and grasped his cock and began to stroke him as she made out with his girlfriend sucking on Annabeth's tongue making the blonde girl moan. Tori reached down with her other hand and tore off Annabeth's white panties and began to rub her slit.

After a few minutes though Tori pulled back her hand from Percy's pants and ended hers and Annabeth's kiss removed her hand and turned to to face both of them.

"Okay. Annabeth suck that big cock, now," She practically ordered Annabeth.

Annabeth was so horny she didn't care and she went to get on her knees and grabbed Percy's hard cock and began to stroke it lightly.

Tori sighed, "Hands and knees Annabeth, jeez."

Annabeth didn't answer again too busy licking Percy's tip but she did get on all fours her ass sticking out so nicely Percy wanted to just fuck it.

Unfortunately Tori got their first. After Annabeth finally started to suck Percy off and bob her head up and down his shaft in quick, deep thrusts Tori got on her knees behind her and pulled Annabeth's hair back kissing her neck. Tori eventually stopped that and began to play with Annabeth's ass smacking her cheeks, squeezing it and kissing it. After a while though Tori picked up the pace and leaned down and licked Annabeth's tight asshole and Annabeth caught off guard jumped and accidentally slammed her head down deep throating Percy making him groan out.

Annabeth moaned as she deep throated him, Tori's tongue was going so deep into her ass it was incredible and her moaning sent vibrations throughout Percy's cock and he really thought he was going to cum when suddenly Annabeth pulled her head back and gave out a lud, high pitched scream and Tori giggled and ate out Ananbeth's ass harder and faster tonguing it as best she could.

Percy groaned as Annabeth began sucking him off again her tongue wrapped round him and her throat enclosing and squeezing his shaft.

"Gods Annabeth that feels good," Percy moaned grabbing her head and making her head go faster.

Tori was making loud smacking noises as she continued to tongue out Annabeth's ass, but she'd also started to shove three fingers in Annabeth's pussy as well and Annabeth was really moaning now the vibrations making Percy go crazy.

"Annabeth…I'm going to cum." Percy groaned.

Annabeth groaned hard as Tori shoved her tongue in deep and she deep throated Percy making her gag and Percy couldn't hold it back any longer. He grabbed Annabeth's head and held it down and came into her throat, the warm hot ropes of cum shooting down into her stomach and she moaned in happiness at his warm liquid filling her up.

Once he finished cumming Annabeth pulled her head back arching her back as Tori ate her ass and she screamed as she too came spilling her juices onto the bathroom stall floor pooling and Tori giggled.

"Ok, Percy now fuck our sexy friend Annabeth doggy style while she eats this sexy bitch out," Tori said to Percy.

Percy nodded and stepped around behind his girlfriend who was grinning, licking her lips and closing her eyes in pleasure when Percy prodded her entrance with his cock. Tori lay in front of Annabeth and she grabbed Annabeth's head shoving it into her pussy and nodded at Percy to start.

So he did.

Percy grabbed Annabeth's ass and started thrusting hard and fast, no mercy, he was going to make Annabeth fucking cum hard.

Percy slammed his hips into her with each thrust making her ass jiggle and moan into Tori's delicious cunt. Percy was the biggest guy at camp and he was also good meaning he was probably the best fuck you could get at Camp-Halfblood so Annabeth was kind of happy he was her boyfriend.

Annabeth during this hard incredible fucking was eating out Tori with incredible skill. Annabeth wasn't a lesbian, but she'd had experience with other girls and she was good at it like she was at everything else. So naturally she was a very good user of the mouth, whether it be a blowjob, ass tonguing or pussy eating.

Tori had her hands on Annabeth's head pushing her in deeper wanting more that amazing tongue inside of her. Tori was definitely a lesbian, even though she'd sucked and fucked boys she'd always preferred girls, they knew the best way to make a girl scream.

Percy rammed his cock in as hard as he could into Annabeth making her scream into Tori's pussy and urge her to suck, lick and tongue that pussy faster, harder and better.

Annabeth moaned into Tori's pussy as she felt Percy fill her tight pussy up so good she wanted to scream out "fuck" as loud as she could but she continued to eat out Tori who was trembling and moaning quietly.

Annabeth pushed her tongue in deeper and would curl it up making Tori giggle and moan as she grabbed the Athena child's head.

Percy was enjoying himself immensely; Annabeth was wet, tight and warm yet she could last so long she was perfect for him. He grabbed her ass and slammed into her harder his cock throbbing.

Annabeth pulled her head back and unleashed a long, low moan, "Oh gods Percy don't fucking stop."

Percy laughed and kept thrusting feeling like he was going to cum soon. Annabeth took her hand and slid it up and down Tori's pussy before slipping three fingers in, then a fourth…then a fifth…then…all of her hand.

Tori screamed as she came her juices squirting out and hitting Annabeth in the face getting in her mouth and covering her eyes and dripped down her chin onto her jiggling breasts and Annabeth smiled as she felt the naughty juice all over her face.

Tori tried to catch her breath and sighed deeply as Annabeth slowly licked her face clean of her cum her tongue slipping out and licking the juice into her mouth, all the while Percy still fucking her and Annabeth's large breasts were swinging and jumping elegantly. Tori couldn't help but cum once more from just the sexiest thing she'd ever seen, more juices flowed out onto the bathroom floor and Annabeth winked at her licking her lips.

Percy laughed as Tori moaned but then groaned as he felt his release coming in fast and he grunted.

"Annabeth, cumming!"

Annabeth nodded, "In me now!"

Percy groaned as his cum spurted out into Annabeth's wet pussy filling her up so much it oozed out slightly as Percy pulled his cock out and Annabeth gave out a low groan as he filled her up her own juices spilling out as she collapsed onto her belly her face buried in Tori's snatch.

Percy grinned at his handiwork, Annabeth pussy was leaking thick white cum from its lips while a pool lay beneath her, Annabeth's face was shoved in Tori's pussy who had her tongue hanging out her side and was panting. Percy stepped back and slipped his jeans on then his shirt before leaning forward and smacking Annabeth's ass making her jump.

"We should go," Percy told her.

Annabeth nodded and slipped on her on her jean shorts her camp shirt still on her and her panties ripped in half.

Tori got to her feet as well and palced on her own clothes again and the three of them walked out of the bathroom stall and back onto the streets where they continued as if nothing had happened. They made their way past a spice store and Annabeth wanted to go in so Percy and Tori followed and waited as she got a few nifty spices Percy had never heard of before.

Tori led the way out the door but before Percy could follow Annabeth grabbed him by the neck and dragged him behind a shelf.

Percy frowned, "What are you doing?"

Annabeth giggled, "You want me to suck your cock?"

Percy's mouth dropped, "Annabeth we're in the middle of a store!"

Annabeth blushed but grinned, "I know. I want to do it in public like we did in the bathroom."

Percy wanted to say no but his body didn't agree with that decision, 'Okay let's do it."

Annabeth dropped to her knees and looked around to make sure no one was there and then unbuckled Percy's jeans and slid them down to his ankles and began to rub him through his boxers the slight bulge getting bigger and bigger.

Annabeth took a quick look around to make sure no one was there then she slid down Percy's shorts and grasped his cock in her left hand and began t pump him slowly while she leaned forward to lick the tip with her tongue teasingly.

Percy sighed as he felt her tongue on his tip and hissed when she leaned forward and took his whole tip in her mouth and bobbed her head sideways a bit so his cock made a bulge with her cheek and while she did that she stroked the rest of Percy's cock effectively sucking and jacking him off at the same time making Percy groan. Annabeth took one last looked around before plunging her head down and deep throating Percy and quickly pulling back up and then plunging back down repeating the process and taking Percy's whole dick into her throat making her choke and gurgle while Percy grabbed her head and made her do it faster as he groaned. Annabeth sued one of her hands to massage Percy's balls by juggling them in her hand and rubbing the together while she placed her other hand on his stomach as she deep throated his cock over and over again.

Percy started to feel his cock throb and so could Annabeth as it felt so good when it throbbed halfway down her throat and she decided to slam her head down and hold his cock there as it throbbed and began to hum to send vibrations and send Percy's cock into a spasm as he grunted and released his cum down her throat and she choked and pulled back spitting it up while his cum still spurted out hitting her in the face and she gasped for breath as it flowed out getting her shirt covered along with her cleavage.

Percy sighed as he finally stopped cumming and Annabeth slipped his pants up and got to her feet and sighed as she saw the mess of her body and rolled her eyes at Percy.

"Great job Seaweed Brain now it's obvious," She told him.

Percy grinned and reached over into his bag and pulled out a belly shirt from his backpack.

"I bought it when you weren't looking. I thought you'd look good in it," Percy said winking at her.

Annabeth blushed but opted to put it on so she slipped off her camp shirt and stuffed it in Percy's bag and slipped on the shirt, it showed her belly from about five inches below the bottom of her breasts and she blushed again, it was so revealing.

Percy smiled, "I love it. Plus it's orange so you can't complain."

Annabeth stuck her tongue out at him and they walked back out the store to find Tori leaning against a street pole, tapping her foot and glaring at them.

"It was only like three minutes and you already wanted another go. Next time don't leave me out. Or I'll spank you Annabeth."

Annabeth blushed and grabbed Percy's hand and they kept walking down the road Percy grinning like crazy, Annabeth blushing and Tori whistling.

Percy decided today was not as bad as he thought.

Meanwhile with Will and Lilly…

Will's POV

Will and Lilly were the only ones of the group who didn't really go for a walk, they decided to stay in the main square and have a look around, there were some booth selling spices and other stuff. Will found an ice cream one and bought the two each a chocolate cone and they sat down at a bench and Will put his arm around Lilly's shoulders and they sat together enjoying the ice cream.

After a while and the ice cream had gone the sun was setting they found themselves alone but for like three people in the whole square.

Lilly smiled, "This is such a nice place."

Will nodded, "Yeah it really is peaceful."

Lilly turned and gave Will a kind of scary grin, "Let's dirty it up."

Will frowned, "How?"

Will regretted asking.

The next thing he knew him and Lilly were standing in an alley with one of her legs up on his shoulder and her arms around his neck moaning like crazy as she bounced up and down on Will's cock.

Apparently by "dirtying it up" Lilly meant a whole lot of public sex. By that she mean in this alley, at the top of the clock tower, on the bench, and many other places.

Normally Will loved having sex with Lilly but today she was crazy and doing it in public made him nervous like they might get caught or something but that didn't stop his body from enjoying Lilly's pussy on his cock or her mouth sucking on his neck.

Lilly moaned loudly as Will's cock filled her up over and over again and for the fourth time that night she had to shove her face into Will's chest to muffle her scream as she came all over his hard cock before slipping off of him. She slipped on her spandex pants she'd been wearing and Will absolutely loved them. They clung to erh skin so tight that it was like she wasn't wearing pants, her ass was gorgeously framed and her long legs looked so touchable. But the best part it was that Will was actually ALLOWED to touch them.

Lilly grabbed his hand and dragged him back to the clock tower.

Will sighed, "Didn't we already to it in there?"

Lilly giggled, "Yeah! But now we're going to try it with anal."

That shut Will up and instead of being dragged he was running ahead and Lilly was laughing as she tried to catch up to him.

Once they reached the door Will looked around before picking it again. You'd think you'd have to be a son of Hermes to be as good as Will was but he'd actually just practiced a lot, of course no one could beat the Stoll brothers, they were pros.

Will lead the way back up to the top where they found themselves in the bell room the back of the clock face was in front of them and they could see the large hole where Percy and the giant had fallen through, t was comically shaped like the giant's body which always made Will smile a little.

Lilly turned and grinned at Will before closing the door and slowly slipping her pants down and kicking them off, she'd opted to leave her panties on the bench as she didn't need them so she was already half naked except for her tank top and bra.

Will grabbed her and pushed her against the railing blocking them from the face of the clock and she turned facing away from Will and grabbed the railing and thrust her ass out at him and Will gladly took hold of the opportunity and began to rub and play with the lovely round cheeks Lilly displayed so blatantly.

Lilly sighed as she felt Will's rough hands on her sensitive ass, his hands would knead the cheeks hard then soft, his fingers would dig deep into the skin as if he were giving her an ass massage and once in a while Will would give it a slight smack sending a shock throughout Lilly's body and making her moan.

Will then dropped his jeans and boxers letting his still partially erect cock fall out and smack Lilly's ass making her giggle and reach back to grab hold oh his shaft and pump him a bit to get him hard. Her hand moved up and down slowly yet hard and Will moaned as his cock went from soft to super hard and Lilly let go and let Will continue what he was doing.

Will grabbed his cock and poked his hole at her pussy and slid it in.

Lilly moaned but turned back with a glare, "I said anal!"

Will grinned, "Lube babe."

Lilly's eyes widened then nodded and turned back to look at the clock face. Will slid his cock all the way into Lilly's soaking pussy then pulled out his dick now wet then he placed the tip at the entrance to Lilly's tight ass and slowly started to push it in getting as far as three inches before Lilly hissed at him to pull it out. Will continued like that pushing in then pulling out for a little while until finally he had all eight inches and finally eh began to thrust in and out leaving at least an inch in the entire time.

Lilly flopped down her arms hanging loosely over the side of the railing as she was fucked in the ass harder than she'd ever been before, her tits were flying from the intense and hard thrusts she was given by Will.

"Oh gods Will that feels incredible!" Lilly screamed.

Will grinned as he continued to fuck her ass smacking her cheeks as grunting at how tight she was.

Lilly was losing control, they'd already done it so many times today but this was definitely the best so far and it was driving her crazy.

"Mmm! Fucking fuck that ass Will baby! Fuck me 'til I can't walk you stud! Slam that cock deep in that slutty asshole, I'm your bitch! I'm your fucking bitch!" Lilly screamed over and over again as her ass was penetrated.

Will didn't stop but he was still surprised to ehar that coming from Lilly's mouth, he knew some girls liked talking dirty and being called names but he didn't think Lilly was one of them.

But apparently she was.

"Oh my fucking gods! Fucking fuck my whore ass! I'm such a bad girl Will, fuck this naughty bitch! Your cock is so fucking big fill my tight ass with it baby, fuck your bitch!"

Yeah. She was.

Will thrusted into her tight ass harder, it was getting easier now that she'd been loosened up a bit more but it was still nice and tight. Lilly was groaning and cursing like crazy her tongue hanging out and her nipples rock hard as her tits bounced and flailed from the violent thrusting.

"Shit! Shit! Shit! I'm going to cum! Going to cum! Fucking fuck! I'm cumming Will! I'm cumming so fucking hard!" Lilly screamed as her pussy squirted her juices out hard to the ground splashing out as it hit the ground and splattering her legs and Will's while Will himself pulled his cock out just as his own load blew out, it spurted out to cover Lilly's ass and back going so far it was hitting the back of her head getting in her hair and she groaned as the hot liquid touched her smooth skin.

Once they were both finished Will stepped back panting while Lilly slipped down to her knees breathing heavily Will's cum sliding down her back and dripping from her ass to the floor while her pussy still had juices flowing out making a large puddle on the floor.

"That…was fucking awesome," Will gasped between breaths.

Lilly laughed weakly, "Hell yeah. We need to do anal WAY more often."

Will nodded, "Yeah. But for now we kind of just fucked for almost half a day. As much as I'd love to celebrate that we need to find some place to crash tonight.

"Seriously Will. I want more of that big bad cock. How about instead of crashing we just fuck 'til the meeting time?"

Lilly scooted over to Will and gabbed his cock and began to slowly play with it with her hands and looked up at him with pleading eyes as she stroked him gently.

Will tried to keep it together but it felt really good, "N-no. Lilly we should-"

Will shut up when Lilly put his cock in her mouth and began to bob her head while she cradled his balls sucking him off hard and fast.

Will lost all self control, "Suck it harder babe."

Lilly grinned and deep throated him and hummed as he held his cock for a record breaking thirty seconds before pulling back with a trail of drool and pre-cum gasping for breath while Will groaned.

"That's what I wanted to hear Will baby," Lilly said winking.

Lilly then plunged her mouth down again and as she deep throated him again she started to make swallowing motions with her throat Will grunted and his cock started to throb hard but just when he thought he'd cum Lilly pulled back again.

Will hissed in annoyance but the hiss quickly turned to a groan as he felt two large mounds squish around his shaft and he looked down to see Lilly with her gorgeous tits wrapped around his cock and her tongue flicking across his tip her eyes wide and staring right in his with an innocent expression.

"Sh-shit. D-don't loom at m-me like that!" Will protested.

Lilly smiled, "Why not? Is it too much? Do my tits sliding up and down your cock feel that good? Do you think my blowjob is good…daddy?"

Will groaned, "Why are you calling me daddy?"

"Because you're my daddy and I've been super naughty so I think you should punish me daddy," Lily said in a seductive whisper.

Will grunted, "You're too good at turning me on you know that?"

Lilly giggled innocently, "I know daddy."

Lilly then put the tip of Will's cock in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it while she pushed her tits up and down his shaft and it was more than enough to push Will over his limit and he felt hi cock stiffen and then cum.

At the last second Lilly pulled her mouth away and let Will's cum spill out hitting her in the face covering her eyes, filling her mouth and covering her tongue, it fell down in large globs onto her tits covering them as well. The cum slid down between her breasts and Will's cock so when she moved them it made a loud squishing noise and made Will give one last burst of cum which smacked Lilly right in the nose and she giggled as she realized her face was literally DRIPPING with cum.

She got to her feet and Will gave her a once over. Lilly was naked from the waist down her pussy soaked and her inner thighs and pelvis glistening with their shared cum. Her tank top was ripped down the middle (Lilly probably did that to tit fuck Will) while her bra remained (explained why her tit embrace was so fucking tight) and covered in white cum, as was the top of her breasts and her face.

Will grinned at Lilly's cum covered smiling face and said, "Oh yeah. We are so not going to bed tonight."

The Next Morning…

Lilly's POV

Lilly and Will really did fuck until the morning, they'd opted to stay in the clock tower and by the end of the night Lilly's entire outfit was ripped and torn and covered in each other's cum. Her ass was sore but not nearly as sore as her pussy, her throat was raw from the throat fucking and her tits felt so…used.

Will had to go out and buy her a pair of spandex shorts to make up for her pants, a black thong and a black matching bra along with a black tank top so she was wearing all black but it really helped her eyes to stand out so she apparently according to Will looked "fucking hot".

They met at the clock tower plaza at eight like told and found themselves to be first and so they found a bench and waited, but not for long because then Percy, Annabeth and Tori showed up.

Lilly asked how their day was and Annabeth and Percy blushed and didn't answer but Lilly did notice Annabeth was wearing an orange belly shirt, it was looked really good on her with her jean short shorts, normally the color orange wasn't too good but it really did fit Annabeth. (Little did anyone but Percy and Annabeth know but Annabeth was currently wearing a pair of neon pink thong panties and a matching lacy bra)

Percy also had on a new shirt, it was a thing light blue shirt with the faded imprint of a white dragon across the chest, and it looked really comfortable and expensive. Not only that but Percy was also wearing a new pair of beige colored cargo shorts and even Lilly had to admit he looked really hot.

Tori was wearing the same clothes as yesterday except for this time instead of purple her shirt was blue meaning she probably had to change. Lilly also knew why.

They talked for a bit until Piper and Nico showed up both looking like they were sick and when they asked they simply said they'd had a good night and today was the price.

Lilly noticed Nico slipping in a small piece of paper in his pocket with numbers on it but opted not to mention it thinking it was none of her business. Nico and Piper had the same clothes except for the fact they were both wearing a pair of sunglasses immediately letting the other know they were hung over like crazy.

The last to show were Leo, Reyna and Kayla. The three of them were wearing new clothes, all actually pretty nice. Kayla had on a black tank top and jean short shorts and she had a nice looking purse around her shoulder and she looked incredibly sexy actually. Reyna was wearing a blue tank top and black jeans with a normal backpack around her shoulder, her hair was in a ponytail letting her face show for a change and she looked really cute today too. Leo had on a simple brown t-shirt and black jeans, his tool belt strapped to his waist as usual and his crazy grin plastered to his face.

Percy smiled, "Ok everyone is here. So I'm not even going to ask what happened yesterday I don't think I want to know. I do know though that we need to be on a plane in exactly two hours so we should hurry because we can't waste more time."

Lily frowned, "Who bought us tickets?"

Percy shrugged, "They were in my bag when I woke up this morning. I'm guessing Aphrodite but that's besides the point we should go now."

Annabeth nodded, "Yeah time to go everyone."

Leo pumped his fist in the air, "Party time bitches!"

Will frowned, "Why did you do that?"

Leo shrugged, "I don't know."

To Be Continued…

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